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This is my 3 story on this website i love to share my experience with uh all guys many people don’t wht hair fetish is so let me explain in short its same as get turned by looking at juicy boobs ❤️❤️.

My contAct details where shared in my earlier story, i ‘ll try and keep the contain shot and sweet. Hope uh guy’s enjoy reading it !

As the lockdown was over my cousin had come to my place for change in her daily routine. She is elder by 4 year’s to me. Has really silky long jet black hair till her waist. 5.5 in height fair complexion 32-28-32 as she was here for a week i had to make my moves as early as possible !!

She has this sexy figure of her the main thing that attracts me more towards her are her hair’s !! I simply love them soo much the day she arrived at our place i was stunned to look at her bun size it was so thick and oily she was sweating she top was reviling her shape really well. I took her in then closed the door my mom and day where busy so i asked her to keep her things in my room and get fresh.

We soon meet at dinner table my parents asked her about her job and all the things, she was now in her gown no bra as i noticed her boobs where moving around. We had dinner i was enjoying her view she had made briad of her silky hairs. She was helping mom and i watching her braid from behind shaking.

Soon i went to my room and arranged my bed for her and i slept down so that it would be easy for me to access her hair’s while she is asleep. Soon she came in the room saw me i was acting I’m in deep sleep she then sat on bed and untied her braid her jet black hair where forming waves i was getting hard on looking at her hairs.

She splet putting all her hair’s down the bed the looked like the waterfall of jet black silky hairs , , after waiting for awhile i came near her hair’s and smelled them 😍 that brought all the blood in my crouch and i got horny , wanted to do many things with her hair but Frist confirmed she in sleep by calling her name and touching her hand she didn’t respond.

Knowing that she is in deep sleep i slowly removed my crouch out of my plants stood near the bed leand forword to reach her head and touched the tip to her head that felt so nice, slowly pushed the whole crouch over her head. Her hair oil was all over my crouch and nuts as i was moving forward and backward over her head now i slowly collect her hair’s rolled then around my rod and strocked it for a while. I was on 7th cloud 😍 the Hair oil was making the whole experience to next level.

I was stand their for a while now doing so, but soon she moved abit tht scared me. Soon removed her hair’s and came back on my place. Her hair oil smell was all over my rod nuts and hands, to be on safe side i wiped my hands to the bedsheet she was sleeping.

The routine continued for 3 day’s on the 4th day she was fast sleep as usual but she had not undone her hair, the huge bun was inviting me to push my rod in it and enjoy the feel. My courage was on optimum level got in everyday possition this time i took few strings of her hair’s and inserted their tips in my rods hole to penetrate then slowly lowerd my pants and kept my balls on her bun and left the rod that hit her face she moved and Started to touch her head i backed off and waited for a while.

Then she became stable in few seconds, i approached again took good look at her by turning on flesh of my mobile begin to record she had turned towards the right her bun was bit lose then earlier so the gap was increased in her head and the bun I made my move removed the rubber from the bun. Slowly insert my rod in between the gap of her head and bun. It was the Max thickness of her hair’s, cover my rod really well my 8″ looked like 4 in that thickness, slowly grabbed her bun by my left hand.

She moved again and turned left my rod was now under her head and bun i was getting good view of her cleavage she was in deep sleep but i couldnt take the risk. I stood there for a while enjoying the pressure of her head n silly hair covering my rod. I grabbed her bun it was getting lose and started stroking really slow while watching her deep cleavage .

I was loving the pressure , this made me to open her gowns hook she was still in sleep don’t ask me how might be a deep sleeper but that help me though !
Soon her right boob was out in my right hand an left inside her gown but covered by my hand i was pressing then slowly her nipples were getting hard with the increasing pressure and my rod was hitting its limits of hardness in her Oily hair’s !

I couldn’t control but had to stop or my fun time would have been spoil so pressed hee boob really hard and took my hands off them and put the hooks back on now i was concentrated towards her hairs and my crouch in them she was still in the same position my crouch under her head her tummy touching her head and me trying really hard to Stop myself from fucking the situation !

Soon I managed to pull out my crouch from under her head this brought her bun out on bed and it dropped forming waves . I smelled her hairs intensely from top of her hairs slowly taking them in my mouth i was uncontrollable so i took her hair’s rolled them around my crouch in suck manaer if i cum it would stay in side her hair where the bun was strocked for awhile had left huge load in her hairs slowly untied the hair’s even this process was giving me Bonner but i had to stop for the night !

I hope uh guy’s loved my experience !
In next part I’ll tell uh the remaining 3 day’s story stay tuned and please correct me but submitting the review on my email or telegram !!
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My Cousin Long Hairs – Sex Stories

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