My first sexual encounter in a crowded bus in mumbai

My first sexual encounter in a crowded bus in mumbai

hi im a 23 yr old from mumbai studying MBA. Since im doing marketing i had to travel places for my project. To be on safer sides i always used to be back home early and avoided crowded local train compartments.

One day i got late to return i was at the other end of the city. since the railway station was far off, i decided to take the bus for half route. .

I was very tired at the end of the day and it was already late, but still then i skipped 2 buses as they were crowded. Finally after waiting for a long time and it was already 10. 30pm, i deceded to take the bus which ever comes next. The bus that came next was jammed with people, with no other go i got into the bus. because of the crowd i was pushed back, after some time i realised im at the back part of the bus with all men surrounded by.

I had worn my uniform that is skirt and shirt with blazer. With bag and blazer in one hand i caught the railing with t other hand. Bus started to move and the lights were put off. After some time i sensed that t men around me were getting closer to me. Suddenly i sensed a hand on my ass. I pushed the hand off, i could not turn back and see who it was.

After some time the hand was on my other ass. I tried to move front but since there was no place, i bumbped into the person standing front. wen the bus jerked both my ass were cupped n the man sensing my helplessness got bolder and started squeezing my ass softly. after some time the squeezes became harder and he started kneading and pinching my buttocks.

I was helpless i couldnot do any thing other than going thru all this. im no mean time one hand was uhder my skirt on my thigh, i tried pushing the hand off but no use. seeing me stay still, i felt my skirt raising. they pulled up my skirt n were circling my ass cheeks on my panty.

When one hand started rubbing my pussy over the panty that is wen i realised that its 2 men who are playing with me.

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My first sexual encounter in a crowded bus in mumbai