My Husband Agreed To Share Me With Other Men

My name is Anne. My husband Frank and I have been married for three years. We dated a year before we married. We don’t have kids. I am paying off my education loan. I work in the Computer Information Research Department of a large manufActurer. I do make great money. Frank has worked 5 years for a state university in the campus security department. He is a supervisor on the 3PM to IIPM shift. Frank also makes good money and benefits. Our plan is to buy a home. We are currently renting a nice older Victorian home.

Frank and I have many discussions about my sexual needs. In high school I was sexually active. Mother put me on the pill. In college I went to a gynecologist. He said I had an overactive libido. He said, “ he would prescribe anti depressants. I said, “no. What else can you do?” He replied, “keep taking birth control pills.” I said,” they don’t make me feel well. I want my tubes tied.” He said, “are you sure as you’re young?” I said, “Yes I am sure.” He said, “He would schedule a procedure in his surgery room.” I never told Frank.

After much discussion and sex, Frank agreed to open our marriage. His concern is I must be discreet as we live in a small town. I promised to use discretion.

Every day I have my lunch in the factory lunch room. I hear the girls gossip about the guys who work in the assembly part of the factory. I learn about who cheats on their wives and who is single. I have names of the single guys who are discreet. Everyone likes “Charlie.” I found out where Charlie parks his car. I parked next to his car when I got out of work at 3PM. He got to his car at 3:15PM. I got out of my car and called his name. He smiled and said, “you are the beautiful girl I see in the lunch room everyday.” I smiled and said my name is Anne. I said I heard good things about you” Charlie replied laughing, “don’t believe everything you hear.” He was a little embarrassed. I told him I am attracted to him. I asked him to be discreet with what I was about to tell him. He agreed. I told him about me and Frank. I told him about my needs. I told him I had the names of the guys he associated with. I said, “like him, they’re good guys”. Charlie said,” he and the guys were all on the high school football team as kids. He said they are best of friends.” I invited him and the guys to a barbecue at our house Saturday afternoon 2PM. I told him Frank was also on a high school football team as best player.

Saturday, Frank barbecued chicken and I made side dishes of potato salad, a big tossed salad. and baked beans and corn on the cob. There is plenty of beer, sangria and liquor. Two cars arrived out front of the house. I met Charlie where he parked and led the guys to the backyard. Charlie introduced Frank and me to Ray, Bobby, Tom, Ricky, Jack and Randy. Randy is an African American man who played football and grew up with these guys. These guys were a formidable force on the field. . My husband Frank showed the guys his high school football awards and photos. The guys shook his hand and patted him on the back.

The dinner was great. The beer, sangria, and Charlie’s favorite scotch hit the spot. The guys were impressed with me. I am is petite, 22 years old, large breasts and a bubble butt. I have long brunette hair with blonde highlights. Tonight I have my hair in a ponytail. I have hazel eyes. I am wearing short shorts with a tube top. Frank was feeling no pain. He looked at me and gave me the thumbs up. I understood I was okay to become intimate with the guys that night. At 8PM I invited the guys to tour our home. With drink in hand the guys followed me to the house. Frank stayed outside in the cool night air. He knew I would be busy.

I led the guys to a large bedroom. The bed is king size. The guys surrounded me, kissing and French kissing me . They undressed me. I got on my hands and knees on the bed to serve the guys. The men moved to me quickly. One under me to fuck my pussy, one behind me to fuck my ass and one to fuck my mouth. The other 3 guys kneaded my breasts and nipples with their fingers. They also rubbed my clit to help me orgasm. The guys kept me stimulated and my holes filled. I made sounds of enjoying being sexually pleasured. I strained and squealed repeatedly as I orgasmed. Randy with two guys were second string of the team. He laid on his back. I straddled his hips and put his 12 inch thick cock into my pussy. I was well lubricated from the first round of fucking. Bobby had no problem sliding his cock into my ass. I adjusted my head position to take Tom’s 10 inch cock deep throat. He held my head as he fucked my mouth. The first 3 guys continued stimulating me as I was being fucked. The guys took turns fucking all of my holes.

When finished the guys showered. I showered with Randy. We kissed and French kissed. He bathed me. I got on my knees and did deep throat on his cock. He squirted copious sperm into my mouth. When finished showering. He kissed me. He said, “I love you Anne. I want to see you again.” I replied, “call me.”

We all were dressed and the guys had some more beer and liquor. We joined Frank outside in the cool evening air by the fire pit. I sat with Frank. He smiled. He said, How did it go?” I said, “I love you. Thank you.” The guys thanked Frank. As they prepared to leave, Frank said, “I want Anne to be happy. I know you guys love her as I do. She loves you. She is free to date whoever she wants. She is emancipated in our marriage.” When the guys heard that they shook Frank’s hand.

When the guys left, Frank and I had the hottest sex we ever had. Frank was turned on by my ass and pussy holes enlarged. The love marks, hickys on my body. The bite marks on my breast and nipples. He said,”next gang bang, don’t shower. I want to fuck you dripping and creamed with sperm.” That turned me on. We fucked some more

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My Husband Agreed To Share Me With Other Men

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