My Affairs With Mom And Daughter – Part 2

I was happy fucking Rashi, and it had been almost one month since our relationship. But as you all know, I had a feeling for her hot mom Shivani. I used to find ways to get a chance with her. I wanted both, mom and daughter.

After watching Shivani making out with her husband in bed, I was more desperate to get in bed with her. She had a figure like Shilpa Shetty. Her age was 45, and she had a figure of 36-30-36.

Rashi was also nice, but her boobs were not as big as Shivani’s. She was not an expert in bed and rather like any young girl. I always had a feeling that Shivani must be good in bed. So whenever I would go to their place, I would try and spend as much time with Shivani.

One day I was jogging in our society garden. I saw Shivani also jogging there, so I joined her, and while jogging, we both started talking to each other. She asked me about our college and how everything was going.

She didn’t know that Rashi and I were in a relationship. I had asked Rashi not to tell anyone as I didn’t want her mother to know this. Else it would have been difficult for me to try on her.

While we were talking she told me that she is going to Pune for 2 days for work. I told her that I have some work in Pune too. I Actually didn’t have. But I thought if I could accompany her, I would get some time to try on her alone. She asked me if I wanted to join her and we can be back in two days.

We started for Pune the next day. While we were in the car, I was trying to flirt with her. Soon she got quite comfortable with me and told me about her relationship with her husband. She told me that they often fight as he doesn’t give her and Rashi time.

I said, “Shivani ji don’t mind, but you are too pretty. I don’t know how someone can stay away from such a lovely wife.” She smiled and gave me a peck on my back in a joking way. This was the turning point in our journey. Now every few minutes, I would compliment her, and she would smile.

In our 3 hour journey, we had shared a lot of our secrets, and I was happy. She said, “Raj, I have booked 2 rooms for us in Pune where we can stay. We can finish our work and leave then.” She went for her work.

Since I didn’t have any work, I headed straight to the hotel. Around 6 pm in the evening, she returned to the hotel. She said, “Raj, I will take a bath, and till then, you can order something to eat.”

I asked her if she would like to have some drinks. She smiled and said, “Of course we can have some drinks.” I brought a bottle of scotch with me. She came out of the shower. She was wearing shorts and a tight top. Watching her wet hairs and cleavage, I got a hard-on.

I knew today I must try on her. So I poured drinks for us two. We started enjoying our drinks. We were talking and joking around. Suddenly after 2-3 drinks, I noticed that Shivani was quite a different version now. She had got frank with me.

She even confessed to me that she sometimes feels she should get out of her marriage. I found it the right moment and said, “Shivani ji, don’t spoil your mood, let’s dance.” I played some music. I pulled her up and grabbed her by her waist, and started to dance.

She was feeling good with me, and I was getting goosebumps. Suddenly while dancing, I kissed her on her neck. She didn’t say anything. I was shocked as I thought she might push me. I now kissed on the other side of her neck. She was looking into my eyes as if she too liked it.

Now I grabbed her and kissed her on her lips. Our lip kiss was for almost 5 minutes. As we came out of lip lock, she said, “Raj, you are very sweet. Don’t tell anyone we kissed.”

I said, Shivani, I have had feelings for you since the day I saw you.” She gave me a smile back and again kissed me. I removed my shorts. I was now only in my underwear. She said, “Raj, I don’t know we should do this or not.”

I said, “Shivani, just leave your tensions behind and let me make you relaxed.” I went behind her asked her to close her eyes. She closed her eyes, and I slowly kissed her neck. I removed her top and slowly removed her shorts too. She was wearing a white color bra and a red color panty.

I unhooked her bra too. Trust me, her boobs were quite big, and her nipples were hard too. I started caressing her boobs and pressing them hard. She was moaning with pleasure. I now turned her and started sucking her nipples. I slowly went down, licking her navel, and removed her panty.

Her pussy was shaved. I started rubbing her clit, making her enjoy. Slowly I inserted my tongue inside her vagina and licked her pussy for almost 5 minutes. I could feel her juices coming out. Now I laid on the bed, and she came on top of me.

She gently sucked my nipples and slowly and slowly removed my underwear and started stroking my cock. I grabbed her hair and asked her to take it in her mouth. She started sucking my cock gently. She was sucking it like a pro. Within no time, I was completely hard and could not wait for more.

So I took out a condom from my pocket, and she put it on my cock.I got her in the doggy style and gently inserted in her married pussy.Oh, gosh, she was moving like a slut and making naughty noises. It was making me pump her hard and hard.

After fucking her in this position for almost 5 minutes, I laid on the bed and asked her to come on top of me. She took my cock in her pussy and was riding me like a slut. I had grabbed her boobs while she was riding.

Finally after 10-15 minutes of pumping, I released my cum. Now she laid with her head on my chest. I told her that I like her boobs. She said, “Raj, I am in love with you.”

I was happy that this milf was mine now. For the next 2 days, I fucked this sexy lady 5-6 times, even anally. She has a tight ass.

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My Affairs With Mom And Daughter – Part 2

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