My Friend’s Chubby Mother – Sex Stories

My Friend’s Chubby Mother – Sex Stories

“Hello Mrs Melon” I said aloud as I walked through the living room. “Oh hi Tommy” she replied. “Is Steven in?” I asked. “No, he’s not coming back ’til tonight, he’s gone out with his father. Well, how have you been?” she asked as she pointed for me to take a seat. Mrs Melon, was my best friends’ mother. Steve and I go way back, we know go to the same university.

“Great Mrs Melon…I feel great, and I’ve got a big date tonight” I replied. “Ohh lucky you, by the way, I told you many times before to call me Helen.

I’m not a stranger.”

“Yeah, right on, sorry I forgot about that, Helen”. I replied “So, a BIG date tonight. I’m jealous of the lucky girl.” “Oh don’t be silly” I shrugged.

We sat in silence for a while. I couldn’t help notice her sandles dangling delicately from her feet. Her toes were thick and long. She had her thick legs crossed. She wore tight blue pants that cut off half way down her shins, and a nice red well fitted t-shirt. I started to realise that even though this women was in her early 40’s, she had a certain appeal. Helen had soft, fairly fair smooth skin. She didn’t need make up, becuase her skin would melt in my eyes. Her breasts were enormous. Not matter what position, they protruded. She was a BBW, and fully proportioned.

“Are you gonna get lucky tonight or what?” she asked. I didn’t expect such a question.

“Well, I like her a lot” I modestly replied

“Yeah, but you know, are you hoping to get some sex” she eagerly said. I stopped and didn’t understand her position. She knows a great deal about

me, but we never talked about sex before, so I replied. “I mean, it would be nice, I must admit”.

“Good, that’s wonderful, but I ask because I’m concerned whether or not you will bring protection, it’s something I’ve read about a lot, and you don’t know who’s got what these days” she said.


“I though so, I know most young guys forget the importance of safe sex”. She paused for a second. “Now, would you mind going to the bathroom, and opening the cabinet and getting some condoms for yourself”. I felt embaressed that she was telling me this.

It felt strange as I opened the cabinet, searching for condoms. I’d search the shelves and stumbled across some junk, until I came across three small cardboard packages. A black, white, and yellow one. I read the packet to verify what I was after. I was somewhat confused, because they were all condoms, and they were each different sizes, and I wasn’t sure which one I would need. So I decided to bring all three sizes out to Helen.

“Found them?” she said as I entered the room.

“Yeah, but I’m not sure which ones I should use”. I replied, showing her the three boxes.

“Ahh….well.” she grinned. “That depends. Black is for larger men, white is for average men, and yellow is for smaller men”.

“You mean….”I stuttered.

“Here, let me help you there honey. I want to make sure you’re fully covered. Now you don’t need to be ashamed of your size.” She insisted. “Could you please stand up on the coffee table and remove you’re shorts, so I can see the appropriate size for you.”

“-But” I said.

“No buts, I want to ensure you the best”. She demanded. So I thought I should do as I was told, kicked my shoes off, and slowing stepped up on the small wooden table. There, I looked as she stood in front of me and waited. I took my shirt off, and slowly removed my shorts. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I stood there on the table, with my underpants still on. I was hoping this would do. Helen stood there, still waiting, and so I decided to pull my underwear off, and did so. My semi-erect member hang down and dangled, at the same level as her head.

“Oh my….” she said, for once she was lost for words. “It’s so, so, beautiful. It’s been a while since I’ve one so young and long. Oh….you’ve got such a glorious organ honey.”

“Thanks” I said, as I held it and flicked it to her.

“As you can see, the yellow size condom is just too small for your penis. Even though you’re member is not fully erect, this size condom is just too small. It’s obvious you fall between a white and black size, although it’s very difficult to tell, because you’re not fully erect. A condom must fit a well fully erect penis.”

“Oh, I see” I replied. I didn’t have any fear at staring at her breasts anymore, because she had all of me to watch. Her breasts were still firm, and seemed to give her confidence. A plumpy tight arse to go with her package help her too.

“I’ll need to exercise your penis, so we can tell what size fits best. Stand there honey, and don’t move, just let me take control of your joy stick”. Before I knew it or could speak, she held my cock in one hand, and the other on my thigh. She slowly started to rub my cock up and down, back and forth. I started to realise how sexy this lady was. Her thick hands were working hard, and she would often close her eyes, as she rubbed. I was at full erection, and helped her by rubbing her head. I felt her brunette hair, neatly tied in a bun, and began to stroke her arm that was rested on my thigh. She started breathing heavily, and I couldn’t stop moaning.

She managed, to tell me I was best suited to a size black, like it mattered at this point. Soon enough, she slide her mouth over my cock. She opened it wide, and took a big suck. It felt so warm inside her. She sucked deep in and out as I held the back of her head. She could feel I was close to eruption, that she held my penis to her face, and started masturbating me till I cummed all over the place. She kept her mouth open, and I aimed for it. Slowly I pulled back. She took my shirt and managed to wipe her face. I was still standing on the table, so I hoped down, exhausted and layed my back on the lounge.

“Oh honey. You have such a beautiful tool. There’s not doubt about, you’ll need the black size condoms” She said “Helen, that felt so good.” I replied tired of course.

Before I knew it, she was at her knees, starting to rub my cock again. This time, I wanted to see her body. I stopped her from fiddling with my cock, and gently shook my head. She saw this, and I directed her to stand up in front of me. I paused and gazed at her body. She was in full bloom. Her breasts like gold. I looked up and down and her body, and she knew what I was after.

She put her index finger in her mouth, bent forward pressing her breasts outwards and playfully said “You mean, you’d like it all off.” I simply nodded in agreement. She bent forward and kissed my head, at the same time resting her breasts on my face. She stood back, and put one foot on the table, and slowly slipped her sandles off. She did the same with the other foot. Slowly she unbuckled her bra from behind and let it slide under her red shirt. She held the bra over me as I continued to lay on the couch, and let the straps run against my chest, until it hooked to my cock, and let it drop. I eagerly picked them up and smelt them. I could see these huge nipples poking out of the red shirt. Her breasts were far more free, and swung so. She slowly lifted the bottom of her top playfully, and let it drop, and did this a few times, until she pulled it completely over her head. Her breasts flopped out like thunder. I couldn’t believe what was in front of me. These huge breasts, that were full of tenderness. They bounced with every move she made. Her nipples were huge and fair. They protruded well.

Meanwhile, my erection was sky high, and I couldn’t help put pull myself in front of her. She shook her head, and said. “My, My, you naughty boy, mama says don’t play ball in this house”. She pulled my hands away and pushed them to the side. As she did this, her breasts fell onto my erection, and my cock fell inbetween them. She giggled. They felt so soft, and I moved my inside to give her a tit fuck. She loved it. I moved rapidly inside them, and took one breast in each hand. I rubbed them like she had rubbed my cock. She didn’t want me to come, so she stood up again, and turned her back to me.

She had thick shoulders and I couldn’t help glance at her tight arse pants. She was quick this time with them, and bent down to remove them. Her arse was firm, round and huge. Somewhere in between those cheeks she wore a g-string. She toyed with this, and pulled them in and out, until they were finally flicked away. She bent down and touched her toes a few times. I couldn’t help but poke my foot between her legs, and rub her pussy from behind. I could tell she didn’t expect that, but she enjoyed it. My food rubbed against her pussy, until she pushed my leg down, and turned to face me.

A goddess stood in from of me. She stretched her arms out slowly to feel the bun in the back of her hair, and unleashed it. She flickered her light brown hair and stood infront of me. I couldn’t help put bring her closer, so I gently shoved my finger up her think wet cunt, and brought her near. She moaned, and rose about ten feet tall as I did this, and looked up into heaven. I couldn’t believe her. I let go and she bent forward. I grabbed her swelling breasts that hung like pendulums, and started sucking on them. I was hungry. I would often lose grip of her breasts because they were so big, but that was half the fun. My mouth moved from breast to breast.

She got hold of my cock, and inserted it into her vagina, where I began to pump. She virtually sat her arse on me, as I pumped. From here on, her eyes were closed, and she stroked her hair back. Her arms sometimes resting on my chest, or stroking her hair, or fondling her voluptuous breasts. I held her arse tight, and sucked on her breasts. I cummed real hard inside her. She couldn’t stop moaning, and groaning, as I finished. She wanted more. I was gonna give it her, even though I just cummed my heart out.

I pulled out, and turned her so she would be lying her back on the couch this time. She started fingering herself, and I moved her hand away quickly. This was my territory from now on. I held her legs up in the air, so that she lying in an L-shape. I couldn’t help but suck her thick creamy feet. She had a foot arch curvy like her body. I soon entered her vagina again with my trusty weapon, and I started pounding. I held her legs up in the air and watched her as we fucked. I made her shake all over, holding tight to her legs so I wouldn’t lose her. I fucked full throttle and cummed her full. The climax had cooled, I literally fell on top of her, and rested my head in her tits. She caressed my back, and I sucked her tits.

This had been the start of a new relationship for me

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My Friend’s Chubby Mother – Sex Stories