My Sister and I get Boned by butliquor55

My Sister and I get Boned
by butliquor55

As I sit here thinking about the events of the last twenty four hours, I can’t help but think of all the sexual encounters that I have been involved in. As a thirty one year old woman, still being single has given me the opportunity to go and do as I please. Being sexually active has always been my desire and I have experienced many different situations with both men, women and other animals. I have to laugh when I think of the first time I had sex with a dog. I was home alone with my Labrador Retriever, Bone, when I had just gotten out of the shower and because I had the day off work, I didn’t get dressed and just flopped down on the bed naked. As I thought about my plans for the day, my mind wandered to the thought of finding a male friend for an afternoon of sex. It had been a couple weeks since my last fuck and I was getting horny. As I lay there thinking, I automatically started rubbing my clit. This made me feel good and soon my pussy was leaking moisture all down the crack of my ass. Not paying any mind to what was going on, I was startled when Bone jumped up on the bed next to me. I laughed and told him, “You scared the shit out of me Bone.”

As I laid there I reached over and patted him on the head and he gave me that pleading dog look that they have. I couldn’t stand it and I started to pet him and rub his neck. As I rubbed his neck, he got a whiff of my fingers that had been rubbing my wet pussy a couple seconds earlier. This got Bone to licking my fingers and caused evil thoughts to enter my perverted mind.

I reached down and slipped a couple fingers into my pussy and let them soak up the juices there. Then I reached out my hand to Bone and he immediately licked them clean. As I glanced down at his body, I noticed that his cock was sticking out of it’s sheath and was red and growing. I dipped my fingers in my wet hole again and he was happy to clean them off. When I went to wet them again, Bone stuck his head over my leg and before I could react, his big, long and wide tongue stuck out and ran all the way from the bottom of my slit to my clit.

I fucking near jumped off of the bed! I covered my leaking snatch with my hand in total surprise. I had been licked on the cheek by him before but the coarseness of his tongue on my hot pussy lips was unbelievable. It felt so wonderful! Bone pushed at my hand with his nose trying to get to the flavor he liked so much. He looked at me with that sad eye contact again and, as usual, he got his way.

As I removed my hand from covering me, he started back to his licking up my juices. Every time he ran his tongue the length of my snatch, I came closer to an orgasm. It was one of the most fantastic feelings I had ever experienced.

I moved around on the bed and swung my leg over top of bone and there I was, spread wide open with the big dog lying between my legs. Having just shaved my pussy in the shower, I was clean and smooth and that magnificent dog tongue worked magic on my clit. Bone pretty much attacked my cunt and he was licking so hard that his tongue was actually going into my slit almost like being screwed by a cock. It was amazing!

Bone licked my pussy for another minute or so and the feeling was so great that my orgasm hit me and I thought I was going to pass out. I was shaking and the cum was literally running down the crack of my ass onto the bed sheets. I grabbed Bone’s head and held on as the second wave hit me. I enjoyed the feeling and even had a third climax before I rolled over and moved away from Bone’s amazing tongue.

There I was, all sweaty and cum was running down my crack and I was out of breath and my pooch was looking at me like he had done something wrong, when my breathing returned to almost normal, I leaned over and kissed him on top of the head and said, “Thank you Bone! I had no idea you could eat pussy like that! You can bet that you will get more of that in the future.” Bone responded by licking my face and lips and I swore it tasted like my pussy.

Bone stood up on the bed and that’s when I saw his rather large red cock sticking out from it’s sheath. I figured that he was as horny as I was so I reached out carefully and touched it. He turned and looked at his dick and licked it a couple times.

It grew a little more and I thought, “What the fuck, it’s only fair.” I leaned down under him and stuck his cock in my mouth. It was hot and not sticky like I thought it would be. I closed my mouth around it and took it all the way in my mouth. It tasted kind of musty and maybe even a little salty, but not bad at all. As I moved around and got on my hands and knees to try and give Bone some head, he suddenly jumped around and before I could stop him, he wrapped his front paws around my waist and he was humping in the air trying to fuck me. I realized that to try to get away from him was futile and he kept humping me wildly. I bent down and looked between my legs and reached back and found his cock and guided it toward my waiting opening. As soon as the tip of his cock touched my hole and he felt the heat from it, he immediately lunged forward and sunk his dick into me in one thrust. It hurt like hell and he started pumping it into me at a pace no man could ever keep up with. The pain turned to extasy as Bone continued to hammer my soaking wet pussy and he was pouring cum into me and all over the place, it was amazing.

Suddenly I felt something very large trying to enter me and I realized it was his knot. I had seen pictures of a dog’s cock and I knew what was about to happen. I tried to relax my muscles and just enjoy it but it was so big that it hurt when it slid inside me. As soon as he buried the knot in my pussy, I felt it rapidly grow and it sealed itself inside me. Suddenly Bone stopped humping me and he laid still on my back and I could feel his hot dog cum filling me up. It was a very strange but pleasant feeling and it felt like he was emptying gallons of cum in me. His head was right next to mine and I tried to kiss him on the nose and he returned the gesture by licking my lips with his long tongue as he continued to fill me with his seed.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that, but as I laid there, I could feel the sperm leaking from my slit and running down my legs. I reached under me and started to rub my clit and think about how fucking perverted I was behaving and it soon took me over the edge into a long violent orgasm. I moaned in pleasure and Bone again licked my face as if he knew he was making me happy. He tried to pull away from me, but the knot was swollen so much that it wouldn’t come out and it hurt when he tried. I reached back and grabbed his legs so he couldn’t move and he calmed down and was still again. I continued to rub myself and again I experienced a wonderful climax.

Again, several minutes passed and I thought I could feel his knot shrinking and soon he tried to pull away from me. This time he was able to get the knot out of me and it actually made a pop as it came out and dog cum spewed everywhere. It ran down my legs and was literally running out of my cunt. I could not believe how much of it there was.

Bone turned and licked his dick off and then he turned to me and he began to clean up the mess he had made on me. Again, my tender clit was licked by his sandpaper tongue and it was almost more than I could stand, so I reached back and covered my clit with my hand. He continued to lap up all the cum he could and it felt like his tongue was going inside my slit and it brought me to yet another shattering orgasm.

After he finished cleaning me up, Bone stood there looking at me and I was mesmerized by his huge red dog cock just hanging there bobbing up and down and believe it or not, it was still squirting cum from the pointed tip. I couldn’t help myself, and I turned around so I could get my head under him and I slowly took his knot in my hand and I licked his cock from the knot to the tip. When I touched the pointed tip with my tongue, it would squirt out a stream of cum. I continued to lick the tip and he continued to shoot cum into my mouth. It had a different taste and consistency than a man’s cum, but I was getting used to the taste and it wasn’t bad at all. I sucked his dog dick for a long time until my head was getting sore from bending down.

As I sat up, Bone turned to me and proceed to lick his cum from my face as if to thank me. I stuck out my tongue and he licked it and his big wide tongue found its way into my mouth. We continued to kiss, I guess you would call it a kiss, it was weird, but definitely not unpleasant. We ended up both lying on the bed next to each other and I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to my big dog looking at me and I wondered what in the world would be going on in his mind. Did he think that I was his new bitch and that he could fuck me anytime he felt like it or was he thankful that his master was a perverted sex maniac that would suck his cock and fuck him whenever she was horny?

I guess it really didn’t matter which was true as long as we both got what we wanted and no one got hurt in the process.

I patted Bone on the head and asked him if he was hungry. I knew I was hungry and we both got up and headed for the kitchen. I was still naked and Bone followed me closely and I even felt his cold wet nose poke me in the ass as he followed me down the hallway. I fed him and made myself some lunch and we both ate our fill. When we were finished, I let bone out into the back yard and I headed for the shower to wash the dried dog cum off my well satisfied pussy.

The second long hot shower of the day reinvigorated me and I was again feeling pretty good about myself now that my sexual needs had been fulfilled. Still naked, I went to the back door and looked out in the yard for my dog. Bone was lying in the shade under the tree by the garage having his usual afternoon nap. He looked content and I decided to just let him be.

Suddenly the front door opened and I heard my sister yell my name. Holy shit, she always did that! She never knocked, she just opened the door and yelled for me. I think she was always trying to catch me doing somebody or something that she could hold against me. Don’t get me wrong, I love her to death, but that always made me mad.

“Jennifer, are you home?” she yelled, “Is anyone here?”

There I was standing in the kitchen naked and my sister was tracking me down. There was nothing I could do but answer her. “I’m in the kitchen Kris,” I answered as I waited for her to find me.

She froze in her tracks when she entered and saw me standing there naked as the day I was born.

“Oh my god, you’re naked!” she blurted out, “What the hell are you doing naked?”

“Well, I just got out of the shower and I was just checking to see if Bone wanted in and low and behold, my nosey sister just bursts in the front door without knocking and what the fuck am I supposed to do?” I bitched at her, “Besides, you have probably seen a nude woman before.”

“Shit sis, I’m really sorry. I guess I should really knock before I come in. It’s a bad habit I have and I’m sorry,” Kris apologized, “But damn, you look pretty good for an old lady!”

“Be nice with that old shit,” I warned her, “I’m only two years older than you lady.”

Kris just laughed and she moved closer and gave me a big hug and kissed me on the cheek. I was surprised she came that close to me while I was naked. She squeezed me pretty tight and I could feel my tits pressing against hers as we hugged.

Kris is a very attractive woman and is always in fantastic shape and usually dressed in something that shows off her ample physical attributes. She is the same height as me, 5’ 5” and her figure is a little tighter than mine. I measure out at 35C-26-38 and Kris comes in at 32C-22-34. I was blessed with our mother’s red hair and Kris is blond like dad. Other than that, you can pretty much tell we are sisters.

As she stepped back, I could see her nipples had got hard and were poking at the thin blouse she had on. As always, Kris was in a pair of designer jeans that appeared to be sprayed on and wearing 4” high heels that really accented her muscular legs. Of course, her hair was perfect and she smelled absolutely fantastic. Shit, she made me jealous!

That was when I noticed that she was looking at my tits and then down at my shaved pussy. When she knew I had caught her checking me out, she turned red and said, “Shit, you really do look hot, if I wasn’t married, I would probably jump all over you!”

“I never knew that to stop you before,” I taunted her, “Don’t let a little thing like that stop you.”

She just turned away and sat down at the kitchen table and started talking like usual. I sat across from her and we chatted about everything that had happened since we last spoke. After a few minutes, we hear Bone at the door and I got up and went to let him in. When I opened the door, he immediately went for Kris. They loved each other and he always was happy to see her. They exchanged greetings and he managed to lick her cheek and that got her laughing. “He always does that to me,” she complained, “And I fall for it every time.” She wiped her cheek with her hand and we both laughed.

That was when Bone came to me and stuck his tongue right in my crotch. I panicked and grabbed his head and scolded him so as not to let my sister know that it wasn’t the first time he had been there. Bone just looked up at me and I swear that I could see the wonder in his face.

“He can probably smell that shaved pussy and it just makes him horny. Fuck, he’s no different than any other male.” Kris laughed, “you flaunt it in front of him and that’s what will happen. I read an article online the other day about women who have dogs for lovers. It was pretty strange and it told about how for centuries women have had sex with dogs and even horses. It was some pretty weird shit, but I suppose it could be worse. They said that your dog is safer sex than some guy you load up in a bar. You know where your dog has been and not where some stranger has been or slept with. I guess it makes sense in some sick perverted way. Plus, there is no worry about getting pregnant as the DNA is different and it can’t happen.”

“Wow, I can’t believe you read something like that. Were you interested in that kind of sex, or what was the deal? Do you think you would ever do something like that?” I quizzed her wondering what she would answer.

“I just kind of stumbled across the article while I was looking at some crazy porn site and I started to read it and I must admit, it intrigued me. Now I’m no sick pervert, but the devil in me kind of made me wonder what it would be like.” Kris explained. “I don’t know if I would ever do it or not. Maybe if the situation was right and I was sure nobody could ever find out that I had done it. But it sure might be interesting to talk to someone who is into it to learn more about it.”

I could not believe that my straight laced little sister was actually open to the thought of having sex with an animal. It was just not what I could imagine her doing. The situation intrigued me and I was thinking of just how I should try to get her interested in fucking my dog.

“What if I told you that I may know a woman who has tried it? If I hooked you up with her, would you talk to her and keep it between just you and her?” I said as I watched her face for her reaction.

“Holy fuck, I would love to talk to a lady who had really had sex with a dog! I have so many questions that I would want answered. That would be amazing and, yes, I could keep it a secret. You know I am not a kiss-and-tell kind of girl. You know I can be trusted with a secret.” Kris was on the edge of her chair as she told me, “You know that’s true.”

Now came the moment of truth. I knew Kris was as trustworthy as any person I knew, but I wasn’t sure how she would react to the news that her own sister had fucked a dog just a little while ago. I knew that if I told her my secret, I could never take it back. It would be between us and would she think I was a sick fucking pervert, or would she embrace the act and give it a try like I had done? There was only one way to find out. What the fuck was the thought that went to my head as I looked at my gorgeous sister.

“OK, well you are looking at her. I have had sex with my dog.” I told her.

She looked me in the eyes and after a brief moment of thought, she asked, “Was it as good as they said, how did you come to try it, was it something you planned, does anyone else know, oh god, I have a thousand questions!”

I sat there and explained to my younger sister the whole story of the morning in great detail leaving nothing out. I explained it all to her as it happened, step by step. She sat and listened intently and never interrupted me one time. Kris was paying close attention to my story and when I finished, she sat there quietly and just seemed to be soaking up all the things I had explained to her. She had no expression on her face and didn’t say anything for a brief period.

“Well say something, sis,” I begged.

“Do you have any regrets?” was her first question.

“No, I was worried that I might, but it was so wonderful and Bone enjoyed it as much as I did, so nobody was hurt and we both had the time of our life.” I answered, “In fact I promised him that we would do it again, soon. Real soon!”

“Would you do anything different now that you have had time to think about it?” was the second question she asked.

“I was thinking while I was in the shower that I may want to try to get him to fuck me missionary style. I don’t know if it would work, but it might be easier on me because he is so big and he weighs about 80 pounds and when he was on my back it was a lot to support for a long time.” I said. “I don’t know, but I would like to try it that way to see.”

“Would you think that Bone would fuck me if I wanted him to?” she asked as she looked me in the eyes, “I mean would it be alright with you if I wanted to fuck him? Wow, I’m getting wet between my legs just thinking about it! What do you think sis, would you let me fuck your dog, please?”

What do you say to your little sister, your best friend, who wants you to help her get fucked by your dog? Now mind you, this is a gorgeous woman who could probably have any man she desired. And here she is sitting at your kitchen table telling you that she wants you to have your dog fuck the shit out of her. There was only one answer.

“Kris, if you really want this, I am more than happy to help you fulfill your fantasy. I promise you it will be our secret and that you will enjoy it more than any sex you have had before, I promise. The only question remaining is, when?” I looked at her awaiting her answer.

She looked at me and I could see her hands shaking and she said,” How about now? I am free for the whole day and my old man won’t be home until tomorrow, so how about now? It looks like you’re dressed for it now anyway. Do you think Bone is up to it after fucking you already?”

I smiled at my little sis and told her, “I think if you show Bone your pussy, he will be ready in record time. Right Bone?”

Bone raised his head and his tail was wagging in complete agreement.

“Oh my god, I’m going to fuck a dog!” Kris giggled.

We got up and headed for the bedroom and Bone was right on my heels and he was trying to lick my ass again. What a whore dog!

Once in the bedroom, Kris began to remove her clothes. First the thin blouse came off revealing those perfect tits that I had been looking at. And yes, they were as perfect as I imagined. Then she started wiggling out of those jeans and it was as much work as I figured, but she managed to get them around her ankles in record time. When she stood and kicked them to the side, you could see the big wet spot on the front of her red bikini underwear. I knew that she was turned on just by that alone. I watched with great anticipation as she ran her fingers in the waistband and slowly pulled the panties down her sexy tanned legs. It had been years since I had seen my sister naked, so it was like something new to me and I was interested to see if she was anything like her big sister. When the panties were down to the floor, she took them and threw them on top of her jeans.

Bone saw her toss them and he jumped at them. As soon as he got a whiff of them, you could see the excitement on his face. It was like he knew what that smell meant and he was ready.

I told Kris to lay down on the bed on her back and to spread her legs apart wide. She did as instructed and that was when I got my first look at her beautiful pussy. It was smooth shaven except for about an inch wide strip about two inches long above her clit. It was neatly trimmed short and I could see the moisture leaking out of her vagina. She looked so good lying there that I was tempted to dive in ahead of Bone.

Bone had already got the idea and he was on the bed between her legs in an instant. He took one sniff of her sex and he began to lick her from one end to the other. The first lick brought a scream from my sister and I grabbed her leg and told her to lay back and enjoy it.

“It will get better but when your clit gets so tender that you can’t stand it anymore, cover it up with your hand.” I explained, “He won’t mind and he won’t stop unless you make him.”

My baby sister was moaning loudly and she had ahold of my hand and was squeezing it so tight I couldn’t get her to let go. I crawled up and laid down next to her where I could watch Bone do his magic and still see the look on her face. I took my free hand and started to rub my own pussy. I may as well enjoy this too.

Kris moaned that she was going to cum and she squeezed my hand and started to spasm like she was having a seizure. She was groaning and I knew she was experiencing the best oral sex of her life. I had been there myself! This went on for several minutes and I know she came at least 3 times and I took her nipple between my fingers and rolled it like I did to myself all the time. She looked at me, but didn’t say anything, just moaned.

I wasn’t sure what kind of reaction I would get from her, but I just had to suck on her beautiful breast. I leaned over and took it in my mouth all the while looking her in the eyes. She smiled at me and ran her fingers through my hair and moaned louder. I took that to mean it was OK and I felt for her other breast and rolled the nipple and it grew hard between my fingers.

After a couple more minutes, she had had enough and she covered her clit with her hand to ease the pleasure. I took that to mean that she was ready to be screwed and I moved around and called Bone to me. He didn’t want to stop, but being a well-trained dog, he listened to my command and he came to me. He licked my face and I stuck out my tongue and he went straight for it and allowed me the first taste of my sister’s sweet pussy. It was a little different than mine, but tasted great.

Next, I instructed Kris to get onto her hands and knees and assume the doggy position. As she rolled over and got in place, she looked at me and said, “I can’t believe I’m doing this! So far it has been everything you said it would.”

“Just wait, it’s about to get even better.” I promised as I moved around behind her. I had to admire her perfect ass and from behind, she looked good enough to eat. Her perfect little asshole made me want to reach in and give it a lick, but that was for another time.

Bone was immediately behind her and licking her pussy and asshole and she was writhing in pleasure as he prepared her for the fucking of her life. When it was time, he mounted her and started humping for all he was worth. He poked at her several times and I reached in and took his cock and lined it up with her opening. As soon as he slid in a little way, he knew it and the onslaught began.

Like me, she cried out in pain and I comforted her and told her it would pass. I wasn’t even done speaking when she started to moan with pleasure. Bone hammered her viciously and with me watching, I had a whole different look at what it was like. You had to really see it to believe it. Dog cum was flying everywhere as his cock pistoned in and out of her so fast I could not believe it. NO man could ever keep pace with him. Then I saw the knot start to swell and it was close to entering my sister. I warned her to relax her cunt muscles and take it all in. As it pounded against her opening, she let out a cry and amazingly it popped right inside and was out of sight.

Almost immediately, Bone slowed and finally stopped and just stayed in place on Kris’s back. I reached down and grabbed him by the legs so he wouldn’t move. I could see his balls pulsing as he pumped my baby sis full of hot dog cum. It was leaking out from around his cock and dribbling down her legs onto the bed.

“Holy fuck Jenn, it feels like he’s pumped a gallon into me. It’s so hot and it feels really different than a guy, but it feels great.” She moaned as she laid there with Bone on top of her.

“That’s exactly how I felt,” I replied, “Isn’t it great. So much different than man sex but I felt it was maybe better.”

“I love it,” she answered as Bone leaned down and gave her his obligatory kiss, “Yes Bone I’m talking about you. Shit, this is better than I imagined.”

“Just wait, the best is yet to come,” I promised her, “The pull out and cleanup is maybe the best part. You’ll see.”

Shortly after that, bone began to move around and I could see that the knot was shrinking and I let go of his legs and he backed away and the knot popped out and Kris screamed and cum sprayed out and then a small stream of it came out of her and rand down her legs. I could not let that happen without leaning in and licking some of the cum off her pussy. She didn’t say anything, so I licked her again. From the moan that escaped her lips, I felt that she liked it.

Bone had licked his dick clean and now turned his attention to Kris and as I promised her, he did a magnificent job. I watched as he feverishly licked her slit from top to bottom and she finally had to cover her clit again as she had yet another orgasm. Finally, she pushed Bone and I away and she rolled over on her back and closed her legs. Neither Bone nor I liked that and he looked at me as if to wonder why. I stuck my tongue out and he wasted no time in licking it, giving me another taste of my sister.

As I sat there looking at my little sister covered in a combination of sweat and dog cum, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Kris questioned me.

“Now I know what I looked like this morning. Like I thought, it looks like you were fucked long and hard and I can see the content smile on your face.” I told her.

“You know, that is probably the best oral sex and definitely the best fucking I have ever had, bar none.” She bragged, “My poor pussy is sore but it sure is a good kind of sore. I won’t need to be fucked for a couple days at least.”

“What will you tell your old man when he gets home and waves his hard dick at you?” I asked her.

“Oh hell, If I blow him, he’ll be happy for a day or so. He won’t need to know a thing.” She said. “What I want to know was why you licked my pussy? Did you plan on doing that or was it just being caught up in the moment?”

I looked at my sister with the best sad look I could muster and confessed, “Secretly, I have dreamt about that for years, I have a weakness for gorgeous women and you are the prettiest girl I know. Given the opportunity, I will do it again and I was hoping you would be alright with it being all the other things we have done today. If not, I will understand and it will never happen again.”

“There are two reasons why it won’t happen today. #1 being that my pussy is too sore to take a good licking and if it happens, I want to experience it all. #2 is that unless I get to return the favor, you will not get to eat me. So, unless I get my fair share it won’t happen.” Kris smiled as she looked at me.

“So, the next time your old man goes out of town, you let me know and I’ll blow off work for the day and we will see who eats better pussy, me or Bone. Maybe we will even share you a little.” I giggled.

“If you are half as good as he is, you will be a super star.” she chuckled, “And I am so looking forward to showing you what I can do. You know I can lick a cunt with the best of them, but that’s a story for another day.

We got up and headed into the shower together. It took a long time for us to wash the sex off of each other and there was a little kissing, licking and feeling that went along with making sure all of our parts were clean.

After the shower we remained naked and we fed Bone and let him outside while we made dinner and we discussed what had happened. We both had ideas about what and how we could make the sex with Bone better if that was possible. We agreed that our little secret was going to make all three of us happy lovers.

My sister and I fell asleep in my bed in each other’s arms after some good conversation and we slept all through the night.

Bone slept all night long on the rug at the end of my bed and I think he was looking forward to the things to cum between us too!

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