My Masters Lactation Slave – Sex Stories

My Masters Lactation Slave – Sex Stories

I sat in front of the PC and stared in awed disbelief at the message on the screen, I had placed the ad on the adult web site less than twenty-four hours ago and already I had almost a dozen responses. I was admittedly surprised because the details of the ad specified a certain type of woman I was looking for and usually I found it a challenge to locate a woman either willing or even eager to fill my needs.

I scanned through the responses eliminating all the subjects with kids or any ex husbands; I didn’t want to deal with those things in a relationship. However, I paused reading the fifth message noting that the woman was a widow and she had sent me a picture of her wearing a very brief bikini that barely contained her large, ripe breasts. The photo showed she was full figured though her bosom was noticeably full in its generosity.

A glance at her data told me she was in her early thirties and had no family in this part of the country, a possible keeper I thought. I continued through the other seven candidates and found two others that fitted the bill of what I wanted. I sat down and composed a brief E-mail instructing them to send me a second picture; this time topless in a pose that they found erotic.

I went back to the house that evening wondering just how these women would respond to my instructions, posing in a bikini or bathing suit for a stranger is one thing, topless is quite another. I ate a quite dinner that night and then sitting down at my PC I went on line to chat a bit only to discover that I had two messages waiting me in the adult web site I had placed my ad.

I opened the web page and sure enough there were two messages waiting me. I opened the first one and found it was a response from one of the women. She flat out told me she wouldn’t send me any photos of her topless until we had chatted and got to know each other better. I deleted her message and opened the second to find another letter that peaked my curiosity.

Dear Sir X,

I received your request a few minutes ago and understand your desire to see what I have to offer you. I have no problem with that, however before you open the attached photos please read this first. I feel that you need to know a bit about me initially, so there will be no misconceptions about my background.

I was married for ten years to a very dominate man that I submitted to, not just as his wife; but as his submissive. He started me lactating four years ago and I have milked my breasts every day since selling the product to local milk banks for mothers that need it for their newborns.

As you will see in the photos I am into serious breast and nipple discipline, also I enjoy bondage and going about wearing just lingerie. I hope that you can understand my needs and it poses no problems for us to chat, thank you for reading this first.



I blinked my eyes at the message and with trembling fingers clicked on the first picture attached to the E mail. It opened and I found myself looking at a woman bent over at the waist, wearing a waist cincher, stockings, and heels. A black leather sleeve encased her arms which were drawn behind her attached to a cable hanging from the ceiling above her.

Her lush ripe breasts hung from her chest about the size of two large flawless cantaloupes each one capped with a transparent cylinder that clung to her dark engorged nipples that were drawn into them from the suction applied. Her face was clearly visible to the camera and the raw lust and need I saw in her eyes told me she was totally enjoying her torment.

I opened the second attachment and discovered Melinda standing in front of a pine tree totally naked wearing only a set of slave cuffs and a collar. Her lush breasts were adorned with clothes pins crushing her dark nipples. Her creamy flesh was marked with bright pink lines from the switch she held in her mouth as she gazed into the camera. I saved the photos to my hard drive and started typing a letter to her as my pulse raced;

Dear Melinda,

I just got your letter and after reading it I viewed the two photos you attached to it. To say I am impressed is putting it mildly. I was not expecting to find a submissive when I placed this ad; however, I think that perhaps we can find common ground if we sit down and talk this over.

I have no relative experience as a Dom. However I must confess that I would be open to learning in order to fulfill your needs. I am an alpha male and am used to running my own business so I feel that is a plus factor in my behalf. I am listing my phone number if you want to call and discuss this. I leave that up to you, if you call we can go from there. I have attached a photo of myself for you to view also.

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Sir X.

I was watching TV when my laptop resting on the coffee table chirped telling me I had an E mail message, my head snapped around so fast I almost fell off the couch. I had thought long and hard about the add I had found in the web site only yesterday but in the end had determined to take the chance that it was legit and not a scam to get some kinky pictures of women.

Reaching over I lifted the slim Mac to my lap and with the stroke of my slender finger I opened the letter. I smiled as I read the words before me and fought down the butterflies that came with them, a phone call? I could handle that, no harm there. Oh he sent me a photo, what a nice touch! I opened it to see a well knit Caucasian male on one knee beside a beautiful golden retriever.

Sir X wasn’t movie star handsome, but he had a ruggedly, earthy masculinity about him that sent a shiver of anticipation through me. His openness about his lack of knowledge in dominating a woman really didn’t bother me too much, a bit of research on the web could bring him up to speed in short order.

A few clicks later I knew what state he lived in by the area code and prefix of his phone and smiled. He was about two states away, interesting! I set aside the Mac and lifting my cell phone I entered his number into the memory then hit the call tab as I held my breath wondering what the next few minutes held in store.

I was actually sitting on the commode when the phone rang and with a laugh I plucked my cell from the leather holder on my belt. I didn’t recognize the number and I smiled wondering if it was Melinda, I answered as I always did, �Jack speaking.�

There was silence for several moments then a soft yet husky female voice shyly asked, �Sir X?�

I swallowed hard and replied, �Melinda?�

�Yes Sir.�

�Well this is a very nice surprise; I wasn’t expecting to hear from you for awhile.� I replied soberly.

�Oh why is that?� she inquired hesitantly.

�Well to be honest I thought you might want some time to think this over before taking this step. Not that I mind at all you understand.� I replied.

She giggled and quipped, �Well to be brutally honest I felt I should call before I chickened out.�

I chuckled and retorted, �Melinda, you are a very beautiful unique woman, you have absolutely nothing to feel embarrassed about.�

I blushed and retorted, �Well not many men want a woman with big cow tits that get’s off being tied up and milked, then screwed in the ass.�

His voice was warm as he retorted, �You might be surprised dear lady, there’s a fine line between fantasy role playing and actual submission in your case. I mean wanting a human cow isn’t very usual these days, but having a woman that likes to get her tit’s milked every day is special.�

�True enough, �I conceded, �However does the aspect of disciplining a woman’s body bother you?�

He was silent for a few moments then he replied, �As long as I know she wants that and that I’m not abusing her, but rather adding pleasure to the sex aspect of things I think I can do it. I know enough about the color code system, are you familiar with it?�

�Yes I used it with my late husband. May I ask some questions?�She inquired.

�By all means;�I insisted.

She paused for a few moments then inquired, �You mentioned in your add you live out in the country?�

�Yes, I own a rather large tract of land about a half mile from my nearest neighbor. I have several out buildings on the property. One is a rather large stone barn where I want to have a stall and milking stantion placed to milk you in. The upper level of the barn is all finished off and part of it could be made into a discipline room for you.�

�I see, that would be nice to have a room to role play in for us. What do you do for a living?�She asked shyly.

I laughed and replied;�Would you believe I design bedrooms and adult play rooms for a very discreet special clientele?�

There was open surprise in her voice as she gasped, �Really, for real?�

�Yes indeed, I designed one for a couple in California about a week ago and sent a crew out to do the job, it will cost them about 30K by the time it’s all furnished with the bondage equipment they want in it.�He replied.

�Oh my god you design bondage chambers?� she demanded.

�Sometimes, other clients want an Arabian Nights room, or a starship officer’s quarters. I’ve even done a captain’s quarters of an old sailing ship of the British Navy for a couple that liked to have his female cabin boy tied up and flogged by the captain.�He insisted.

�I would never have thought there would be a market for that type of thing.� I quipped.

�I get a lot of couples that just want a master suite that caters to a romantic sensual setting for normal sexual activity. When you consider the amount of time a couple spends in the bedroom, it only makes sense to make it a bit lavish.�

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She agreed and I asked, �And what is your line of work, since were on the subject?�

Her giggle made him smile as she quipped, �You won’t believe me.�

He chuckled and retorted, �Try me.�

�I own an erotic lingerie shop.�I sighed.

He stood and laughed as he tucked the phone under his neck and exclaimed, �Oh you naughty lady, no wonder you like to run around in Lingerie, you get a discount!�

�That’s true but also I can order anything I like and no one asks any questions. I also carry a very exclusive line of breast harnesses for fellow submissive around here.�She informed him.

I had to admit that his voice, rich and filled with confidence sent shivers through me. Not even my late husband radiated such commanding authority. Master X wasn’t even dominating me yet and still my thick nipples were aching with need. I found my hand cupping my lace covered left udder as I toyed with my nipple.

I stifled a moan and to my acute embarrassment he insisted, �Are you getting off on this Melinda?�

I blushed and confessed, �Well sort of, your voice is so sexy and authoritative. I like a man who takes control and makes me obey him.�

His next words sent a rush through me as he asked, �You have a web cam?� I replied that I did and he told me to go on line and contact him in YM. Tucking the phone under my chin I set my laptop on the coffee table as I ask him about his long range plans for himself.

I invited him to join me on line and in mere seconds I saw his face on my monitor. He smiled at me and asked, �Disappointed?�

I shook my head and retorted, �God no! It’s just that, well-a- I normally don’t do this type of thing this quickly.�

He nodded in response and then he declared;�What happens here is up to you Melinda, I will tell you what I want, but you must decide what you will do, understand?�

�Yes, I understand Sir.� I replied blushing.

I had to admit that Melinda’s peaches and cr�me complexion blended well with her dark brown hair that was highlighted with streaks of burnished gold. Her facial structure held a slight Hispanic cast to it and the black lace camisole she wore along with her cut offs only enhanced her lush figure.

I smiled at her and taking a deep breath I spoke, �The pictures you sent are amazing. Your husband was a very lucky man. How did you get started in the D/s lifestyle?�

�We found a couple of DVD’s at an adult book store and after watching them we concluded that it was something we both wanted to try. Tom was very dominating to begin with so it wasn’t all that hard to take it to the next level.� She informed me over the phone.

I caught the glitter in her eyes and asked, �Okay Melinda, what’s on your mind?�

Blushing, a deep crimson she whispered, �Please, I need you to take control, it’s been so long since a man took charge and I really need that-�

I nodded and asked, �You have any toys handy?�

�In the bedroom, I’ll take my laptop in there and plug it in by the bed, okay?�

�Yes, do it now Wench!� I insisted firmly. Her girlish giggle told me she was happy to comply. I waited as she set the Mac notebook on her bed. Her bedroom from what I could see was nicely appointed and totally feminine, just as I expected it to be. She turned the laptop so the high resolution camera was focused on her womanly form and she knelt on the floor beside the bed and placing her hands behind her head thrust the lace camisole covered chest towards me as she smiled into the camera and spoke, �I am here to please you Sir, command me and I will obey.�

To be honest I was stunned at my response to Jack’s attitude, I was not at all in the habit of submitting to a stranger this early in a on line relationship. I had found it a challenge sorting out the players from the real Doms and most of them were taken. However there was just something in his eyes that conveyed to me a deep inner sense of untapped authority and dominance that I was eager to unlock.

I looked into the screen and waited anxiously wondering just what lay in store for me. It had been months since I had even had a man speak to me in a commanding tone of voice and when Jack had ordered me to the bedroom I had almost wet my pants.

His eyes swept over my kneeling form and then his voice came across the cell phone’s speaker, �Melinda do you have your pumps handy?�

A shiver coursed through me as I realized what he wanted me to do. I nodded and he smiled eagerly as he informed me, �I want to watch you milk your big fat tits as you sit with a dildo in your tight pussy.�

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I bit my lower lip and hesitated as he inquired, �Is that possible, or did you recently express all your milk?�

I shook my head and shyly asked, �Sir may this wench ask a small favor of you?�

He nodded and I suggested, �Might this wench have her milk swollen udders disciplined first by your command?�

I saw his eyes widen as he considered my suggestion and he nodded as he replied, �I think I can handle that, however since I have no idea just what you have in mind might you give me an idea of what you are thinking?�

I blushed and reaching onto the bed lifted a wooden slotted spoon up before the camera and suggested,� Perhaps a dozen strokes to my udders, five strokes to each one; three to the tops and sides, two to the tender undersides and the last one to each nipple? After I remove my clothes and play with my big fat udders for you of course.�

Her bold declaration hit me like a slap upside the head and suddenly my cock was as hard as a rock as I agreed, �Yes you shameless slut, take off that camisole and show me those big fat cow tits. You have no right to wear clothing in my presence!� I heard her giggle as she stood and facing the camera slid the straps off her creamy shoulders and eased the taunt black lace down letting her generous breasts bounce free.

Her lush udders were a work of art; even as she leaned forward to slip off the two garments I found my hands aching to cup and heft her generous hooters. She knelt again before me keeping her knees wide allowing me an excellent view of her hairless pussy and fantastic breasts. I asked, �Alright slut, just how big are those udders of mine?�

She bit her lip and replied, �Normally I’m a 38DD, but now I’m a fill E cup. After about twelve hours I can produce almost a full pint of milk unless I’m well stimulated, then I can go even more. Shall I keep a verbal count for you Sir and play with my tits between each stroke or just punish my tits hard and fast?�

I knelt on the satin cushion waiting for his verdict knowing that playing with my nipples between each stroke would make me horny as hell and just the pumping action would bring me off. He smiled at me and spoke firmly, �Take your biggest dildo and force it in your pussy you whore!�

I swallowed hard and looking up on the mattress found the black ribbed dildo that I used only once in awhile. I picked it up and showed it to him on the camera and he nodded in approval then ordered, �Lick it well bitch; show me how well you can use your mouth on a cock.�

I blushed at his crude language as I realized that he was proving to be a natural dominate and if he kept this up he would be keeping me quite happy. My entire body was trembling in anticipation of obeying his commands. I reached under the bed and slid out the small basin I kept there to pour my milk into from the pumps and set it aside in preparation for what I knew was coming. My bald pussy mound was actually throbbing as I licked the black rubber surface of the dildo and played with my nipples for him.

I stared in awed wonder and delight at the screen of my 54 inch plasma TV that I had my PC hooked into as I watched this stunning brunette lick the ribbed dildo. Her breasts were not just flawless, they were engorged with milk and I was eager to watch her apply the pumps to her puffy, swollen areoles and thick dark nipples.

Her eyes glittered as she moaned and swirled her skilled tongue around the flared tip of the black shaft and then slid it into her mouth coating it with saliva. She held it up and smiled as she whispered, �God I wish this was you. It’s been so long since I’ve had a real hard cock in my mouth Sir.�

I grinned and retorted, �We’ll work on that you wanton whore, now slide it in your hairless cunt, nice and hard.�

I watched as she rose up on her knees and biting her lower lip focused her attention on positioning the dildo under her pouting swollen labia. She eased the tip in place and looking at me she asked, �May I sit down Sir?� I nodded and she dropped groaning as it lanced into her tight passage, she shivered visibly as she gasped, �Oh Sweet Jesus, Oh fuck that’s good!� Her crude, naughty language turned me on even more as I watched her rock on the black dildo.

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My Masters Lactation Slave – Sex Stories

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