Mum’s Generosity – Chapter 3 by InTheMindsEye

Mum’s Generosity – Chapter 3
by InTheMindsEye

Chapter 3

In the two weeks since that crazy 10 minutes, in the bathroom with Frank and the bedroom with Brian, Sandra had stayed away from her children. She had been racked with guilt following the scenes with her two young sons and was determined that it wasn’t to happen again. It hadn’t been easy though. Her children had tried to engineer situations in which either they or she or both would be in some state of undress and certainly in some state of arousal.

More than once Sandra had found herself with a spasming pussy. She walked in from shopping to find Frank wanking on the couch in the front room. She had stopped in her tracks, dropping the bags and breaking the eggs, shouting at Frank to put his thing away and to have some respect for his mother. He had hoped that the sight of him playing with his hard cock would elicit a sexual response from his mother. Inwardly it did, her cunt leaking juice at the sight of his young strong cock. Outwardly, he was disappointed.

Sandra had been strong. Like she had been when Brian came in to her bedroom in the middle of the night complaining of a nightmare. He had no pyjama bottoms on and his hard, young cock poked out at her accusingly. She hugged him and comforted him (when what he really wanted was his mother’s mouth on his cock) and sent him back to bed with nothing more than a peck on the cheek.

As she heard his bedroom door close Sandra threw off the bedcovers and her fingers sought out the centre of her longing. She stroked her middle finger up and down her slit and pictured her young sons’ cocks shooting their cum out all over her. It was OK to fantasise about it. But to do it was wrong, she knew that. She had stumbled once…OK, twice,…but she was determined not to let it happen again.

But in her mind her sons fucked her, licked her, raped her, pissed on her, made her their slave, chained her in the garage, pierced her body, made her fuck their friends, made her fuck dogs, made her do all sorts of degrading things. And she came hard. Every disgusting, perverted sex act that she thought of with her sons spurred her onto harder and more intense orgasms. Her sheets were constantly soaked with her juices, and the fact that her sons were shooting their cum over their sheets only added to the washing machine’s burden and the laundry was mounting up daily.

Sandra sought out her sons’ cum stains on their sheets and their underwear. She licked at the tell-tale damp patches as she worked through the otherwise tedious chore and fingered herself when the boys were out with friends, at school, or in the garden playing football. But she was being strong. And so it was that the boys and their mother were masturbating daily. The number of orgasms in one week totalled close to one hundred. Moans, squelches and slapping noises filled the house at most times of the day and Sandra, Brian and Frank were in an almost-permanent state of arousal. The heat of the start of the summer didn’t help matters and the boys and their mother started to wear less, out of necessity rather than any wanton show of flesh.

It was Saturday.

The day had been hot and as the sun dipped below the horizon Sandra was finishing off getting ready to go out on a date. She had frigged herself hard in the shower, locking the door this time, cumming at the thought of Frank and Brian fucking her; Frank on his back ramming his cock in her wet sucking cunt, Brian, pushing his hard young cock into her tight arsehole from behind. Their cum shooting out at the same time, filling her holes. She had fucked herself with her big black rubber dildo as she lay back on the bed, still damp from the shower. Slamming the cock in and out of her cunt, picturing herself being pissed on by her two young boys, their piss shooting out over her tummy, up to her tits, onto her face…..

She came hard, but bit down on her lips to keep quiet. She had learned over the last fortnight to be quiet, clenching her fists, biting her lip, tensing up, letting out the screams in a low deep moan. It hurt not to scream, to let it all out. But she couldn’t give her boys any kind of impression that she was a sexual being.

She got ready slowly. Clinging black dress, low cut, thin shoulder straps. Dabs of perfume on her neck, the tops of her tits, her wrists, her tummy. Stockings, suspenders, black patent 4 inch heels. Make up, a touch of mascara, foundation, a little eye-shadow. She looked good enough to eat and smelled good enough to fuck. She had a date with Paul. He had asked her out last week. Said he had been plucking up courage to do it for a long time and they were going to a restaurant. Sandra hadn’t been out for ages and was looking forward to it. Paul was OK, not Brad Pitt, but OK. He would do. It would make a nice change.

Frank and Brian were in the living room watching TV.

“Right you two. Pizza is in the fridge. There’s coke, lemonade and plenty of milk. The DVD is in the DVD player and I will be back about midnight. So no messing around. I am trusting you Frank, to be sensible and I want to find you both in bed fast asleep when I get back. OK?”

“OK mum,” said the two boys in unison. They stood to receive her peck on the cheek and then she stepped out with a final reminder. “You two behave!” Both boys got hard at the smell, feel and look of their mum. She looked absolutely gorgeous, she smelled delicious and she felt warm and soft. As they hadn’t discussed their previous one-off experiences with mum both boys were shy about the affect she had on them and they tried to hide their burgeoning cocks. Frank walked over to the DVD player and made a show of checking the right DVD was in while waiting for his cock to go down. Brian sat on the leather couch and covered up with a cushion.

“Oh my God, Paul. No more!” Sandra put her hand over the top of her wine glass. The Chablis had flowed freely and she was feeling tipsy. She felt his foot on her lower calf and was surprised to feel that he had kicked his shoe off and the soft feel of his stockinged foot mixed with the potency of the white wine had her tingling all over. In her mind she had Brian, her twelve year old son between her legs, her short dress shucked up under her arse as she spread her legs wide and pulled his face into her cunt. She was instantly shocked that this thought had come into her head. She shook her head quickly to rid her mind of such things but she couldn’t deny that they had been coming to her more and more lately.

“Are you OK Sandra?” asked Paul mischievously. “You look a little flushed.” He was under the misapprehension that his sensuous leg-stroking had worked his date up into a lather. If he knew what she was thinking he would have run a mile…probably. Sandra giggled at this thought and replied that it must be the wine.

“I’m not used to drinking so much. I think I’d better visit the toilet.” She got to her feet a little unsteadily and tottered off to the ladies. Once locked in the cubicle she slid her panties down and sat down to pee. Suddenly her mind was filled with the image of Frank standing in front of her. She could see his big semi hard cock pointing at her. She watched as the pisshole distended and then he was pissing, aiming his flow between her legs, his hot piss hitting her cunt. Sandra moaned out loud and pushed her hand down between her cunt lips.

Her fingers pushed through her flow of piss as she saw Frank start to piss on her dress, down between her tits. Unconsciously, she lifted her wet hand and rubbed it over the top of her tits. She rubbed her cunt hard with her other hand and as the low of urine subsided the orgasm rose. She frigged her clit hard, three fingers rubbing in circles around and around. She hit the peak of her orgasm and with practised skill stifled the scream that she wanted to let loose.

Sandra came to a few moments later, realising with horror that her dress was soaked with her own piss. She smiled and giggled drunkenly and licked her fingers clean, mewling at the bitter taste, laughing as she thought how good the Chablis tasted even second hand.

She realised she couldn’t go back to the table. How could she explain the smell, the piss soaked dress? She didn’t even want to try. She wanted to go home. She had had a nice evening but she was drunk and she didn’t want to do something she might regret with Paul. She would text him from the taxi and let him know that she had had an accident and was too embarrassed to come back out to the table, but that she would make it up to him, including the cost of the meal which had not been paid for.

She sneaked out of the ladies, out of the back door of the restaurant and jumped into the first taxi at the head of the quiet taxi rank. The taxi driver wrinkled his nose but she was an attractive lady on her own. How could he refuse? He dropped her off without fuss or alarm and Sandra turned her key in the door and stumbled into the hall. She leaned back against the door and whispered to herself, “Frank!”

As soon as she heard the half whispered name from her own lips her pussy started to cream. She moaned softly and her resolve was gone. She looked at her watch. 11:30. The house was quiet and she moved upstairs, licking her lips, determined. She headed straight for Frank’s bedroom and as she reached the door she paused. She reached behind her and pulled her zipper down. She slipped the dress down and stepped out of it, leaving it crumpled on the floor. She stood in her bra, panties, stockings, suspenders and shoes.

With a huge intake of breath, Sandra knocked softly on the door and entered Frank’s bedroom. She closed the door quickly behind her and waited quietly while her eyes adjusted to the gloom. After a moment she could make out the form of her elder son under his duvet, breathing softly. Sandra’s hand moved to her breast and she squeezed it firmly. She fell to her knees at the side of her son’s bed. She had never been so turned on in her life. The alcohol was making her head swim and the fire in her pussy was raging. She was desperate for her son. A need she had denied herself for two weeks and that she could deny herself no longer.

With shaking hands she reached out and pulled his duvet back. Frank murmured in his sleep and rolled onto his back. Sandra paused and held her breath. When she was sure he was asleep again she pulled the duvet back, uncovering his chest, his tummy and finally she laid the duvet to rest over his thighs. Frank’s cock and balls exposed to her ardent gaze. She licked her lips, her breath ragged. “Oh baby!” she whispered. She moved her hand to his chest, rolling her finger over his nipples. She leaned forward and kissed his chest. Frank moaned softly but showed no signs of waking so she took his nipple in her mouth and sucked gently.

Her hands trailed down over his tummy until her fingers found his cock. She wrapped her fingers round his flaccid member and turned her head to look at it. Her first feel of her son’s smooth, delicious cock. She gulped and stroked her fingers up and down. Frank’s cock grew under her touch. “Oh baby!” she whispered again. “Such a beautiful cock for mummy!” She pumped his cock and it grew harder and harder. She kissed down his tummy and pulled back on his shaft, exposing his purple soft, velvety cock head.

She watched a drop of crystal clear precum ooze out of his cum slit and she flicked her tongue at it. The first taste of her son sent shivers down her body and she moaned loudly. She opened her mouth and took his cock between her lips. He was slightly bigger than Brian but just as tasty and just as hard. She sucked hard, no longer caring whether Frank woke or not. She needed his cum down her throat and she was going to have it. She held his cock, pointing straight up and impaled her face on it, fucking her mouth up and down, swallowing his cock whole. The head pushed into her throat and she controlled her gag reflex, swallowing it as best she could. As she took it as deep as she could, she pushed a little more to take it deeper. Her nose was in the light pubic hair that had started to grow and her mouth was filled with her fourteen year old sons cock.

Suddenly she felt hands on her head, pushing her down. She succumbed to the pressure and let the hands pull her down further. She could get no more cock in her mouth. She had swallowed it all.

“Oh fuck mummy!” came the half-strangled cry from her son. Sandra moaned, almost crying with lust as she sucked her son’s cock. Harder and faster. She was hungry for his cum. She had seen him spatter his load over the toilet and bathroom wall and she was desperate to swallow it now. What would make him cum quicker? What would make her son fill his mummy’s mouth with his hot scalding cum?

Sandra pulled her mouth from his cock and turned her head to him His eyes wide opened, she looked him in the eye and hissed, “Mummy loves your hard cock Frank and mummy wants your hot cum in her mouth. Fuck mummy’s mouth and fill it with your cum baby. Mummy needs your cum. Please fuck my mouth!” She said the last sentence with such need and sincerity that Frank nearly came there and then. Instead he grabbed her by the hair and said “Oh God, suck my hard cock mummy!”

“Yes baby yessss,” she hissed. She opened her mouth and swallowed him. Frank held her in place and fucked his hips off the bed, ramming his cock in her mouth. Sandra took the pounding and moved her hand between his legs, rubbing his balls. She licked and sucked as her son fucked her mouth totally under his control. Her fingers moved down and between Frank’s spread legs she found his tight arsehole. She rubbed her finger over it and felt him fuck even harder up into her milking throat. The sweat had trickled down between his arse cheeks and the dampness made it easier for her to push her finger into his tight puckered hole. She slid it in slowly while Frank fucked her mouth and he bucked and thrashed. As her finger pushed in to her knuckle Frank cried out.

“Oh God mummy, I’m cumming….I’m cummmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” His body tensed, his balls tightened. Time stopped as his back arched off the bed and he gripped his mum’s head harder. It seemed to take an age for the cum to shoot from his balls up through his cock and into his mother’s waiting mouth, but then the surge was there. It was there!!! Pulsing, gripping his entire body. FUCK! His load pumping into his mother’s mouth.

Sandra crying around his cock, tears of joy as she ate her son’s hot creamy thick cum. Taking it all in her mouth, milking his cock, sucking it all up. Frank bucked and thrashed as his orgasm gripped his young body and flung him round the bed. He had masturbated over 50 times in the past two weeks but nothing had been like this. Nothing came close. Thick ropes of cum were sucked out of his cock. Into his mum’s mouth! His mum’s mouth! Finally, his fantasies were cumming true. The thought brought forth another shot of cum, pulsing out onto his mother’s tongue.

When his orgasm had finally subsided, Sandra moved up over Frank’s body. She had her face in front of his and she smiled, before opening her mouth to show Frank the load he had shot in there. She moved her tongue through it, savouring its texture and taste. This lascivious show had Frank getting hard again. His mother reached back for his cock while continuing to show her son his creamy load in her mouth. She felt it hardening and let out a purr of delight.

She stood up quickly and unhooked her bra, letting her tits fall free and sliding her panties down to expose her hairy cunt to her son. She spread her lips, just as she had in the shower, and ran her fingers through her bush. Frank reached out to her and Sandra let his fingers run over her pussy. She moved closer so he could get a proper feel of his mummy’s cunt and she spread her thighs. She held his wrist palm up as he stroked her cunt. She looked down and let some cum drip from her mouth onto his outstretched hand. As the cum pooled in his hand she pulled his hand closer and bending her knees slightly she rubbed her cunt on his hand.

Frank was dumbstruck and his cock was once again on the point of bursting. He rubbed his cum and her spit into her already soaked cunt lips and reached down to stroke his cock. Sandra followed his hand with her eyes and saw his hard cock ready for action again. She climbed up on the bed and straddled her son, her cunt just above his hard straining cock. Again she dripped cum from her lips, all over his cock this time and as she let it cover the length of his cock she lowered herself and ran the shaft of his cock between her soaking lips. They both let out a moan and Sandra worked her hips back and forth, sliding her cunt back and forth on her son’s swollen cock.

She looked at her son and cupped her tits. “You like mummy’s tits baby?” she asked coquettishly, her head tilted to the side.
Frank nodded “Uh huh!” Sandra pulled at her nipples, twisting and pulling them. She ground her pussy against her son’s cock as she slid back and forth. She leaned forward slightly and whispered naughtily. “You like mummy’s cunt Frank?” Frank whimpered and she leaned forward and kissed him. Her tongue pushed between his lips and she reached back to grab his wet slippery hard cock. As she kissed her son she fed his hard cock into her hairy wet hole. His cock head pushed her lips apart and he tensed as he felt his mum’s lips wrapping around his cock.

“Just relax baby. Let mummy take care of her little boy. I’m going to fuck you darling. Fuck your big young cock into mummy’s cunt. You’re going to flood your mummy’s cunt with your hot thick spunk baby!” As she said this, she moved her cunt back and down onto his cock, filling herself up. She sat up, her hands on his chest, her cunt impaled on him. “Mummy is yours now darling,” she said as she looked into her son’s eyes. “Yours to do with as you please. I’m sorry I kept myself from you for so long. My cunt is yours. My tits are yours. My mouth is yours. My arse is yours. When your cock is hard I want to have your cum. Please say you’ll save all your cum for me baby.”

“Oh mummy. Yes mummy! All yours. All my cum is yours.” As Frank replied they both noticed the bedroom door open.

“Mummy? Frank?” said Brian, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

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