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I have always felt my mother is most beautiful and sexy woman I have seen. All my friends and neighbors used to watch her assets. Perfect figure and just 18 years older than me. she always used to change clothes by turning off lights but i could still see. I always imagined her as I masturbated.

My father was not giving attention to her as he was into drinking, external affairs. I started to feel her pain and loneliness. One day while having fever we called doctor home and he put his hands in my moms panties. She moaned loudly. I initially got angry with doctor but later it felt proud and that scene gave me hard on. I started to seduce her from that day. I told her you are most attractive and sexy lady. I told her i could do anything to make her happy. I started by asking her private questions on how many guys have seen her beautiful body. Initially she was shocked to hear such questions from me. I also told her that lot of males must be dreaming about her body and she looks 20 years younger to her age. One day I took her to coffee shop and told serving boy to tell “hot coffee for your hot wife” when she served to my mom. On hearing this she was pleasantly surprised as she thought she is looking young and hot. I told her I would be lucky if she was my real wife. On that she smiled and gave me kiss on my cheeks.

I asked her can we get married and she laughed and took it as a joke. I told her I am serious and I want to have baby from you. She did not say anything. I told her if she did not agree I will spread all wrong things about you and my uncle. After we reached home, I asked her to wear sexy night dress and come to my room. I started to say in commanding voice as woman like that. She liked it but she did not listen. I told her you are my dream woman. I then went to her room as she was waiting for drunk dad. I asked her not to wait for him as many times he does even come home. I told her a beauty like you deserves much better. I asked to give him divorce and become my wife. On that she slapped me. But next day she came and hugged me and said sorry. I told her i just cared for you. She kissed me again. I took that opportunity and put my hands on her waist and ass. If i were your husband i would fuck you every day. You are sex goddess.

She told me many people have told her that and some men have also proposed her for marriage and sex and offered to pay lot of money. I told her I would give you lot of money if she would let me impregnate her. She told me its not right. I told her mom-son love is most natural and true love. I told her I would pay her entire year’s salary. I told her i would keep a secret and no one will ever know. Her heart was beating loud. I hugged her from behind gave kiss on her neck and then moved my hands on her breats. this is first time i touched her breasts. She moaned and stopped my hands. I told her get ready tomorrow we will go to church and get secretly married. She said no. I got offended and kissed her again as i wanted to hear yes. i kissed her neck and shoulders and this time i squeezed her nipples. she wanted it but scared. I told her i will give her all happiness and pleasure. I removed her blouse and started sucking her nipples. She could not believe and was shocked. I sucked her nipples and breasts. Her joy was immense as it was after long time some one had done this to her. She confessed that she also had wanted me. I put my hands in her pants and she stopped me and asked me get my condom. I told her i want a baby she said no. I forcefully removed her pants and fucked her. She kept saying “no” but my power was so strong and i put all my cum inside her. She indeed got pregnant. After that we have regular and great sex as husand and wife.

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Most beautiful mom - Sex Stories