My Brother’s Wife and His Dog

My Brother’s Wife and His Dog

This tale occurred before my previous three tales when my husband was on his second deployment from his first duty station. I didn’t have opportunities for sex with new “people” during this time like I did in the last three tales. I didn’t want to post similar dog stories one after the other, so I am inserting this tale here. The year my husband was back from his first deployment we spent it at the base with some vacation trips; but after he deployed the second time, I flew home with the kids for three weeks again to my parents. I guess it had been a year and a half since the last time I was at my parents, and that was the time my brother and his dogs fucked me. [see Amy Tale/s – My Brother and His Dog/s Pt. 1 for details]

One week my brother and his wife came by my parents during a weekday. Everyone communed, and at one point, my brother isolated me, and he told me that he convinced his wife to let their dogs fuck her. I couldn’t believe it (his wife has such a demure personality); I could not believe my brother’s wife had sex with a dog. My brother said, yes, and she loves it, and she has been doing it every now and then for more than a year.

I can say for myself that my brother’s chocolate lab fucking me feels really good. After my shock about my brother’s wife, my brother said, do you want to come to the house this weekend? I said, what the fuck, did you tell your wife I fucked your dogs? He said, kind of. He explained that the dogs acted different after fucking me, and that his wife noticed it because they started assaulting her with the intent to fuck. My brother’s wife grilled him until he admitted that the first time he noticed the dogs behavior was when the dogs did the same thing around me when he brought them home that weekend I stayed at their house.

Now I was thinking, oh shit; and I asked my brother, did you tell your wife about us fucking? My brother said, no way, I just said that is when I noticed the dogs acting funny, and that I pressured you until you admitted to fucking the dogs when you were here alone with them three months earlier. [see Amy Tale/s – A Big Dog Dick for details.] It was one thing for my brother’s wife to know I fucked her dogs, but I was glad she had not found out about me and my brother fucking. I didn’t know what to do? How do I act around my brother’s wife with her knowing such a tawdry secret of mine?

Then I said, wait a minute, and I asked my brother, why do you want me to come up to your house this weekend? He said, well, my wife knows about you and the dogs now, and I told her you kept the lab in the guest room with you the second time. My brother continued, I want you to come to the house because I just want to see what my wife will say because she has done it too. I looked at my brother, and I said, are you trying to cook up something kinky? He said, no, I don’t know, I just want to see what she does.

I said to my brother, how do you know your wife will want me there? My brother said, I sort of told her that you asked me already. He said, she told me if you wanted to come up it was alright, because she knew you might want to fuck the dogs. Now, I thought about all this, that my husband had been gone for three months already, and there was about eight more months to go on his deployment when I got home. Then I said to my brother, and what, your wife is going to watch me fuck your dog? My brother said, no, I mean, I don’t know, but I got the impression she thought you might just do it yourself in the guest bedroom.

I said to my brother, I don’t know, this is weird. So, we talked a bit more, then mingled. An hour passed and my brother’s wife came up to me, and said, I hear you like my chocolate lab? I grimaced, and said, what did my brother say exactly? My brother’s wife said, he told me you had sex with the lab the first time you checked on them, and the second time you kept the lab in the guest room when he came home that weekend.

I really did not know what to say, and I went silent. My brother’s wife said, I am not mad, I tried it to and liked it, so I understand. Then she said, I do have one question, did your brother watch you do it? I quickly said, no, ooh, gross. Then she said, if you want to come to the house you can, I am saying it is alright. We talked more, they left, and I decided I would go that weekend to their house. My brother’s wife does not work, so I went after lunch on Friday.

When I arrived, it was just my brother’s wife there (they don’t have kids). We talked for a while, and she started talking about the dogs, and how we both liked the lab. She said she measured the knot and all, and it was a about 8” in length. She said she liked the knot part going in and sticking, and I agreed. We talked about the dogs licking our pussies and how good that felt, and how my brother kept tempting her to try dog sex, and after she did, she liked it.

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Then my brother’s wife made a superficial comment in passing that I did not catch before I answered. She said, I am glad my husband saw you having sex with the lab. She said, that worked out for me, because I like dog sex too now. I just said, I am glad you like it. I should have paid attention because that comment bothered me afterwards. Then the topics of conversation jumped around and another hour passed, and my brother came in around 5pm.

My brother had takeout with him, and we ate. Later, we went into the living and turned the TV on, but no one really watch it because we were talking. My brother’s wife looked at my brother and said, Amy said you saw her fucking the lab. I said, no I didn’t (she was using her cunning passing comment from earlier against me). My brother’s wife said, well when I said it earlier, you did not deny it. In other words, she was doubting the story my brother told her, and she was nailing it down with both of us there. Eventually, my brother cracked, and said he opened and peeked in the guest room and saw me fucking the dog (which was a lie). I started wanting to leave, but she said she wasn’t mad, she just wanted to know the truth. My brother’s wife has a strange demeanor, always real calm acting, like nothing upsets her.

Then she shocked me, she said she wanted to watch the lab fuck me. I said, why? She said, I am just curious, and I want to see how it makes you feel. She kept pestering me, and I said, does that mean I can watch you too? She said, sure, you can watch me too. We negotiated some more, and finally I said, yes, she could watch me if I could watch her.

I could not figure my brother’s wife out, what was she up to? Then my brother chimed in and said, I want to watch? Then his wife peeled into him, and I realized why she wanted to watch me fuck the dog. She said to my brother, why do you want to watch your sister fuck the dog? My brother said, I am curious too. She said, about what, your sister, you did not just happen to catch her last time did you, you actually watched your sister fuck the dog? They quarreled in that stream (if you can call it that with her demeanor), and my brother had hemmed himself in with his request to watch.

My brother’s wife asked me, can your brother watch too? Fuck, I got it, this was her plan all along, to see what my brother wanted, and more to the point, if I would allow it. I was afraid her next deduction would be that my brother somehow participated, or worse, she would figure out me and my brother have fucked. How do I answer? I told her, do you want him to watch? She said, does that mean it is alright with you if he does? I thought, damn, how do I get out of this. I said, maybe I should just go. My brother’s wife apologized, and said she didn’t mean to offend me, and that I did not have to go, and that she did really want to watch.

Now I was confused. She asked me again, can your brother watch too? At this point I just wanted to see if she would actually do the shit, so I said, it is up to you. By saying that, I made her more suspicious of me and my brother. Now the mood was not sexual, at all.

My brother’s wife went upstairs, and she came back in a dark t-shirt that hung to her thighs. I could not tell if she had shorts on underneath. She is shaped funny in my opinion, but guys probably like it. She has big hips, and I would say a fat ass, but it is just her hips and the whole package that gives it that appearance. Her upper body and legs are slim, and judging her breast size though clothing I would say a C cup maybe a D. She is a lighter blonde than me, with sort of a bob cut. All I could see now were her big hips in that long t-shirt.

She sat down on the couch next to me and she showed me these cloth dog paw covers, two sets. I said, oh wow, I bet those make it easier. She said it does, and she called for the dogs. They came over and she made them sit, they were not acting up. She knelt and started putting the paw covers on the dogs. She was wearing nothing under the shirt because I got a good look at her ass and pussy lips, and she was shaved at least there. I didn’t say anything. She finished and went in the bathroom and got some towels and sat down beside me again.

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She said, do you want to let the dogs lick, you know, your pussy? I said, okay, but are you alright with my brother being in here too? She said, yes, unless you have a problem? Damn, I did not know if I should protest or not. So, I just got up and took my short and panties off. My brother’s wife spread her legs apart and I saw that she did have hair on her pussy, it was about the same darkness as mine and semi-triangular. Both dogs went in and started licking her pussy when she called them.

My brother’s wife looked at me and she said, go ahead, move your legs apart, and I did, but the dogs were into licking my brother’s wife’s pussy. She said, call them, and I clucked, and said here boy, come on, and I patted my inner thigh, but they would not move from licking her pussy. My brother’s wife reached over and patted my inner thigh, and said, here Bingo (not real name), and the boxer came in between my legs and sniffed around. I wasn’t really wet, and the dog just went back to my brother’s wife and tried to share her pussy with the lab.

My brother’s wife did it again, but she left her hand inside my thigh as she patted it, and said here boy, here Bingo, come here. The boxer came back and sniffed again and was starting to leave, and my brother’s wife patted on my pussy and said here Bingo, right here boy, and she kept her hand on my pussy and lightly patted it. It was turning me on, and I wanted to see what she would do next, and I said, I am not very wet, maybe that is the problem. Fuck, my brother’s wife spread my pussy lips and rubbed and said, here boy, and the dog’s nose hit the mark and he started licking my pussy. She took her hand away from my pussy, and she removed her shirt and was totally naked.

She had nice breasts, but smaller than mine. She was rubbing her pussy with one hand and started rubbing her breasts with the other. I was fingering my clit now, and watching her, and she saw me watching her, and I looked away. My brother was on the other side of her, but he kept leaning forward to see. I could tell he was jacking his cock. My brother’s wife said, do you want to take your top off too? So, I took my shirt and bra off, and I rubbed my tits with one hand, and fingered my clit with the other as the boxer licked my pussy.

My brother’s wife kept fingering herself, but she was looking at my body and checking me out. After a bit, she closed her eyes, focused, and she got off with the common female fanfare that accompanies an orgasm. I had been watching her finger her pussy, and her boobs bouncing around while she did this, and I was thinking it had been almost two years since my little titty friend Phoebe with the padded bras came to visit me. So, I had not been with another girl in a while (this was before Tonya).

The lab, Lucky (not real name), was still licking my brother’s wife’s pussy after she got off. She looked over at me and said, can you get off? I had been fingering my pussy, and the dog was licking slow and deep in my pussy, but I had been so absorbed in what my brother’s wife was doing (and my thoughts), that I had not focused on getting off. I heard her ask me if I could get off, and I snapped back into the moment, and I said, yes, maybe, and I started fingering myself more deliberately. My brother’s wife leaned over against me with her breasts against my arm and she put her hand on top of my hand rubbing my trim hairy pussy. She said, does that help? It did, but how do I answer her question?

I just laid back against the couch, and my motion caused her to fall so that her breasts were on mine as she continued to help me rub my pussy. I just closed my eyes, and I got excited and got off. When I did, I moved my hand on top of hers and pressed her hand and fingers into my wet pussy as I closed my legs and shook. I let her go and moved over and said, I am sorry, I just got excited. She said, it’s okay, I liked it. She said, do you want to let the lab fuck you? I said, yes.

I was so wet, maybe it scared my brother’s wife, and she was not used to the smell of another girl’s pussy.

I got up off the couch to fuck the chocolate lab, and I was totally naked, and I turned toward my brother and faced him with my boobs and trim hairy pussy only a few feet from his eyes. I saw my brother was not masturbating anymore, and he was holding a towel over his dick and it appeared he had already got off. My brother’s wife spread a towel on the floor and said, you can use this. She said, so it does not bother you for your brother to see you naked? Shit, I was not even thinking about that, so I turned with my side to my brother’s view, and crossed my arms on my breasts, and I said, sorry, I was so preoccupied with what just happened with you and me I forgot he was here. [see Amy Tale/s – My Brother’s Wife and His Dog/s Pt. 1 for details]

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My brother’s wife knew that I knew my brother was there, because she saw me look at him when I got up with my naked body on display and I showed no timidity. His wife was walking around naked too. She has such big hips, and with her ass shaking as she walks, it is so different. I can see why it would turn guys on. I think I have a nice ass, I have a sexy middle aged milf body, and I have been told that enough to believe it. My brother’s wife is only a few years younger than me, but she has such a unique shape and shake to her ass and big hips. Her hairy pussy and boobs bouncing were getting me aroused too, but I tried not to think about it too much.

She said, do you want to come over here and get down on the towel, and I will help Lucky? Just FYI if you have not been keeping up, Lucky is a big chocolate lab, and Bingo is a boxer, and these are my brother and his wife’s two dogs. I went over and got on my hands and knees, and my brother’s wife called to Lucky, who immediately started licking my pussy and asshole. I looked back at my brother’s wife, and she was stroking Lucky’s cock, and she said, he is ready. The dog did not waste any time, she had him trained good now, he mounted me, and she guided his cock right into my pussy, no discomforting jabs on my thighs or ass.

The paw covers she had purchased were great too, the dog got busy frantically fucking my pussy and you could hear the slushing noises as I grunted. He humped me for about 5 minutes and then his knot went in. I had been grunting with the dog’s strokes all along, but when the knot hit, there was a definite, ummm. I was already waiting for it, but it feels so good when it hits like a surprise. The dog drove deep in me and whish, it was all hot inside my pussy and his humping tapered off, and all I could feel was his throbbing cock and heat. He stayed stuck in my pussy as my brother’s wife rubbed her hand across my ass. She must have been petting Lucky too because she was going, good boy, do you like that, do you like that, good boy.

After about 10 minutes the dog’s cock popped out, and his runny liquid ejection ran out my pussy and on my pussy hair and down part of my stomach. I was about to use the towel I was kneeling on to wipe my pussy, and before I could really move, my brother’s wife was rubbing my pussy and stomach with another towel as her other hand rubbed my back. I stood up holding the towel to my pussy, but careful this time as not to obviously flash my brother, and she said, did that feel good? I said, yes, it is do different from anything else. My brother’s wife got down on all fours and called the boxer over and he began to lick her pussy and asshole. The lab was busy licking his cock. She looked back at me and said, can you help him when he is ready? I said, okay.

I got behind her and to the side and knelt, and I looked at the boxer’s cock and it was already out about 3” so I did not touch him. The dog jumped up, and I moved to one knee with one foot on the floor and had to lift the dog a bit to guide his cock into my brother’s wife’s pussy. I wasn’t paying attention to my posture, but my pussy was in full view of my brother, and at that angle, it was spread open. I hoped his wife did not notice. The dog’s cock hit her pussy and went to town. My brother’s wife was making the usual grunting noises and there were the same wet pussy sounds. I watched, and the boxer’s knot penetrated, and she did the same thing, and let out a louder grunt. I had to hold against the dog’s butt constantly because he is smaller than the lab and when the knot hit, I pushed him into her pussy and held him there.

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My Brother’s Wife and His Dog

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