My Love For My Women Abusive Father and Loving Mother.

Since child hood i love my sister asia,one day my mother hameeda begum 48 now,went my
Elder sister mumtaz’s house,she is 33.then we brother and sister were alone,that time i was
19,she was just 15,accidenlty my hand fall on her belly,she did not move and objected,i put
My hand for some time and showly moved on her belly and around naval,she has very round and deep naval.

From that onwards whenever i get chance i use to touch her,i use to sleep beside my mother hameeda begum as my father was on tour,he is a business man.sleeping beside my mother i use to touch my sisters small ammi is to sleep between me and my sister,sometimes she is sandwithced in winter and cold days.

However some times i use to be very honest,(that was my bad luck,because that time i use to
Think,it was bad to touch sister for sex).one night it was 9 pm,i was to about to go for
Sleeping my darling sister touched my feet,with her feet,giving green signal,but to my
Foolishness (iam still regreting)i did not respond her.after some months again i did same
Mistake,one night i slept some other place that is some 3 feets from her foot,i woke up for
Urine i noticed my darling asia sleeping beside me i dont know how she come to me,i had done
Great blunder i simply left her on my place and went for another place to sleep.i love my
Sister but how i behaved that is very stragne.

I think after two years,one day she was washing clothes,my mother and other family members
Were busy,i get the chance to see her nice boobs,seeing her boobs,i stoped at her and
Pretended to helping her,but my eyes were on her boobs only,she was smiling at me but did
Not say anything (iam donkey i did not talk her,but just seeing her boobs like dump man).

After that (some weeks),again my mother went to my elder sister’s house.that night i tried
To took her to my side,as i was sleeping beneathe her father was sleeing at another
Place that is nearly some 8 feet away.

Through out the night i tried to seduce her but failed,i used to touch her legs,she use to
Scoled me,that scolding i did nor forget to still to day.

She slowly scolded me as “u harami why r disrubing me,why u r sporting beard on ur chin”
(sporing beard is as sign of religious) finally she used to curse me to fell in the well”
But i never give up my mind ,then it was dawn my father woke up for morning prayer that is
For fazar namaz.soon my father left the house,i get the courge and went near her and slept
Beside my sister.she objected me,but i hugged her,to my surprise she started co operating me
,(that time i dont know how to do sex with her and dont have sex knowledge and did not
Started reAding sex books)

I was full control of her but just hugging and nothing i did sex with her ,after full
Erection of cock,soon ejaculated over her clothes,just touching my cock to her belly,that
Time i never moved my hands over her body.after ejacultion i used leave her,and thinking i
Have done great mistake.

Next month we shifted to a new house,where i get the glimpse of my siters sexy body.there
Was no separate bath room in the house,so my sister asia begum bathing in the kitchen,i was
In the room which adjacent to the kitchen,there is some hole in the wall,from the hole i saw
Her bathing her body,she was nude but wraped a towel over her waist,she has wonderful body,
My lund became very erect and hard,as my heart started beating fastly,i was afraiding any
Body can caught me.i went in toilet and mastrubated in my sister’s name.

One day i saw her boobs,when she was trying a new bra,her boobs just resembled as
Globes,nipples are brownish.i did not disclose this any friend becasue thinking about sister
Is very bad.morever no friend disclose his sex Adventures with sister to any body.

One day night i woked up to go for urine,i noticed her body her slander thighs were
Completely open to air,as her petty coat as above the thighs.and half of her boobs are
Vividly seen as her blosue has gone up,like this i have seen her somany times..i use to go
Movies with her.

One day my mother caught me red handed when i was watching my sister nude,in the bath room ,she mildly scolded me, ,in the evening i asked ammi to give money and wanted to go watching movie with my lover sister,she scolded me dont be foolish,she is ur sister,and u donkey i u have crossed all ur limits,i beged her my innocent sister also joined me to request my ammi to permit to watchng move,my ammi sweetly and wickedly laughing at us gave money.but my asia darling warned me dont do foolish things on the road and even in the cinema hall,i took her easilly ,i kept quite for some time,after 10 minutes i placed my hand on her thighs,she removed my hands,then i took her hand in my hands she did not resist,slowly started pressing her boobs and her thighs,but i did not dare to kiss her as i have to bend my body towards her however,she placed on hard on cock so i keep quite.

My father came to know that i took my sister to cinema hall ,my fater became very angry at me , beat me black and blue and threw out of the house.that time i slept on the foot paths and in public mother came searching for me to bring back to house.i went back to house with my mother,in the hosue my father is very angry at seeing me and
Started quarrel with my mother why she brought me back.

My mother pleaded my innocencey and asked my father to pardon me,then my sister is watching me father did not heed my mohters pleas and beat her with stick.then i get angry and i caught my fathers hand and pushed him back and dared him saying if u touch my mother i will thrash u and even kill father went out heavvyly shouting at me.

My darness to challange my father changed my life,i saw sparkles in her eyes,she kisssed on my fore head then i hugged her like a winner or lover

I begged her to forgive me as i was the real culprit,she was weeping as she was beaten very badly.i took her bed room and sat beside her.she was crying like a child,as her husband mercilessly beating,she bent her head on my sholder,while consoling her i put my hand on her head started moving downwards neck and even moved on her back,she did not object for placeing my hand on her back. Long time,so slowly i moved my hand around her waist and took her hand in my hand

I confused what to do,however as usally my cock started hardening,i slowly placed my left
Hand on her thighs,her big boobs are touching my shoulders and her hands touching my i can hug her in that position,so started to hug her,my right hand is now moving
Over her waist and inserting my finger from the nada of the petty coat lips were
Tocuhing her cheeks,i felt very embrassed.we adjusted to ourselves when my sisters foot
Steps heard.

My sister asked us to come to dinning table,as my rejected her she placed food on the table
And went.silince was danceing the room, lastly my mother brusted in tears “beta why cant search a job so we can stay away from ur father”.

I went near her and sealed her lips with mine saying “dont cry ammi ur mine now i will keep happy for ever,and ifetech her food kept on dining table i sat beside her feed her with my own hands,while feeding her my hands were touching her baloon sized boobs,iam very lucky boy who won love of both my ammi and behan.

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My Love For My Women Abusive Father and Loving Mother.

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