My innocent sister’s nipple show at the gym!

Hello all, I hope this is my first and last story. There will be no fucking and fondling description here. The story here is of my innocent sister, who unknowingly used to show, random people, her boobs. Please don’t make any negative thoughts about this imagined story into your real life.

I’m Sam, studying 3rd-year Mechanical Engineering. My sister Sweety, is studying in the 12th standard and is 18 years old. Both my parents are working in a private organization.

My sister Sweety is a fair and chubby girl. Her boobs are very big and firm. Her shirt buttons will struggle to hold her tits within it. Everyone, from the school bus driver to the school peon, are always eagerly waiting to see my sister’s chest mangoes.

I never had a chance of seeing her naked. But I had a look at her cleavage, numerous times. My local friends come to my house to play carom. Without her deliberately doing it, she used to seduce us all, by showing us, her gorgeous cleavage.

Not only my friends but also some roadside strangers used to enjoy my sister’s cleavage. Anyone from the road can see her, showing cleavage, when she sweeps, our house verandah.

The paperboy and the milkman never miss an opportunity to see my sister’s cleavage whenever she bends to pick the daily-paper and the milk-can from outside the house.

Usually, my sister wears a tight churidar top in our house. And since she is at home she does not think it necessary, to wear a shawl, thereby displaying her twin mountains, which are protruding out of her chest. My friend’s mouth water on seeing my sister, roaming here and there, with her bulging bosom and shaped butts in that tight churidar.

One day my sister asked me whether she can come to my gym? She felt that she is fat so she wished to reduce her weight. I invited my head coach to my house after having a discussion with him about admitting a girl in his gym.

This was the first time that a girl wanted to join our gym which basically was for gents. So after some discussion, he came along with two of my other friends Gopal and Stanly to have a talk at our place and meet my sister.

That day my sweet sister was wearing a pink churidar, with a shawl wrapped around her neck. Gopal winked at Stanly wickedly, after seeing my sister. The curves of her body only raised my friend’s urge to molest her in their minds.

My sis served everyone a cup of milk. Every time she bent to serve them, her deep cleavage was displayed to them. All of them had to make quite an effort to hide their boners, in order to avoid any embarrassment.

The timing for her gym workout was fixed for early morning hours. And no other persons were allowed to enter during my sister’s working out hours, other than these four people – the head coach, Gopal, Stanly, and myself.

After a discussion on timing and other gym-related kinds of stuff, everyone left. My sister started searching for her cupboard for the dress, to be worn, the next day. I wished to see what outfit she is going to select. But since I need to get up early, I ignored it and went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up and prepared myself for the tit feast going to happen in a few minutes. My sister is in a red churidar top. She has a bag for her gym outfit. Then we both went to the Gym center. There, they were eagerly waiting for my sister. They are already in their workout session and no other people were there.

The head coach told me that he will take charge of my sister and asked me to work out on my own. I started doing my daily set of workouts and had an eye on my sister too.

The head coach is seated at his office table. He asked her to fill the registration form. Since there is no chair to sit down, she is left with no choice but to remain standing and then she bent in front of him to fill the form.

His eyes were enjoying her vast cleavage valley, formed between my sister’s boobs. My two friends saw this and giggled among themselves.

Sister asked the coach, where the changing room was? He replied that he had lost the room key and urged her to change, there itself. My sister was puzzled and looked at me. I said there is nothing to fear and convinced her. Finally, they succeeded in convincing my sister, to change there, itself.

She went to a corner and turned her back towards us. But she failed to realize that there are mirrors all over the room on walls since it was a gym and this was normal. She did not realize that she can be seen from any corner of the gym.

My sister removed her top and for the first time, I’m seeing her in a bra. Stanly started recording it secretly on his mobile. She then took a towel and wrapped herself. She carefully stripped her garments, so that the towel won’t dropdown.

She then started wearing her gym outfits quickly. We peeked to every extent possible to see her naked. But she is very careful in holding the towel. Now she was in a loose sleeveless yellow t-shirt and a white mini-trouser.

Then the gym session started. She first went to the treadmill. Her boobs started bouncing and slowly the speed increased, and with that, the bouncing of her boobs also increased. Stanly, who was by her side on another treadmill, started recording her bouncing tits silently.

After running for twenty minutes, she got thirsty and asked for water. Gopal gave her the water bottle. Since she was very thirsty, she gulped the water quickly, resulting in the spilling of water all over her chest. Already the sweat which had formed over her chest was displaying her nipples slightly.

The addition of more water made it transparent and showed us everything inside her top quite accurately. One can easily trace out the shape of her boobs.

Then the coach showed her how to do push-ups. He then asked her to do it. She started in a brisk manner and then gradually fell down exhausted. She had no energy, to raise her hip upwards. We all had a perfect view, of her cleavage while she was doing the push-ups. We were also staring at her long, smooth legs.

Then the coach, caught her hip and raised it in an upward motion, to help her do more push-ups. He also gave chances to both my friends to touch her hip, by saying that, they will help her in increasing her push-up count.

Finally, when everyone is done with her hips, they asked her to do her final exercise. PLANK..!

For all who do not know what this exercise is about, the plank also called a front hold, hover or abdominal bridge is an isometric core strength exercise that involves maintaining a push-up for the maximum possible time.

This was the moment, we were all are waiting for, because, for nearly a minute, she will show everyone her boobs, in a motionless state.

After showing her how to do it, she started planking. Since she had not worn a bra, her nipples were clearly visible. And through Gopal’s hawkeye observation, he informed Stanly, in a husky voice to note the cute ‘mole’ on her right breast. But I overheard him and saw my sister’s breast mole, for the very first time.

After a few seconds, she felt difficult to plank and so closed her eyes, determined to continue planking. Stanly took no time, went in front of her, and clicked photos of hers. I’m sure in every portrait, there will be my sister’s nipples clearly visible.

She got up after the plank and reminded us that the gym timing allotted for us was over. Then she dressed up in the same way, she has earlier stripped before us. This time too we could see her fully naked. Now she is back in her red churidar top and a shawl over her chest.

Before leaving, my sis asked for water. Gopal gave her the bottle and then turned the ‘table fan’ towards her, which is nearby. The sudden wind blew my sister’s shawl away and the twin peaks gave them, its last view that day. She adjusted her shawl and thanked everyone there before returning home.

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My innocent sister‘s nipple show at the gym!

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