My Pretty Mommy Erotic stories

My Pretty Mommy Erotic stories

I always found my mom attractive. Even at the tender age of 18 I would try to sneak peeks of her in the state of undress or try to look up her skirt whenever I had the chance. She was very pretty mainly because she was only 28 years old. She had me when she was 16 and was forced to bring me up all by herself because her boyfriend (my father) found out she was pregnant and left her and never came back.

My mother goes to the gym every week so she is in fine shape. She’s is 5’6″ with pretty brown hair that goes past her shoulders, 112 lbs., 34C cup size, long tanned legs, hazel eyes, and an ass that can stop traffic. She has the look of moms you see on television. She goes out on dates at least three or four times a week, but she always comes back unsatisfied. All her dates want is sex and all she wants a loving relationship. I try to help out around the house by cleaning and washing the dishes since she’s always working. She would always come home tired warn out by her hard days work. I would try to comfort her by massaging her back and fixing dinner. I was always a very responsible and smart kid. I’m not too bad looking I guess. I’m about 5’4″ with short black hair, light brown eyes, and about 115 pounds. I’ve had my share of girlfriends, but never really stayed with them for long.

I remember one night when mom came home and went straight to the recliner. She sat down and closed her eyes.

“How was work mom?”

“Hard and boring,” she replied.

“Want me to rub your feet for you mom?”

“Sure baby go ahead.”

She took off her heels and laid back on the recliner. I sat down next to her feet and started to gently rub her foot.

“MMMmmmmm, that feels good honey.”

As I was rubbing her feet I could see her open her legs a little. She was wearing her work clothes which were a white blouse and a short gray skirt. I continued to rub her feet and she opened her legs a little wider. I looked between her legs hoping to catch a glimpse of her panty covered crotch while she kept her eyes closed and laid her head back. I could now see a little white. She was wearing her white cottons tonight. I was beginning to get hard. I could feel my dick press hard against my shorts. Then she suddenly rose from the recliner.

“Thanks honey, I think I’ll go take a shower now,” she said as she gave me a peck on the cheek.

Damn! I thought to myself. Well at least I saw her panties. She walked to her bedroom and closed the door behind her. I just stayed on the floor and watched what was on TV. Then I heard the door open and glanced towards her room. She came out in her bra and panties and walked towards the bathroom which was right across her. She had skimpy white cotton panties and a white bra on. She entered the bathroom then closed the door. I was extremely hard at this point and wanted to see more of my beautiful mother. I got up and walked to the bathroom door. I listened through the door and heard the shower running. I put my hand on the door knob and turned it slightly. I wanted to desperately see my mother naked. I opened the door a little and tiptoed inside. I could see the steam rising from the shower. We had dark blue shower curtains so I couldn’t see her. I continued to tiptoe inside and I suddenly felt something soft on my foot. I looked down and saw that it was my moms white panties that she was wearing earlier.

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I immediately grabbed the panties and brought it to my nose. I inhaled her sweet scent through the crotch of her panties. The sweet smell of pussy. My dick was so hard. I rubbed my dick while I continued to inhale my mom’s pussy scent through the panties. Then the shower suddenly turned off so I dropped the panties on the floor and stormed out of the bathroom. My mom got out of the shower and noticed that the door was open. I looked at her through the corner of the wall. She had a puzzled look on her face. No doubt because she was sure she closed the bathroom door. I was sure I was caught, but was relieved to find that she didn’t see me. She looked around then closed the door. I decided that it was time to relieve myself so I went to my room and jerked off.

I woke up and glanced at the clock. It was 2:00 a.m. I was thirsty so I figured I’d get something to drink. I was walking down the hall and noticed that mom’s door was open. I thought about the events that happened earlier and decided to see what mom was doing. I opened the door and walked towards the side of her bed. I stared at her while she slept. She was laying on her right side with her back to me.

The covers were a little below her waist. I decided to see what she was wearing under the covers so I grabbed the edge of the blanket and slid it past her waist. She was wearing a long T-shirt that went all the way to her mid thighs. She looked so sexy and helpless. I just had to have her. Suddenly she turned over to lay on her back and I ducked for cover. I was afraid that she caught me spying on her. Then I heard a slight snore from her. Whew! I thought to myself. I got up and looked at her laying on her back. Her shirt was barely covering her crotch area now. It seems that turning over caused her shirt to rise a little. My dick was hard as a rock. I just wanted to stick my hard dick in her pussy right then and there, but knew that wasn’t going to happen. At least not yet. I gently touched her leg. She made no response. incest sex stories I got braver and slid her shirt tail up a little, exposing her crotch covered panties for the world to see. She was wearing skimpy blue panties this time. I put my index finger in the slit of her pussy. I started to rub it up and down her slit. I could feel it start to moisten.

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Oh shit! I removed my hand from her pussy. I was going to run out of the room, but noticed that her eyes were still closed. She must be still asleep, I thought. This could get interesting. I put my finger back to her pussy and rubbed a little faster now. She was really wet by now and I was really hard. I decided to try and take her panties off. I grabbed the waistband of her panties and tried to slid them off, but couldn’t because it was stuck under her ass. Then she suddenly lifted her ass so I could pull them down. I slid them off her and put them to my nose. Aww yes, the pungent smell of mom’s pussy juice. I threw the panties on the floor and stared at my beautiful sleeping mother. I looked at her pussy. It was dark in the room, but I could still make out her pussy. She had dark pussy hair that was nicely trimmed. I put my index finger back in mom’s slit and felt her pussy juices on my finger. I brought my finger to my mouth and licked her juices. Damn she tastes good! I put my finger back on mom’s pussy. I slid it in very slowly.

“OOOhhhhhhh baby.” She started to involuntarily rock her hips as I slid in my finger.

“Ohh yeah, baby fuck my pussy,” I heard mom say under her breathe.

She must be having some sort of wet dream, I thought. I took out my finger then slid two fingers in her pussy. She was warm and tight and getting wetter by the seconds. I began finger fucking my mom’s pussy.

“Ugh, Ugh, yes, yes!”

She started to get louder now. That’s it! I thought. I slid my finger out and took off my shorts and T-shirt. I decided it was time to fuck my mother. I got up on the bed and moved in between her slender legs. I put her legs on my shoulders and I took my dick in my hand and guided it to mom’s pussy. I rubbed the tip of my cock along her pussy then slid it inside her wet cunt.

“Ohh yes Michael, fuck me!”

Michael? Who’s Michael? I thought. She must be having a dream of a previous lover named Michael. I pushed my dick in deeper. She was so tight. I was able to get my full 5 inches inside her cunt. It felt like I had my cock in a vice.

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“Ugh, yes! yes! fuck me harder!” she screamed.

I began to fuck her cunt vigorously. Faster and harder into her pussy. I never in the world thought that I would be able to fuck my own beautiful mother. She was panting and moaning louder and louder. I could feel the muscles of her taboo porn story cunt grab my dick, wanting to pull me in.

“Ya baby, fuck me! Fuck my cunt!”

I was going to come. I could feel it.

“Ugh, mommy I’m gonna come!” I yelled.

Then she opened her eyes.

“Ahhh! Robert get off me!” she screamed.

“No, mommy I want to come inside you!”

She tried to force me off her, but I held her legs tight as I fucked her cunt so she couldn’t get me off.

“Robert, get off me! You shouldn’t be fucking your mother!”

“I can’t help it mommy, you’re just too pretty”

I felt my balls tingling then my dick exploded with cum inside my mom’s pussy. Then I felt her come too.

“Ugh, Robert what have you done? Look what you made me do!”

I could feel her moan under her breath as she came onto my dick. Cum leaked around my cock and down the crack of her ass. I continued to gently rock my dick in her and she didn’t resist. I got off of my mother and laid next to her. “Robert I can’t believe you actually came in me,” she said. “Do you realize that you could have gotten me pregnant?”

“I know mom, I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it.”

“Robert this is against the law, I could get into big trouble if anyone found out.”

“No one’s gonna find out mom,” I said as I kissed her cheek.

“Robert stop it.”

“No mommy, I want you.”

I rubbed started to rub her pussy again.

“Mmmmmm Robert, that feels so good, but this is wrong.”

I stuck my finger inside her pussy again.

“You like it when I finger fuck you mommy?”

“Ugh, yes,” she moaned.

“You want me to fuck you again mommy? You want your son to stick his dick inside you?”

“Yes baby, fuck your mommy.”

I got on top of her and penetrated her pussy with my dick like I did before. This time she was fully awake to enjoy it.

“Yes, Robert, fuck your mother’s cunt!”

I started to pound mercilessly into her, her body reacted as her vagina contracted perfectly around my penis. I moaned in pleasure as I fucked my mother. The woman that a lot of guys wanted to fuck before, but never got a chance to. We fucked all night long and I came in her cunt over and over again. Then one day, Sex stories she came back from the doctors and told me startling news… she was pregnant… with my child.

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My Pretty Mommy Erotic stories

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