My first encounter going out on a date with a black man

My first encounter going out on a date with a black man

Recently I had an experience that made me think about
who I am and how I got here. I was lying in bed, curled
up with a gorgeous stud. We had met at a bar, hit it
off and spent the entire night in one almost continuous
fuck session. He was unbelievable, staying hard
forever, and getting back in just minutes.

He used all of my holes, and filled every one of them
with his cum. We fell asleep, exhausted, still wrapped
together. I woke him up with a blowjob, then for an
hour he pounded the hell out of me. We were both
completely satisfied.

Later, as we lay entwined, talking, he commented how
good I made him feel. He said very few girls, and he
had experienced many, would suck him off. None of them,
he said, would do any ass fucking. He knew I was
engaged and asked if I had a sister he could meet.

I laughed, but then he asked how I could be so much
fun, and a great fuck. I had to admit to myself that I
was a great fuck, a sexual machine once I got started.
I seemed to never wear out, and I certainly had no
limits. Guys learned quickly I would do anything they
wanted. Sometimes I do wonder how I got here, and if
I’m wrong for it.

I guessed I realized early that I was different. When I
was just a young teenager I used to sneak my older
brother’s Playboy magazine .I would look at the
pictures of men and women together, and I would get all
tingly inside and moist between my legs. Soon I was
looking at the pictures and playing with myself.

I came from a very strict family and I was considered a
very smart girl, not a bad girl. I wanted a boyfriend
who would do to me what I saw in the pictures.

When I was 16 I had a boyfriend who was a very
experienced 24. We dated for almost two yeas, but we
only fucked twice. We were both worried about me
getting pregnant, and he would not use a condom. Very
early though he introduced me to cocksucking. EVERY
TIME we went out I gave him at least one blowjob.

I once estimated I gave him over 250 blowjobs, and I
loved every one of them. I looked forward to it as much
as he did. I knew how much it pleased him, and I
learned at the young age of 16 how much I liked
pleasing a man. Sucking him also turned me on, and
still does. For me sucking a cock is like foreplay for
me, it gets me ready. I guess I really am different.

I even had ideas about my wildness. I kept wishing he
would do things to me, lead me to some sexual
fantasies. I knew I would never tell Joe no, no matter
what the request. I still don’t say no. Once I am with
a man I am his sexual toy.

He has complete control, and I love it when a man uses
that power. Unfortunate Joe didn’t he was just content
to get blowjobs from his willing girlfriend.

I however, wanted more and found it with the next man
I met, Bobby, and we quickly became engaged and living
together. We were going to settle down have a family
etc, and I tried to be the perfect wife. Bobby still
wanted to experiment and try different things.

He enjoyed posing me in sexy lingerie and taking
photos of me, and since it was just the two of us, it
turned me on also. Once he had me wear a very short
skirt to a party so he could show me off. Before I got
out of the car though he convinced me to take off my
pantyhose. I went in wearing this short skirt, and no
panties. I was scared, but moist, so I knew I was also
excited, and the sex was even better than usual when we
got home.

Bobby started to pressure me about group sex. I wasn’t
sure I wanted to do that. I didn’t say no, but I tried
to discourage him. The idea interested me, but it just
didn’t seem normal or right. One night though Bobby and
a friend set me up. We were drinking and I agreed to
try sex with the two of them

The sex was great, better than I had ever had.
Afterwards though I freaked out. I thought I had done
something terrible .It was something I made clear to
Bobby that I never wanted to do again.

A few months later we were out partying with Bobby’s
friend Tommy. It was a hot night, and when we got home
I wanted a bath. Bobby passed out in the living room
leaving Tommy all by himself. I asked him to get me a
drink, and he was a little nervous to come in… I was
completely covered in bubbles and asked him to sit on
the side of the tub. We talked, still drinking, and
pretty soon I was comfortable enough that I didn’t care
what he saw.

I sat up and asked him to do my back. When I sat back
down he put his hands in the water and slowly ran his
hand along my leg. I was getting just a little warm
from the water, drinks and his hand. He offered to dry
me off and gently helped me out of the tub. He ran the
towel across my body, slowly, and I was getting very
turned on. When he went to do my back, I leaned forward
on the sink, sticking my ass out.

His hands were all over my ass, rubbing, and I was
moaning. His hand moved to my cunt lips and I just
soaked. He slowly began to finger fuck me and I began
to thrust back to meet his thrust. I was leaning over
the sink, ass in the air three of Tommy’s fingers in my
cunt, me fucking back on his fingers when Bobby walked

Tommy was horrified, but I just wanted to cum. I begged
Tommy to put his fingers back in and I heard Bobby tell
him it was ok. Tommy soon had me reaching a tremendous
explosion. They carried me to the bed, and for hours
fucked me in everyway I had ever dreamed of.

Afterwards, I wasn’t sure if what I had done was ok. I
felt a little better, as I had initiated it, but I was
still unsure. I still thought of what I had done as
being wrong and dirty. It would take Billy to change

Billy was another of Bobby’s close friends and a
bartender where we hung out. We headed back to our
house after hours and as usual, Bobby had too much to
drink He went to lie down while Billy and I continued
to drink while sitting on the couch. He knew I had the
hots for him, and I just gave him that look. He reached
forward to kiss me, I melted. His hands were all over
me and I wanted him so badly.

He told me to stand up and take off my clothes. He ran
his hand along my cunt and felt how wet I was. I
couldn’t help myself as I said, “Please give it to me.”
He pulled his clothes off and he had a beautiful cock,
bigger than Bobby’s with a huge head. I fell between
his legs and began to suck, but he wanted to fuck. He
pushed me on the floor, and for the first time my legs
spread wide open like they had a mind of their own.

Billy wasted no time entering me and I came as soon as
I felt the head of his cock in my cunt. He put my legs
up on his shoulders, still my favorite position, and
drove his cock into my waiting cunt. We were grunting,
screaming, and sweating like a couple of animals in
heat. His tongue was in my mouth and my hands were all
over his ass. When he grunted he was cumming I just
screamed, “Give it to me.”

He buried himself as deep inside of me as he could and
emptied a huge load of cum inside of me. It was the
first time I had actually felt the cum splattering the
walls of my cunt. I exploded again.

We lay there, his cock still inside of me until he was
hard again. Another fucking, another load of cum, then
Bobby woke up. He joined us, and they took turns with
me all night long, after that I realized I was hooked.
One man would never do it for me. I needed lots of

I began to realize how much I enjoyed the sex, the
adventure, the naughtiness of it all. I became very
comfortable with the idea that my body was made for
sex. I stopped saying no, and began to spread my legs
whenever I wanted to. Billy became a steady 3 some and
even many times just the two of us. One night, for
Billy’s birthday, Bobby gave me to Billy for the night
as a birthday gift. There were just a few raised
eyebrows when Billy dropped me off at work the next

I have had many, many adventures but the excitement
never slows down. I guess some of that comes from fear,
fear of myself and fear of being caught. No one in my
family or at work knows of my wild side. I know many
people would condemn me if they found out, even though
I am hurting no one and enjoying myself.

Which brings me to the other fear, of myself. I’m
afraid sometimes that I am going to do something stupid
and it is all going to blow up in my face. Sometimes I
can’t control myself. If I am with someone I want I
will do anything, anytime, anywhere, and that is no
exaggeration. Put me in a sexual situation, like a wild
party, and I have no limits. I will try anything and
more than once.

One thing I have learned though, and become comfortable
with, is how much I enjoy pleasing men. I have
fulfilled many a man’s fantasies. I haven’t always
enjoyed their fantasies, but I always make sure they
do. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised, like my first
time with a woman.

Billy wanted to do a 3 some with another woman, and
watch the two of us. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea
but I wouldn’t tell him no and agreed to try it. I was
surprised how much fun another woman can be. How we
know each other’s bodies, understand the same things,
and how we became friends. I always feel that if my guy
of the moment has fun, I have done good. Is that so

I still have my share of fantasies and would love to
make them come true. For one, I would love to get away,
with some beautiful young stud [In late 30’s], to some
island beach resort. A place where I could let
everything go and not worry about being caught. Staying
half naked and drunk the whole time. Having sex
whenever I feel like it, and enjoying sun, sex, beach,
sex, clubs, sex, oh well you get the idea.

Then I have another strong desire that may be possible,
but I would give anything to try. I would love to be
the center of attention of a group of pro athletes,
after a game. The idea of a pack of horny athletes, the
adrenaline still pimping from their game, drives me
wild. The stamina the pro athlete must possess, and to
have 5 or 6 or more would be a real challenge. They
would never wear out, and I don’t think I would either.

I love hockey, and every time I’m in St. Louis I catch
the Blues. I can’t help but look on the ice and dream
of a night with the team. I know that sounds absolutely
crazy, but my two favorite loves are sex and hockey. So
why not combine the two? So what do you think, have I
gone too far? Am I really that bad a person, and most
importantly, do you think I can make my dreams come

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My first encounter going out on a date with a black man