Mommy son roleplay to turn a fantasy story into reality

Sometimes it happens in life that one plans a lot to achieve their dreams, and that achievement is brought about by sheer fate. That’s what happened with my experience of mommy son roleplay.

On weekdays, right after the departure of my husband, my son would waste no time to fuck my brains out. The fAct that the nights were booked for his dad had increased the intensity with which he fucked me. Similarly, my hunger to have his cock plunge inside my cunt, mouth, and ass had also increased many folds.

I simply loved being fucked by two men on the same day. Moreover, the taste of two different man jizz had an addictive effect on me. I had become a total cum addict. Swallowing loads from two men for a week made me look more youthful. My skin glowed with a radiance like never before in my life.

The weekend became torturous for Joy and me as he was denied access to me. I was restricted to one dick only. Suvendu made numerous references to his fantasy of watching me in Action with another man. But he regretted to inform me that he has not been able to select a suitable man for this purpose.

On Saturday afternoon, while watching porn with him, I skillfully clicked on an incest link. As if it had been done in error. It was the link to a famous incest porn flick. The mother and father are fucking, and the son is watching from a corner. Finding him, the father invites him to fuck his own mother.

I feigned a disgusted reaction, “My God, Suvendu, it’s so gross. This guy thoroughly enjoyed fucking his own mother. And there are so many similar flicks people might be sick to watch these.”

Suvendu explained, “They are actors not actually related.”

“That’s understood. But to put such perverted ideas in the heads of people. Just thinking about our son might be peeping in the bedroom to see us having sex. My God!”

“I think Soni, many children do this once they learn about sex and realize that they are a product of sex between their parents.”

“What are you trying to justify? That you will be cool if you found our son spying on us.”

“Theoretically, yes. But if he did spy practically, we would need to deal with this in a patient manner.”

I chose not to continue on the topic and concentrated on the fucking. Anyway, the first seeds had been sown in my hubby’s brain. Let’s wait and watch what would unfold in the future. I imagined Joy watching us from the room’s plush chair while my hubby fucked me, which made me come like a fountain.

On Sunday, I got the opportunity to check Suvendu’s net history. I was pleased that he had watched some mom son porn, and ‘dad tells mom to teach a son.’ It was encouraging that he was warming up to the idea. It was only a matter of patience to fulfill Joy’s threesome fantasy.

To be honest, I was looking forward to it with a slutty eagerness. In the post-lunch session, we retired for our siesta in the bedroom. Joy announced that he will also catch up with some sleep. Thus hinting to me that I should initiate a sex session with my hubby.

I decided to shift matters into third gear. As Suvendu started fondling my breasts over my satin negligee, I brought up the topic.

“Hubby dear, you would really like to watch me having sex with a young man? I mean, is it just a fantasy, or would you really like a young man’s cock plunging in my pussy right in front of your eyes?”

“Of course, I will highly appreciate the live version,” he replied with twinkling lusty eyes.

“And suppose I start enjoying this young man’s cock more than yours, then won’t you get jealous?”

“See, the point is to watch you thoroughly enjoy another cock. The more you enjoy, then it will be more pleasurable for me. You become a total slut for another man – yes, that’s what I want.”

“I wonder why will a young man prefer to fuck me. I am not getting younger. Will a woman of 45 be really attractive to a young man? How young would you ideally want this young man to be?”

“Say 21or 22.”

I feigned awe, “Come on, Suvendu, that would be Joy’s age. Do you want to see me with a man about the same age as my son? That will be a bit difficult for me to accept. And I will be too old for such a young man’s liking.”

“I accept that it will be difficult for you to accept it initially. But I assure you that you would be the perfect MILF fantasy come true for the young man. Most young men fantasize about women of your age, and you hardly look a day more than 31 or 32. I am sure Joy’s friends find you terribly sexy and hot.”

“I don’t about sexy and hot. But Joy did mention that all his friends find me the smartest and coolest of all moms. You mean to say that actually, they think about me sexually?”

“If they don’t, I will say that they are not man enough.”

“You mean that our son might also be fancying a woman about the age of his mother?”

“Absolutely natural.”

“Now that you mentioned, I have seen him give extra polite to my gym partner Vineeta.”

“Oh yes, Vineeta, she is another top-notch MILF. Even I had a strong MILF addiction at school days.”

“I read somewhere. It’s a kind of shifted Oedipus complex for men.”

“Yes, Soni, most men view their mothers as the ideal woman. But due to taboo by society, they shift their attention to non-related women of the same age. Maybe that’s why in porn-related role plays, and that cult incest flick is extremely popular. Even I watched a few and kind of got turned on.”

“Really, you pervert.”

“There is nothing wrong if they are consenting adults, and most of these are role-plays.”

“Thank God for that, a real related mother having sex with her own son that will be shocking.”

“Well, some true incidents have surfaced, in fact.”

I could feel him getting hard as we talked. “So Soni, you won’t mind having a young man?” he asked as he kept kneading my boobs, which was making me quite horny.

I put my hand on his Bermuda covered hardening dick and suggested, “Why don’t you get me in the mood? Role-play a young man, and I am the quintessential MILF.”

“Ok, aunty,” he immediately slipped into the role, “Your boobs are so soft, aunty. I had always dreamed of touching them.” He started squeezing them with more vigor.

“Naughty boy dreamt of only touching them? Then these clothes should go,” I got rid of the negligee and served my fleshy orbs in his palms. “Love these mature boobs?”

He kneaded them expertly and murmured, “Mmmm aunty, they are so soft and so big.”

“Naughty boy, don’t you want to do more than touch them?” I teased him.

“Yes, aunty, yes.”

This is where I decided to go for the kill. “Come, baby, let mom give you her milk.” And giving him little time to react, I thrust my delicious boobs in his mouth. He was only too eager to suck on them like a thirsty calf. While he suckled on my boobs, I kept harping on the mom theme.

“Ah, my little boy likes mom feeding you milk from her boobs?” He reacted with muffled groans of pleasure in a strong affirmative. It was easy for me as I imagined Joy in my husband’s place. Believe me, my pussy juices started running wild.

After a good ten minutes of sucking session of my boobs, I found him growing real hard. Maybe the mom-son fantasy was running in his mind rather well. When I found him literally throbbing in my hands, I decided to take things further.

“What’s happening to my little boy down there? It seems a naughty little boy has a hard problem down there. Lie back and relax, little boy and let mom take care of it. I hope you trust mom?”

My hubby gasped in excitement, “Yes, mom, yes.” The word mom from his mouth was extremely encouraging. I felt he was enjoying the mom-son talk from his heart.

I pulled down his Bermuda in a true slutty manner. “Oh boy, I see my naughty boy is no more a boy. You’ve grown into quite a man down there. Ah, a young cock so eager, so hard. Let me show you how it’s taken care of properly.”

I started my recently acquired and perfected cock sucking skills. He started to squirm and shudder in pleasure. I stopped for a while to give some more mom talk to continue on the mom theme. ” Like mom to take care of you more?”

Suvendu literally shrieked, “Yes, Mom, yes. Take care of me the way you know best.” I continued the blowjob session for another three minutes. My pussy was drenched rather badly. I wanted that cock quickly to plunge in me.

So after getting him steel-hard, I removed my cock-hungry mouth and uttered in the sluttiest way possible. “Hmmm, seems your magnificent tool is ready to give mom some pleasure. It’s time you learn how to please your mom.”

I climbed over him and slid his hard dick in my quim and gasped, “Ah Beta, how well your cock fills my pussy.”I imagined riding Joy, and unbelievably, within three minutes, I orgasmed violently.

“Aah, young man, your cock feels so good in my pussy. You’re going to make mom cum fast. I have never cum so fast in my life before.” After climaxing hard, I lay slumped over my hubby shuddering and trembling all over.

He was thoroughly enjoying it. I decided to take it up a few notches up by adding some Hindi flavor after regaining normalcy. I spoke effortlessly and awaited his response, fearing that I might have taken things a bit too far.

He picked up my queue expertly. “Ha, mom bohut achcha lag raha hain. Agar mera lund apko itna achcha lag raha hain toh chodne dona please.”

“Arey Beta tujhe kaun mereko chodne se mana kiya hai? Ek kam kar, mereko kutiya banake dil kholke chod. Mera gili chut nehela de tera mard makhkhan se.”

No man needs more encouragement than this. In a jiffy, I was on all fours. He entered my drenched pussy with his throbbing lancet filling me perfectly like a sword fits its designated scabbard. I imagined my sonny’s cock entering me, and it excited me further.

It’s difficult to explain the exact emotion – fucking husband and thinking about my own son – a kind of delightful sin – and sins are always pleasurable. What excited me more was that my husband was fully into the mom-son mood. He started calling me mom quite vociferously.

I encouraged him further, “If you like mom’s pussy so much fuck mom the hardest and drench it all your man juice.”

Suvendu started fucking me like a beast. His thrusts’ speed was definitely the fastest he had achieved in our married life and certainly extremely enjoyable. I could not help crying out in uncontrollable ecstasy, “Yes, son, that’s the way to fuck your mom. Fuck me like an animal until you cum hard.”

He also started uttering a plethora of gutter talk. “Oh damn, I have never fucked a more greasy pussy than yours, mom. And how well you grip my cock with those pussy muscles. You will make me cum fast.”

And then he yelled like a prehistoric extraterrestrial beast with a never-ending guttural sound. He cannoned volleys of thick sprays of cum deep in my cunt, filling my cunt to the brim. He collapsed on my back.

I gently laid myself down on my stomach with his still pulsating dick buried deep inside me. It was till then the most enjoyable fuck with my hubby. Little did I know that a new saga was about to unfold soon. I would be swept by unimaginable pleasure in the coming days.

When our heavings subsided, I could not help asking, “Suvendu, you have never fucked me so well before. What were you thinking?”

“I was thinking…”

He stopped, and I encouraged, “Come on, you can tell me. Were you fantasizing about someone else?”

“Well, yes.”

“You mean husband fucking your wife and thinking about some other woman!”

I expressed anger.

“No, I was fantasizing myself to be a young man fucking you.” He clarified and added, “In fact, I was pretending to be someone. That gave me a tremendous kick. Darling, this mom thing really turned me on. Can we do this again?”

“Whenever you want darling, anything for my dear hubby.”

“I have one condition, though.”

“Tell me.”

“I will at the right moment but promise me you will raise no objections.”

“Will it be a weird condition that I may have reasons to object?”

“Maybe, maybe not.”

“Ok, but I trust you, hubby, dear.”

We rested for a while and then got dressed. After making tea and snacks, we called Joy to join us. He appeared normal. Later on, he confessed that the fuck session was so hot that he had to jerk off. Suvendu proposed that we have dinner outside.

Like a normal family, we hit a Chinese joint and had sumptuous Chinese food. Suvendu had consistently complimented me on the gown dress I wore. On getting an opportunity, Joy also said that I looked scorching hot. I told him he will have to wait for the next morning for his chance.

He said he was patient and was looking forward to my night sex with my hubby. Then we retired to our respective bedrooms. I found my hubby waiting eagerly on the bed for me. I took the initiative.

“Hi, baby, want mom to take care of you again.”

“Absolutely, mom. Why don’t you give a good striptease show to heat up things?”

Over the next ten minutes, I gave my hubby the most sensual striptease he had ever seen. When I was fully naked, he could not take it anymore. He called out, “Oh, mom, come and take care of your baby.”

I crawled up to him and sensually undressed him. It’s a big turn on for women when a man lets them undress him as a form of submission to her charms. His mom-utterances became frequent when my blowjob started.

“Oh, mom, what a wonderful mouth you have. You suck cock so well. Feel like having my cock in your mouth 24×7. How well you take care of your baby.”

“Moms know best.”

When his turgidity threatened to stretch out my mouth, I realized it was time to shift his cock in my cunt.

“Seems baby wants to fuck mom. So how do you want me, son.”

I deliberately added the word son to watch his reaction. To my surprise, his cock twitched in my palm, which meant he liked being called son. Damn, did he have a thing for his own mom, my late mother in law? She was an extremely gorgeous lady.

“Mom, I want you doggy first.”

“As you wish, son.”

I turned up on all fours, and he placed his dickhead on the lips of my quivering pussy.

“Now remember I had a condition now is the time to fulfill it.”

“Ok, blurt it out.”

“You will call your son by name.”

“Ok, what name?”

“Call me, Joy.” His words sent me a shockwave through my body. I started to protest, “Oh, but…”

“Just do it, mom, now and no interruptions till we are finished. There will be time for explanations later on.”

“All right, what do you want me to say?” I uttered with a little fear that he might have found about my son and me.

“Say, Joy, enter your mom’s pussy,” he commanded.

“Joy, put your dick in your mom’s pussy,” I complied. He entered me wildly and embedded his long shaft to the hilt in my pussy. He let out a shout of tremendous excitement.

“Oh, mom, it feels so good to be inside your clammy cunt. I am going to fuck you silly now. Tell me to fuck you, mom, tell Joy to fuck you. Tell Joy to fuck his mom.”

“Joy, now start fucking your mom.”

After two minutes of gentle strokes, he started increasing the speed of his thrusts. Hee was pounding me like a heavy machine gun. In another minute, he got my pussy muscles churning involuntarily and creating ripples throughout my body.

“Seems like you’re enjoying Joy fucking you, mom,” He gasped between the thrusts, “Tell Joy how well he is fucking his mom.”

I was in no mood to refuse and played along perfectly. I told him exactly how I felt. “Oh, Joy, you are pounding me like a heavy machine gun. Your thrusts are making my insides quiver. I think you are going to make mom cum soon. Please, don’t stop that machine gun thing.”

“Take it, mom. Take Joy’s machine gun. I want you to cum hard all over your boy’s cock, cum for me, mom—cum for Joy.”

As he spoke, his thrusts had reached an unbelievable crescendo. It was too much for any woman to bear. I felt a huge volcano of an orgasm about to erupt. Before I could even anticipate its eruption, my orgasm came over me like a hurricane. I found myself shrieking uncontrollably.

Then the orgasm shredded my whole body into pieces. My pussy juices started to spray, drenching hubby’s cock, balls, and abdomen. He savored my shrieks and pussy juice shower gleefully. He gradually decreased the speed of his thrusts so that I can recover from the unbearable pleasure.

He patiently awaited me to gain some strength. After huge orgasms, women need time to gain back their normal senses. After I normalized, he turned me on my back. Then pulling my legs up to his shoulders, he re-entered me.

Taking my breath away and looking straight into my eyes, asked, “Mom, did you enjoy Joy making you cum?” I replied without batting an eyelid, “Yes, Joy, that was terrific. Now how can mom make you cum?”

“Mom, let Joy fuck you in this position and fill up your pussy.”

“Ok, son fuck your mom as you like. Come on fuck your mom real hard and fill up your mom’s pussy with your hot man juice.”

Calling me mom many times over, he started fucking me with newfound energy. He again reached that amazing heavy machine gun speed in another two minutes. In the fourth minute, he started yelling in uncontrollable pleasure.
“Oh, Mom, Joy is about to cum hard. Please tell Joy to cum inside your pussy.”

He yelled between his ferocious incessant thrusts of sheer lust. I encouraged him, “Yes, Joy, mom wants you to fill up her cunt with a gallon of your hot seed, spray it all deep inside your mom’s waiting and cum hungry pussy.”

The moment I ended the sentence, he started cumming in a frenzy, which put the afternoon session into oblivion. My God, he came like a shaken cola bottle just uncapped. I could feel each of his bursts almost slapping the insides of my pussy. He almost came for two minutes in continuous bursts.

After that tremendous outburst, he lay slumped over me, heaving and shuddering uncontrollably. I grabbed him in my arms and said, “Come, Joy, come to mommy.” I soothed his hair with affection, letting him savor the sweetness of post-coitus sensations.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that. Eventually, mixed juices erupted from the confines of my solidly fucked cunt and created a large pool. He got up and grabbed the pack of tissues to deal with the pool. When he was done, and I felt he has normalized a bit, I started the interrogation.

“Now tell me what this Joy fiasco was all about? That’s our son’s name.”

“Exactly, that’s the point. I imagined myself to be Joy with a MILF.”

“Oh, a MILF, anyone in particular.”

“I imagined myself to be Joy fucking you, his mom.”

My jaw dropped, but I asked, “What the fuck? That’s a perversion, damn it. You imagined that our son is fucking me, his own mom?”

“Yes. It made us have two of the best sex sessions we have ever had in our lives.”

“But this is gross darling. Now how will I look at my son after this?”

“You want to hear the truth, Soni?”

“Yes, I do.”

“I would really like to see you fuck our son, and right in front of me.”

“My God, Suvendu, you have gone crazy,” I uttered while I felt extremely pleased deep in my heart.

“It’s not crazy. Let me explain.”

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Mommy son roleplay to turn a fantasy story into reality

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