Mona exposes her marital problems

Mona exposes her marital problems

Kira organizes in Paris, every two months or so, a kitty party for the Indian women she had met on the plane when commuting between Paris and New Delhi. It’s an occasion for these women to eat Indian pastries, share gossips, view the latest Indian movie or show off the last garments and jewels their husbands had bought them. As Kira is Kyrhan’s very popular wife, these women often turn toward her when they run into big problems.

Kira had noticed a group of three women who didn’t seem to enjoy the party. The first one was Chandeep, married to an Indian computer specialist who is far more concerned by his job than by his wife’s welfare. Kira’s suggestions finally helped the young woman to win back her smile and joy in marriage.


The second woman Kira wanted to chat with was Mona, a nice girl from Uttar Pradesh (just at the east of Delhi). She was twenty six. Her family lived in Lucknow. Her husband Sukhbir had been sent to USA for three years. When she had been a student, Mona had been caught by the US police five years before with a four days expired visa. She had been expelled from the country. She had taken it carelessly but it was now a problem : Her new application had been rejected just because she appeared in police files.

Kira’s first idea was to ask for her husband’s help. Kyrhan discovered that Mona had insulted the police officer who had arrested her. He had reported her behavior. The chances of having the decision reversed were minimal.

When she was informed that Kyrhan couldn’t help Mona, Kira met with the young woman. She was desperate as she hadn’t seen her husband for three months at that moment. She would do anything. Kira apologized for her failure.

– You should never have insulted the cop! They report quite precisely what you tell them and it can be used against you.

– I know it but I thought it was just something for US TV series, not the real thing!

– Alas, it was quite real! I think your only way out would be to obtain your husband’s transfer to another post out of USA, unless your husband would be ready to resign?

– No chance : he volunteered for this job as it is paid double. He wants to mount a business in Lucknow!

– And he is ready to abandon his wife to earn more money? A nice husband you’ve found, Mona!

– I met him at university. He wanted to succeed in business and promised me he would pamper me when his plans have been put to execution.

– And if you suffer before that, he doesn’t care!!!

– I’m afraid so! Sukhbir declined to ask for another posting. I’m on my own!

– Then why not use your feminine talents? Girls have weapons of massive persuasion, don’t you think so?

– Kira, what are you planning to do?

– You’ll see, pet! But I won’t do anything ; YOU will!

Mona asked to be received by the boss of the French branch of Sukhbir’s company. He replied in less than two days, proposing a meeting on the next Friday afternoon around 5PM. The boss, a Frenchman, had apologized to her : his work schedule was full until then!

When she arrived, the boss’ secretary was about to leave. She informed him of Mona’s arrival before her departure. A quarter of an hour later, the door opened. Two men left. They had business wallets, wearing buttoned up expensive suits and silk ties in dark blue business ties. They really looked like white copies of Sukhbir. The man who said them goodbye looked much more friendly : His vest was left unbuttoned, He wore a pink shirt with a red Scottish tartan tie. He glanced sideways to the woman in the waiting room and froze for a second.

Mona was wearing a completely different type of garments, something that had never entered these offices : a deep red richly embroidered with gold threads semi transparent saree. It was her wedding gown : Kira had told her to put on her best clothes to win the man’s full attention. She didn’t know it but she had really made a deep impression on her husband’s boss! From his place, he hadn’t been able to decide whether the saree was made in the finest gauze or real lace. What was sure that the woman’s garments underneath were totally exposed. The man pulled back and closed his door hastily.

Mona repressed a smile : the reactions of people in the street on the way from her parking place to the offices had been similar! All the men stopped dead on their tracks and watched her walking by, as if they were suddenly paralyzed. Her unusual clothes made her appear haughty and mysterious. Mona had discovered during that short walk that she loved being watched by strangers, especially when they considered her as a purely sexual object. The fact she had a doctorate in business administration was no more of the least importance. Most of the girls accompanying the men had been furious, trying to pull them or scolding them for being interested by another girl. Mona felt she was dominating all these people just with her sex appeal and it was a mind boggling feeling for a highly educated woman. It must be the same with Kira when she crossed the lobby of her palace-hotel!

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The princess had advised Mona to try to seduce the man she was about to meet. She hadn’t specified how far she would have to go. She had dressed to charm him, to take him under her spell. She hadn’t realized the other people would react so strongly to her exotic appearance and furthermore, she hadn’t expected that their reaction would have any effect on her. She was feeling proud, sexy, wantonly feminine and ready to conquer the world, starting from this small corner of France.

Mona had covered her head in respect for her husband’s boss but it made her even more mysterious and exciting for all the males around. Is there a young woman on Earth who would stay impervious to so many silent tributes! Her husband, after only one year of marriage, considered her just as a mobile piece of furniture. For all these men around her, she was the epitome of femininity! It sure had a very deep effect on her!

The door opened again and the same man, most likely her husband’s boss went to greet her. He had rearranged his clothes, buttoning his vest and retying his tie. He presented his hand for a classical handshake but she responded with a deep Namaste, the classical salutation in India.

– Ahem… Sorry, Miss… Huuh, no , Mistress. You are Sukhbir’s wife, aren’t you?

– Yes, sir, My name is Mona!

– Good, my name is Jean-Claude, please enter my office!

He stepped aside politely and offered her a seat in front of him.

– How can I help you?

– You know that Sukhbir married me less than a year ago.

– Of course, the company offered a gift for your marriage. I chose it personally.

– After just ten months, my husband was posted in the USA and I discovered I couldn’t obtain a visa to accompany him?

– Yes, a stupid problem but I’m afraid the US Embassy has been definitive : you’ll never be allowed to travel there!

– I miss terribly my husband, Sir! I’m depressed and I can’t stay as I am. Would it be possible to transfer him to another assignment or back to Paris?

– I’m sorry to disappoint you, Mistress, but I’ve no power on his assignment. His contract has been transferred to our US headquarters. They would consider only an application from him and after just two months, it would never be granted!

The world shattered around Mona. Sukhbir would never ask to be transferred elsewhere. It had always been his dream of working in the USA. She burst into tears. Jean-Claude stood up and went close to her. He crouched to be at her level and hugged her with compassion.

– I’m sorry to give you such bad news but I had to tell you I cannot be of help to you in this matter.

Mona was speechless, completely stunned. He helped her up.

– What can I do, Mr Jean-Claude?

– Simply Jean-Claude for ladies, especially pretty ladies like you!

Mona gathered just enough energy to smile back to his compliment. Frenchmen often present compliments to women even at office. It’s considered polite even though in other countries it would be considered as sexual harassment. Everything considered, maybe the French way could be better! Nobody forces women to answer by more than a smile or a thank you! Trying to minimize the fact you are discussing with a pretty woman and acting as if she was not different from a man may seem close to schizophrenia! Mona had taken some time to get accustomed to it but now she considered that politeness as granted.

The young woman looked for some comfort by leaning her head against the man’s chest. Her sorrow was so deep that she buried her face in the crook of his arm. He encircled her shoulders in hi left arm for several minutes. Mona was unable to think about the situation. She just felt the comfort of his warm embrace. He didn’t break the silence for a long time.

– May I offer you a dinner in a restaurant. You cannot go back home in this sorry state!

Mona had not enough strength to decline Jean-Claude’s proposal. He phoned to book a table in a very select restaurant near the Louvre museum.

– Do you want to refresh your make up : the restaurant is not very far from here.

Jean Claude helped Mona to the direction toilets. She automatically arranged her lipstick and she put on eye liner and elaborate eyeshadows : a woman in Paris needed to keep a good appearance when invited in a select restaurant.

Jean Claude opened the car door to the passenger seat before taking his own place : another French custom! The restaurant was in a not very busy street. The maitre d’h in the entrance took Jean Claude’s coat and saluted them. He seemed a bit surprised to have a woman in saree in his restaurant but he tried to look perfectly at ease.

Mona expected their table would be in the main room but the Maitre d’h led them to a small room, completely upholstered in fine silk with subdued lighting. There was a single table with just two seats. Contrary to the tradition, both seats were not face to face but side to side. Jean Claude would be just inches from her… Mona had a fleeting thought that it wasn’t a business place : it was more like a restaurant where you could start a romance. Curiously, she didn’t protest. She really would like Jean Claude to make a pass at her!

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The aperitive was a Champagne cup with black current cream : a royal Kir. She had a fling for that drink! After that, she was somewhat tipsy and her inhibitions had been consequently reduced. Mona was a true veggie, so she declined the oysters as starters and the chateaubriand (rare thick beef fillet) as the main dish. Fortunately, the restaurant had special dishes for vegetarians.

The waiter had left them alone in the small room. He came just from time to time to serve food, propose a second helping, replenish their glasses and ask if they needed anything. Her husband had never treated Mona in such a restaurant. She had noticed that the Carte she had been given didnÕt mention any prices while his one did. Before the starters were served, the maitre dÕh came and whispered something to Jean-ClaudeÕs ear. He discreetly took away the magnificent bunch of pink roses and replaced it with an even more important bunch of red roses. She inquired to him why the flowers had been changed. he answered with a joke but Mona had read that there was a language of flowers : pink roses for formal or business meals, red roses meant deep love or lust, yellow roses were offered to a cuckold and so on. Mona smiled to Jean Claude and he delicately touched her hand. She froze but he just caressed the back of her hand with a finger. The waiter entered at that moment with the starters. Jean Claude pulled back his hand in haste. Mona felt somewhat abandoned : this small and short contact had thrilled her!

They ate in silence. Jean Claude was glancing at her, trying to understand her body language. Mona kept her eyes downward on her plate. The clues he could gather were minimal :she hadnÕt withdrawn her hand, she hadnÕt protested this small physical contact and she ate wuth a good appetite. Finally, Mona broke the silence :

– Oh, Sir…

– Jean Claude, I told you not to be formal with me!

– Sorry, IÕve never been invited to such a restaurant. The room is magnificent, service is impeccable and the food so far is delicious!

– And what do you think of this wine?

– It flows in my mouth like the finest nectar. It’s mellow and very aromatic!

– I’m pleased you love it, Mona! I’ll offer you a couple of bottles.

Jean-Claude picked her hand and brought it to his mouth. He just grazed her hand with his lips but kept it in his warm grip. Mona didn’t try to free her hand. She even smiled back to him. He appeared pleased by her reaction or more precisely by her lack of it.

– Jean-Claude, I must thank you to take so much of your time for me. You should be with your wife!

– I’m single : no wife, no girl friend, no attachments : I’m totally free to take care of you, Mona!

She relaxed completely and started to really enjoy the dinner. The food was delicious, the wines were stupendous and Jean Claude was simply gorgeous. She was in a dream : Maybe that Prince intended to take her to his fairy palace!

They exchanged small talk until the main plate was served. Their fingers were now entwined and she would never have thought of pulling away her hand. The maitre d’h smiled when he entered the room and switched on a suave slow dance music. He dimmed even further the lights. The atmosphere was now very romantic and Mona was extremely sensitive to it. She didn’t object when he proposed her to dance to that ethereal music. He took her hand to guide her and circled her waist with the other arm. Mona immersed herself in the music. Gradually she leant closer to him. Her face nestled in his shoulder at the base of his neck. Jean Claude was so tall. She would have to wear very high heels the next time he would invite her! Mona blushed from the idea that she wished already they would meet again while he hadn’t even hinted to that possibility!

She felt drowsy, unable to resist to the tempest that was raging in her head. Would Jean Claude try to kiss her? Would she resist or would she surrender? If she abandoned him her lips, he would surely want more. How far did she want to go : a simple mild flirt or a real affair? She felt his head bending toward hers. She turned her head toward him and opened slightly her lips. She needed more air now. Jean Claude took it as an invitation and covered her mouth with his. God in Indian movies, the actresses never really kissed the hero! She never found the strength to push him back! They exchanged a very long kiss!

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Suddenly, Mona felt a pressure on her lips. She was so enthralled by their kiss that she didn’t realize immediately what it was! He was trying to French-kiss her, something she had always considered obscene and lewd. Nobody had ever tried to kiss her in that manner! But tonight was different : she was in Paris, in the arms of her French lover! She smiled when she realized she had just admitted that Jean-Claude was her French lover. She opened her mouth to allow his tongue to swirl into her own. The following ballet of their tongues in the space of their glued mouths was a promise of future other achievements.

Mona pushed out of her mind, even the idea of cheating on her husband : he had left her alone in a foreign country with no friends, no support but a weekly mail, as cold as the one you send to some cousin or other. Maybe Sukhbir had a girlfriend, there in the USA and at this hour, he was snoring in his bed with the girl in his arms!

A discreet cough wakened her from her daydream in which she had been completely lost. The Maitre d’h was bringing in the main course. Mona thought that his smile was broader than at his previous entrance. He must love to be the privileged witness of her slow seduction! They returned to their seats. The food was just as she loved it : fresh and spicy, the perfect prelude to a hot night. The only question that puzzled Mona’s mind was whether Jean Claude wanted to fuck her on the small settee in a corner of the dining room or would he wait until they had gone to his house, unless he had the stamina to fuck her twice that evening. Sukhbir always fell asleep as soon as he had spewed his cum in her belly! She must be careful : her husband had never been able to sire a baby in her womb but she was pretty sure that Jean Claude had a much more potent sperm. She counted in her head : she was in a safe period. No need to take special care and Jean Claude seemed the brainy type : he would surely use a rubber!

Now, Mona was impatient the meal would be over : Jean Claude could move to more pleasant matters. The food had been unequalled but she expected the rest of the night would be even more memorable and momentous, at least for her! Their eyes were now riveted to one another. Their knees were touching under the table, their feet were dancing a samba together. Jen Claude was even bold enough to take off his shoes and caress her calf under her saree with his big toe. She smiled to him and offered her lips to him while the maitre d’h was serving them wine again. This time, she didn’t try to push her lover away. She didn’t care any more if a stranger watched her kissing her lover. In a few minutes, he could even watch her being fucked in that room. Mona had suddenly decided that she couldn’t wait to go to Jean-Claude’s house. She HAD to fuck her now!

Mona’s lover must have felt her urgency. He called the maitre d’h.

– Pierre! We would like not to be disturbed for some time. We will ring for the desserts if it’s not too inconvenient for you?

– It’s often the case, here, Sir! The restaurant is open until dawn. Take as long as you want! Milady is so pretty!

Mona was deeply touched by this last comment. She had never considered she was pretty and her husband had never told her so but the men in the street had watched her with so avid eyes, the maitre d’h was so obsequious and above all, Jean Claude had such an avid look that it was clear her sex appeal was very high. Damn why her stupid husband had cloistered her in their home, just as if she was shamefully disfigured. In Jean-Claude’s arms, she felt just a real woman. How the princess Kira had expressed it? Ah yes, a weapon of mass persuasion! Sukhbir had dropped that weapon as if she was useless but she was sure that, with a more supportive man, she could reach far higher rewards…

As soon as the Maitre d’h had disappeared, Jean-Claude helped Mona up and placing an arm behind her back and another one under her knees, he carried her toward the settee. Mona encircled his head with her arms and drew him to her. She kissed him feverishly. It was her turn of shamelessly exploring his mouth with her tongue. She knew she was spurring his desire tremendously and he would fuck her very hard but she wanted to discover how more pleasurable would a hot romp with a gorgeous stud like Jean Claude during a whole night be than a tepid and usually so short encounter with her fat and balding career oriented husband!

#Mona #exposes #marital #problems

Mona exposes her marital problems

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