My husband’s friend made me bitch

My husband’s friend made me bitch

My name is shalini, 30 years old. Basically i am from Chennai, India. Married six years back to vinoth and moved to Canada where vinoth is working. 3 years back i gave birth to girl baby, but vinoth is not her father. All the above fucking session is currently going on. It all started 6 years before.

Now we spin the time wheel to 6 years back.

I am 24 then. I am working as software engineer in a well named company in Chennai after completed my engineering studies. My father is works in Government office and my mom is housewife. Both are modern minded and i am having brother who recently finished his studies and joined a job. During college days i had a boy friend, but i never crossed the limit, only kissing and other plays. I often watch porn films with my friends and i always admire big cock and well built guys. After college my boy friend got job in other state and i got job in Chennai itself so our relationship dint work. So we both mutually ended our relationship in good terms. During my 2 years working, i got some love proposals from my colleagues, but no one is attractive and i was not prepared for another breakup, so i avoided them. My parents started my husband hunting once i reached 24. One day they told me i got good marriage proposal. His name is vinoth, age 26, working as software engineer in Canada. He is working there for last 4 years. He is earning good money and he is t-totaller (no bad habits at all). My parents showed me his photo, ya he good looking guy, looking handsome in the photo. I thought to myself maybe he is guys suitable for me and i said yes to them. Then both our parents and vinoth parents exchanged horoscopes and other family details. Then after few days my mom told me that mine and vinoth’s horoscope result is positive and their parents going to visit me on coming Saturday. Vinoth is working in Canada so he cant come that i know.

On Saturday, Vinoth’s father, mother and her younger sister visited my house. Regular formalities took place. They talked very nice to me and my parents. Vinoth’s sister rohini, then took me separately and gave his brothers phone number and skype id. Then she noted my number and skype id. She was very sweet and good looking figure also. She told more things about her brother and finally told me that vinoth is very lucky guy to marry me and hugged me. I was happy and my parents also said yes for the marriage. Still i dint see vinoth, other than photo. That day evening, rohini called me in my phone and told me to log in to skype that her brother is in online and gave skype request. I told my parents about it and keeping them nearby i logged in to the skype. I seen a request from vinoth and i accepted it.

In 2 min i got a video call. I am little nervous because for the first time i am going to see him and talk to him. I accepted the call and vinoth appeared on the screen. He is handsome guy like in the photo and looks good. He talked in very soft voice for sometime with my parents and then my parents left me alone to talk to him. He said i am looking beautiful and we both started talking for another 10 min. Both of us don’t know what to talk and said good bye and ended the call. After that my parents told me that he looks like nice guys and i am lucky.
Then my marriage was fixed in another 6 months because then only vinoth gets holiday that too for only 2 weeks. Everything was planned for my marriage. Since only 2 weeks holidays available for the marriage vinoth comes only 4 days before marriage and will leave me here after marriage. Once he went back, he will process my visa things and i go to Canada within 3 months. Both my parents and myself understand it, because its not in our hand and we all agreed. So my marriage planning was started. From my friends and colleagues i have heard that their fiancés will call them often once the marriage fixed and even some of them had sex talks, but in my case vinoth dint call much often only during weekend that too 10 to 15 mins. He tells me that he couldn’t call due to time difference and i understand. Most of the time when he call he talk about his roommate harish and some time while talking i can hear someone calling Vinoth by name so he immediately tells me that he got to go, harish is calling for the help. I felt that little strange but i never asked him about it. Other than that vinoth is nice guy. More often i get call from rohini (vinoth sister) and we both became good friends. We both started going out for shopping or movie etc. During that sometime i asked her about harish, but she also know him as her brothers roommate. So i dint care. Like this all the days ran away.

Four days before the marriage, vinoth arrived to Chennai. Next day evening, me, vinoth and rohini went for a movie and rohini left both of us alone for the dinner after the movie completed. Its our first time alone and we both started talking. Then he gifted me a platinum ring and iphone lastest that time. I was happy and expected that he will do some naughty things or talking but he acted like a gentle man. During our conversation he talked little about his roommate harish but i dint mind. Then he dropped me in my house and went. Then next day we had small engagement and reception. After the reception, myself and vinoth was asked to pose for different style of photos (which is very common now a days). I most of the stills, our bodies were touching, holding each other hands, drinking juice from same bottle with 2 straws etc. All during photo session i can sense nervous from vinoth and i understood that he is so innocent and good guys who never touched a girl before ( only later i know the actual reason.) All the time during photo session rohini was along with us and made funny jokes about our poses. Then both went to our separate rooms.

Next marriage was marriage. I couldn’t sleep because all the excitement and tension and when i slept i don’t know. My mother waked me by 5 o clock in the morning and told me to get ready. I got ready and my cousins and my mom took me the marriage hall. Vinoth was already there in marriage costume and chatting some mantra’s before sitting the fire. I went and sit near to him. Both me and vinoth are nervous because being centre of the attraction and rituals were taking place. My parents, my brother, vinoth’s parents and rohini are all standing surrounding as. Music was playing at one end and all i can hear is crowd noise and mantra sound from the kurukal who is performing our marriage. I one eye i was looking vinoth and he is also afraid like he was looking into ghost. Then kurukal gave the mangulsustra to vinoth and he tied me with the help of rohini. Flower rains are flowing upon us and i don’t know y but i cried a little. Thats it i am married now, officially i am Mrs.Vinoth now. Some rituals took place after that after sometime we went for eating. Then by afternoon most of the people who came for wedding went and some of them are leaving. Then we vacated the marriage hall and went to vinoth’s house. There some regular rituals took place and in the evening we had dinner earlier itself. Because tonight is my first night. Rohini and my mother helped me for getting ready for first night. Rohini was teasing me now and then, i was little shy. Then around 8 o clock they took me to the vinoth rooms which is decorated for the first night.

I entered into the room and i bolt it. Vinoth was sitting in the chair, once seen me he stood from the chair. I was nervous because its my first night and i am going to loose my virginity. But vinoth told me that this is not right time that both of us were tired of all the ceremony and also he had planned our honey in Canada thats the romantic place for it. I was disappointed but i accepted it, because it makes some sense. He also told me that don’t tell to anyone about it, because parents may get worry. I said ok. Then he told me to change to normal night dress if i want and i said yes and went to the attached bathroom to change. While i came out vinoth already slept in the floor. I tried to wake up but he was in sound sleep. I was disappointed dint even he touch me and dint talk well also. Then i slept in the bed due to tired i slept immediately. I waked up in the morning by 7 and seen that vinoth was still sleeping. I went to shower and took bath and i came out. Rohini was already up, when she saw me she had some mischievous smile in her face. I understood the smile but i was unable to tell that nothing happen that night. I went into the kitchen, my mother-in-law told me good morning and asked about vinoth. I told he was sleeping, with same mischievous smile my mil gave 2 cup of coffee for me and vinoth. I told myself, all the smiling but only i know the truth. Then i took the coffee to my room and waked vinoth. He said good morning and received the coffee. I took mine and came to hall where rohini is sitting. She is still having that smile in her face. She dint ask me anything and i also dint told her anything. I watched the news paper. Then after some time vinoth also come out of room after took the bath and sat near to me. He was acted like everything was normal. Then after some time my parents came there to take me and vinoth to my house for some ritual. Both got ready and while in room vinoth asked me that whether i told anyone about yesterday night. I said no and he said thanks don’t mistake me i have planned entirely different honeymoon for us. I said ok and i thought he had planned some romantic thing already.

Then we went to our house and that day also spent same like that. At night we were in my room and i told vinoth to sleep in bed itself don’t want to sleep in floor. He agreed and we slept separately. I couldn’t understand him at all. As he said he may have some other plan for our first night, but he can touch me, kiss me or some plays but nothing. All the other 4 days also went same like that. We went to lunch for some of his cousin’s house, went for some shopping and movies. Sometime rohini was there with us, sometime we went alone. He purchased some costly sarees, gold bangles, watch etc for me. He was nice only so i stopped doubting him. During his stay he got 4 to 5 times call from harish, he picked the phone immediately not even waited for 2nd ring and he used talk to him for more than half an hour separately. Once time he gave me phone by saying that harish want to wish for the marriage, i reluctantly received the phone and talked to him. First time i am hearing his voice in close range. He had such a commanding voice and he talked for 10 min. He wished me for the marriage and said sorry for the not making to the marriage. Atlast he told that he is eagerly waiting to see me in person. I dint understand correctly what he saying and i gave phone to vinoth. That night i told vinoth about it, he said nothing to worry he is nice guy and he may said that for funny. So i also left that and i don’t want make it a big issue.

At last day of vinoth departure came, we were busy packing all day for him. He went out to confirm the ticket and while coming he brought gold necklace for me. I was happy for that but sad because he is leaving me without doing anything. I am going to see him after 3 month only. During lunch he told his parent if i want to go to work they should allow me. Their parents also said ok no problem for that. Then he asked my decision about going to work i said i go to work because it will be boring in home. All of them accepted for it. Then everyone went to airport to send off him. Vinoth told me to not to worry that he will process my visa as soon as possible and harish know someone in the visa department so he will also help in it. Whenever vinoth uses harish i get irritate but i dint show up. While leaving he hugged me for the first time and left. I was sad and even few drops of cry. Rohini was near to me and told me don’t worry everything will be fine.

We reached house and that night rohini slept with me in my bedroom. We watched some comedy movie, its rohini idea to cheer me up. Then after 2 day i was normal and vinoth parents also very nice to me like my parent. Now and then my parents also came and visited to me. Next week i joined the work from the leave. All my close friend were teasing me but i couldn’t tell them truth.

Then vinoth started calling me daily but for some 10 to 20 min talking only. During some of the talk he used to tell about visa works and also tell that harish is helping him in that. So my life again going back to normal. In the weekends i go to my parents house or go out with rohini to shopping or movie. We both become close friends. I even told her that me and vinoth dint have sexual intercourse. She was surprised and asked sorry for her brother. But i told her not a problem that vinoth had some other idea in his head. Everything was fine but one thing is always troubling was harish. My husband talk about him more often and he acted strange when he got phone call from him.

Even one time my husband called me and while talking he was talking like little moaning and i also heard some spanking sound. I asked him for that he told that its very cold day and he is not feeling little. And for the spanking sound he told that harish is going to cutting chicken for cooking. Since he told he was not well i dint mind anything. I told what happen and he said nothing major just like little fever. But for the full conversation he was talking like that one sometime even i heard laughing sounds. After completed the talking to him i thought myself that harish is causing some trouble to my husband and once i go there i need to take my husband and shift to new house.

After 2 months one day my husband told me that he got a letter from the immigration that they are asking for a letter for his financial status once if he submitted it i will get my visa and it will take only 2 weeks. I was happy and i told this matter to my in-laws and to my parent and everyone was happy. Next day he told me that he has submitted the letter and while talking he told me that all because of harish help and told me to say thanks to him and gave phone to him. Even though i am irritated to hear his voice i had no other option. I told him thank for his help for that he said no problem that he will do anything for me. I said what? What did you tell now?. For that he said i said i will do anything for vinoth. I said ok give phone to my husband. Then vinoth talked to me for sometime. Then i heard a shout from harish calling out my husband name and immediately he said that i need to go and i talk to you tomorrow. I was afraid that because of my talking he is shouting my husband and i was confused that why vinoth is acting like this why he dint offend that bloody harish.

Next day i asked vinoth about the yesterday incident he told me that is nothing. I insisted him more is harish is causing any trouble. For that he said no harish is good guy sometime he gets angry thats all. I asked him what is there to get angry on you. For that he said don’t worry about it. It nothing. But i again started to talk about it but vinoth told me to leave it started new subject to talk. I was worried for him and i even discussed it with rohini but she told that she cant talk to vinoth about it. Then i also left that incident and dint talk about it to vinoth. All my thoughts are once if reach there i need to take vinoth out from that house and move to new place.

After 2 week vinoth called me in a very cheering voice and said that my visa was approved and going to send that to me with my tickets. I was happy and told it to others and everyone was happy. So i got visa and ticket in another five days. He booked ticket after 2 weeks so that i can prepare properly. I resigned my job and received all my certificate and started my shopping for the trip. I was excited about going to Canada. Once i went to Malaysia for my work other than that i never went any other country. Rohini helped me in most of my shopping and packing.

One day my husband called me and told me to buy some men’s underwears. I thought that it was for him so i asked him the size but i heard my husband asking harish for the size. I was shocked and told my husband how can you ask to buy underwear for other. He said don’t be dramatic, its just help and repay for what he did for us in the visa. I was not convinced but dint have any choice. I dint tell this about rohini and i went alone was buying it. The guy in sale section was looking me like dirty worker and mischievously asked me for whom you buying it. I dint have any choice i said him that i am buying for my husband. I was embarrassed. He asked the size and i told him for that with smile he told me that you are very lucky having this size husband. He was he double meaning in his mentioning and i was totally embarrassed. I told him to pack soon and i left the shop. I hid it under the dress so that rohini will not see it.

So finally the day arrived for my travel. My parents were happy that i am going to my husband and also sad for leaving to the long distance. So i finally boarded the flight and it took 28 hours to reach the destination. Inbetween once i called vinoth during transition. Then i landed in the airport and cleared all my checking and collected my baggage. I was very happy to see my husband and while i all my travelling i was dreaming about my honeymoon with vinoth and what will be his plans. I know that i am going to see my husband but what i dint know was that my life is going to change completely.

I can feel the cold inside the airport itself. With my baggage trolley i came outside looking for my husband. He was standing out with a smile and i can see a person behind him placing his hand on my husband shoulder. I dint care about anyone i started walking towards vinoth and when i went near him i went to hug him. But he told “its very cold outside lets go” to avoid my hugging and suddenly turned towards the man and said this is harish. And to harish he said harish this is shalini my wife.

First time i am looking harish. He was little taller than me and vinoth. Physically fit body i think that he goes for the gym. Brownish color but handsome look. My husband weared some coat and gloves for the cold but harish just a white colour t-shirt and blue jean. I can see his body through the t-shirt and well built bi-ceps. He was standing there that the cold not at all affecting him by any chance. A bright smile in his face and his eyes checking me all over. Even his look gave some sensation to me. Then he said “hello” by extending his hands towards me for shake hand. I am not interested in hand shake so i hello by joining my hands like namaskaram. For that he turned towards vinoth and said what is vinoth your wife is still acting like village girl and then he turned towards me and told shalini its Canada, be modern and suddenly grabbed my hand for the hand shake. His grip was so tight and very manly, i couldn’t take my hand. He was simply smiling and gripping my hand in the name of hand shake and my husband dint tell or do any thing. Then he left my hand and told vinoth lets go its getting cold and dark.

Yes friends i reached by 7.00pm so it getting darker outside. I can see some snow fall also. Vinoth is started walking with my baggage trolley and i am walking along with him and harish was walking behind us. I can sense that he is checking my ass swing while i was walking and enjoying my back view. No one dint talk anything but in my mind i was recalling the scene which happen little before and checking harish body in my mind. I also got some electric shock when he touched my body. I was comparing vinoth’s touch and harish’s touch even i was thinking how my boy friend in the college touched. Nothing is compared to harish touch. He was having such a powerful grip and long arms. Even i can feel some sensation between my thighs. Then i started cursing myself for thinking like that.

Then vinoth stopped near a black car. Its big BMW SVU car. In excitement i turned towards vinoth and asked is this your car, it was beautiful. For that vinoth told no no my car is in house, its harish car, in my car we can carry your luggages. For that harish from behind said that yes ur husband’s is small with a mischievous smile. I know that he is double meaning but i don’t know how to react. I just standing there like dint hear anything. Then both harish and vinoth loaded my baggage into the car. While lifting the heavy suitcase i can see the arm of the harish and i started comparing it with my husband in my mind.

Then harish turned towards vinoth and said that “you always want to drive this car na so you drive today” and throwed the key to him. He catched the key and said to me that he never allowed to drive his car, today was lucky day i am going to drive that to for 1 and half hour drive (yes guys thats right from airport to house its 1 and half hour journey). I can see such an excitement in his voice and i was scolding him in my mind that he dint show such an excitement to see me but for driving a car he is showing. At the time i don’t know that driving the car is next step or approval for something in vinoth-harish relationship.
Vinoth took the driver seat and while i was hooping harish opened the back door for me and told me to sit comfortably in the back seat and he hopped in the front seat. Then my hubby started driving the car and i was checking the car. Harish adjusted something and the car getting warm and it was nice for the outside cold. He then turned toward me and asked is it warmer now and i said yes. He told me feel free and make yourself comfortable. All the while my husband is concentrating only on driving.

Then harish asked whether i was hungry and for that i said yes little bit. He said don’t worry i had cooked special dinner for you once we reached house you can have it, till then if you want in back to you u can find juice and some fruit you can eat it. I was surprised to hear that why he had cook specially for me and all these question and answers were has to come from my husband but he is driving without talk and harish is asking this all. And also i can sense that some special attention that harish is giving to me even my husband dint give which makes me some thing special and i also started enjoying that. Guy like harish with his charm, body and sensational voice can get any girl or women now giving special attention to me which makes me proud and i like that feeling.

Then again harish voice disturbed from my thoughts. He told me that he expected me to wear modern jean t-shirt but i was wearing chudidar, Even though you are looking very beautiful in this dress. Oh my god what is going on here he is flirting with me openly infront of my husband. Before i answer his question vinoth turned towards me and told yes shalini i also thought you come in t-shirt jeans. Well its the first word my husband talked after getting in the car. Then suddenly harish interrupted and told vinoth in his commanding voice “you stop talking and concentrate on your driving”. Vinoth kept silence and driving. I was totally confused what is going on here, vinoth is my husband but he is not allowed to talk on the other hand harish is flirting with me and commanding my husband not to talk with his wife like a military order and my husband also not opposing and showing no sign of opposing. He was keep driving like nothing happen.

Then harish again turned towards my side and looking me like waiting for the answer for his question before. I told him that i feel comfortable in chudidar and i like it that why. For that harish told “for your body structure modern dress will be very beautiful”. Thats it he openly commenting another man’s wife body structure infront of her husband. I was in mixed emotions angry on my husband for not telling anything for harish comment, Happy for the compliment that came from harish, little embarrassed due to awkward moment. I don’t know what to say and so i simply said thanks and kept quite. Then i turned my face towards window and started looking outside and started enjoying the view outside. But still my mind is asking me again and again what is really going on in the car now.

Time was 6pm and vinoth dint shown up. I don’t no want what he comes from office and he dint refer me that. I was worried i asked harish he told me that he will come any time he also don’t know exactly. I asked him to call him and check since i don’t have cell phone, he dint and told me that vinoth will come around 8pm. I was relieved but harish dint talk me any further. Simply i was watching tv and around 8 vinoth came. He said due to work he got headace and dint need anything to eat. He told me that he going to have tablet and sleep so i shouldn’t disturb him. I was upset since he said not feeling well i couldn’t force him. He dint talk anything after that and gave me his mobile if i want to talk to my parents. He went to bedroom and i followed him. He dint even change the dress and straight away went to bed. I was vacantly watching he lyed down and closed the eyes. Din’t even asks me that i ate or not, am i comfortable in new place. I was angry and upset and all my dreams of fucking were broken into glasses. I called my parents and rohini but din’t mention anything about it. I also dint like to eat so went to bed and slept by looking him. He faced his back on my face and sleeping. I was upset, confused about whats going on, why he acting like stranger even in india he talked to me well but here and I couldn’t control my crying.
After some time i heard sound from harish room he was talking to someone loudly, he was talking in English and asking someone is free. I initially thought that he was talking to friend but soon i understood he was talking to a girl and he call her to the house for the fucking. Oh my god today also he going to fuck someone i am going to just listen. I thought of waking vinoth but he is sleeping without any moment and i decided to sleep before there fucking session start.
I closed my eyes tightly but my thoughts are not allowing to sleep. In after 30 mins of his talking i heard some door opening and a girls voices. I tried to not open my eyes i couldn’t and i stepped down from the bed and went near the door. Still they are talking in hall way only my mind is telling me to open the door and see who is it but i was afraid. Then after some time both of them went into harish room and started the show. I opened my room door and went slowly out to see whether their room door is open or not but its closed even i tried for the key hole to take a peak but in this fucking country doors are different. I was standing near the door and kept my ears on the door and started listening to their talks. They both talked only in English and from that i understood she not Indian so he a local girl. In a short while i started hearing kissing sounds and some bed sounds. Slowly the girl started to moan a little and its gradually started increasing. My body temperature also slowly started to increase. I can hear that harish is describing the girl’s body parts one by one at the time i am creasing my body. After coming down to boobs he took lot of time for the next part. I was playing with my boobs all the while. So i decided to go to bed and listen to them and do the fingering. When i entered the room vinoth was slightly moving. One second i was happy that he is awake i can fuck him but he was sleeping only (that was i thought at that time but later only i found the truth and i tell that later).

I went near him and placed my hand on his face and gently shake it but no response from him. Upset is all i got, so went to my side of the bed and i lied down. Started to listen the next room fuck game by inserting one hand in my bra and another hand in my panty. I was creasing both my boobs and pussy and when ever their moaning and shouting sound increases i also started to fingering myself fast. In a matter of 1 and half hour i have reached my organism twice by listening to their fucking conversation. The girl tonight was more loud then yesterday’s girl. After sometime i heard of door opening sound and then restroom door opening sound. Since restroom is next to our room i can hear that clearly. In restroom also i heard kissing sound and someone pissing violently. Then both went into their room and again show started. I was thinking whether they both planned to kill me by fingering myself. After some initial start the girl started to tell “no no harish not there, your’s big i cant take it in my anal”. Oh my god my worst nightmare is happening in the next room. Whenever i watched the porn film i also think how the hell the cock is going into the small anal hole and how the girl survive. But its happening in the next room itself and i can hear the screaming sound of that girl. I thought how poor was that girl and this bastard is forcing her but after sometime my whole got changed because of the girls moaning and shouting she started to enjoy and asked for more. I thought myself nasty bitch i was worrying for her but she is enjoying it. After make me third time cum that night both of them stopped. I also got tired and slept dint even see the time.

When i wake, vinoth was not there and i can see the same notes in the same place with extra line added to “ i need to talk to you about important thing today when i get home evening let’s talk”. I was happy to see that line and all i thought was about my first fuck plans, maybe he planned for some weekend outing for romantic spot all i dint know was from tonight my fate was going to change.
I thought even harish also left for work like yesterday. I came out from my room and seen a white girl doing something in the kitchen and she is wearing only a loose t-shrit and in bottom a panty that too dint cover her ass chicks fully. When she say me with questioning smile said
White girl(wg) : hi good morning
Me: morning (i tried to avoid her and turned towards restroom)
Wg: may i know who you are.. are you friend of harish… coming from vinoth room…. is he left the house
(she asked whether i was new roommate of harish and vinoth left permantely left the house i understood differently)
Me: yes yes vinoth left for the work and i am his wife.
Wg: (with a big questioning face) you… vinoth’s wife….. when…. how….
(that time i don’t know that wg knows about vinoth)
Me: yes am vinoth’s wife 2 days back i came from india
Then i heard the harish sound
Harish: babe what are doing whom you are talking
Wg: nothing babe am coming
She turned towards me
Wg: hmmm vinoth’s wife all the best (mischievously)

Then she went inside harish room and closed the door. I was confused of her last talking and went to the rest room. After took shower i came to kitchen and searched for the bread. Then the door of harish room was opened he was wearing same as yesterday night dress and that girl was dressed fully this time and both came out. She smiled by looking at me and said something to harish both of them laughed for that. Then both of them started kissing infront of me and can see that harish is eating her lips like some fruit. In my mind i was started scolding them for torturing me like that. Then she left the house and harish turned towards me and said good morning like just now he is feeling my presence in that room. Out of curiosity i asked harish who is that and what she told little before to made you laugh. Harish replied me that she is just a friend and dint say anything important. Then he left to his room. I started eating the bread by sitting in the chair. After some time harish got ready and went out. He dint speak anything but always he had some mischievous smile in his face.

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Afternoon i cook some chicken curry and was eagerly waiting for the vinoth. My time dint move at all. By 4.30pm harish entered the house by carrying a big bag and i can hear bottles banging sounds inside the bag. He went his room and came out by empty handed and asked whether i cooked something. I told him that i made chicken curry. He said thanks and went to kitchen and come out with plate. Now he also sat in the same table with me and started talking normally. He started asking whether i like here, am i comfortable and also prised my chicken curry. He is back to normal and i was finally happy. After finished eating he sat in the sofa and both started watching tv with little talks. Sometime he was scanned me with his eyes when i was not seeing him and when i turned towards him he looked towards the tv. I was happy again everything is coming back to normal and i always liked the harish attention and after hearing his last two night play i was started feeling special. Today also he is wearing sleeveless t-shirt only so i was checking his muscles.

Around 6.30pm vinoth came said evening politely to harish and went into the room. I also followed him. I was excited and in my mind i was running a scene what he going to tell. He said that he going to shower and went to the rest room. I started building the fort inside my mind and also i thought if vinoth fuck me today i am going to shout loudly to tease harish and its my revenge time. After shower he came to room and i was sitting in the bed. He changed into pyjamas and came near and sat in near by table. I was eagerly waiting for what he going to say and even i was thinking that grab him and started to kiss but i controlled myself. He was simply sitting there keeping his face down and was thinking something and rubbing both his hand together like villain actor. I was simply looking into him without any idea of his talk. Then he started to talk

Vinoth: Shalini listen to me without any shouting what i am going to say
(Still his face looking down and sadness in his voice. I was confused.)
Me: what?
Vinoth: i am not interested in marriage or in girls
(First bomb dropped on my head)
Me: what? What you said now? You joking right (my voice started to crumbling)
Vinoth: i am serious. I am not interested in girls. I am gay.
Me: what? Gay? Vinoth please don’t play with me…….. you…… gay…. means ( water started to flow from my eyes)
Vinoth: you know what i mean shalini
Me: (shouting) Dont tell my name…. you spoiled my life………. if you are not interested then why the hell you married me…….. why the hell the spoiled my life…..
Vinoth was kept quite and i was in angry, betrayal, crumbling and my head was spinning. Even i was thinking that it was not real i was in bad dream i need to wake up
Me: (angrily shouting) don’t sit in silence answer my question
Vinoth: sorry shalini
Me: don’t use my name again
Vinoth: sorry. I was not interested in the marriage but my parents only forced me for the marriage
Me: your parents forced you……. even if its true how many time you called me before marriage why should you dint tell me….
Vinoth: am sorry
Me: sorry………. my foot………. you spoiled my life.. now i need to talk to my parent give me your phone…..
Vinoth: please shalini don’t tell this to anyone…. if my parents know they will die please
(yes he is right my in-law’s are good people and if they know about him they will commit suicide. I don’t know what to do)
Me: what about me… my life……. what i am gonna do……. (crying)
Vinoth: Sorry shalini
I gave vinoth a tight slap with all my angry. He dint tell anything, only holding the cheek.
Me: don’t say sorry… you ruined my life…….. i need to go back to india immediately…….
Vinoth: please shalini please don’t get tense
I again gave a slap in his face and said
Me: don’t call by my name.
Vinoth: sorry….. please don’t leave me…. if you go back to india my parents will come to know about me…. please help me
Me: what the hell are you talking…. what i am going to do by staying here……. I don’t care about anyone i need to go back to india Now get out of my room i need to go to india immediately book my tickets and don’t talk to me again….
He was simply sitting there without saying anything. I was crying
Me: please vinoth. You totally ruined my life atleast do this help to me. I need to go back to my parents. Please help me (begging tone)
Vinoth: please shalini you stay here itself. You do whatever you want but please stay here. I beg you
Me: stop all your non-sense and get out from the room. All i need is to go to india do it immediately or else i go to police and get you arrest.
Vinoth: ok sorry i will arrange it but please give me time till Monday.
I don’t know what to say all i need is go back to my parents
Me: ok but Monday i need tickets till then you should not talk to me don’t come into this room and get the hell out of here.

Vinoth stood from the chair and started walking slowly out of the room i went behind him and shut the door angrily. Came to bed again and started crying. All i was thinking was my life is over. I was crying like a small baby.

After some time i heard some sound from the hall which disturbed my cry. I started concentrated on the sound. Its moaning sound from the hall and someone is telling “yes bitch do it do it”. From the voice i identified it is harish. I got really irritated. Just a while before in another room one women life was finished but this bloody is enjoying without caring about anything about it. I am sure he would have listened to our fighting, but without any respect he is doing it now. My blood stared boiling, my nerve is getting bigger because of the angry. I need to trash him now. So i stood from the bed, went and opened the door. The sight i saw was my worst nightmare. I never dreamed about it at all. My head started to spin again.

Harish was sitting in the sofa fully nude and vinoth, my husband also nude kneeling before him and sucking harish cock. Oh my god what is going on here my husband just now told me that he is gay but i dint think harish is also. But last 2 days he fucked 2 different girls but now he allowed a man to suck his cock. Really who is he. Harish closed his eyes and enjoying the cock suck. My husband looks like little girl before him sucking his cock very well like a boy eating his favourite lollipop. My full concentration now turned towards harish. Being nude showed his full muscle body, he had some dense chest hair, his abs were well built then his cock it is big like snake which is going in and out of my husband’s mouth. Both of them dint feel my presence. I am fully watching harish cock and was admiring its length and grid, i couldn’t take my eyes out of it. I was in full trans state my full concentration is only on the cock not even in my husband. A voice disturbed me, its harish without opening his eyes he told my husband “bitch do it fast” in a very commanding voice and vinoth also like a sincere servant started to suck him very fast. Then Harish opened his eyes and looked at me only a little smile he turned toward vinoth and held his head and started moving it harder. My body heat is started to increase and already my pussy started to leaking the honey juice. Often harish made eye contact with me but nothing else. They both are playing there like lovers and no one is watching.

Then harish told vinoth to stand up and bend. He did exactly the same. Harish looked into my eyes and waved his hand by saying come near to him but dint say anything in words. I was like person in hypnosis state i followed exactly what he did, i went near them, harish showed his eyes which tells me to sit down in the sofa near to them and i did. Now i can see his fully grown cock very close to my eyes, i can smell manly aroma from harish and all this is making me faint and i started dripping more. I was breathing heavily. He turned his face towards vinoth and spreaded his legs wide, started to insert his cock in vinoth’s ass hole. It was going like big snake entering a small hole, vinoth hold his together to prevent the shouting i know it will be paining. He slowly started to fuck vinoth and its the first time i am watching a man fucking another man i never seen it before not even in porn videos. Harish started slap vinoth in his ass cheeks and i can see his finger marks there. Vinoth dint say anything but he is enjoying in and i can see his cock is also fully erect but it was looking very small compare to harish its nothing. There fuck act making me crazy, i was breathing heavily actually it should make me angry because of all the fight and betrayal but instead its turning me on. Harish started to fuck very hard and fast, vinoth was shouting like little enjoying the sex for first time and i dint know when i started by i was creasing my pussy over my dress. Often harish turned his head towards me for only eye contact dint say or not even touch me. All these continued for another 15 min and finally harish cummed inside vinoth, i also reached my organism, closed my eyes and sitting there to catch the breath. When i opened my eyes harish was sitting near me, his cock was covered with his own cum and it loose it erect but still looks big in size, vinoth was sitting near to his leg and was shaking his cock.

Then harish looked into my eyes and said “bitch stop playing yourself and clean me”. First i thought he was telling and in mind i need to grab his cock and need to enjoy but vinoth held harish cock and started cleaning it with his mouth. I was upset because i thought harish told me but he referred vinoth as bitch and my face and eyes showed my upset clearly to harish. He had a wicked smile in his face but he dint say anything or never stopped looking into my eyes. My mind was scolding that i should have took his cock first before vinoth did. I don’t know what to do whether should leave the place or should sit there itself all i seeking was harish comment. I think he know my mind but he is delaying his words or his actions on me and i know he is teasing me. All this was going for another 10 mins and his cock started to grow again.

He then turned toward vinoth and said “if you make me cum in another 15 mins i will fuck you today again or you have to wait to be fucked for another 2 days”. He was saying that by fully avoiding me and closed his eyes again and started to enjoy the cock sucking by leaning backing in sofa. He was very near to me and i can smell his manly smell and i looked vinoth he was sucking his cock like obedient student. All i can see in vinoth’s eyes is that he need to make harish cum in the time he dint even look my face. I started to wonder that already vinoth sucked harish like 10 min and again he gave 15min so anybody can hold that long. My curiosity for the result started increasing and i was eagerly looking the action. Time also moving fast but harish showed no sign of his climax. I can only see a peaceful smile in his face and closed eyes like he was meditating on the other hand vinoth was showing some pain in his face and i thought it was due to he sucking his cock for more than 15min continuously but he also dint wanna give up, he is working hard. Like this another 10 mins also gone but vinoth dint succeed, i want to shout that time give was over maybe then harish will fuck me but i kept quiet, harish also dint change his position. Another 3 more mins passed still no climax from harish, slowly he opened his eyes and kicked vinoth slowly away and told him “you are good for nothing, cant even make me cum”. Vinoth was sad, by looking down he said sorry master. First time he is speaking in the whole session that to referring harish as master.

Harish turned his eyes towards me and made a deep eye contact and then turned towards vinoth said “i need a pussy now u waste fellow because of you i was hard and in midway, Where will i get a pussy now”. All these words made me happy because may be harish will going to fuck me now and i am sure i need a mad fuck today. Then he looked me and said his first word “see your useless husband, he left me in middle what i am going to do”. My heart started to beat loudly and all i want is to grab his cock now and suck. But a calling bell sound disturbed all 3 of us. Harish told vinoth to open the door and vinoth also dint mind to cover his nude body went to the door and opened it.

An Indian lady walked in along with vinoth and she dint surprise at all that both the guys in the room were naked she had a smile in her face and walked towards sofa where me and harish were sitting. Harish asked her “why you so late bitch”. For that she answered that now only her husband left the house. She came near harish sat on his naked lap and kissed him. Then started talking in hindi with harish and while talking she is facing me and asked something about me to harish. For that he answered in English “just ignore here, she is no one” and started kissing her. I got angry that he is making a open statement that i am no one but i couldn’t do anything and i was looking into there kissing act. While she was kissing him looking me with her side eyes. From the voice i recognised that she was the lady who harish fucked day before yesterday. I was totally confused that he tempted me fully and now he totally ignoring me. After a while she stood up and started to undress in front of me. She had really big boobs, fair colour and big ass but she dint have pretty face. After undressing she again sit on his lap and started kissing him by the mean time vinoth who is sitting near her legs started to lick and suck her feet like dog. I thought that they were his routine.

After some time harish made her stand, he stood from the sofa and lifted her like doll to his bed room. She must be around 70kg but he is lifting like doll and vinoth is also following them. I don’t know what to do i was thinking why he avoiding me completely. I was watching harish carry her all alone once he reached the door he stopped and turned his head towards me and looked into my eyes. I got the a signal like to follow them so got up from the bed and went to harish. First time entering into his room its nice big room fully furnished and had a big dressing mirror infront of the bed. He made her to sit on the edge of the bed and he is standing in front of her and she is sucking his cock. Vinoth is kneeling behind harish and doing something on harish ass area. I don’t want to look at the waste fellow. I was standing in the entrance and watching their act.

She was working like a professional cock sucker and it made harish to moan. He was holding his breast for the support. Slowly i went further in and sat near her. She looked me in the side eyes and left a wicked smile like she won harish from me. All her mouth job made his cock to stand like pole and she is trying to swallow the maximum size of his cock still half of it is outside only. I looked up for the harish face he was looking at me with a little smile and enjoying his cock being sucked. Then harish hold that lady head tightly and started to fuck her mouth so hard, he is so aggressive and she couldn’t catch her breath, she was chocking i think that his cock is hitting her trough. He started to tell “going to coming open your mouth wider bitch drink mine fully oh i am coming….. He was cumming like a fountain and he dint lets her go she was chocking and she had no option other than drinking it some of the cum was coming out of her mouth and i can smell his cum smell it was very manly and i started to craving for it. I surely know that harish knows that i am ready for him but still he is teasing me and i don’t why.

After a while he left her head free and pulled his cock out its still semi erect and his cum was coated in all over it. He was turning it slowly which his cock almost brushed my lips and turned it to vinoth’s mouth for the cleaning and he also started to clean it. After cleaning he pushed vinoth aside and sat near that lady. She was looking at him with a smiling face and turned her head towards me, there is still some cum was on her lips, she left her tongue out and swallowed that which was like teasing me and then left some wicked victory smile. Everyone is teasing me and all of this was making me hot as hell.

Then harish told vinoth to make him hard again but she told to vinoth sit in his place and she took harish cock again in her mouth and started sucking it. For that harish told “How much i gave my cock these bitches wont satisfy” he said all this by looking me with a mischievous smile in his face. After some time his cock started to grow up then he stood up and raised her upon the bed and made to sit her like dog and her face was near to me. From the behind he started to insert his cock on her fucking and i was near to her face so i can see her face reactions very clearly. She was biting her lips for stop from shouting, he started the shake her and every time her face coming very closer to me and 1 or 2 times her lips touched mine. When is started to fuck her faster she hold my hand for the balance and she was gripping me tightly and pulled me towards her face and i also dint resist. She Suddenly started kissing me on my lips i dint know how to respond so i kept my lips closed but she was searching for my lips to penetrate it. I also started to respond her and opened my mouth and she inserted her tongue in mine and started to rotate it.

It was new thing for me i never kissed another girl in lips and i can taste harish cum in her mouth, it made me crazy and also closed my eyes and started to enjoy the kiss. I can hear her moaning sounding inside my mouth and she started to press my boobs over my dress. I hold her face tight towards me and i am kissing and playing inside mouth. Then she took one my hand and placed it on her boobs and i started to play with it. All these makes harish crazy and he was fucking her like a animal. Then she started to insert her hand in my dress to hold my boobs but my tight chudihar made it difficult so i stood up and removed it. Harish was smiling for that act and still keep fucking her. I again sat near to her and i was only wearing bra in the top. She started to kiss me again and placed her hand on my left boob. She took it out and started pressing it hard and i was pressing her boobs. She them removed my bra fully and i was half nude infront of all. I don’t care any more i need crazy fuck today so i decided to play along.

She was good at sucking and mouth doing its trick on my boobs. I was flooding down in the pussy. She released the knot on my pant and started to remove it and i also cooperated for it my raising my ass. I am sitting only in my panty and it was also wet. She started to crease my pussy over my panty and i started to moan by closing my eyes. After some time i suddenly felt she is removing her hand from me and i opened my eyes. Harish removed his cock from her pussy and made her to lie in the bed and raised her legs towards his shoulder and again inserted his cock in her pussy. I left empty and i was sitting behind harish bare back. I wanted to touch him and bite his ass chick but i went infront of him again and lied in side with her. This time i started to kiss her in mouth and she was shouting inside my mouth. Then i downed my head towards her boobs and started sucking it. While i doing it my eyes were fully on harish cock which is going in and coming out of her pussy and i hear the sound of it. She is also cooperating for his rhythm. I was sucking her left boobs then i seen harish hand came near my head and started to press her right boobs, her big boobs were crushing in his rough hands made me mad. So i took his right hand and placed it voluntarily on my boobs. He left a big smile for his victory and started to press my boobs and he started to crush it like he was waiting for it for a long time. I started to understand that he was willing me to beg for him and thats why he teased me so long. So i decided to submit myself and i need his cock today.

Then i took his hand away from boob and kneeled on the bed and placed my face near to his face and started to kiss his mouth. I tried to insert my tongue in his but his lips were closed tightly, so i started to bite his lips, he opened his mouth. He knows how to make an women to beg for him and make them to surrender by themself. I was kissing him by holding his head and he was fucking her like an animal and his hand were holding her waist which i near to my pussy now. Where ever he was moving his hands brushing my pussy over my panty. It was too much for me so decided at least i need his hand on my pussy so stopped kissing him and removed my last piece of cloth in my body and i joined the naked group in the room. I took his hand and placed in my pussy and started to crease it. His rough hand touch was magical and i started to near the climax simply because of his touch. I was burning like hell, i looked harish face, he was smiling because of my act and i looked directly into his eyes started to beg for his hand play. He understood what i asking for so he started to crease his one finger over my pussy lips and suddenly inserted the finger in my pussy. I left a sudden moan and he lower his head and kissed me in my lips. This time his kiss was hard and his finger was moving around my pussy and he started to finger fuck me. I was in seventh heaven and at last all my prayer for the fuck is answered.

He started to fingering me fast and also started to fuck her so fast and he was moaning something in my mouth. He tried to remove his head from me but i held his head tightly towards me and was kissing him hard. I started to shiver and i neared another climax due to his finger fuck, he also shouted and started to cum inside her and she also reached her climax. I left his head and lied on the bed near to her face and both she and me was shivering due to the climax and next to her harish also lied down on the bed. All 3 of us were catching our breath. I can see some ultimate satisfaction on her face and i also somewhat satisfied. I looked into harish he was closed his eyes and thinking of something and his newly released cock was shining white due to the mixture of both of them and it is started to loose his grid.

She turned her face with a smile toward me and i also smiled and i started to kiss her in the lips. This time it was passionate and we both were kissing and playing our tongues like lovers. Then she got up from the bed and started to walking out for the rest room. I was lying in the bed and was thinking all the things happen here. Still he dint open his eyes and with small smile in his face he was lying in the bed. I understood without asking him he want fuck me today and i need his cock so i made up my mind and started my talking
Me: harish
He opened his eyes slowly and turned towards me
Harish: yes shalini
Me: i need you today
( harish with a wicked smile)
Harish: i dint understand why you need me
( i know he was making me beg)
Me: Harish please u know what i mean please da i cant wait anymore
(with same smile )
Harish: Really shalini i dont understand what you asking for (his face was so innocent)
I got irritated and with a shouting tone
Me: you know what i mean but you want me to beg you right… here it is you win…. i need your cock in my pussy now…. i need you to fuck me….. fuck me harder now…….
Harish with a big smile in his face
Harish: thats my girl. I am ready to do the favour you asked now but…
I was happy to hear that but his “but” word raised a question in mind
Me: what but
Harish: but i need something return for my favour
( i am going to submit my body to him whatelse he need me as favour)
Me: what you need tell me
Harish: i want you…….. i want you as my bitch……. i want your body all mine at any time any place and you should not ask any question and you should not say no to me
I dont know what to say i am ready to fuck him but the word he used “bitch, any time any place” made me scared. So i was silent.
Harish: dont worry or afraid. I will satisfy all your need and keep you as my princess Once you get my cock you cant stop me….. so what you say
He is right. Anyway i am another man’s wife now begging for his cock and already did sex act with another lady so what else there to think.
Me: ok harish i am ready. I accept your deal
(With a big smile in his face)
Harish: thats my bitch….. dont worry i will show you the heaven…….. Your life is about to change now.
Yes my life is going to change from a decent girl to house wife of gay husband to bitch of his boy friend.

I got up from the bed to go to restroom and searched something to cover but harish told me to go as it is. So i went to the rest room nude and when i see my face in the mirror i was thinking what is going on, how i allowed another man to touch me and now i gave permission to be his bitch. When i came back that lady was not there i think she left, vinoth was arranging the bed and harish was smoking by sitting near the window. When i was looking into vinoth he was innocently arranging the bed and i can see his cock, it was small, compare to harish its nothing its not even there. Harish looked what i was looking so he shouted at vinoth to cover his thing and get out of the room. He also did the same what he said. After completing his smoke harish came behind me and started to hug me from the behind. His hands were around my navel area and he started to crease it slightly and his head was rested in my shoulder and i can sense his hot breath near my ears. He started kissing my ears with small bite and in my neck and his hand started moving towards my naked pussy area. It was the nice sensation and closed my eyes and started enjoying it. After sometime he lift his grip around my navel and hold my hand and took me near a cap-board where it has long mirror which cover my toe- head and made me to stand before it. He was standing behind me and started to hug me again. This time his hands were on my boobs and started to playing with it. It started to grow and his rough hand play started its magic in my body. Then he started to talk
Harish: you know you have such a amazing beautiful body
(me with a shy)
Me: thanks
Harish: When i first saw you in the picture i was dreaming for this very moment
I was surprised to hear that he know that i will accept him to fuck me. How he know is that confidence on himself or my face shows the quality for bitch. While i was thinking all of this his hand started to move towards my pussy area and slowly inserted his middle finger in my pussy hole.
Me: ahhhh…… harish……. slowly da…….. ( i cant believe myself i was responding to his touch like his wife)

I can feel his cock started to grow and it is hitting my ass and trying to penetrate. I closed my eyes and started to enjoy his one hand on my left boob, one hand in my pussy and his cock on my back its new feelings for me.
Harish: Shalini dont close ur eyes open and see your body how beautiful when touch it.

I dont wanna open my eyes i was in dreaming heaven but i opened for him. He is right my loose hair was perfectly fallen on my shoulder, face and on little on my boobs, due to heavy breathing my boobs are dancing in a rhythm, my pussy was shivering due to his touch, due to my weakness in my leg i rested my head on harish chest and all his act made me shy which makes my face pale and shine. Yes i am looking beautiful because of his touch millions of times i have seen me naked in mirror but today i was different and beautiful. Due to shy i closed my face with both my hands. Harish left my pussy and boobs and started to turn me to his side and removed my hands from the face. I again buried my face in his chest and his perfume smell with his sweat making me to trumble. He raised my head slowly and started to kiss in my lips. Oh my god i was dead, what a kiss, a rough manly like man harish can kiss like a romatic lover. I circled my hands on his neck, closed my eyes and opened my mouth to allow him whatever he wants to do. His hand were on my back and he was circling around my back. Oh my god, he dont have only big cock but also he has talent to make any women to go crazy for him. His tongue is fighting with mine like either of us dont want to loss, his hand moved to my ass chik and he started to crush it very well, his kiss is getting very hard now, he started to bite my lips and started to eat it like strawberry fruit, his junior was hitting my pussy door to enter into it. Our kiss was going on for a long time and all i want is that this kiss not to end and even if i die now i will be happy. But to my sad he broke the kiss and loosen his hug. I opened my eyes sadly to know what is happening, he took me in his hand like hero lifts heroin in the movies (more like nagarjun carry sushmitha sen in ratchagan movie with A r raham background score) and started to walk to the bed. I was holding my hands around his neck, his hand were crushing my boobs and i raised my head to kiss him in his lips. Only few steps he reached the bed and made me to lie on the bed. My dream going to come true, i am going to lose my virginity to my husband’s lover no no i am going to lose my virginity to my lover.

He came and lied near me and started to kiss me passionately. I was melting like candle because of his kiss. During kissing he kept his hand on my boobs and started to press it very hard and i hold his dick and started to play with it. It was like holding a hot long rod which has no end. After sometime when he left my lips and started to kiss all my face, in forehead, eyes, nose etc and during kisses he also bit me little like tasting some fruit. He was unbelievable and his act is turning me on like something, he dint even touch my pussy area but i was leaking like a fountain. He left my face and went downward by kissing my neck and then moved towards my hand area, he raised it and started sniffing my armpit. Since the weather was cold outside i dint sweat much but my little sweat and my perfume mixed to give erotic aroma which even turns me on, he started to lick my armpit, it was new to me, making me tickle and i tried to close my hands but he dint allow me to close it. After did it for some time his full attention turned towards my boobs. He started to eat my left boobs by pressing my other one very hard. He was licking it, biting, chewing and all his act were like small child which is craving for mother’s milk. He was a real surprise for me one time he handle me like rough man, one time like passionate lover and now he acts like an innocent child. After playing with my boobs briefly, he started moving downwards and started to play with my navel. He was enjoying me inch by inch, he is treating like queen not a bitch, i liked it. Then he went futher down to reach my pussy. I was already leaking like waterfalls. First he touched my pussy and then inserted his middle finger in it and started to rotate it in a circle. It was tickling me and i was started to twist like a fish and he was handling me very well. He took out his finger and brought me near my nose and told me sniff it. I did what he told, when my juice smell reached my brain it was making me to go crazy. He told me “yes bitch this is how you smell when a real man handles you, now taste it” by saying he inserted his finger in my mouth. I started to lick his finger like a lollipop and it tastes amazing. He removed his finger from my mouth and put back again in my pussy.
He started to fuck me with his finger initially slowly then he started his pace. I was twisting my head and my eyes were closed, i was in seventh heaven. While he was finger fucking me also licking my pussy lips with his tongue. It was very hot and new sensation to me. I held his head very closed to my pussy with my hands, his fingers were still doing its magic in my pussy.
Me: yes…….yes harish do it……….. faster i was about to cum
Harish: yes bitch shout like that……. do u like it…..
Me: yes……. i love it…….. i am going to die……. make me die for it……. i am cuming

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With a loud shout i started to cum, i was holding harish head very tightly, he removed his finger and started to suck my pussy and he was drinking my juice. After some time i let his head go and opened my eyes. He stopped licking and moved towards my lips and started to kiss my very hard. He had some of my juice in his mouth and made to drink it. I was still catching my breath. I was exhausted, he stopped kissing me and lied near me, i also slowly closed my eyes and started to wondering how amazing was that organism, i never felt anything like this before.

I was disturbed by harish voice, he told “its back pay time shalini, now return me the favour”. I know what he mentioned. I slowly got up and sat near his thighs, his cock was in standing position and was waiting for my hole. I hold it, it was like hot iron rod and it was my handful. I have seen such a big cock before in porn movies but first time very close, in real i am looking one. Slowly i moved his black skin back, his pink cock head started to come out, it had some pre-cum on its tip, i lowered my mouth towards his cock. I now smell his cock, i was little pungent in smell but manly. I was little hesitated to take his cock in my mouth because i never did it before. He again said “do it, take it in ur mouth fast dont act like sathaya savithiri, you are my bitch remember”. Yes he is correct, i am savithiri because harish is not my husband and i know i promised to be his bitch. So i opened my mouth wide open and started to take his cock in. When i touch his cock head with my tongue he left some moan and i dint like the taste, i tried to remove my mouth from his cock but he held my head. So i dont have any option, he started to press my head on his cock hardly and his cock was almost teared my mouth, and his tip was touching my throght, i started to calf. So he left my head and took his cock out. He asked me” you never did it before”. I shaked my head to no. He said “you really need the training, dont worry you will soon get it” with a laugh. His cock was shining in my saliva. Now again lowered my mouth and this time i am going to do it by myself. I left my tongue out and started to lick his cock from it head to base. I started to kissing it, licking and even small bite. Harish was enjoying in closing eyes by saying “ yes shalini, thats my bitch, thats my girl, ya you are getting to it”. I like his complement like something i achieved, he was encouraging me, i liked it. It makes me to work more on his cock i started to take his cock in my mouth and tried to swallow it fully but only half was went in. I started to move my head front and back, harish hold my head and started to fuck my mouth very hard. This was going on for a long time. My mouth started to pain but he is still going on. After some time he left my head and i took his cock from my mouth it was paining. He pulled my face up to his face and he started to kiss me very hard. After the kiss he said “you will learn soon all the tricks and will be a perfect bitch for me.

Then got up from the bed and dragged me to edge of the bed. He opened my thighs wide, placed my legs upon his shoulders and placed his cock at the entrance of my pussy. I felt like current shock in my body and this is the magic moment i was looking forward. He slowly started to enter the cock in my pussy and i can feel the pain. I was shouting to stop him but he dint listen to me.
Harish: dont shout i dint even enter my half the cock.
Me: no it was hurting yours so big i cant take it please leave me
Harish: dont worry all your pain will go away soon u will start to enjoy

I closed my eyes and mouth tightly to bear the pain and harish is still inserting his cock in my pussy. It was tearing apart my pussy and i was in the pain of death. I started to think how the girl enjoy this pain what is in it. Harish stopped inserting the cock and slow he started to take out. I was little releved and thought he will leave me. He lifted my face little and started to kiss me to smooth me. That was the romantic kiss and i closed my eyes and started to enjoy the kiss which made me to forget my pain. While i was enjoying the kiss harish suddenly inserted his cock at once full thrust into my pussy. I started to shout in his mouth, gripped his hair fully and i started to faint a little. I can see the starts around my head, my eyes were full of tears in pain i tried to escape the place but harish grip was very strong to me. He held my very tightly towards his body. He dint move for some time and dint allow me also to move. Slowly my pain started to reduce, he dint move his cock it was still in my pussy. He left my face to go i slowly lied back on the bed. He was laughing by seeing my cry, i got little angry. He slowly removed his cock out. He told me to see my pussy and his cock. There was blood in it. He said “you are no more virgin, i am the celebrity who cut your virgin ribbon and its my sissor (by showing his cock). He took some tissue paper started to wipe blood on his cock and then started to wipe the blood on my pussy. I left moaning in pain. He gave me water to drink and told me dont worry you will ok soon. My pain is slowly started to fade and i was constantly looking at his cock, it was standing in 90 degree and was thinking what he said now about ribbon cutting, it made me shy.

Again he came near my legs and started to rise it towards his shoulder. This time i loosed my grip full and started to co-operate. He placed his cock again on my pussy mouth and started to insert it. It was paining but not like first one. He slowly started to insert and take out of his cock and every time i can feel that he inserted little more of his cock inside pussy. After sometime i can feel his cock is touching my pussy end. He started his to and fro motion slowly and keeps on increasing his pace. I closed my eyes and started to enjoy the pleasure i totally forgot all my pain and started to respond to his thrust my moving my hips accordingly.

Whenever his insert his cock i can feel his balls hitting my ass cheks and plug plug sound. Pressure is started to raise in my blood and my whole body was in heat and my blood is boiling like water in volcano. Harish holding my hip in one hand and crushing my right breast in other hand. I slowly pulled his face towards me and started to kiss him hard and both of us were shouting in each others mouth. Harish started to fuck me very hard and i started to fly high for his powerful thrust on every time. I started to build up the cum face and i can see the same in his face.
Me: faster harish i am going to cum
Harish: yes bitch me too…. your pussy is so tight……. you are giving me ultimate joy of my life
Me: yes i am your bitch make me cum……… faster……. faster…….. dont slow down
Harish: yes shout like that…… shout like a bitch……
Me: ya ya i am going to cum……….

My body started to shiver and i started to cum with large shout but still harish is ramming me. Within a second he pulled Both of us were exhausted and catching the breath. Harish collapsed upon me and started to kiss me hardly and i also put my hands around his neck and started to kiss him like “thanks for wonderful opening fuck and making me a bitch”.

After that kiss for sometime, he lied near me on the bed and i looked his cock, it was shining with my cum on it and started to shrink. Then i looked my body it was covered with his cum and i was looking like well fucked porn start with cum on my body. I dont know why he dint cum inside my pussy. I touched the cum in my stomach, it was white and sticky. I never touched a male cum before and it was new to me. By looking all my act harish told me “dont waste that, taste it, it will give you some energy”. I was hesitated first and it was looking like dirty to me, i slowly inserted my finger which has cum in my mouth and started to suck i dint like the taste and surely harish read that on my face. When i again took my finger towards cum on my breast harish told me to stop and said that he had an idea. He called vinoth by shouting his name and i was confused what he was doing. Then vinoth came in by naked holding his cock in his hand from the posture i can identify he was shaking his cock by hearing fucking sound of his wife by his lover.
Harish: you fool come and see your wife. See her freshly fucked body

Vinoth: yes master

I was shy suddenly i dont know why, little before only i was naked infront of my husband and his lover without any shy and begged him to fuck me but now why i am getting shy. May be its because first my body and mind occupied by the lust but now after the fuck culture started to raise in my mind i think.

Harish: what are looking you fool clean your wife, start eat my cum

Like a obedient dog vinoth also came near me started to eat harish cum from my body. I was in shock, i never imagined all these moments in my life not even in dream but it was happening right infront of me. Vinoth tongue was cleaning all the cum on my boobs, stomach and thighs and all these game some weird sensation to me. I started to like this. After cleaning all the cum vinoth went towards my pussy area but harish shouted him to stop and told him “she is not your wife she is my bitch her pussy belongs to me you should not even go near it understand”. Harish voice is full of angry i can sense it and vinoth also said sorry and stood away from me. Then harish got up from the bed and took his dick near my mouth. I know what he wants he need me to clean his dick, so i opened my mouth and started to suck his cock while vinoth is watching it. I was sucking it like candy and i can taste my own cum in my mouth. After some time, harish cock started to grow again and i am sure he wont let me sleep today.

My bladder was full and i told harish i need to go to restroom. He carried me in his arms and started walking towards restroom. I thought he leave me in restroom for pee but he had different idea in his mind. He made me stand near the toilet ( its western type toilet) , he sat on toilet and told me sit on his lap. I told him harish i really need to pee urgently so after it i will all this. He said “you should never say no to anything i say ok now sit on my lap”. I dint have much choice i sat his lap by facing him he inserted his cock on my pussy this time it went without much difficult and i know he stretched me fully to his cock. He made to jump in his cock and told me pee now. I was confused, but i was in urgent so i dint have much choice i started to pee and i can feel that harish is also peeing inside my pussy and i can feel his hot water is touching my pussy and coming out with my pee. Really it was new and i liked his technique and i was jumping on his cock like crazy. Both finished pee but dint stop the fucking, my mangoes are jumping in front of his mouth and he catched it by his mouth and started to suck it very well. He was biting my boobs and it made me crazy and i was jumping like anything. All the while he was holding his hand on my ass cheks and i can feel that his finger is try to enter my ass hole. He told his hand towards my mouth and told me to suck his middle finger and i did. He took is finger and spitted on it and took that hand towards my ass hole and started to rub his finger on my ass hole. I understood his plan and i am no mood to say no to his act. He lubricated my ass hole and started to inserted his middle finger, it was paining my i was going crazy. I was excited by his act and started to near another organism of the night. I was tired and rested my head on his chest without any movement. I was feeling his cock inside my pussy and his finger in my ass hole.

After some seconds he lifted me in his hand without pulling his cock out and walked towards the shower. We both stood under the shower, he opened the shower, initially the cold water to flow which made both of us shiver, it was a new sensation then hot water starts to flow. He made me to bend and inserted his cock from the behind. I was holding the towel hanger for the support and he started to fuck me. First slowly and then increased the fast. Hot water from the shower was flowing on my back of the body and he is fucking me in hell speed, i was shouting and along with the water sound i can hear plug plug sound from his cock. Some of the hot water also enterted in my pussy and all these acts making me to go mad. I was shouting like hell and organism started to build again. I lost the count of organism i had today i decided to enjoy how long he go i also go. I started to cum again and harish also pulled his cock out and made me to kneel down in front of his cock and shoved the cock in my mouth. Hot water is flowing on my face and his hot is started to flow on my mouth. He was holding my head very strongly on his cock and i dint have any option so i started to drink his cum. He was shouting “yes you bitch drink it, taste it, its all yours”. I couldn’t drink fully so of the cum started to flow outside my mouth and it was washed by the water. After discharging his cum fully on my mouth he let my head go. I took is cock out and started to lick it with my tongue. Then he raised me up and started to kiss me passionately by hugging me. We both started to eat each others mouth hungrily. Then we both cleaned ourself in the flowing hot water and dried our body and came out of the bathroom. I was hungry, tried and couldn’t walk due to the pain, i walked by holding harish hand and both came to the hall. Vinoth is sitting there my holding his cock, all i can do is laughing by thinking his position, letting his beautiful wife to fuck another man holding his cock and shaking himself by hearing the fuck sound.

We went near dinning table, both of us were hungry. Harish ordered vinoth to serve the food and he also did. All 3 of us were naked, i was hungry and tired so dint mind the nudity so started to eat the food. After sometime i feel a foot was creasing my things, it was harish who is eating by sitting opposite side and his foot moved forward to my pussy. He was acting like new couple or illegal couple who hids their act infront husband or family member but in my case my husband made me harish bitch openly. I liked his playing and started eating slowly so that i will not finish my food soon. He was creasing my pussy with this leg thumb and also tried to insert it inside i left out the moan and looked vinoth who was standing beside me. He also know what is going on but he dint mind anything. I wanted to tease him so i told vinoth
Me: hey my foolish husband he what he is doing to ur wife
Vinoth dint know what to do he was looking me sheepishly. i liked it so i continued my teasing
Me: it is your last chance tell him to stop take me to your room and fuck me otherwise i will be his full bitch and you wont touch me without his permission.
Harish also joined the teasing
Harish: yes you fool your wife is begging you to save her na why dont you defend her and save her

Still vinoth was looking both of us without any expression and i know he was totally confused. Me and harish both started to laugh by his expression.

Me: so its ur decision to let your wife to be another man’s bitch
Vinoth slowly started to shake his head like saying yes. I dont know why i got angry i got up from the chair and slapped him hard on his face with my right hand in which i was eating some rice was sticking in his face.
Me: you pervert…. because of you my total life ruined now i am begging another guy to fuck me even for joke you are not ready to save me
I started to cry and gave his another slap tight slap on his face again on the same spot. Now i can see some tears on his eyes, his cheek was turing into red colour. With my right hand i hold vinoth cock and squeezed it tightly by saying

Me: Because of your useless cock i am now bitch now. Neither you or your cock will never get my pussy again. I will make you feel for making me bitch (at the time i never had any intention on my mind for saying that but later i made my sister-in-law a bitch infront of vinoth eyes)

I squeezed his cock very hard, vinoth is started to shout to leave it. I again with my left hand gave him a slap on another cheek and told him to shout up. I dragged him by cock and went towards harish chair and sat on his lap and started kiss him. I dint let vinoth cock till i finished my kiss and i was squeezing it hard all the time, his shouting made me crazy and i liked it. Then i let his cock go and placed my hands around harish neck and started to his him hard this time. He slowly rised my body and place his cock near my pussy and made me sit on it. While kissing he started to move his cock in me and was hugging my tightly to my body. After some time he left me both got up and vinoth was still cry in pain sitting in nearby chair. On one side i felt sorry for doing it to him on another side i was in angry about what he did to me. Me and harish washed our hand and went to his room. I closed the door by looking into vinoth and went near the bed.

Again harish fucked me in doggy style by making me standing in fours and even tried to inserted his cock in my ass hole but i told him not today i am already in pain and tired. So he left without inserting in my ass hole but fucked my pussy very well. This time he fucked me with wearing the condom and cummed by keeping his cock inside. I lost the count of my cum and time atlast i was tired. I kept my head on harish chest and started to close my eyes. I dont know when i slept i was sleeping naked in harish arms like his loverorwife but i am just his bitch.

I dont know how long i slept but i waked up by someone is eating my pussy. It was harish and i looked the time it was 7 in the morning. Still i was in pain in pussy, boobs and little tired to but once harish mouth started working on my pussy my body started to respond him automatically. He come to my face and started to kiss me. What a wonderful way to start a day. I know here after most of my morning will be like this only. After broke the kiss he inserted his cock on my mouth and told me to suck it. I also did like a obedient girl for his orders and started to use skills which i learnt yesterday. After sometime he took the cock out and positioned it on my pussy mouth. He started to fuck me harder and i was enjoying it by shouting and i cummed twice in that morning and harish took his cock out and started to spray his come on my body. I dont have any energy to clean it so i dosed off again with cum on my body. After sometime i waked by walking sound of harish in the room, he had took bath and was getting ready to go out. I slowly opened my eyes to see him, he left small smile and told me to take rest and also told me to not wear anything today and he had planned something special for tonight. He told me to take full rest today, vinoth will take care full cooking and told me to save my full energy for the night. I know here after both day and night my pussy will be fucked and i have to ready for that. In one night itself i fully understood his strength to make love for a longer hour. He came near me gave a passionate kiss and said good bye and went out. I dint care about cleaning myself so i again started to sleep. When i waked up the time was 11 o clock and the cum was dried on my body. I got up from the bed and reached for a towel but then i remembered what harish said so i took the towel in my hand and started to walk out of the room. Vinoth was doing something in the kitchen when i went out he looked me but dint say anything i also dont know what to say so i went to rest room and did all the morning chores, cleaned myself in hot water shower and came out in wet. I was feeling hungry so i walked towards kitchen. Vinoth looked me, he was fully dressed which made me shy but i am not allowed to wear the dress. He handed over a tea cup i took it in hand and started to sip it without any words. After finishing the tea i was looking for the bread but vinoth told me that he made sandwich for the breakfast. When he was talking all i hear was the sound of betrayal so i shouted him back to close his mouth. I took the sandwich and went to dinning table to eat. After completing i ordered him to bring water and told him to clean my plate. He also did it like a servant. Still i was feeling shy to be naked so i order him to remove his cloth and be naked. I was angry on him, i wanted to beat him but i dint have much energy to do it. So i went to sofa and started watching tv. While watching the tv all my concentration was about how i became bitch in just 2 days of arriving here and how my life turned around. I also started to cry midly because of my situation. I got bored of watching because most of them are English channel and movies and sports were going in it. So i again went to harish room and started to sleep.

I was waked up at 4 by harish, yes he had came home and he asked me whether i had lunch. I said no i am not feeling hungry. He said to me get ready that he is taking me out. I got up from the bed and started to go to shower again. He stopped me and told me to wear my wedding saree if i had it. Ya i brought it but i told him that i want to wear it, it will make me to remember my failed marriage. But harish told me strightly to wear that and also told me that after tonight that saree going to remembered by me differently. I went to shower and cleaned myself and went to vinoth room where my bags are there. I searched for that saree and while i was holding it in my hand i started to cry automatically. But i dont have any other option i started to wear it and applied some make up and finally when i looked up in mirror i was looking different beautiful. I dont know how and why but that day i was more beautiful in that saree. I came out to the hall where harish was standing, he also fully dressed with kurta-pyjama was looking handsome. By looking me his face got brightend and started to prise my beauty and came near me and started to kiss me passionately. This was the same reaction i expected from my husband during my first night but now i am getting from his lover.

First harish took me to a dress shop where he purchased some sexy bra and panties which are more sexy and transparent. Since i was in saree i couldn’t try that there, he told me that is a gift for me. He also got me so transparent nighty to wear in the home and he told me that i wont be much necessary those most of the time. Then we went to a big hotel and harish had booked a table for us already. It was kind of romantic and we had dinner by holding each others hand like dinner. In the whole period he called me with my name not using the word bitch which he likes the most. By 9 we reached house and when i entered the house vinoth was sitting and doing something in his laptop. I dint mind him, once were entered in harish started to kiss me very hard in my lips by holding my ass very tightly. From his rough handling i can sense that he is in full mood. He told me that he had a surprise for me and closed my eyes from behind. He then took me blindly to his room and when he removed his hand, the room was decorated like first night room. Really i dint expect that and harish told me that today was my official first night and harish is going to be my husband. The room was decorated with some flowers and candle was lightend around the room. It was such a romantic arrangement which i always wanted which i thought i wont get in my life. Harish told me to bring the milk which is in the kitchen. I know what he want so i also went to kitchen where glass of milk for ready. I took it and looked into vinoth who standing in the hall. Actually all these scenes have to be with him but here he standing and watching his wife to celebrate her first night with another man.
I went in to the room and locked it. I gave the milk to harish and dropped in his feet to do namaskaram (tamil culture in which wife get husbands blessing during first night). He drank some milk and gave another half to me (its also first night procedure). Then he started to kiss me passionately and the kiss was so romantic with the room setup it was perfect. After the passionate kiss he started to attack me like a hungry lion and within a seconds i was all nude. I removed his dress full and started to kiss again.

I lost the count how many times i cummed that night and how many ways he fucked. Today he dint leave my anal. He applied some vasiline in my ass hole first and fucked it with his fingers. Initially he started with one finger and ended up with 3 fingers at last he inserted his cock in my ass hole. I almost died with the pain and begged him to stop but he dint listen. When i shouted to stop he started to spank in my ass and i was in hell of pain. Finally he successeded in his act and entered his most of the cock in my ass hole. Soon he started to fuck me brutally and i was in heaven inspite of my pain. As a final act of the day he made me to sit on his cock and made me ride him like a horse. While i was jumping my boobs also jumped heavily, harish caught it with his hand and crushed it. We both cummed at the same time and exhausted on each other. Everything was very fantastic that night expect he weared condom all the time. I was dozed upon him and still his cock was in my pussy. After 9 o clock i missed the time and how long we both fucked i dont know.

Next day was Sunday and it was also like same. He waked me up with a nice fuck and we both took shower together. I cooked that day where both harish and vinoth (all naked) helped me, during cooking harish fucked me in the kitchen once. He tells me that he couldn’t keep the hands of me when i was naked. We both had lunch together and i made vinoth to eat by sitting in the floor. After the lunch, the north Indian lady also came to house and all 3 had fantastic threesome fun till evening. Harish told me to learn how to suck a cock from her like training and i also did the same. During all the fucking vinoth was eating her legs which she likes very much, harish fucked her without a condom and cummed in her and also made vinoth to clean up but he dint do any of that to me. I was totally confused of that act.

When she was there, she told her story. She came her 8 months before and after coming here she met harish after a week. He bedded her after 2 days of her meeting. Her husband is working as a night manager and she had 2 kids. Harish has fucked her in all possible ways and one time he fucked her in her house kitchen when her husband was in hall.

That day night only me and harish fucked like hell till 12 in the night and both were resting on each other. I slowly asked him all doubts, why he wearing condom, why he dint allow vinoth near me to clean or lick my pussy everything. He also answered patiently. He said that he dont wanna make me pregnant so soon, need to enjoy me for a long time. He likes me so much so he doesn’t want vinoth near me and also he told me not to worry that he will make me pregnant.
After that my life was the same, harish fucks me all night and in morning also before goes out, i cook after he left and take rest. He takes me out for more shoppings, buys me all modern dress which are very transparent and slutty. He make me to wear those when we are going out most of the dress were exposes my body more. He takes me to his friends house parties and introduce me as his wife during those i heard the comment of “which number of wife was me, how long i gonna last, etc.”. We go to the pubs and i also started to drink a little when i go out with him.

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Me and harish watch porn together while we were fucking in which most of them were group fucking and cuckold where wife humiliate the husband while fucking her lover. I also started to like those things and i started to do all those things to vinoth. I use to beat him and one time i took condom from harish and i made vinoth to drink it. While i were watching the group fucking i get more excited by that idea of fucking all holes simultaneously and harish also noted that. He strictly told me that till i give birth to a baby my full body is belong to him only after that he will fulfil my fantasy. Life goes like this for another 8 months, for my family in india me and vinoth are happy couples and for the peoples here they knows me as harish wife or bitch. After 8 month me and vinoth went to india for a visit of one month since my parents wants to see me. During my stay most of the time my parents ask me whether i was happy, vinoth keeps me good everything i used to fake i was happy with vinoth and during night i used to slap him, beat him and always make him to sleep in the floor.

After one month i came back to Canada with vinoth and harish came to airport and he fucked me in the airport toilet itself. During that time he told me that he missed me so much and he dint wear a condom, he wanted me to make pregnant. I was happy to hear that. Within a month i became pregnant due to harish day and night work. Harish ordered vinoth to take good care of me and baby and till my 6th month he used to fuck me regularly and he concentrated more on my boobs.
During 7th month due to my parents pressure i went to india for the delivery. Before the date of delivery harish came vinoth and stayed with us in vinoth house. I was happy to see him since he was the father of the child i want him there. He fucked me twice during that time and also he started to talk about rohini to me while fucking. I know that he was attracted by her beauty and when he wants something he will surely get it. I used to tell him that i was there na why he rohini and leave her alone. So he kept quite. So i gave birth to a beautiful girl baby and thank god she was like me completed which saved me from knowing who is the real father. After i came from hospital harish fucked me well and after a good fuck he told me that my pussy became loose due to child birth and also told me that after coming back i need to operate it and correct it. Then he dropped the bomb. He wanted to fuck rohini. I tried to convince him but he dint listen to me. His flight was in 20 days before that he need to fuck her that to i need to create the opportunity. I dont have any other option and i also know harish if he need to fuck someone he will get her for sure even i help or not. So i said ok and i need to come up with the plan.

I thought of talking to rohini so when she came from the work i told her that i need to go out and asked her to come with me. Me and rohini along with baby went to near by park for a walking. After some time i told her that i need to talk to her about something. I kept my face innocent and started to cry a little (my trick to convince her).

Rohini: hey shalini what happen why are you crying
Me: I want to tell you something which i dint tell anybody
Rohini: What…. are you in any trouble
Me: Your brother cheated me
Rohini: What….. what are you telling….. vinoth cheated you? How… (she was trumbling to find the right words)
Me: Till date your brother dint touch me at all
I can see a shock in her face
Rohini: what are you telling. He dint touch you. Then baby how… who….
Me: yes ur brother is not capable for marriage…. he is gay….
Rohini: shalini what are you telling. I dont understand anything
Me: i know rohini how you feel i had the same feeling when your brother told me about him.
Rohini: sorry shalini i dont know anything about it… then child? How?
Me: father of my child is Harish
Rohini: Harish! How?

I told her the whole story with little modification which makes me innocent and her brother total evil and harish as hero. Finally i also told her since my life is fully ruined by her brother, i am having harish baby, harish is only one whose my life and my future is depends on. She believed everything and i convinced her not tell anyone since i dont want cause pain my parents or her parents. She prised me for not telling anyone since her parent wont tolerate this may kill them. As a final touch i made myself as sacrificed candle who sacrificed everything for her family. She promised me to keep that secret and also told me that she will be there for me at any time. So we left the park and come to house.

After that i met harish and told him my plan and also told him that tonight he will have his chance to fuck rohini. All the while i kept my face dull before rohini and after dinner we went to bed room to sleep. Me, baby and rohini in one bedroom, Vinoth and harish and my in-laws were in another bedroom which is located in upstairs. Vinoth came to bedroom as formality visit to say good night to me and baby but i wanted to humiliate him so when he said good night i gave him a tight slap. He and rohini were shocked, i started scolding vinoth for ruined my life and i started crying. Vinoth had no idea i told all the matter to rohini and rohini came and consoled me to not to cry. She also scolded vinoth for what he did to me. Vinoth left the room with total shock and humiliation and i was crying (fake). As i told harish he called me at correct time to ask me for fucking. I acted like that he cant, rohini is here etc for some time and i cut the phone angrily.

Rohini : What happen is that harish?
Me: yes (started to cry)
Rohini: What he want now?
Me: He want me to fuck now
Rohini: What… what are telling… he wants to fuck you now.. Why
Me: harish is like that he needs someone daily.
Rohini: What you mean someone.
Me: i am not the only one for him he had fucked so many girls before me
Rohini: What… how…
Me: i also had the same question before he fucked me but once he fucked me i came to know the answer, with his skill he can fuck anyone he want at anytime.
She dint respond me for that but her face is full of surprise.
Me: i dont know what to do. If need something he will get it. If i dint allow him to fuck me today he will get some else but he wont have me again. See how critical my life has been changed all because of bloody vinoth
Rohini: what you telling i dont understand
Me: i told you right, he was only helping me to keep me satisfied, helping me to become mother but for all his help he needed one thing back
Rohini: what is it?
Me: i should never say no to him. If i say he will kick me and baby out and will separate vinoth from me
Rohini: That not possible. How can he separate vinoth from you
Me: you dont know about your brother he is like harish puppet. He will do anything for harish.
Rohini: sorry for that
Me: dont be. Its my fate. I need to allow him to fuck me now but how i dont know i cant go to his room because of ur parents there, i cant do it in hall also if ur parents seen it thats problem
She was blankly watching me.
Me: Can i ask you one help please can you do it?
Rohini: What?
Me: i tell him to come to this to fuck me that is only safe way.
Rohini: i dont know….. its all my brother fault…. i need to help you…. ok i wait outside when you guys do inside.
Me: no no rohini. If you leave me alone he will fuck me whole night without gap. I am already tired. If you were here i can tell him to go quickly
Rohini: what? Are you mad shalini… how can i be in same room while you do… i am sorry… i cant do it
Me: see for one day i asked you small help you are not doing, i have to carry all my sadness in my heart and i need to smile outside for your parents and your family reputation
She dint say anything to it.
Me: hmmm…. ok no one is there for me to help. Its all my fate (fake crying). You wait outside, i call him and i try to manage him to go soon or i will die today itself (crying heavily).
Rohini: Please dont cry… how can i be in the same room while you 2 are fucking
I dint tell anything but crying. I know she will accept for it soon.
Rohini: please dont cry… ok i will be there but i feel uncomfortable.
Me: I am also uncomfortable only but i dont have any other option. You have seen porn movies before consider this also like same but its like live show
Rohini: what…. i leave bed for you 2 and i sleep in the floor. I dont wanna watch anything, i shut my eyes and try to sleep
Me: thats your wish. Thanks for helping me.

I hugged her and gave a kiss in her cheeks. In my mind i thought i will see how you gonna sleep and my evil mind told me that “what a bitch acting like good girl today i will make you pay for your brother’s mistake”.

I called harish again and told him to come to my room. Rohini took a pillow and went to floor. Harish knocked the door and i opened it. In action he asked where is rohini and everything was success and i answer him yes. He bolted the door and started to kiss me in my lips.

Me: (fake) harish rohini is in this room only so finish soon and go
Harish: sorry darling i am too much mood today and you look so amazing today so i need you for atleast 4 hours
I know rohini was hearing all this.
Me: no no harish please understand me rohini is also here

He dint say anything he started to remove my nighty, bra and panty and made me full nude. Started to kiss me heavily and i know since he want rohini so he will be very aggressive today. I carried me and dropped heavily on the bed and jumped on me. He removed his clothes full i can see his cock is in already in standing position. He started to kiss me hard and i also started to respond him readily because my part of the plan is done successfully and harish will take of remaining. I had one eyes on rohini and was started to play with me. He started to press my boobs heavily and i told him that “dont drink the milk fully its for baby not for you”. For that harish told “today all yours is for me” and started to suck me. I started to moan like porn star and harish action me to see rohini she was trying to close her eyes tightly but i can see her body getting hotter, her breath getting heavy. This play went for sometime and after that harish told me to pose in doggy style. He started to insert his cock from back

Harish: shalu your pussy became too loose di. I want tight pussy. ( i know he meant that for rohini)
Me: my pussy was tight only. First he made it loose now your baby did again
Harish: i need a tight di. I am in too much mood today di
Me: when can i go for a tight pussy
Harish: ok then i will fuck your ass hole.
Me: please da no i cant take it in my ass hole
Harish: i need your ass and i am going to fuck you in ass.
He started to insert his cock in my ass.
Me: dai please da… i cant… ahhh hummmaaa… atleast apply some lubricant da…. ahhh
Harish: ok if you have vasilline give me
Me: i dont know where is vasilline in this room wait… rohini.. rohini
She dint give any response i know she is away only but she is pretending to be sleep
Me: rohini please i need vasilline otherwise he will kill me toady please
She turned towards me angrly but her face reaction changed my seeing harish full nude body.
Me: please rohini i need some vasilline

She got up without telling anything but i can see that her eyes were fully fixed on harish cock. She went to cupboard and took the vasilline out and gave it to me by coming near me. I can see her hands are shaking and her eyes is fully fixed on his cock and i can hear her heavy breathing sound. I gave the vasilline to harish, rohini was standing there like statue. Harish applied some vasilline on his cock and some in my ass hole by inserting his finger in my hole. I left some moans out for which rohini responded by looking m. I gave small smile to her and i can see lust fire in her eyes.

I thought to myself “what a bitch its not even 5 min she seen his cock she is now looking like she want it” and i told myself “shalini you dint do anything wrong she is born bitch she needed to made bitch”. Some time when i was little angry i used to tell harish that “its all his mistake who made me a bitch like who is hungry for a cock”. For that he always replies me

“Bitches cannot me made. They are born in that way. You are a born bitch. I just introduced you yourself’.

Yes he is right. Me and rohini are born bitches only. We both need harish to introduce ourself. He already did to me now he is doing for rohini.
All these thought were cleared by harish cock which he started to insert in my ass hole. I started to moan by looking into rohini eyes who is still standing there. He started his pace and i started to moan heavily. I told in action to rohini to sit near to me and she also did the same. At that minute my mind raced back to the same scene which happen to me, i was in rohini’s place, my place was occupied by north Indian lady but harish is in same place in both scene.

When rohini sat near me i pulled her face near to me and started her in lips for which she also responded very well. By seeing this harish started to fuck me harder and i started to moan in her mouth. I left her head, started to hold her breast, but she dint break the kiss with me she was holding my head with her. Harish suddenly removed his cock and made me to lie on my back and started to fuck my pussy. I pulled rohini and started to kiss her and i raised her nighty till her waist and inserted my finger in her pussy without removing the panty. She was wet and i can feel her total body heat is in her pussy. Rohini started to moan and i made to suck my boobs while i was still playing with her pussy. Harish started to fuck me very hard and i also neared my climax. All of 3 cummed at same time. Harish cummed me inside and rohini started to leak on my fingers. Harish slowly removed his cock out and i got up and went near his cock. I pulled rohini also with me and both of our faces are near to harish. I can see that she is looking into harish monster so closely and i know how she feel for the first time. Still her face was near me i started to take harish cock in my mouth and started to suck it. I can taste our mixed juice in it and i removed his cock out and started kiss rohini with our mixed cum inside my mouth. I spitted some of our juice into her mouth and made her drink.

Then i broke the kiss, took harish cock in my hand and inserted into rohini’s mouth. First she dint open her mouth but i made her open and inserted his cock. I told her to enjoy and went near her pussy and removed her panty. I inserted my finger in her wet pussy and started to move it. She again started to getting hot, started to moan with harish cock in the mouth. I lowered my mouth on her pussy and started to suck it. She started to shiver and let the moans. Harish holds her heads and started to fuck her mouth. It was new experience for her and she is fully immersed in the lust sea. Within a few minutes she started to cum in my mouth and immediately she covered her pussy with both of her hand and started to twist like fish without water. Once when she became normal i removed her cloth full and made her also nude and started to kiss her very hard.

I can feel harish cock smell in her mouth and i started to play with her. Then i took harish hand and made him to hold her boobs and made rohini to kiss harish. At the same time my baby started to cry, all 3 of our face turned towards the baby. I told rohini to enjoy and went to baby to feed. I took baby and started to feed her by sitting in a chair and i was watching rohini-harish act. Both of them where playing like lovers who dint meet for long time. I know about harish today he dont care much about me because he got new virgin pussy. He was kissing her, sucking her boobs, biting her, crushing her boobs and for all rohini reaction was full enjoyment and she was enjoying fully without any regret or confusion. For the first i had so many confusions, angry, feeling of doing something wrong but rohini dint show any of those feeling she was enjoying from the core.

Then harish made her to lie on the bed, raised her legs to his shoulder and started to insert his cock in her virgin pussy. She dint show any restriction, she closed her eyes and strated to enjoying by letting some moans. My daughter went to sleep again, i placed her in her bed and went near rohini’s face. I started to kiss her on her mouth and she opened her eyes a little and closed again by opening her mouth to allow my tongue. Harish started to fuck her and she started to moan in my mouth. I was creasing her hair on one hand and boob in another hand. She hold my head tightly with hers and kissing me very hard. I can sense that her body is nearing to another climax and she left my head go and started to shout

Rohini: yes…. yes…….. fuck me faster….. i am cumming…….. fuck me….. ahhhhh…. hummmm… ouchhhhhh… fuck me

I was crushing her boobs and listening to her moan and was creasing my pussy. Suddenly she started shouting and with draw her body from harish cock and started to urinate forcely. She tried to cover her pussy by her hands and was twisting and shivering with shoutings. I was surprisingly looking into harish because it was first time i am seeing like this. Harish understood my look and told me that she is squirting some girl who gets excited more will squirt and also he told me that she is more sensitive thats why. After sometime she let her hand go and stopped shivering. She went to the restroom which is attached in the room itself, harish and myself started to laugh by looking her walking. I also seen that there is no blood from rohini’s pussy and thought myself bitch she is not virgin. I told the same to harish he told “yes she is not virgin i think but her pussy is so tight, whoever fucked her must have only small cock and he no more can feel the same tightness in her because he will stretch her completely today”. I started laugh and rohini came out of the bath by covering herself in a towel and walked towards me. I playfully removed her towel and made her sit between harish and me.

Me: Rohini i couldn’t see any bloody from your pussy. Are you not a virgin (naughtily).
She dint say anything but shaked her head no.
Me: naughty girl. Who is that lucky guy and when
She dint say anything and her head was looking down the floor.
Me: come on rohini there is no secret between you and me now tell me who is that lucky guy
Rohini: my boy friend. Both of us working in same company.
Me: wow… when did it happen why u dint tell me
Rohini: 5 months back. During his birthday
Me: hmmm you gifted yourself for his birthday
She dint say anything for it. I looked into harish and told
Me: dai you missed your chance of taking her virgin
Harish dint say anything but smiled a little
Me: rohini how many time you 2 fucked till.
Rohini: 5 to 6 times thats it
Me: you naughty girl. Ok now tell who is better your bf or my boy friend
She looked me confusingly.
Me: come rohini u know what i mean tell me who is better
Rohini: (in a non-audiable voice) harish
Me: i dint hear darling who
Rohini: harish fucked me best. Harish told something about squirting na that also i experienced today only (she hided her face with her hands)

I started to laugh for her action and looked into harish. He had his winning smile in his face. After that he fucked rohini in doggy style while she was sucking my pussy and also harish fucked me once after that at the end. He dint cum in her, he always sprayed on her body or mouth. Then he left the room by 12 o clock. I bolted the room and came near to rohini hugged her, started to kiss her and told that dont worry you will enjoy him all the day still he was here. We both hugged and slept nude.

After 2 days same thing happened, harish come at night fuck rohini very well and fuck me once or twice and go back to his room. Vinoth doesn’t know about it. At Friday evening harish told me that he need to fuck rohini freely and fully so he planned for something and he told me that keep that as secret from rohini and vinoth. I also said ok. Started i told rohini that we were going out for movie. So me, rohini, vinoth and harish all told in my mother-in-law that we are going out and i also told her to take care of my daughter. She agreed and we booked a cab and went out. As far as rohini and vinoth knows that we were going to movie. But the cab parked infornt of a five star hotel. Harish had booked suit room there for us. We entered the hotel, rohini somehow catched the idea but vinoth is still looking confused. We started to walk towards the lobby, harish went to reception and asked for the key to the room he booked and he got it. Rohini now clearly got the idea, but she hesitated a little because of her brother’s presence. We started to walk towards the elevator, harish is walking in middle, me and rohini on either side, vinoth is walking in back like servant. Harish held me and rohini in the waist while walking like don holding his slave girls in movies.

We went into the elevator, no else in there except we 4, once the door closed harish hold rohini by waist and dragged her near to him and started to kiss. I can see some hesitation in rohini because of vinoth and looked vinoth face he was shocked to see it. I told vinoth

Me: come on vinoth you failed to save your wife atleast save your sister
He was keeping quite and showing only same reaction he gave to me when i asked to save me. I started to laugh and scold
Me: you pervert you dont deserve wife, now you dont deserve sister also. Now she is also became a bitch, kiss another man infront of her brother and sister-in-law.

Elevator opened on our floor, harish stopped kissing and we went towards room. While walking harish was holding rohini ass and crushing her and i and vinoth was walking behind them. Harish opened the door and it was big suit room with big king size bed. We went in, rohini went for rest room, i put my hands around harish neck and started to kiss him, he too responded for it and also started to hold my ass cheek and was grinding it. We kissed for a long time when i broke the kiss rohini was sitting in the sofa by facing us and vinoth was standing near the door still confused. After broke the kiss is told in harish ears “dont start now wait a little i need some time”, he dint say anything, he went and sat in the bed. I went near rohini and sat near her

Me: are you uncomfortable because of your brother’s presence.
She dint say anything but looking down
Me: i know you are a bitch, dont act like a good girl are you ok or uncomfortable
Rohini: i am not ok. I never thought this will happen
Me: i also dint thought this will happen not even in my dream but it happens
She dint say anything
Me: (by looking vinoth) Come here you idiot and sit near my feet
Vinoth did the same and he also looking down like shy girl. I hold his head and raised up and spitted on his face. He dint show any reaction and harish was seeing everything quietly. I told vinoth

Me: You pervert, you missed the chance of saving your wife now its chance to save your sister, you have only two option
1)take your sister and get out of the room now, i will make sure harish wont touch her again (i know that wont happen) or
2) remove her dress completed and take her to harish
Rohini was completed shocked to hear my words, i dint mind her, its my time fun and revenge. Harish was simply laughing and sitting in the bed and vinoth dint say anything and was keeping himself quite.
Rohini: shalini what are you saying
Me: you shut up bitch, dont say anything to me if you want to say, say to this impotent guy
I know rohini was fully surprised and shocked because of the words i used, i was like different person to her, she even think that i was bad person, but I dont care. Still no response from vinoth, i gave him a hard slap on his face and told him
Me: you cock sucker make your decision quick or else i now go straight to your parent and tell everything even rohini’s fucking episodes.
I can see vinoth’s face was changing. I lost my patience because of his silence so shouted at him

Me: you cockless bitch decide soon or lets leave now to your house directly

After saying that i gave him a hard kick in his stomach. He hold his stomach in pain and started to cry. Rohini face was horrified and was looking at me like a ghost. Then vinoth got up by holding his stomach and went near rohini and made her stand. I thought that he got guts to her from harish but i was wrong. His hands went towards her saree and started to remove it. Suddenly rohini gave him hard slap for touching her and started to crying closing her face. I took rohini’s hand and told her

Me: see its your brother i want to show you who really he was

She was still crying. I told vinoth to completed what he started. So started to take rohini’s saree but i can see tears in his eyes. I was angry and furious and gave him hard slap in his left cheek.

Me: you dirty pig, you happily gave me harish and made me a bitch, now you are crying for your sister. Keep smiling and take rest of her dress otherwise now itself i call some other guys and make them to fuck your sister and make her prostitute.

I can see shock in everyone’s face, even i cant understand who i am and why i said that. Its all because of the pain that vinoth caused me and i started to cry for what i said. I said sorry to rohini, she caught hold of my hands and started to cry by hugging me. Then harish come near us and took me from rohini and started to kiss me in my lips like a lover who understood my pain. I also started to respond by kiss him back, by holding his neck. It was one hell of kiss and all my pain is vanished in that kiss. I stopped my crying and told harish lets started the our play and took rohini and went towards bed. I started to kiss her in lips and removed her tears with my tongue. Harish was standing behind rohini and she was jam packed between us. I told her “dont worry about anything and start enjoy” and started to kiss her again.

Thus our threesome was started and i dint care about vinoth even rohini forgot his presence. For another 4 hours, harish fucked both of us in different style and at the end all three of us were fully exhausted and took rest by holding each other. Today harish fucked rohini’s ass even fucked my tits by spraying his cum directly into my mouth. Rohini and me even shared his cum from mouth to mouth through kissing. It was one of the perfect sex play for me. At last we 3 bathed together and got dressed. While leaving i dragged vinoth by his hair and said in his ears

Me: you are so luck that harish dint like your mother, otherwise she will also be here in this bed

I can see his face changing to red in shame. We went home and acted normal that nothing happened. That night either me or rohini dint talk anything about morning episode and slept quietly. After that harish fucked rohini every day till he left. Both harish and vinoth left and i was planned to stay for another 2 month since all my parents and in-laws told me its not safe to travel with new baby, so i had no choice. After 2 weeks of harish left, rohini told me that he broke up with his boyfriend. I asked her why, last week her boy friend tried to fuck her but her pussy of too loose because of harish fucking and her boy friend find the difference and she told him everything. So he dont want to continue with her so broke up. I felt sorry for her but what can i do, its all her fate too.

While i was staying me and rohini done some lesbian things whenever we get mood. It was nice too. Then i left to Canada after 2 month. This time only harish came to receive me in airport and started to kiss me in the exit terminal itself and took baby from me and started her affectionately, still he was complete mystery to me. While driving he thanked me for what i did in india, he told me that he like rohini very much, he also told me that he had a special gift for me for all my favours. I asked him what, he said its surprise and also told that tomorrow he booked appointment for me with a doctor to make my pussy tight again. I reached home, vinoth was in kitchen cook, i dint mind and went to room took a nap due to tired and hairsh took care of our baby. Next day i went to see that doctor and the procedure was done in an hour and she advised me that i shouldn’t have any sex for another 1 week. I told harish that and he said i know. He said after this one week i present you the gift this time also he dint tell what is the gift.

I told harish about rohini’s breakup with her boy friend. He told me sorry for that and then i said that he had a idea. I asked him what. He said that he knows a guy who is same like my husband vinoth and suggested that let make rohini to marry him, bring her to Canada to join us. Harish told me if i am ok with that he need rohini also to be his bitch like me and he will take care of her also. I thought to myself and said ok to it. I talked to rohini about it she also said that he like harish and she misses his cock. Harish told vinoth to talked to his parents and he convinced them for marriage. After the week harish told me “tonight prepare yourself for the surprise”. I was thrilled and was thinking what he going to gift me. Lets wait and see for the gift.


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My husband’s friend made me bitch

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