Mother’s body turns on her son

Mother’s body turns on her son, My Mom had been overweight and she decided to do something about it. She started going to the gym and she also began to run. Over the past year she managed to drop thirty five pounds. This wasn’t just water weight. My Mom was getting toned up. The problem was my Dad just seemed to ignore what my mother was doing.

“That’s nice,” he would say and I could see my Mom would get mad as though he didn’t appreciate what she had done.

I know this twenty-two year old son was paying attention. I would look my Mom’s body over after she had worked out. Mom had big tits and her jog bra could barely contain her boobs. One day my Mom asked me to come over to the house. I didn’t know what she wanted but I drove over to see her. When I arrived Mom had just gotten back from her run. Her body was pouring from sweat. I wanted to pull her work out clothes off and fuck her right there. Mom said she was going to take a quick shower and then we would talk.

I sat out in the living room as Mom got cleaned up. I was thinking what she looked like naked. When I heard the shower stop I got up and walked out into the hallway. A few minutes later my Mom stepped out from the bathroom. She was wearing her bathrobe. She must have been startled to see me standing there. I had to take action. I walked over to her and I reached for the bathrobe belt. I pulled it free. My Mom was shocked by what I had done.

“Scott, what are you doing?”

Mother's body turns on her son

I reached up and pulled the robe free from her body. God, my Mom looked so good. Her nipples were hard and I could see her pussy lips peeking out from her dark bush. I lowered my face and I took a nipple into my mouth.

“Oh my God!” My Mom was so shocked by what I had done.

“Scott, you have to stop!”

There was no way I could stop now. I planted my mouth on one nipple and then the next. I think my mother started to lose her self-control. She place her hands on the back of my head. It was if she was urging me to work on her big, brown nipples. After a few minutes of that I pulled away. I began to strip down in front of my mother. When I finally was naked we took a long look at each other. My dick was already semi-erect. I didn’t want to waste a second.

I took my Mom by her hand and I guided her into her bedroom. I made her get onto her back. Just like that, I dived in between her muff. I began to lick her wet slit. My Mom lost all her reluctance. Her hands went back onto my head and she was urging me to use my tongue on her damp pussy. I worked my tongue up and down and got her prepared for what I wanted to do. I finally pulled away and looked into my mother’s face.

I think she knew what was coming. I moved in closer and I took hold of my erection. I guided to her pussy and then I entered my mother. Mom let out this moan of pleasure. I worked my cock in deeper and when I was buried the whole way, I held my cock in place.

“Please Scott, don’t stop,” my mother started to plead to me.

I backed out just leaving my head at her pussy’s opening. I pushed in the whole way. Over and over I fed my Mom my thick rod. Mom must have needed me pretty badly. She wrapped her legs around me and we got into an intense fucking. I could feel my Mom’s pussy going into convulsions. I was pretty sure she hadn’t had sex with my Dad in a long time. She needed my cock and I was going to make sure I satisfied her.

We fucked for some time and then I pulled out. I got onto my back and I told my Mom to get on top. Mom got over my midsection and she reached down for my cock. I raised my hips up and she sunk down on my hard prick. I just had to touch her big tits. I reached out and cupped her boobs. I squeezed them at first and then I pinched her nipples. I then got my first surprise. I felt my Mom start to squirt all over my cock. The harder I drove my cock into her and pinched her big nipples, the more she gave me her warm juices.

I wish I knew how long I was able to hold out. It seemed like an hour had passed. My nuts began to pinch and I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. I probably should have pulled out. Was my Mom on birth control, I had no idea. I fed my Mom a few more strokes and then I unloaded. It felt like I opened up a fire hydrant. I shot my wads of cream deep into my Mom’s belly. I wish I could have a picture of my Mom’s face when she felt me cum.

It was a look of ecstasy and surprise. Maybe she thought I was going to pull out at the end. I brought my hands down to her hips and I held her down onto my shooting prick. My Mom’s body shook as she felt my hot seed enter her tummy. I hoped this was just the beginning of our hot lovemaking. Mom’s pussy gripped me hard as I gave her my spunk. It felt like she needed to get every drop of my load for her greedy hole.

It must have taken a good ten minutes until I felt like I was spent. Mom fell onto my chest and I held her against my body. Mom kissed me and I opened my mouth to her. I finally went soft and my dick slipped out of her tunnel. Mom pulled away and then she looked down. My white cream came pouring out of her pussy. The final ending was when Mom lowered her face down to my cock. She ended up cleaning all the cum from my shaft. That had to be the most intense sex I had ever experienced.

You can’t ever let your Dad know,” she said to me.

There was no way I would ever tell him about this. He obviously didn’t want sex with my Mom anymore. There was no sense in wasting a good thing. Mom and I got up and we showered together. I wish I could have taken my Mom one more time but my cock was spent. I rubbed her tits in the shower and we had some more intense kissing. We finished up and dried each other off. Once we got dressed Mom told me why she called me over to the house.

“I am thinking of divorcing your father.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather. I had no idea things had gotten this bad.

“I think your father is seeing another woman. We haven’t had sex in over a year.”

She said she started to work out in order to get my Dad interested in her again. It hadn’t worked and she didn’t see the sense in pretending any longer.

“What about us?” I just had to know where we stood.

“I never expected this,” she told me. “I enjoyed what we did. Let me get my thoughts together.”

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