My loving Apporva Aunty – Sex Stories

My loving Apporva Aunty – Sex Stories

In this part,another Aunty comes.Her name is Apporva Aunty.Just like her name,she is hot,just anyone would have wanted for fucking.The one thing anyone will like about her is her big ass,which is the biggest I have ever fucked.Its almost twice the size of all the asses I had fucked.When she used to walk in the colony, swaying her big ass,I am damn sure that anyone who was interested in her would definitely had a hard on instantly.

She was about 42yrs old and had a son who was studying outside and a daughter who was in 5th class.Her husband was a driver in my fathers office and his duty included taking my father to office and bringing him back.So,he and his family are well acquainted with our family

One day,while I was studying in my room,I heard someone crying faintly.I first thought that it was nothing but when it continued, I got eager and went towards the sound.It was coming from the drawing roomWhen I reached there,I was able to hear the voices clearly and recognized them.One of them was my mother and the second was of Apoorva Aunty.It was Apporva Aunty who was sobbing and my mother was comforting her.I was interested in their conversation and I stayed there.From the conversation,I figured out the whole story and also made my plan to fuck Apoorva Aunty’s big,fat ass.

What I got from their conversation is that-Uncle was having a drinking problem and sometimes beats Aunty.Aunty tried to make Uncle understand but Uncle didn’t pay any heed to his advice and they were having trouble.My mother told Aunty that although its her family matter but she will talk to my father about this and my father is going to give Uncle some advice. I thought this might be a golden opportunity for me to get Aunty some comforting and also some assfucking.

From that day onwards,my visit to Aunty’s house began to rise.I went there often on a pretext of one thing or another and gradually used to spend time with her.As she as all alone in the house,it was no problem for me and also Aunty used to chat with me.One day I asked her-Aunty,How is Uncle?I heard that he is not well.Aunty said-How can someone be well when he drinks for whole day?One day or another he is going to have some problem.I said-Aunty,why don’t you advice him something?She said-He doesn’t pay any heed to my advice and on the contrary,sometimes beats me.I said-What,he beats you?She said-Yes.Aurn tell me,am I saying something wrong?I said-No Aunty,Uncle doesn’t understand.He has such a beautiful wife at home and he could enjoy life with her but he drinks and creates problem.

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Aunty said-Beautiful?Me?You must be joking Arun?I said-No Aunty,its true.Yes,pardon me that you might be a little overweight but you still does have a body that will make any man mad or even I would say boy mad too.She looked at me and said-Are you sure?I said-I am Aunty.She said-That means you too are mad at my body and lusts after it.I said-Why don’t you figure that out yourself?She said-I have already did.Ooh Arun,I cant imagine that you one day will say this to me.I fell really proud that I am lusted by someone like you who is of my son’s age.I just cant imagine this.I said-Its better to convert dreams and imaginations into reality before it fades out.She looked at me and said-Then we shouldn’t delay.How about tonight?I said-Sure Aunty.

That night I sneaked from my house in the pretext of studying at the library and went to Aunty’s house.She opened the door and welcomed me in.We both went to their bedroom and when we were there,she suddenly grabbed me and started kissing me all over my body.She was saying-Ooh Arun,my love,I never dreamt that I will have this opportunity with you.Your Aunty is long over due for a good hard fucking.Please fulfill her wish.Make her wish true by making her your woman,whore,slut tonight.I said-Your wish is my command now.I started French kissing her and soon we were in hard embrance.

When we separated,I asked Aunty to become naked and she did.When she was removing her clothes,my cock was fully hard.She had big boobs but hanging and also had a very hairy pussy.I asked her for rear view and lo behold,the thing I was searching was there.Her bog fat ass.She then turned and said-Now Arun,its time to show Aunty,what have you for her?I did everything and she said-Aurn,my god,you are so huge.I said-Its all for you Aunty.Would you like to suck it?She said-Sure I am.She got on her knees and sucked it hard.The way she handled it,I was sure that she had done this before.

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Due to her expert mouth doing everything to my cock,it took me some minutes to flood her mouth with my juices which she drank without any problem.I said-Wow Aunty,you are definitely a champion cock sucker.You used to do it to Uncle right?She said-Yes.Uncle used to bring porn films and we used to watch it together.I first felt that all these things are awkward and didn’t want to do it.But when he forced me,I did and I sure loved the cock sucking and drinking the load.But he never gave the amount you just shot deep down my throat. I said-If you have seen the porn films,then you might have seen that part also which you may also felt somehow awkward but still might have done that with Uncle because to do that part, you certainly have a huge ass,I mean asset.

She said-Ok,now I understand.You are lusted for my ass,you naughty boy.Yes,Uncle did want to fuck it but I said that I am not much interested in it.You better do the front side and same rule applies to you too honey.Its Auntys pussy,who needs your hard cock to fuck it real hard and then fill me with your love juice as you did to my mouth.I said-I will fuck your pussy Aunty,but I want to try your ass first.You told me a little while ago that you first found it awkward but was soon addicted to the cock sucking.Ass fucking to something like that.You first say no but when you get the taste of it,you just say-In my ass you go.She smiled and said-So,you want my ass first?Ok,Arun since you are ready to pleasure your Aunty,as you said-In my ass you go.

I asked her to bring some lubricant and she said she has some engine oil in her house and I said it would be just great.She was on her fours and I was busy in licking her asshole and pussy one by one.Soon she got into the mood and was moaning.Then I poured some oil in her asshole and pushed my index finger into it.She cried-Ouch,it hurts Arun,please be gentle with that monster of yours.I said-Rest assured Aunty.I was finger fucking her ass and licking her pussy too.Soon she was ready and I jammed my cock up her ass.She cried again but this time I was in full mood and kept on jamming until I was deep inside her.I laid on her back and took hold of her dangling breasts and started humping.Her cries now became moans and she said-Ooh Arun,my god,you are full inside me.Its like you huge cock in my stomach.What are you waiting for?

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I said-Here I go and picked up my speed.It was just like a lion mating with a hippo.We are moving fast and she was panting and said-Fuck baby fuck,fuck your Auntys big ass you dreamed of.You must have jacked a lot time think of fucking my ass.You motherfucker,fuck Auntys ass hard.She wants her ass fucked all night long.Now I know how it feels to be assfucked.Ooh god,its so deep.Push it deep you motherfucker.Push it deep and rub you Auntys pussy too.Thats so good.Here I cum honey,here I cum and she came hard.I was still humpping and she said-You made Aunty cum while fucking her ass and now you should cum in my ass too and plaster the walls of the deep ass with you white sticky juice.I said-Here I go Aunty,here I go and I grunted while filling her rectum with my cumload.I got off her and we both laid sideways.She said-Wow Arun,that was the most wonderful experience in my sex life so far.I said-Mine too Aunty.

That night as promised,I licked,sucked and fucked her big,hairy,voracious pussy and cummed inside her.She also requested for another assfucking session which I obliged but this time I did it for a short time because fucking her huge BBW body had drained all my strength and I also wanted to sleep a little so that in the morning I could muster strength to go home.When I was leaving for home,Apporva Aunty said-When we are having our next session Aurn because as you said-I feel I am getting addicted to it and my theme from tomorrow will be-In my ass you go.I said-Our next session will be sooner than you think as I love being you man and you are my whore.

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My loving Apporva Aunty – Sex Stories

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