My mom Shalini get fucked by my boss Mr Rashid

My mom Shalini get fucked by my boss Mr Rashid

This story is about my mom. I am 18 years old and my mom is 39 years old hot and sexy divorced lady who works in a small private school as a teacher. Her name is Shalini. She is 5”4 and has a fair skin ,long hair and a busty body. Her figure is 38DD-31-40. She looks like a lady who is 32 and many people think she is my elder sister. My dad left her when I was a little kid and I have never seen him since then. My mom is a shy and conservative lady and wears sarees or salwar suits. She never exposes her milky assets. This story begins in July when I took admission in college and before that the school where my mom worked closed and she became jobless. My mom managed to pay for my college fees and kept on hunting for a new job for many months. Due to bad luck my mom failed to find a job and we were facing financial hardships. I offered a helping hand and found a job to support her. It was a part time job in a small company. The company’s owner Mr. Rashid Khan was a very kind and rich man. He is around 45 years old and a widower. He has 2 sons and both of them study abroad. He is 6 feet tall and a very handsome man. He keeps a small trimmed beard and I started working for him the next day. One day he asked about my family and I told that there is only my mom in my family. After a few days he told me that his servant boy who is also of my age has taken long leaves as his grandfather is sick and has gone to his village and he is not very much liking the outside market food and that is making him sick also. I immediately offered that I can get home cooked food made by my mom and he thanked me. The next day when I arrived in the evening for work I had a tiffin with me which I gave him. When I was leaving he said he liked the food a lot and that reminds him of his wife’s food and suddenly he became very sad. I told him that I will get food for him everyday and he said he understands that I am very poor and he offered me money for food which my mom cooked for him. For a few days I kept on bringing food and one day I forgot to keep the tiffin with me. I said sorry to him for this and offered him to come to my home to have food. I called my mom to tell her that my boss is coming for dinner.

Mr . rashid and me reached my place in 15-20 min is his car. Mom served him dinner and he thanked my mom for such a nice dinner and next thing that happened was beying my imagination. He took mom’s hand in his hands and kissed her hands to thank her for the food and praised the taste of food she cooks for him every day. Mom was totally shocked and surprised and could not say a word. Mr. rashid then gave her a light hug and thanked her again and left. Nothing happened after that and both of us slept. Next morning I went to college and then went for job after college. When I was leaving Mr. Khan called me in his office and offered me to sit.

We kept chit chatting for several minutes and then what he said came to me as a surprise. He said that your mom has not been able to get a job for 8 months and you are facing money problems. He treats me like a son and he offered me to come with my mom and stay in his house and all my mom has to do was to cook food for him and take care of the house. This was like a house maid job and I was too ashamed to tell this to my mom and next day he again asked me about my Sepision. I did not say anything and told about this to my mom fearing she might get angry as she had been a teacher for all her life. My mom took some time to think and agreed and I was not too happy about her Sepision. But anyways we moved to Mr. Rashid’s house. It was a big house with 5 rooms and he gave us a room to stay. Mr. Khan had a maid servant already who used to clean the house and wash his clothes etc but after we arrived he told his maid to leave the job and offered my mom to do all the work.

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Neither of us were happy about these developments in our life but Mr. rashid offered her salary more than she used to earn before so she agreed. A few days passed by and nothing much happened. Mr. rashid used to praise my mom’s food and also occassionaly prasie her beauty . Mom just used to thank him and smile. Few days later Mr. rashid told me to focus on studies and career and told me to leave part time job in his company and instead join some computer courses and I did the same. He even started calling me beta in front of my mom and used to care for me like a real son. He gifted me a bike and a laptop and paid for the new courses I joined and started giving me pocket money.

One day after dinner he asked my mom why she dresses so conservatively. She is so beautiful and she should dress up like a modern lady to look sexy and hot. She was stunned by this statement. He then went to his room and brought some jwellery. He gave my mom ear rings, bangles,necklace and anklets which he requested her to wear as he said a young lady does not look good without ornaments.

He then asked me- “Son, will you make your mom look sexy for her admirer”
I immediately said yes. The next thing he did was to order me to throw all of my mom’s clothes in dustbin. I immediately followed the orders. He then gifted all his wife’s clothes to my mom and told mom to wear them from the next day. Next morning mom was wearing a sleeveless kurti without dupatta and stole. The kurti exposed a bit of her cleavage and back. Mom was too shy to go out of room and prepare breakfast but I convinced her for that. When Mr. Khan noticed her in those clothes he again praised her beauty and thanked her for following what he said the night before. But mom was stoo shy to have her boob curvature exposed in front of him and she did not even have a dupatta. He ordered me to get her bra and panty and after seeing the size of them . he threw them in dustbin. He then went to office and I went to college. When I returned in the evening I saw Mr. rashid had bought a few pair of expensive looking bras and panties for my mom and a very expensive looking lehenga. Mom thanked him for all the gifts and after mom went to sleep he asked me to talk to me.

He was really straught forward this time. He said that I am like a son to him so my mom automaticaly becomes his wife and my mom must do all the things which a wife does. I agreed to what he said and promised to help him. That night I told my mom what he said but my mom was afaraid and she refused. She was already unhappy about recent developments in the house. I hugged my mom and consoled her and she was in tears. I told mom that I like Mr. Khan as my dad and wanted to stay here with all the facilities he is giving us and all she ahs to do is loive like his wife and mom was still a bit reluctant. Next day I returned from college early. I took mom to a parlour and ordered a bridal make up. Mom was very much reluctant and afraid but my presence kept on consoling her. I went to a nearby market and brought flowers and Seporated Mr. rashid’s bedroom like a honeymoon bed with flowers and fragrances. This was a return gift to him for all the gestures and kindness he has been showing to us. I brought my mom home in evening and left her Mr. rashid’s bedroom. She was really afraid and started to cry. I hugged and consoled her and put her in bed. I ordered food from outside and kept on waiting eagerly for Mr. Rashid to come. My mom’s lehenga was green in colour. It has a small choli not able to hide her boobs. The choli was backless with strings and very deep neck. The transparent pallu did not help to hide her enormous milky boobs. She was sitting there in Mr. rashid’s bed and waiting to be fucked by a man who is not her husband. I am sure she would be getting fucked tonight after a very long time.

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When Mr rashid came I served him dinner and after dinner he had a few drinks. He then moved to his bedroom and I wanted all of it to be a surprise. When he opened the door he saw my mom sitting in his bed like a newly wed bride and the room was Seporated like a honeymoon suite and he looked at me and smiled and went inside. He then locked the door from inside.

I quickly went to balcony window to see the honeymoon of my mom. He was sitting in his bed and mom was at one side. He approached my mom and kept his hand on her back. The touch gave my mom shivers and she moved away. Mr rashid was drunk and he then pulled my mom towards him and hugged her. My mom was trying to get rid of that. He held her head by one hand and waist by other and carefully put his lips on hers. He held her head so tight that she could not move it and he started smooching her. I could see her eyes and facial expressions that she wanted all of this to stop. He smooched her for quite some time and my mom had already started crying due to shame and fear. He was in no mood to let her go and leave her and was forcefully trying to enjoy her body and my mom was ready to have sex from inside but was showing shame and fear from outside…

After a long smooch he made my mom lie on bed and laid next to her and started caressing her stomach. He started licking her navel after that and mom was getting hot and horny because of all this foreplay. He lifted moms lehenga and started moving his hands on her extremely fair and hairless thighs and then started licking them. Later on he stripped her off her lehenga to make her lower body part only in panty. Mom closed her legs tightly and he smiled at her. He pulled mom in his embrace and removed her choli and mom was now only in a bra and panty. Mom tried to cover her huge boobs with her hands and tried to hide them from him. He smiled and took her in his tight embrace only to unhook her bra. Mom was not ready to be naked and she tried to stop him but he forcefully removed bra from her body to expose her huge milky white globes with light brown huge nipples. Her nipples we hard and mom was trying to hide them. But he held her hands and instructed her not to hide her boobs again which mom had to agree to. He could not resist giving her boobies a tight squeeze to begin with and then started licking her nipples. He had one boob in his hand and other in her mouth and was sucking them like a small baby in the beginning but later on went rough to give my mom huge pain and I could see the pain from the tears that were flowing from her eyes. He stood up on bed to drop his pants and underwear and waved his 9” huge thick cock at my mom’s face. My mom almost screamed seeing such a huge cock and was scared. She did not know what his intentions were but the next moment she found his cock in her mouth and her hair tightly grabbed by him. She took the cock out of her mouth and wanted to vomit.

This made Rashid Sir very angry and he slapped my mom very hard and her cheeks turned red. Mom mom then again reluctantly took the tip of his cock in her mouth and held it in her mouth for some time as she did not know what to do with such a huge cock. Rashid sir was getting impatient and angry and I saw he slapped my mom multiple times and my mom screamed in pain. He held her hair this time very hard and showed his cock the way to her mouth and started giving to and fro motion to her face and he started enjoying a bit. He ordered m y mom to suck his cock faster and harder which she had no option than to comply. She kept on suck his cock for 10 minutes and after that he instructed her to lick his balls which she reluctantly did. He then removed her panty to have a good glimpse of her clean shaved pussy and played with it for a while and inserted a finger to give my mom some pleasure. He then made her lie straight on bed with legs wide spread and got on top of her to put her dick inside her. Mom was scared from the thought of such a huge dick inside her cunt but she had no option. Mom closed her legs quickly to which he smiled and made her spread her legs wide again and touched her cock with her vagina. Mom was feeling pleasure by the touch of a cock but this pleasure was about to be turned into pain when it would go inside her pussy.

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He made one soft stroke to push it inside and only the top portion went in. Mom screamed in pain and he was unaffected by her screams and made one hard stroke to put the rest part inside of her. After 3 strokes his full dick was inside her and he kept it like that position for a while and played with my mom’s tits for sometimes. Suddenly he started stroking his cock to give my mom a mixed feeling of pain and pleasure but that monster cock was only giving her pain with every move and she again started to shed tears and seeing her tears gave my boss extra energy to fuck her pussy harder. He went on to full energy mode to start giving rough and strong strokes and every time my mom screamed louder and louder. His 9 inch cock was touching her womb and that was giving her immense pain. He held her boobs tightly in his hands and was violently pressing them while ramming her pussy. Mom was only screaming her pain and crying and he was being rough on her soft body. After 30 minutes of fucking he ejaculated his semen inside her womb and they lay still for some time. After that they went to bathroom and I could hear another rough fucking session in bathroom. Total he fucked my mom 5 times that night and both slept naked and I went to my room to sleep.
Next morning mom wore a transparent saree and a blouse and prepared breakfast. Rashid sir asked about my studies and thanked me for convincing my mom to live like his wife. Before leaving for office he kissed my mom and pressed her boobs in front of me and said there would be some changes in the way she lives from today.

I kept on thinking all day as to what changes would he bring in my mom’s life. In evening when he returned he brought a few short skirts and thin material low neck tight fitting tops for my mom. He instructed my mom to wear only these 2 pieces of clothes and she must not wear any bra and panty at home to which my mom agreed. Mom went to bathroom to change and came out wearing a short black skirt and a light green top which barely covered her huge boobs. It was a thin material top with straps and her entire boobs and nipples were visible. Mom was shy in front of me but he made mom sit on his lap and kissed her and played with her boobs in front of her while we all were having dinner. After dinner he told mom that he wants her to do all the house work like cleaning , washing, kitchen , cooking etc and had asked his amid to stop coming and mom happily agreed as she did not have much work to do anyways.

Every night and morning he used to violently fuck my mom and he fucked my mom for many months and things changed after his son came on vacations from college.

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My mom Shalini get fucked by my boss Mr Rashid

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