Mommys Help ch 6. by mommyshelp2424

Mommys Help ch 6.
by mommyshelp2424

AUTHOR: This is chapter 6. Please read others first. Have fun!

After an incredible encounter and orgasm from my mother, one would think sleep would come easy. I can tell you that it did not. After my adrenaline decreased I really started to feel the burn deep inside me from that toy of my mothers. I lay in bed on my stomach as the pain gradually went away, the hours passed and morning arrived. I heard my mother waking and I guess getting ready for work. I figured if I’m going to be aggravated by this feeling of shame from my abused asshole I mite as well bother my mother a little bit. I waited to hear her car drive off before I decided to text message her.

I picked up my cell phone went on trying to get sympathy from her. I started off simple, “Ma my butt really burns, are you still home?” Her response was almost instant. “Driving, get the Vaseline from the bathroom and work it in deep.” I was not about to put anything near my asshole for a while but I decided to tell her I did just to make her feel like she helped. I waited a few minutes then sent her one back. “Helped a little, couldn’t get as deep as your dildo got though.” Her next response took a while. “Not many things can babe, talk later… xoxo”

After breakfast and a shower I was feeling somewhat better and more energized. I had the house to myself with my mom gone till about four and my dad gone till tonight. After the usual house chores and some TV I started getting antsy. I sat back and thought of what had become of me and my mother. This all started with a legitimate medical problem. Even so it obviously turned into something more. I tried putting myself in my mother’s shoes. I wondered if the tables were turned. If I had to stimulate her pussy for medical reasons, I would not have been able to keep it strictly medical either. I probably would have tried to eat her pussy the first time. A small tinge of guilt came over me for putting my mother in this situation in the first place.

My boredom finally overcame my guilt and I decided to go to my moms’ room and snoop a little. Just entering her room always got me excited I wasn’t sure why. I think the main reason was the thought of all the nasty things she must have done in this room over the years. I started for the drawer that I knew held the dildo that penetrated me last night. As I rummaged though the drawer I grabbed the dildo and tossed it on moms’ bed. I kept searching for something new. Mom had the basics, panties, bras and pajamas. One set of panties stood out however. It was a black pair of very small panties. The back of which had only a string that I guess went right into moms asscrack. The string however had a large knot every inch. My balls started to turn as I thought of one of the knots pressed up into my mothers’ asshole.

I immediately pulled my growing dick through the hole in my boxers. I took the panties and wrapped them around my balls using the knots to secure them. Right when I pulled my foreskin all the way back I got a nasty idea. I grabbed my phone and started trying to find the right lighting to take a picture. The picture I got was pretty good quality, it showed my balls slightly swollen from the panties grip. It also captured my foreskin stuck back with my cock head showing for all to see.

I sent this picture directly to mommy as I continued to jerk off. My pumps were getting pretty strong when I heard my cell phone beep. “You little weasel phil, don’t dare cum on the second knot of the panties <3 <3 <3.” I threw the phone down instantly and unwrapped the panties from my balls. I took the second knot on the panties and sucked on it as best as I could. Just knowing this was the knot that rubbed my moms’ asshole for hours as she wore these panties made the come start creaming out of my dick. I threw the panties back down and grabbed hold of my spurting cock. I aimed all the shots of cum on the second knot of moms’ panties.

Before I started to come down off my high I took a picture of the panties. In the subject line of the picture mail I labeled it “Sorry.” I laughed as I fell on the bed knowing mom would send me back a funny or sarcastic message. My phone bleeped quickly and I noticed it was also a picture mail. It was labeled “Sorry…your not here.” I nervously opened the picture and did immediately regret I wasn’t there. The picture displayed a close up of my mothers’ pussy. It was being spread by her pointer and middle finger. I never seen moms’ pussy this detailed. I stared at the picture for minutes. It was just unbelievable and glistening wet. My phone beeped again and scared me out of my daze. “Since your throbbing ass is obviously going to stay home all day, at five o’clock on the dot be on my bed face up naked and h.” the phone then beeped again. “Sorry message got cut, be naked and hard! Put some nice music on if you want.”

I didn’t bother to even respond to her last text. I ran for a clock to see what time it was. The first clock I found read three forty five. I quickly got to work cleaning up and doing what I could so that when mom got home her only focus was me. I grabbed that dildo an tossed it under her bed so she couldn’t try and use it on me again. I did what I could to burn the extra hour I had but it took forever.

At four forty five I went to my room and ripped all my clothes off. I ran back to mommys’ room with my cock flopping around. I set the pillows so they were comfortable for me. I leaned over and put a slow station on her bedside radio. I grabbed her knotted panties and left them hanging from her bed post in the hopes she would put them on.

I then heard what I been waiting for, moms car pulling into the drive way. Everything happened in a speedy motion. The front door slammed shut and I heard mother pacing up the stairs. I looked over to see her entrance and she didn’t disappoint. She barged in completely naked. Before I could even focus on her she flipped off the light switch beside her. I went into a slight panic when I realized it was absolutely black in the room now. The window blinds were closed but I didn’t think absolutely no light would penetrate them. Before I could do anything mom crawled on the bed. I opened my mouth to talk and at that very moment her knotted sperm soaked panties were forced into my mouth. Mom grabbed me with both hands by the sides of my head. I felt her adjusting on top of me and then she did it. She jerked my head up as hard as she could mouth first into her dripping pussy.
I need no more encouragement I gragged her by the back of her asscheeks and buried my tongue into her pussy. I had no plan of action I basically licked and drank, licked and drank.”Oh my god! You little shit!” is what my mother screamed on the top of her lungs. Her pussy was literally sucking on my tongue. “Phil I just came on you baby, I just came.” I couldn’t respond I reached up and grabbed the back of moms pony tail. I pulled her backwards to get her pussy off my face. “No, no please phil please I need you to eat me babe. I sucked you so many times!” Before she could finish her sentence I jammed two fingers up her pussy in one hard motion. Mom blatantly threw her legs as wide as she could. I grabbed both ankles and stretched her even more. Her pussy and asshole were on total display. I stuck my tongue out and as hard as I could forced it up her ass causing my mom to scream “Phil!” Then it all came crashing down and fast. “No honey it’s me, I’ll be right up!”

I ripped my tongue out of moms’ asshole with a plop sound. “What the fuck phil, why is you father home.” I sat on the bed in total shock, frozen solid. “Get under the bed, come on hurry!” Mom grabbed me by the head of my cock and lured me to the floor. I took over from there I rolled under the bed and tried to calm my breathing. I heard mom on top of the bed rustling around. I assumed she was trying to cover any evidence.

The door slowly opened and I heard dad. “Honey, why so dark in here?”

“What a nice surprise dear, I just arrived home from work. I have a small headache please leave the light off.”

“Oh.” Dad let out in disappointment.

“What’s wrong dear” mom replied.

I heard dad shuffle slowly over to the bed. I had my head under moms head on the bed. I look over and seen dads shoes right beside me. “Oh honey haha.” mom giggled. “Why are you so hard babe?”

“Honey, did you really think that picture of your finger in your little ass you sent me today wasn’t going to get me hard.” This is where I got really confused, why would my mom send him that and not me?

“Huh…oh yes honey yes, I knew you would like that.” Mom responded.

I knew then that picture was meant for me! Mom must have out of instinct sent it to dads’ number.

Then my stomach turned and I almost gagged. I heard the obvious sounds of a woman sucking her husbands’ dick. I felt angered, jealous, horny but mostly mad. It only got worse. Between slurps I heard mom talk clearly. “Oh shit your dick is all I ever needed…Slurp Slurp Slurp.”

What a bitch! Now it was obvious she was taunting me. She didn’t let up, “Oh darling feel how wet you get me, feel it now.” I heard dads’ fingers sloshing around in the pussy soup I created! The bed suddenly almost hit me in the face and I realized dad must have gotten on the bed. “No no babe just lay back.” Right when mom was done saying this I felt the bed rocking back and forth. I slowly and quietly turned my position so my head was at their feet under the bed. I eased my way up out from under the bed head first. As I rose higher I was able to see their feet. I kept rising and finally seen my fucking mother riding like a wild woman. This was such bullshit because I got her all worked up and my father is reaping all the benefits.

I am a nice guy and a good son but even I have limits. I got on my knees totally out from under the bed and hid behind the bed where their feet were. I watched moms pace and started to time her movements. Once I felt confident I had it planned well, I stuck my finger out right in front of her asshole. Moms’ backstroke was so hard my finger completely buried in her ass. “Ohhh, are you fucking crazy!” Mom yelled.

I heard dad “What, what honey, what did I do?”

“Oh My fucking God, nothing darling nothing just let me keep fucking you.”

I kept my finger in her asshole while she went back and forth on my dads’ dick. The rest of my hand was a fraction of an inch from my fathers’ massive balls. One small slip and my whole family would be a disaster. Mom reached her hand back and I noticed she offered me two fingers. I leaned up and sucked them hard while she kept riding.

My dad started muttering some words that sounded like he was going to cum. My mom jumped of him and got between his legs to suck him to a finish. This left me with her ass right in front of my face doggy style. I leaned in and started lapping at her asshole. Mom reached back and tried pulling my head to her pussy. I rejected and stayed with my tongue in her ass. I know her sick little mind wanted me to eat her after my father fucked her, but I wasn’t going for it.

I grabbed moms’ ankles and tried to guide her slowly off the bed. She kept sucking dad but she worked her way off the bed never leaving his cock. She was now with her knees on the floor bent over the bed still sucking dad. Mom straddled my cock and tried her best to put it inside her without making it obvious. I kept wiggling just the frustrate her, I could tell she was dying too have two dicks in her. I gave her some satisfaction by putting two fingers in her pussy. “Yes, yes, yes I’ll never forget this day babe.” I wasn’t sure who she was talking to me or dad but I didn’t care.

Then dad yelped, “I’m coming!”

“Oh no you are not!” I guess mom had other plans.

“Please honey, please let it squirt out stop squeezing it!” dad begged like a child.

I could only guess mom denied his orgasm somehow. I didn’t really care because mom started working the head of my dick against her asshole. Dad was still begging from on top of the bed but it was a muffled noise to me. I had my head laid back on the floor and couldn’t believe my mom got the head of my dick in her ass with no lube at all. “Suck my fingers now!” instinctively I looked for fingers to suck but obviously she wasn’t talking to me. Moments later I heard mom start slurping dads dick again. It was then her little hand came back to me soaking wet. She used dads spit all over her stretched ring and on the base of my dick.

Mom sank her butt all the way down on my cock in one fluid motion and it tipped me over the edge. I heard dad yelling that he was coming and so was I. Mom was being filled with sperm from the two men that love her most. She was shaking and quivering and swallowing. Mom slowly eased herself off of me and I watched as my dick slipped out of her ass really sexy. Before mom could get back on the bed a big glob of cum seeped out of her ass and landed right on my chest.

My first priority was getting back under the bed. I rolled under the bed as fast as I could and good thing I did. My dad was quickly on the move to the bathroom. As dad was in the bathroom I lay under the bed wiping my own cum from my chest. As I was doing so moms hand appeared under the bed. I froze up again and I couldn’t believe how crazy she could be. Mom took a minute to find the remaining cum pooling on my chest. She dabbed her fingers in it and made her hand travel down south. Mom guided blindly through my navel, to my groin and under my balls. She arched her come coated finger towards my asshole. Mom found my spot and rubbed it softly in circles. I spread my legs wide for her awkward hand to have easier access. I felt mom line up her finger for a nice penetrating stroke and as she broke through my tight ring, the toilet flushed. Mom quickly withdrew her finger. Before dad could make his way back in, mom had only a whisper of advice to me. “Put your phone on silent baby.”

I fumbled under the bed to find my phone as I cursed myself for not realizing the ringer of my phone could have ruined our lives forever. I laid under the bed for what seemed like hours. I closed my eyes for a second but once I reopened them it was obviously morning time. I went to check the time on my phone to see if it was late enough in the morning so the coast was clear. As I did I realized it was past nine o’clock. I was surely safe but I realized I had a missed text message. It was dated for last night around midnight. It was from mom. It simple read, “Nasty boy xoxo.”

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