My First Sex With A Complete Stranger

My First Sex With A Complete Stranger

Hello readers! This is my first real story that I am going to share with you. Hope you like it. I am Sunny(real nickname). I am an averagely built guy. I have a great personality. I don’t exaggerate about the size of my phallus and the exotic girls I’ve scored. I like to keep it simple and real. So let’s dive into the story.

I live in Kolkata. This incident happened when I was returning from one of my student’s house in Dum Dum after giving her tuition classes. My ride was a ‘toto’(quite famous in Bengal). At one of the stops, a young lady probably between the age of 22 – 26 hopped in and was sitting facing me.

She was fair-skinned, beautiful face and huge boobs. She was wearing a tight salwar- kameez. As soon as our eyes met, she gave me a smile. I smiled back but was hesitant to start a conversation right away. A few minutes later she said to me that a guy is following her on a bike.

He has done this on two previous occasions as well. So I asked her where was she going. If it’s not too far I can accompany her to home for her safety. She lived in Barasat, quite close to mine. She agreed to me dropping her home. We boarded a train from DumDum to Barasat.

The train was very crowded. During the entire journey, we were standing very close. Her forehead almost touching my lips, her boobs crushed against my chest. My bulging dick danced in my pants. As I was wearing skinny jeans my boner was quite obvious, which she might have felt on her legs.

Both of us were not looking at each other yet we felt the chemistry. There was a lot of movement in the crowd. I slid my hands at her back and placed my palm just between her waistline and butt crack. She seemed to enjoy the affection and came even more close.

We didn’t speak a single word until it was time to get off the train. She asked me where I lived and I replied. Then asked if I have a girlfriend to which I said no and she smiled. From the station, as we were walking towards her house she asked me to join her for a coffee.

I said I will be a bit uncomfortable in front of her parents. She then said that her parents and sister were not at home. They went for a marriage party and will be back the next day. So I readily agreed. I was sitting on the sofa in their drawing-room when she came with coffee and changed dress.

She was wearing a t-shirt from which her cleavage was clearly visible and a short skirt which revealed her soft fair-toned thighs. She came and sat right next to me. Her thigh was brushing against mine. I soon developed a boner and tried to adjust my pants which she noticed and laughed.

We finished our coffee and were talking about various things when I took courage and said, “Today was the best train ride of my life.”
She: Why?

Me: I was so close to a beautiful lady like you.
She: (Blushing). That I could understand from the bulge in your pant. Even I got wet.

There was an awkward silence. The next thing I know is we were kissing each other, our lips entwined, dancing in an ecstasy of this newfound chemistry. I slid my hands in her t-shirt and was caressing her bareback. She was not wearing any bra. So I cupped her breast.

She pulled back and said she was scared as she was a virgin. She is experiencing something of this kind for the first time. I calmed her down saying I am a virgin too. Its a first time for me as well. We shared our vulnerability and that made us rely on each other.

She: Let’s go to the bedroom. It’s uncomfortable on the sofa.
Me: Only if you promise we are going to have a good time there.
She: Let’s find out.

I undressed her, took off her skirt, panties and started kissing again. This time on the bed. Our tongues completely entwined. I was running my fingers through her hair like cuddling a baby girl. Kissed and licked her neck. Then I was fondling with her huge boobs and playing with them.

She could not resist and forced one of the nipples in my mouth. I started sucking her boobs and she started moaning. In the meanwhile, I was running my hands all over her body, her ass, belly-button, thighs. As soon as I reached her pussy it was dripping wet.

I made her lie down on the pillow and started kissing and licking her entire body. I drenched her belly button with my saliva. She started shivering. She grabbed my head and guided me to her pussy. I kissed and licked her inner thighs.

Her pubic bone and then the outer labia of her vagina which dripping wet from her juices. I was getting intoxicated from the smell of her juices. I parted the lips of her vagina and started sucking. She was moaning loudly. When her clitoris was enough stimulated, she had an orgasm.

After the orgasm, she was beaming with lust and undressed me. My penis throbbed out of my underwear. Immediately she grabbed it, spat on it, and started rubbing. At the same time, she started sucking my nipples. As this was my first time, I was enjoying on another level. I was on cloud nine.

Slowly she kissed me all the way down to my penis. When she took the head of my dick in her mouth, it was one of the best feelings. Her warm saliva was bathing my entire dick. I soon came in her mouth. She drank all the semen. She then asked me to stay the night.

So I called home and informed I will stay at one of my friend’s place and will not return. We started kissing again and soon I was hard again. I made her lie down in missionary position. I started rubbing the tip of my penis on her vagina. It was very tight but her juices made it easy for my dick to slide in.

So I was inside a girl for the first time and trust me, it felt like heaven. Though I came quickly inside her, the feeling of that orgasm was incredible. Later we had dinner and crashed on the bed for our night session. Our night session was more intense, rougher in the beginning.

First, we fucked in missionary then doggy style. She was blooming every time she was having an orgasm. Our lovemaking became so intense that it pierced all heights. I was fingering her. She said she wants to do a video of our lovemaking so she can see it in the future.

She gave me her phone to do the recording as she started to give me a blowjob. Then we shifted to a lotus position. I was sitting and she was riding my dick face to face. This is my favorite position. I was sucking her nipples and she was slowly fucking my dick. We got completely lost in each other.

We lost awareness of time as if we could continue this lovemaking forever if there was no one to disturb us. What was most thrilling was we did not let each other settle. When I ejaculated, she again started kissing me to make my dick erect again. When she felt exhausted I kissed her back to power again.

It was 4 in the morning when we decided to call it a night. We slept in her bed, completely naked hugging each other for a few hours. When we woke up it was 9 am and her parents would reach by 10 am. So we freshened up and then smooched for around 30 minutes.

I was fingering her pussy and she rubbing my dick. Before leaving I said I wanted to suck her pussy again. So I started licking her pussy and after about 20 minutes she had another orgasm. Then I left her house after exchanging numbers.

We had an encounter again where she called in one of her friends as well. I will share that story later someday. If you liked my experience please give me feedback on my email id: [email protected].

For ladies in Kolkata who wants discreet relations, and have a secret relationship, you can contact me. I am open to friendship with elder women, divorcee, and literally anyone. I am a bit shy in the start though. But if we talk persistently I can assure you, we can share a very close bond.

Even if you are only interested in no strings attached relations, feel free to say Hi. Thank you for your time. Will come with a new experience soon.

My First Sex With A Complete Stranger