My Girlfriend Samantha by fbailey

My Girlfriend Samantha
by fbailey

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My Girlfriend Samantha

When I became sixteen years old I fell in love with the girl down the street. Samantha was then fifteen years old and the cutest girl that I knew. She was really pretty, very soft spoken, and I could easily talk to her about anything. She never made me feel uneasy like the other girls did. Her body had developed very nicely too. There were girls in our class with bigger tits and some with smaller tits too but Samantha was different. She didn’t exactly hide her tits or flaunt them either they were just there and they were very nice too. She wore clothes like the rest of the girls did but occasionally her jeans would be a little bit tighter or her blouse would have an extra button undone. She wore her hair down straight and it hung just past her bra in the back. She had bangs that allowed her hair to frame her face nicely. Sometimes she wore it in a ponytail. Samantha had dark brown hair and light blue eyes. I just loved her eyes.

We were in the ninth grade together or freshmen as the high school teachers called us. The upperclassmen referred to us as underclassmen or low-lifes. Samantha and I had three classes together as well as our homeroom. Every day we started out sitting next to one another for attendance and announcements. We had Mathematics, English, and Social Studies together. Other than that I had simpler courses like wood shop and automotive technology and she had harder courses like French and Biology. In homeroom we were arranged alphabetically and that was the only reason that we were in seats next to each other. In our other classes the smarter girls sat up front while the dumber boys sat in the back. The hope was that the teacher wouldn’t call on us to answer any questions. I made sure that my position always allowed me a slightly sideways view of Samantha. I like it just one row over and one seat back. I could almost always see the side of her face and one of her breasts. Sometimes if she was wearing a short sleeve blouse I could look down her armhole and see part of her bra. I could usually see part of her ass and if I were very lucky a hint of her panties as she got up.

For the first two weeks of the school year I could just barely say hello to her because she had really matured over the summer. She took care of my shyness one day when she asked me to walk her home. She had to take home some extra stuff for a project that she was working on and needed me to help carry it to her house. She knew that I just lived a block away, after all we had lived on the same street all of our lives and had gone through grade school and junior high school together too. We used to play together when we were younger but then I started to just hang out with the boys. Now at sixteen, girls seemed to interest me more…especially Samantha.

On our walk home Samantha kept asking me personal questions and she did not want one-word answers either. That was when I first started talking to her. By the time we got to her house she knew almost everything about me but I knew very little about her. That was the way she wanted it to be.

On our walk home the next afternoon I learned some things about her. Her parents were older than my parents were and she had two brothers that were already out of college and about to get married. One of her brothers was twenty-four years old and the other one was twenty-six years old.

We started walking to and from school together every day. She talked me into learning how to dance and then we went to a Friday night school dance together. I got a kiss when we got back to her house. We officially became a couple and went to the movies or to a football game at school together.

My first report card was not so good. It was just the first ten weeks but things were definitely going to get worse from then on. My parents were not very happy about my grades either so Samantha suggested that she help me study after school each night. She was a very good teacher. She did not do my homework for me, but she told me how to figure it out for myself. If I did well I got a kiss. If I did very well and everything on my next report card improved she promised me sex. At the end of every week if she felt I deserved a special treat she would let me reach up under her blouse or down into her pants. I made sure to get my rewards each week. I loved feeling her tits, her nipples, and especially her pussy.

My next report card was much better than the last one had been. I went from a D student to a C+ student. I knew that I was going to get sex.

Samantha said that she wanted to do it in her own bed. However we needed a long talk first. Oh no the dreaded talk…no…not that talk.

So that Friday instead of going somewhere we just walked to the park to talk. Samantha wanted to know if I was a virgin and I told her that I was. She told me that she was NOT a virgin and then she asked me if that mattered. I told her that it didn’t matter at all. She then asked me if I wanted to know who had been her first lover, how she had lost her virginity, and how many boys that she had been with sexually. I told her that I only wanted to know if she really wanted to tell me. Well apparently she really wanted me to know.

Samantha talked about having her first period when she was eleven, getting her breasts shortly after that, and then having her older brothers feel her up. By the time she was thirteen her brothers were playing with her breasts and fingering her pussy several times every day. At that time they were twenty-two and twenty-four years old and both in college but still living at home. She never thought about telling her parents what they were doing to her because she enjoyed it most of the time. They would wrestle with her and finger her pussy, they would kiss her and cup her breasts, and they would go into her bedroom at night after she was in bed. They were the ones that insisted that she sleep naked so that she was always available for them to fondle. If their hand slid down her body her legs had better be open when they got there. If not they would poke two fingers into her pussy hard, squeeze both of her tits real hard, and then pinch her nipples as her punishment for not cooperating with them.

When Samantha turned fourteen years old they decided that she was finally old enough to fuck. They waited until a night when their parents were out. They had both seen her naked often, when she was in bed or in the bathtub. So when they asked to see her in her birthday suit she eagerly undressed for them. She even jerked them off and caught their sperm in her mouth as they shot. That was something that she had done many times in the past for them too.

They put Samantha on her bed and started to suck on her nipples and finger her pussy until they had her so excited that she just squirmed around uncontrollably. Then her oldest brother got undressed and positioned himself between her legs. Without any warning he shoved his massive cock all the way into her pussy and held onto her so that she couldn’t squirm away. She cried out and fought back but to no use. The more she fought the more they liked it. They didn’t care if she enjoyed it or not. After he cum in her the next one took his place. By then Samantha had resigned herself to her fate. She just waited for him to cum and get out of her. She curled up into a ball and started to cry but they wouldn’t let her and made her stop. She had to lay back with her legs spread wide open for them until they finally allowed her to clean up and go to sleep. They both watched her douche, take a shower, and then climb into bed. Samantha thought that it was all over but then her oldest brother fucked her one more time while the other one shoved his cock into her mouth. That time when he finished fucking her and left a slimy mess she was not allowed to clean it up. He warned her that he would be checking her pussy in the morning to make sure that she was still dirty. He threatened her and told her not to tell on him but she hadn’t told anyone in the years prior to that anyway.

I listened to Samantha talk and did not interrupt her. I had my arm around her shoulder and just pulled her closer to me. Then I asked her when it all stopped. She said that it hadn’t stopped. She said that she had woke up that very morning with their cum in her pussy as usual.

So I asked Samantha why she wanted us to make love in her bed. She thought about it and then told me that it was the only place that she had ever had sex and she thought that it was just natural. I suggested that we make love in my bed instead and she smiled. Then she started thinking out loud about spending the night and waking up with my cum in her pussy for the very first time, whether or not we could get away with it, and if my parents would find out about it.

I asked Samantha if we should just tell my mother that we were old enough and that we wanted to have sex. I told her that my mother was really cool and that she had always told me that I could talk to her about anything.

Samantha smiled and together we walked to my house. Samantha asked my mother if we could talk to her. She smiled and told us to go up to her bedroom. She gave dad another beer and told him to enjoy the television then she followed us up the stairs.

Once up in her bedroom mom sat on her bed and patted a place next to her for Samantha to sit. I sat on mom’s vanity chair and kept quiet. Samantha asked mom if she could talk to her about sex and mom smiled saying that she expected that to be the center of their conversation. Then Samantha told mom that she had promised me sex for a really good report card. Mom smiled at me and said that she knew something had lit a fire under me. Mom asked her if she were a virgin and Samantha told her that she wasn’t but that I was. Again mom looked at me and smiled. Then mom asked Samantha if she was on birth control. She said that she was and that she had been for several years.

Then for some strange reason mom asked Samantha if she had older brothers. Samantha replied that she did. Mom told her that she had older sisters and knew what Samantha had been through. I was a little confused but apparently Samantha understood what mom was saying.

So finally mom asked Samantha what she wanted from her. Samantha told mom that she wanted to spend the night in my bed and walk up with me next to her in the morning. She also would appreciate it if somehow my mother could get her mother to allow her to spend the night at our house.

Mom simply called Samantha’s mother up on the phone and told her that we had plans for early in the morning to go to a museum out of town and that she wanted to take Samantha along with us. She answered all of her questions about clothing and sleeping arrangements. Finally Samantha’s mother agreed that Samantha could spend the night at our house. Then I watched as my mother kissed Samantha on the lips and took her over to her dresser. She pawed around in the drawer and brought out a few neglig? to offer Samantha. Every one that mom brought out was transparent. She also told Samantha that she never wore the matching panties that went with them. Next mom gave her a tube of K-Y Jelly and asked her if she knew what to do with it. Samantha smiled and said that she did. Mom gave her a bottle of edible massage oil that was strawberry flavored. Lastly mom handed her two videotapes and pushed us out of her room.

Once in my bedroom we looked at the videotapes. They were both X-rated and one was about a couple stranded on a beautiful island and the other one was an instructional sex video that promised to perk up our sex life. Then I watched as Samantha undressed right there in front of me. It was the first time that I had ever seen a naked girl. I had felt of her tits and pussy in the previous weeks but seeing her bare tits was much better. I loved her hard nipples and those two half globes of flesh. Her pussy had pubic hair on it just like I had around my cock. Then I undressed for her. Samantha had seen her two brothers naked before and I knew that they were a lot older and better built than I was. Still she seemed to enjoy it. I watched as Samantha put on the see-through neglig? She looked so sexy.

About that time mom tapped on my bedroom door. I hopped in bed under the covers while Samantha answered the door. Mom looked at her and smiled telling her that she looked so beautiful in that neglig? Mom had a tray of snack foods and two glasses of wine for us. She said that it was to celebrate me loosing my virginity. Samantha thought that mom was very nice. Mom suggested the island movie for us to start with. Mom told Samantha that there was a douche bag on the back of the bathroom door if she needed it. As mom left I watched her kiss Samantha again on the lips, cup her breasts in her hands, and then cup her pussy too. I could not believe that. Then mom whispered something in her ear and then left us again.

When I asked Samantha what mom had whispered to her she blushed. Samantha said that my mother liked the way that she kissed and that she liked the smell of her pussy too. The smell of her pussy? Yes mom had finger fucked Samantha when she cupped her pussy.

Samantha got in bed with me and started to play with my cock, then she started to suck on it, and finally she sat on my cock taking my virginity in the process. I cum way to quickly because I was just so damn excited. Samantha didn’t seam to care though. We popped in the island movie and watched it in bed as we sipped the wine. Mom had been very good to us. The movie was very good too and quite romantic. We watched the couple making out on a sailing boat, get shipwrecked on a beautiful island, and then run around on the beach naked all the time making love whenever they wanted too. I could really enjoy that sort of chick-flick if I could see naked women and watch them getting fucked. When it was over Samantha asked me to get on top and then fuck her. That time I lasted a little while longer. At least I got to slip it in and pull it out several times and enjoy the feeling of her slick pussy. When I started to cum it was much better with me on top and in control. I could feel several shots fire into her as I climaxed. It was a hundred times better than jerking myself off.

Samantha slipped out of bed to use the bathroom and suggested that I put the next movie in and get it ready while she was gone. She put the neglig?back on and slipped out of my bedroom. Well she was gone for quite a while and I started to wonder about her. When she finally returned she said that she was clean inside and outside. She smelled pretty good too. The next movie started out with oral sex. Samantha told me that her pussy was clean enough for me to eat if I wanted to give it a try.

After watching the girl in the movie go ballistic when the guy ate her pussy I was all for it. However Samantha didn’t squirm, shout, or beg me to go faster. I thought that I had done something wrong. Samantha assured me that I hadn’t done anything wrong but I though that she was just lying to me. Then she told me that she could prove it, so I asked her how. Samantha once again put the neglig?back on and left my bedroom.

A few minutes later she returned with my mother. This time mom was in a transparent neglig?too. I could see her tits plain as day and her shaved pussy too. Seeing mom like that was weird but it made my cock raise.

Samantha told mom to tell me her story. So mom told me that she and Samantha were very much alike. Just like Samantha’s two older brothers had felt her up and fucked her that mom’s own two older sisters had done the very same thing to her. Samantha had been required to performed oral sex on her brothers and mom had been required to do that to her two sisters as well. Samantha had been fucked by both of her brothers every day and mom had been fucked by both of her sisters too but with dildos instead of a real cock. Samantha’s brothers made her keep their cum in her pussy over night while mom had to eat the night old cum out of her sisters pussies every morning. Again like Samantha it had not ended and about once a week both of her sisters still come by and force mom to eat their pussies out. Well force might not be correct after all of those years, in fact mom said that she looked forward to the days when her sisters do come by. Samantha said the same thing had happened to her too, whenever her brothers hadn’t come home from a party or a trip that they had gone on.

I had no idea that mom had gone through anything like that. Then I asked mom if dad knew about it. Yes he knew about it and he even liked it. Dad had often watched mom eat her sister’s pussies out after their husbands or a one-night stand had fucked them. Mom also told us that dad had fucked both of her sisters and that he had watched her eat his cum out of them afterwards too.

That brought us to the reason why Samantha had brought mom to me. Mom was going to teach me how to eat pussy. Really! No way could I believe that my own mother was going to teach me to eat my girlfriend’s pussy…but she did.

Oh my God, mom peeled off her transparent neglig?and then helped Samantha peel off her neglig?too. I had always wondered what mom’s tits really looked like. They were big and round and they had dark brownish caps on the end with hard nipples. Mom’s pussy was shaved clean of any hair and her puffy pussy lips were red and moist. I wondered if she had just been fucked or if she had been playing with herself. Then mom pulled the covers back exposing my stiff cock. She had Samantha get on my bed near the middle and then she had me get on my knees next to her. Together we opened up Samantha’s legs and looked at her hairy pussy. Mom told me not to worry about the hair and to just open her pussy lips up and stick my tongue in. Then I watched as mom opened up Samantha’s pussy lips and stuck her tongue into Samantha’s moist hole. Then mom moved her tongue up to Samantha’s clit and made her shutter. I watched as mom gave Samantha an orgasm. All Samantha did was grab onto the back of mom’s head and hump up into her face until her orgasm had subsided. Then it was my turn to try it. I actually got more excited knowing that my mother had just had her tongue in my girlfriend’s pussy. I fought with her clit using my tongue, I sucked on it like a tiny little penis, and then I raked it with my teeth like mom had told me to do. That was all that it took to do the job. Samantha grabbed the back of my head and fucked up into my face hard as her breathing increased, as she growled, and finally as she moaned like the girl in the island movie had. Oh my God! It was fantastic. Mom was so proud of me and so was Samantha. I had learned something that most men never do…how to please their woman.

Samantha thanked me and then asked me to do the same thing to my mother. First though Samantha licked my mother to get her started. When I got my turn I took it slow and did as mom was instructing me to do. I was rewarded to the same breathing, growling, and then that final moan of extreme pleasure. Mom said that I had given her the best oral orgasm that she had ever had before.

As mom relaxed Samantha told me to fuck my mother. I was rock hard and in the right position so without even thinking about it I just slipped my cock into my mother’s pussy. At first I thought that she would be mad at me but she wasn’t. I rocked back and forth on my knees as my cock slid in and out of her pussy. Mom started to grown like she had when I ate her out and then she had an orgasm with my cock in her and she liked it. I liked it too because I cum right after she did. Mom just wrapped her legs around my waist and held me tightly to her until I had finished cumming.

As I pulled my cock out of my mother’s pussy Samantha was right there to take my place. I watched as my girlfriend ate my cum out of my mother. My mother was astounded to think that Samantha would do that for her. Apparently it was the first time that a girl had ever eaten her. Her sisters would never do that for her. It was always her duty to eat them out. Even dad would only eat mom right after a douche when she was really clean and not that often either. Mom even cried as Samantha did her job. After that mom said that we could do anything that we wanted too do.

Samantha and I spent the night together and woke up in my bed, as she had wanted to do. Mom even brought us breakfast in bed. Mom had a robe on but she hadn’t tied the belt and it fell wide open when she leaned over. I reached out and held one of her breasts as she sat the trays on our laps. Mom kissed me full on the lips and then she French kissed Samantha as I watched her. Mom even asked Samantha if she needed her pussy licked. Samantha smiled at mom, thanked her for her kind offer, and then told her to come back later. She said that by then her pussy would surely need a good licking. We ate breakfast, put the trays on the floor, and then we started to make love. We started out in the sixty-nine position. Mom’s timing was almost perfect because she came in just as Samantha was moaning out her second orgasm and I was filling her pussy with my hot cum. Just as I finished mom sucked my cock clean and then she sucked Samantha’s pussy clean too. She also told us that dad was off to a car show somewhere and that he wouldn’t be back for hours. Once dad gets to a show like that he is good until they threw him out.

After a bubble bath together Samantha and I got dressed and then went down to find mom. Soon mom received a phone call from her sisters that they were on their way. Mom told us, and then Samantha immediately suggested that we videotape it and make our own X-rated movie. Mom liked that idea and told us to hide in her closet. Her sisters always make her take care of them in her bedroom. She suggested that at the very end we should burst out of the closet and surprise them. Samantha just giggled and said that maybe we should do the same thing to her brothers too.

Mom got me dad’s new DVD recorder, loaded it with a blank DVD, and gave me a quick lesson on how to zoom in and such. Then she gave Samantha our old VHS recorder and did the same thing for her, instruction wise. As a last thought mom put black electrical tape over the red idiot lights that tell the people in front of the camera that it is on and recording. Mom certainly knew a lot about those cameras and I wondered if maybe she and dad had made a few dirty home movies before.

Samantha and I then hid in mom’s closet behind her clothes that were on hangers. Mom moved some shoeboxes toward the front and blocked one of the closet doors open so that we had a perfect view of the end of her bed. We could hold the cameras up over the clothes bar and still be able to see the viewfinders. Mom even put a black coat over the back of my camera and my head so that the tiny monitor would not glow and give me away. Once we were all set up and as comfortable as possible mom went downstairs to wait for her sisters to arrive.

We didn’t have very long to wait before mom came into the room and we were recording the action.

Mom said, “I don’t want to do this anymore. You two have forced me to eat your dirty cunts out ever since I was twelve years old.”

Aunt Debra said, “Fuck that shit slut. You will do as we say or else we will tell your precious little son what a fucking whore you really are. Besides you have had your tongue in our pussies ever since you were eleven. Remember?”

Aunt Joyce said, “Strip bitch and say happy twenty-fifth anniversary to eating our cunts out after some man has fucked us.”

Mom asked, “So who’s cum am I eating this time? Your husbands?”

Aunt Debra said, “Fuck no we shut those bastards off more than a month ago.”

Aunt Joyce said, “We picked up four out of town businessmen last night and let them fuck us all night long.”

Aunt Debra said, “The bastards even gave us three hundred dollars apiece and we took it.”

Mom asked, “Doesn’t that make you two whores then?”

Together they told mom to shut to fuck up and get naked. I had to laugh knowing that mom was just setting them up for the camera.

Mom started undressing. I watched intently as mom unbuttoned her white blouse and removed it, as she removed her black skirt, and then as she removed her red bra.

Aunt Debra walked up to mom and pinched both of her nipples as she said, “Now your panties you hoe.”

Mom dropped her matching red panties to her ankles and stayed there bent over as her sisters spanked her ass and called her names. Apparently this was all part of the procedure. Then mom got on her knees before her sisters and quietly watched them undress.

I watched as both Aunt Debra and Aunt Joyce started to undress for mom. I zoomed in on their faces and then as they undid their dresses and lowered them. They had dressed to kill to go out the night before. Both women kicked their dresses to the side and then lifted their slips up over their heads. Aunt Debra had on a bra and panty set that was red too but Aunt Joyce had on a bright blue set. One at a time they turned their backs to mom so that she could unhook their bras for them. Then they turned back toward mom so that she could remove their bra, massage their tits, and then lick their nipples. When mom had finished them both they allowed mom to slip their panties down their legs and kiss their pussies. They turned so that mom could kiss their asses too.

Both Aunt Debra and Aunt Joyce sat on the end of the bed with mom between them. I watched as mom started to go after Aunt Debra’s pussy. There was a resounding smack as she struck mom across the face and told her, “Say it bitch.”

Mom then nodded her head, laced her fingers behind her back and said, “Oh gracious sisters of mine, please allow me to swallow ever drop of sperm from your well fucked cunts and to lick away any evidence so that your husbands will never be the wiser.”

When they were satisfied with mom’s performance they allowed her to zoom in on their pussies. I zoomed in and got their first. Aunt Debra’s pussy just opened up and the cum oozed out. I couldn’t believe that mom just licked it up as if it were my fresh cum from Samantha’s pussy. Then I wondered how intelligent women like my aunts could let perfect strangers have unprotected sex with them. Even I knew about AIDS, hepatitis, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

I wondered just how many men had fucked them over the years. As if mom was reading my mind she asked, “So how many men does this make for you guys?”

Aunt Debra said, “Oh God I just hit five hundred and two last night. But it has taken me twenty-six years to accomplish that. It hasn’t been easy with three husbands getting in the way either.”

Aunt Joyce said, “I only have three hundred and sixty notches in my gun but I am a little younger and my current husband is jealous. I wouldn’t put it past him to have me followed. I should have never signed that prenuptial agreement.”

After mom cleaned up Aunt Debra’s pussy pretty well she started in on Aunt Joyce’s cunt. When mom was done, her sisters got up and mom got on the bed and on her back with her head toward me. Aunt Debra then got on the bed and squatted over mom’s face. She grunted and grunted until a thick white gob dripped out of her cunt and into mom’s mouth. I got a fantastic close-up of that one. Then mom gave her another tongue bath. Aunt Joyce was next to force a big gob of cum into mom’s mouth. I was doing another great close-up of the action when mom latched onto Aunt Joyce’s cunt lips with her teeth. Holy shit did Aunt Joyce ever scream out in pain. Aunt Debra couldn’t figure out what had happened. Aunt Joyce stared hitting mom until she released her death grip on her cunt then she got away quickly.

Samantha and I then jumped out of the closet with the cameras still recording. I grabbed as many of their clothes as I could and threw them way under the bed.

Mom got behind me and said, “Okay you bitches. That is the very last time that you’ll ever force me to eat out your filthy dirty rotten cunts. I will no longer be your cunt slave. In fact I’m pretty sure that you testified well enough to hang yourselves forever. You have both cheated on every husband that you have ever had and on every boyfriend that you have ever had too. In fact you two have had sex with all of each other’s husbands and with my husband too.”

Aunt Debra said, “Just let us get dressed and we’ll leave you alone.”

Aunt Joyce said, “Yes we promise.”

Mom said, “Not so easy girls.” Then mom went to her lower dresser drawer and pulled out two pair of fur lined handcuffs. Mom attached a set to each of her sisters pinning their hands behind their backs. Then I had to laugh when she told Aunt Debra to eat Aunt Joyce’s pussy like she had. Samantha zoomed in on that action. When mom was happy she had Aunt Joyce eat out Aunt Debra’s pussy for the camera.

Mom looked over at me and told me to butt fuck both of them…dry. I had seen that in the instructional videotape the previous night and had actually wanted to try it. No way was I going to pass that up. Mom got Aunt Debra in position and took my camera. I could not believe how hard I had to push to get my cock into her asshole without any lubrication what so ever. Aunt Debra cried the whole time and kept begging me to stop. Mom told me to keep on going. Aunt Debra just kept crying and telling me that I was hurting her. Mom told her to get used to it because from then on she was going to come to our house every Saturday morning so that I could butt fuck her. It was to be a little payment for all of the years of torture that they had put her through and that if she didn’t show up that a copy of our recordings would be handed directly to their husbands.

Aunt Joyce said, “I had heard that dry anal sex can cause hemorrhoids.”

Mom said, “Get use to it bitches.”

When I was ready to cum I grabbed a hold of Aunt Debra’s hips and rammed my cock into her as hard and as fast as I could. It felt so good to cum in her rectum. I could really get used to dry fucking her ass that was for sure.

Just as soon as I pulled out of Aunt Debra’s ass mom told me to put it back in Aunt Joyce’s ass. Then mom shoved a butt plug into her sisters ass so that none of the cum could escape. I knew what a butt plug was thanks to the educational tape. Aunt Joyce was not at all pleased to be last because she knew that I would last longer and that she would get more punishment than Aunt Debra had. Mom told her to shut to fuck up or she would always be last and that if she pretended to enjoy it and made me feel good about it that I would fuck her first every other week. Aunt Joyce tried her best to give me encouragement and not to cry too much.

While mom was photographing me, Samantha was questioning Aunt Debra about how she had lost her virginity, the boys that she had fucked in high school, and what guys had been her bosses and coworkers. Aunt Debra knew that she had very little to hide at that point and just answered her questions on tape. She had already done the same thing to Aunt Joyce while I was butt fucking Aunt Debra.

I was only sixteen years old but Aunt Debra had a twenty-two-year-old son that had fucked them both and Aunt Joyce had a twenty-year-old son that had fucked them both too. I was the only child that had fucked all three sisters and dad was the only husband that had too.

Samantha had my Aunt Debra suck my shit covered cock clean. She gagged and even threw up but eventually she sucked it clean.

Mom let them get dressed but then made them keep the butt plugs in until the last moment. At the front door mom reached up under their dresses and pulled both plugs out as she sent them out to sit in their car and drive home trying desperately to keep their cheeks together. We laughed our asses off.

That afternoon Samantha called her mother and told her that she was spending another night at my house. Apparently her mother started to give her some grief. That was when Samantha told her mother that her two brothers had been fucking her for more than a year ever since she was fourteen. She told her that both of her brothers had fucked her every day and that she had not been allowed to clean up afterwards either. Her mother realized the truth because of all of the crusted sheets that she had washed.

Then Samantha told her mother that she was letting me fuck her now and that she would be spending a lot more nights in my bed. Apparently her mother was crying so hard that she hung up.

After dinner there was a knock on the front door. Mom answered it and brought Samantha’s mother into the kitchen where we were doing the dishes. She had packed Samantha a suitcase and had brought over a bunch of clothes on hangers. She apologized and said that Samantha could stay with me as long as she wanted too.

She had confronted her two sons and they had admitted that they had been fucking Samantha. However they said that she had asked for it and that she had never said no to them in the past year or so. She reminded her sons that they were both adults and that Samantha was still a minor. The laws about fucking fourteen-year-old girls was severe for adults and with more than three hundred and sixty-five counts each they would never see the light of day if they didn’t leave her alone.

As a way of retribution she told Samantha that both of her brothers were going to put a hundred dollars a week each into a college fund for her for the next five years. Fifty thousand dollars should pay for a pretty good education.

When Samantha kissed her mother goodbye they both had tears in their eyes. Then mom hugged Samantha and she too had a tear in her eye. Mom told Samantha that she had always wanted a daughter and that now she had one.

When dad got home from his day out mom informed him that Samantha would be sleeping in my bed form now on. She told him that her sisters would no longer be treating her like shit and that I would be butt fucking both of them every Saturday. Then mom told dad to leave Samantha alone because he only had enough cock for her and his secretary. Dad laughed and said that his new secretary was keeping him drained. She laughed and said that she might let me give her a little then. Dad told her to go for it.

That night Samantha and I went to bed early and just cuddled. We really didn’t need anymore sex. We had the rest of our lives for that. Mom came in and kissed Samantha on the lips and also fingered her pussy as she said goodnight to us.

The End
My Girlfriend Samantha

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