Mother and Daughter team up to seduce a teacher!

Mother and Daughter team up to seduce a teacher!

With a relieved sigh, I put aside the last of the freshman essays, happy to finally be done with them. I glanced at the clock on the wall and was pleased to see that it was six-thirty. Just thirty more minutes to go. It was Parent-Teacher Conference night and although initially, I had had a slew of parents pass through, the last hour or so, things had been slow. I had put the time to good use and was looking forward to a long weekend without having to grade any papers.

“Mister Hamill?” I looked up and saw a woman’s head peeking around the doorway. “Have you got a minute?” She looked vaguely familiar as she stepped into the room. Early forties, with dark brown hair, and a pert nose, she was a little on the plump side…maybe ten pounds if that, but it fit her well, filling her out in all the right places. Her black jeans fit her snugly and her black blouse was unbuttoned just enough to advertise that she had a spectacular pair of breasts. She was wearing three inch heels and knew how to walk in them…something that I think is becoming rarer as the years pass.

I stood up and gestured to the computer chair I had placed by my desk. “Absolutely, please have a seat.” I was about to ask her who she was when I realized she was being followed by another person and I smiled and realized why she looked familiar. “You’re Kelsey’s mother?” I asked.

The young lady who followed her in was Kelsey Page, one of my Senior Honors English students. There was a great resemblance between the two in their faces…especially the slope of the noses and the tiny clefts in their chins and their dark, almost black eyes. The resemblance more or less ended with their faces. Kelsey was taller than her mother with a lean, shapely body…the kind that makes a fifty year old man remember his youth with more than a touch of wistfulness.

“Yes, I am,” the woman replied, extending her hand which I shook…her skin warm and soft to the touch. “I’m Michelle Page.”

“I’m very pleased to meet you,” I replied. She took the offered seat while Kelsey slipped lithely into a student desk-chair combination and offered me that typical mortified gesture that I’ve seen a thousand times over the years when I’ve encountered my students and their parents together.

I reached out and flipped open my grade book, not really needing to check on Kelsey’s grade, she was one of my best students and in the running for Valedictorian. “Let’s see,” I began, pretending to scan her grades. I looked up and smiled at her mother. “No problems here. Kelsey’s one of my best students…she’s maintaining a ninety-nine average and may be the finest essay writer I’ve had in the last twenty-five years. You should be proud. You’ve raised a fine young woman.”

Both mother and daughter glowed with pleasure at my words and I could see that my student’s beauty had been passed down from her mother. “Thank you,” Michelle replied, glancing back to smile at her daughter. “She loves your class and you’re her favorite teacher.”

Kelsey blushed at her mother’s words, no doubt a little embarrassed and to be honest, I felt a little heat in my face as well. The young woman grinned at me, the tip of her tongue peeking out the way it did when she was pleased by something…the act somehow evoking feelings deep within me…feelings of arousal that I have no doubt that every middle-aged male teacher gets when he’s around such sexy and nubile young girls. I should probably have felt more guilt for my lecherous thoughts, but…hey, she was eighteen, so my guilt wasn’t too bad.

“Well, Kelsey’s a joy to work with and it’s been my experience that that’s the work of her parents. You and your husband get all the credit.”

Now it was Michelle Page’s turn to blush and throwing her daughter a sidelong glance, she said, “Well, actually, I guess I’ll take all the credit. Kelsey’s daddy walked out on us ten years ago.” She rolled her eyes and gave her shoulders a little shrug as if to say, “What are you going to do?”

“Sorry,” I murmured. Then I sat up straighter and said, “Then my hat is off to you, Ms. Page. You’ve done a spectacular job raising Kelsey.”

Again, she glowed with pleasure and for a moment, there was an awkward silence before she began asking questions about the Honor’s Final and wanting my opinion about Kelsey’s university choices. We talked for several minutes before the conversation ended again with an awkward silence.

Michelle started to stand up, but stopped and laughed as she said, “Oh, I understand we were both at the same ACDC concert when we were young!”

Kelsey laughed and then I did too, feeling my face heat up again. I recalled one day earlier in the Fall, regaling my students with the story of how the guitarist Angus Young had showered me with sweat (along with everyone else), when he’d been carried around the arena by roadies during the Black & Blue tour. “Really?” I replied. “Did your parents bring you to the concert? You were what…five or six?” Inwardly, I winced, realizing how what I’d said sounded like a corny pick-up line. Still, that had been 1980 and I’d been nineteen.

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Michelle put her hand to her mouth and giggled and said, “No…I was um, fourteen.” She glanced at her daughter again and then said in an embarrassed tone. “I snuck out of the house.” She turned back to her daughter and said in a mocking tone as she playfully shook her finger at Kelsey, “You didn’t hear that, young lady.”

Kelsey rolled her eyes as only a teenager can do and said, “God, Mom…like I didn’t already know you were a wild child.” The young woman turned to me and said, “You should see her rock concert T-shirt collection, Mister Hamill…she has a dresser drawer full of them. I think she was at every rock concert that came through Indianapolis!”

I grinned and began an exchange with her mother as we each offered up various bands from the early 1980s, nodding and laughing as we recalled each one. “REO – 1981?” “Yep…Van Halen – ’83?” “Oh yeah, and in ’88! Judas Priest in 82?” At one point we both looked at each other and said, “Ozzy…Crazy Train!” at the same time.

I shook my head. “Great shows all and some crazy days.” Sighing, I said, “I wish I still had some of those concert shirts, but I pretty much wore them out.”

Michelle nodded and replied, “I know, I still have most of mine, but a lot of them you can practically see right through.”

I sorta gawped at her comment, suddenly envisioning her wearing a nearly worn through T-shirt with those magnificent breasts. I felt my cock twitch a little at the thought. Kelsey giggled, “Jeez, Mom!” while realization of what she said dawned on her mother’s face.

With her face turning bright red, Michelle started to speak, but was interrupted by the principal’s voice coming over the intercom, announcing that “It is now Seven o’clock and our Parent-Teacher conference is now concluded. I’d like to wish students, their families and all our teachers a wonderful three day weekend.”

The announcement gave Kelsey’s mother a moment to recover and she stood up and said, “Well, we should let you go home. I’m sure you’ve had a long day. Thank you for your time.” She paused and grinned as she added, “And thanks for the stroll down memory lane.”

I offered her my hand which she shook as I replied, “Definitely my pleasure, Ms. Page. You two have a wonderful weekend.” I looked to her daughter, looking lovely in a short, flared skirt that showed off her long, toned legs. “See you on Monday, Kelsey.”

Mother and daughter retreated to the door where Michelle stopped and turned back, an odd, almost nervous look on her face. “I don’t know if you’ve heard, but do you know who’s playing at the Barclay Club tomorrow night?” The Barclay was an old nightclub fixture in downtown Indianapolis that often featured old, once famous bands still out there grinding out their music in small venues.

When I shook my head, she said, “Kansas, remember them?”

I smiled at the memory of some of their songs…”Carry On, My Wayward Son” and “Point of No Return” and especially, “Dust in the Wind.” I hadn’t heard most of them in a long time. “Really? I might have to check that out.”

Michelle smiled at me and nodded as she said, “Well, maybe I’ll see you there.” She shot me the briefest of winks and putting her arm through her daughter’s arm, strolled out, leaving me wondering if I had just been flirted with.

I replayed the whole meeting with Kelsey and her mother in my head as I packed up my briefcase and headed for my car. I still couldn’t make up my mind if she had been flirting with me or not. The truth was, I was out of practice. I was twelve years still recovering from a bitter divorce from my first wife who’d been unfaithful and a credit card addict to boot. I had avoided women in general – in part out of anger and in part because I had been close to broke as I struggled to pay off debts she’d accrued. By the time I had regained my footing financially, I’d pretty much grown out of the habit of interacting with women outside of work.

I still appreciated the opposite sex and had had a few brief relationships, but mostly the last few years, I’d satisfied my needs with my hand while fantasizing about various students and fellow female teachers. And yes, more than once, I had masturbated thinking about Kelsey with her long legs and full, pert breasts that jutted out so entrancingly against her T-shirts and blouses.

I slept in the next day, savoring the rare Friday off, waking up and feeling horny, remembering vaguely that I had had a series of dirty dreams. I spent most of the day taking care of various errands around the house…laundry, dishes, the bathroom…all the things that a bachelor tends to let slide.

As the afternoon grew long, I kept thinking back to Michelle Page and that wink and all the naughty thoughts her obviously innocent words had produced and as it grew dark in the early Fall evening, I found myself searching for a place to park in the Barclay’s parking lot, having showered and shaved, wearing blue jeans and a Colts jersey. After squeezing my little Ford Mustang into a tight spot, I paid admission and walked into the loud nightclub. Kansas had just started its set and I was pleased to see that they could still do “Point of No Return” right.

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They were performing on a stage at the bottom of a circular amphitheater, surrounded by bleacher seats and small tables where people who were mostly my age or even a little older were moving to the music. Part of me was wondering if we’d still be rocking out when we were all using walkers. Part of me knew that answer was a resounding, “Fuck yes!” I found an open spot at a bar that looked over and down the stage, giving me a reasonably good view of the dimly lit club. People were dancing here and there…mostly at the bottom of the amphitheater. I looked for Michelle as I scanned the room, not seeing anyone I knew.

The music was better than I would have hoped for and by the time I was working on my second beer, I was over any disappointment at not seeing Michelle. My nostalgia for my youth grew as I became more relaxed and then expanded as the unmistakable and sweet aroma of marijuana wafted by. I had to laugh a little. I hadn’t toked reefer in nearly twenty years.

I had turned in my seat to order another beer when I felt a hand drop on my shoulder and heard someone holler, “Mister Hamill! Hi!” I turned and found myself looking at Kelsey Page, looking gorgeous and sexy in tight blue jeans and a black bustier top that lifted her young breasts up for display, baring almost the top half of her firm globes. She was waving a beer bottle in one hand and was sporting a silly grin. “Mom has almost given up on you!” She pointed down below into the amphitheater out of my line of sight and said, “Come down and join us.”

My teacher instincts kicked in as I quashed the raw lust I suddenly felt for this lovely teenager and I tried to eye her beer bottle with a disapproving stare. Kelsey followed my gaze down to the bottle in her hand and giggled before she caught me off guard, stepping up close and leaning her body into mine as she whispered into my ear, “Don’t bust me, Mister Hamill. Mom got me in!” I felt my cock jerk with excitement and my stomach flipped-flopped as I felt her lips brush my ear as she spoke.

I was still in shock when she moved back and took my hand and with a jerk of her head, sending her dark, red streaked hair swirling, said, “C’mon. Mom is going to be thrilled to see you!” I was helpless to refuse, not that I wanted to and so I found myself being led down into the amphitheater, Kelsey deftly weaving through the crowd of mostly middle-aged folks like myself.

We stopped so abruptly at a small square table that I bumped into Kelsey from behind, her firm butt feeling marvelous as it collided with my front, an erection threatening to emerge. She glanced over her shoulder at me in surprise and then giggled as she turned around and tapped a woman sitting with her back to us on the shoulder. Over the din of one of Kansas’ later tunes, she shouted, “Mom, check out who I found!”

Michelle turned and saw me standing there, a slightly uncomfortable grin on my face and she jumped up and threw her arms around me and gave me a quick hug, surprising me a little with her overt familiarity…not that I actually minded as I felt her large breasts rubbing against my chest. “Mister Hamill, you came after all!” she shouted as she let me go and took a step back with a silly grin beaming on her face.

Her eyes were a little unfocused and a quick glance at the table confirmed some empty bottles, so I reckoned she was a few ahead of me. Part of my mind chided me for focusing so damned much on how much beer was being drunk and reorganized my thinking, aided by Michelle bouncing a little on her feet and gesturing to her chest as she crowed, “Ta-Da! From my priceless collection!”

Like her daughter, Michelle was wearing tight fitting blue jeans, but with an old black concert shirt that was nearly faded to gray. Tattered and peeled print told me that it was from a Styx concert, but what drew my attention to it was that even in the dimly lit room, I could tell how worn out and threadbare it was. Bought for someone who had been more slender in 1982 or 1983, it was stretched more than skin tight across her considerable chest, leaving no doubt that she was braless, her nipples standing erect like proud, stubby soldiers on duty against the tattered material. Here and there were small rips and separations and I sensed that under better light, I would be able to see brief, tantalizing glimpses of her bare flesh.

I felt my cock responding to the very lovely and womanly visage before me, growing larger by the second while I grinned stupidly at her and tried to think of something to say, finally settling for, “Hi! You look great!”

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Kansas had started up one of their last hits, “Play the Game” and Michelle was moving to the music as she moved towards me again and pulled me towards the table. “Come have a seat with me. Do you need another beer, Mister Hamill?” She grinned at her daughter who was looking at us both with amusement. “Kelsey, think you can get us both another beer, hon?”

I nodded and said, “I’d love one, but please call me John.”

Kelsey laughed and said, “Beers coming right up, Mom…John.” She paused and her forehead wrinkled as she seemed to consider something. She shook her head, her mahogany and red tresses falling over her face before she brushed them back. “Nope, I can’t do that. You’re Mister Hamill to me.” She waved goodbye and moved upwards into the crowd as Michelle pulled me into a seat and slid her chair close to mine.

“Well, I like the sound of your name. John…it suits you.” She reached out and put her hand on mine. “I was hoping you’d show up tonight. I really enjoyed meeting you at the parent-teacher conference and doing that trip down memory lane.”

“I enjoyed it too,” I hollered over the music. I was kind of glad that in the dim light of the club, she couldn’t see me blushing from my awkwardness. “I’d hoped I would run into you tonight.” I paused and then added, “I was surprised to see Kelsey with you though,” immediately regretting having said it – hating those moments when the responsible teacher came out in me. I had no business judging other parents decisions.

Michelle didn’t seem to mind, sticking her tongue out at me and saying, “No big deal…she’s eighteen and at least I know where she’s at, right? Better she have a few beers with me than out running the road with some eighteen year old pile of male hormones with his attention on her tits rather than the road.”

She laughed as my jaw dropped open in surprise at her frank comments. She finished off the beer in front of her and said, “I know, I know. I’ll never be parent of the year, but hell…we were kids too once, right and when we were eighteen, you could at least drink beer – at least that pissy 3.2 swill.”

I laughed and recalled the days before the drinking age was kicked up to twenty-one. “Sorry, I’ve no right to sound judgmental and besides, you’ve already got my vote for parent of the year. She’s a great kid!”

Michelle beamed with pride and nodding her head, replied, “Thank you.” She let out a long sigh. “But, she’s not a kid anymore…I’ve got a young woman on my hands now. I thought I worried about her when she was five.”

She squeezed my hand and I rolled mine over so we could intertwine our fingers and lock them together. Her flesh felt almost feverish…an arousing warmth that seemed to flow and spread into my body. Looking into her eyes, I saw something wild and restless there and my cock pulsed in my jeans in response. Nearly dry-mouthed, I said, “I’m not worried about her. She has a great mother who raised her right.”

Michelle beamed at me again and squeezed my hand tight. Then she shook her head back and forth and said, “Listen to us. There’s rock music booming and we’re acting like a couple of square old farts. We’re at a rock concert, we need to be grooving to the music – dancing and kissing and getting down!” She jumped to her feet, her barely contained breasts bouncing happily as she held out her hand and said, “Dance with me, John!”

Feeling awkward and shy, I nevertheless stood up and took her free hand and we danced…me not so well because I hadn’t done it in so long, but also because Kansas’s music wasn’t exactly great for dancing and in part because I was very distracted by this buxom beauty that I scarcely knew, but who seemed to very interested in me. I tried to match her shimmying movements, nearly awestruck by her graceful and sexy moves, but mostly I worked at not falling over my own feet.

Kansas suddenly transitioned from a fast moving rocker to the more lyrical and slower Dust in the Wind and Michelle followed suit, transition from a body quaking dynamo to moving into me, her arms going around my neck as she pressed her body into mine, her breasts flattening out against my damp Colts shirt while we moved to the music…not exactly slow dancing, but slow enough that I could keep pace with her…not that I wanted to allow her to move away. It had been a long time, but suddenly I found my arms full of a luscious…voluptuous woman and I most definitely liked it.

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Mother and Daughter team up to seduce a teacher!

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