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Hey Everyone! I am back with another fantasy story that happened on my mom’s birthday. This takes place about 6 months.

So, it was the day just before mom’s birthday. Dad was out of town for work. It was only my mom her name is jaya shree (name changed), my younger brother sai is a lean built but sexy looking and I at home. My brother and I decided to surprise mom with a cake. I told my brother that I have some work in the office. I will bring the cake with me. But I will be late to come home.

I will come after 10 and give him a call. He will open the main door so that I can come in silently. Mom won’t notice the cake since she would be in her room sleeping. My brother and I agreed to the plan and decided to surprise mom at 12 midnight.

Since I had a busy day, I was feeling sleepy. My brother told me to take a nap He would wake me up when the time was right. I fell asleep peacefully. Little did I know that I will wake up to the biggest surprise of my life.

I woke up quickly and checked the time. It was around 12:45 am. I was so angry at my brother for not waking me up. I wanted to shout at him for being so irresponsible, but he was nowhere to be found. I got out of bed and peeked in his room. He wasn’t there.

But then, on the dining table, I saw the cake box. It was empty, and the cake was gone. I knew he celebrated with mom without me. I was so angry, but I controlled myself. I still had to find him and see where he put the cake. I went to my parents’ room and took a peek.

It was just like my regular routine whenever I wanted to watch my parents have sex. What I saw next was surprising, erotic, and unforgettable.

I saw my mom naked she had 30 size breast, since she’s very slim. My brother is lying in bed. He is also naked, with his thick and long cock standing straight like a tower, his foreskin was not present, his balls were big and was hung down. He has his hands behind his head for comfort, and he asked, “Cake yepidi, mom?” (How was the cake?)

Mom: Tastes good da

Bro: vandu en pool ah nalla sappu mom (come and suck my hard cock)

Mom scoops a bit of icing with her finger and climbs the bed. She puts the icing on my brother’s hard cock. She then goes down on his cock. She could have just taken the tip where the icing was, but she went deep. All 7 inches of it, and tickling his balls like a toy, she removed his donkey dick out and cried “sai un pool romba mota va iruku da umba mudiyala”(your dick is so thick i can’t suck it)
Bro: you are used to dad’s dick that’s why u were hesitant
Mom:un appa pool unna Vida size le chinadu thickness kuda illa da(your dad’s dick is smaller than yours in all the aspects)

Un appa du 4 inches da undu romba perusa iruku da.
I was literally shocked wen I heard what my mom was saying. She’s not satisfied with dad

When she pulled my brother’s cock out of her mouth, it was clean and no icing. She said, “ippo nalla ruchi ya iruku kanna” (This tastes wonderful dear).

My naked mom is bent over between my brother’s hairy legs and stroking his hard cock like a bitch. I can see the pleasure on his face, he was moaning out with his cute voice “aahhh…mom… that’s so nice.. you are making me cum”. He is looking right into her eyes, he put his hand on her ass cheeks and rubbed it nicely, mom was moaning out keeping his dick inside her mouth, slowly his fingers slided into her matured hairy cunt,and fingered her pussy . my mom knows she is doing a great job. She was shivering and reached her orgasm. Damn it was so thick juice coming out of her vagina. I was shocked to see in my eyes, even i have not experienced such kind of orgasm, she could squirt more than me. I was just standing nude fingering my vagina and pinching my nipples.

Mom: epidi iruku kanna? (How is it?)

Bro: inum umbu ma. (Please do more)

Mom squeezes his cock head and says, “inum venduma please nu sollu kanna” (Say please first)

Bro: Please inoru murai yen pool ah nalla umbu ma. (Please put my cock in your mouth)

My mom smiles and starts sucking on his cock and balls. She goes balls deep. I have never seen her so wild, she is very conservative and silent woman in front of all, but there’s a secret bitch within her,. She loves sucking cock. As soon as she finished the deepthroat, she pulls out the cock and sucks my brother’s balls. My brother puts his head back on the pillow with pleasure.

Mom: Will you cum quickly?

Bro: unna doggy style le othu thallanum adu varaikum cum panna maten ma(I won’t cum until I fuck you doggy style.)

Mom squeezes his balls again and says, “yenna un thevdiya va akikolriya unaku yenna vendum na tharuve kanna”

(You will make your mom your bitch? I will do anything for you.)

I was standing outside the room, watching all this and listening to the conversation. I was beginning to get wet. Even though I was shocked to witness the scene before me, I knew I couldn’t let go of this opportunity.

My fingers found my wet pussy lips, I have reached orgasm. I moved my fingers between my pussy lips. I covered my mouth with the other hand to not let my moans out. I looked inside the room and saw my mom on top of my brother, holding his cock in her hand.

She lowers herself, and my brother’s bare cock enters her bald wet hairy pussy. My mom hit menopause over a year ago. She doesn’t need to worry about getting pregnant. So, using a condom was off the table.

As the cock was sliding into my mom’s wet cunt, she released a moan of pure pleasure. I could see on my brother’s face how that pussy felt. He closed his eyes to feel his cock, which was now fully buried in my mom’s pussy.

Mom: inda style le ne cum pannale na ne yenna Doggy style le othu thallu (If you don’t cum while fucking me in this position, then you can fuck me doggy style later.)

Bro: I’m damn sure that you will let me to Ram your cunt,

Mom: un appa avan chinna pool le yen kudhi ye stretch pannale da. (Your dad has not stretched my pussy well with so much fucking with his puny cock.)

Bro: naan un kudhi ye kilichi thallure, un paiyan pool ah ulla vidu ma(I will do the remaining stretching. Let your son’s cock do its’ magic.)

Mom: pakalam un pool yepidi power ah iruku nu(Let’s see how good your cock is then. This is your first chance.)

With that, my mom started moving her hips like a true seductress she is. Her hips moved, and all my brother could do was moan “aahhhhh
…oohhhh…mom come on. Once she got the rhythm, she started riding my brother’s cock like a hungry bitch. The cock was sliding in and out of her wet pussy like magic. She was so wet. And finally he gave a strong push that his entire cock went inside her vagina. I hope it must have hit her cervix, she had her another orgasm, it flooded the bedsheet, making his cock more lube. “You made me cum, that’s so nice of you baby” my mom exclaimed

Since it was her son’s own cock, it made her go wild. She pulled my brother’s hands to her boobs. Those 30D look marvelous when they bounce. His big hands covered her small breasts She put his hands on her boobs, and he squeezed instantly. A jolt of electricity ran down her body. She started riding faster and harder.

Before she could do anything, she orgasmed again through her son’s cock. She bent and lay over his body to catch her breath with his stiff cock still inside her. I was watching all this from the outside and couldn’t control myself. By now I had cummed a lot.

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Mom’s bday gift – Sex Stories

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