My son Ajit , My prince

Ajit smiled and I knew that he understood what I was referring to. Whenever I used to get the things he liked, he always kissed me on my cheeks. But, that was when he used to be a boy.

“I can’t do what I did ten years ago,” Ajit said with a laugh.

“You still can,” I said. “I am your mother.”

He hesitantly came close to me and kissed me, his lips just touching my cheeks but nothing more. It was a very nice feeling even though I wished he could have done better. I thought for a moment and I held his right hand. I walked towards the bedroom and he followed me like a goat. After we reached, I pulled him to the corner just behind the door and gave him a nice hug. At last, I was feeling his young body against me and I felt as if I had been hit by lightning. He looked puzzled.

“Boys of your age must know how to kiss,” I said. He stared at me without replying. I never wanted him to say anything. I hugged him again and pressed my lips hard against him. His lips stayed still and weren’t yielding to my pressure. I got desperate and my right hand went down to touch his crotch and gave a gentle squeeze. He gasped immediately and his mouth opened a little. It was enough for me as I pressed my lips against his again. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I was trying to seduce my own son. I felt my knees getting a little weaker as I kissed him. I also felt a gentle tingle inside my panties after my hands found his crotch. While my conscience kept screaming, my body kept betraying me. My mind kept racing and my nipples were getting harder every moment. My breasts were swelling, filling with my excitement, my need making them feel tight inside my bra. Ajit never looked excited about whatever I did. He tried to evade my kiss by swaying his face and his strong hands rose to push me away. But, those pushing hands perhaps touched the wrong place in my body. I gasped feeling his palms finally touching my breasts.

“Yes, take them,” I murmured. Ajit removed his hands from my breasts hastily. Suddenly, just as I thought he would be pushing me away again, he hugged me much stronger and harder than what I did. His lips pressed hard against my neck and his hands reached to my back and held my butt. I felt his manhood hard, thrusting at me as it brushed against my crotch. We remained in the hug for a few moments before we heard my husband stepping inside the house. I was sure that Ajit was as disappointed as I was. Both of us rushed out of the room. While I ran into the kitchen, Ajit walked towards the sitting room. I was excited about the start we made and knew that things would work easier soon. Ajit soon got into his new clothes and went out with the bag stuffed with firecrackers. He returned after half an hour and soon we made a start at our breakfast. My husband wasn’t taking the breakfast and he helped us by serving.

“Dad, why don’t you have the breakfast?” Ajit asked.

“Well, today is new moon day and I need to perform some rituals for your grandparents. I am not supposed to eat anything with the only exception of water.” My husband replied.

“So, are you going out now?” Ajit asked his father while he looked at me through the corner of his eyes. I smiled.

“Yes, I am,” My husband replied. “I won’t be back for another two hours or so.”

I noticed that Ajit’s eyes were bright after hearing what my husband had said. A huge thrill took over my heart with growing expectations. After all, I will be having at least two hours to spend with my son. I was getting restless wondering when my husband would eventually leave the house. He did after sometime and I smiled to see Ajit almost jumping towards the door and closing it. Ajit looked like beaming with confidence as he nearly dragged me from the kitchen to the bedroom. The moment we were in, he rushed to me with both his hands and cupped my large breasts. While he squeezed my breasts together I immediately felt his cock pressing between my butt cheeks although he wore a tight jeans. I had been yearning for this for months together and sensed the heat generating underneath my panties.

“Oh mom, why did you make me to do this?” He asked without loosening his grip on my breasts.

“Because, I have been dreaming about this,” I replied. His hands were getting harder and I leaned my head against him.

“Isn’t it a big sin?” He asked but wasn’t looking like leaving my breasts. He was now grabbing each one of them. I loudly gasped and wasn’t particularly interested in answering his question. I very well knew that it was the biggest sin human beings can commit and also knew that the punishment was a horrible curse to be born as a stray dog. I felt it wasn’t the moment to worry about all those stories and enjoyed the feeling which streamed through my body. His touch had ignited the button of my clit and the flames of my need were consuming me.

“Honey, this is your first time. I don’t want you to feel any discomfort. Let us go to the bed.” I suggested to Ajit. Ajit seemed unwilling to move. He was twisting and pinching my nipples after slipping his hands inside my blouse. He desperately tried grinding his cock against my butt.

I tried to reason with Ajit. “My dearest son, I am not going anywhere. I need you more than you need me. We have plenty of time to do things. Let me undress before you. I am sure you want to see your mommy naked.” Finally, he broke the hug and backed away a little bit. His eyes were bulging out in pure lust. I latched the door and began unwinding my sari. Ajit was unable to contain his excitement to see me strip and he was grinding his teeth. I took little time to undo my clothes and walked naked towards the bed. Ajit soon followed me but not before he was naked. He almost banged against me as he jumped on the bed and his left hand came under me, and then cupped my left breast whilst his right hand slid down my stomach and covered my crotch. For an inexperienced boy, he was really doing well. I had to lift my right leg to give him the access to my clit. His right hand caressed my right thigh and I felt his fingertips tickling my soft skin on my legs. He soon found my clit and paused feeling my public hair. Soon he broke the suspense and rubbed my clit back and forth. Needless to say, his left hand was still gripping my breast.

“How come you have so much hair here?” He asked with surprise and stroked my clit faster.

“I never bothered about it,” I replied. I Actually blushed hearing his innocent question. I was flexing my body backwards to feel his young cock. Ajit somehow seemed to have realized my desperation.

“What would happen if Dad comes to know?” He asked. I was annoyed a little but didn’t reveal that to him.

“Nobody will ever know if we keep it to ourselves,” I replied. I decided not to let him talk any further. I searched for his cock and grabbed it with my right hand. I felt proud to feel it was quite big. I gently stroked his whole length. I was getting excited about the prospect of having the large rod inside my dripping cunt. As our naked bodies moved, I watched the sacred ‘mangalsutra’ hang in the air. The ceremonial string was tied on my neck by my husband twenty-two years ago. We had taken oaths not to cheat each other by invoking several deities as witnesses during our wedding. Here I am, letting my own son play with my breasts and clit. I knew that it was immoral and improper but wasn’t willing to stop because of the excitement which ran through me.
“Lay straight,” I told Ajit. I then turned around and lowered my face to his hard cock. I badly wanted it inside my cunt. I wrapped my hand around it and stroked it back and forth.

“Mom, don’t tease it any further,” Ajit pleaded. “I need to do it now. Open for me.”

I gave in, opening my legs wide in submission to his demand. He at last lay between my legs and I grabbed his cock and placed it exactly at the hole of my cunt. Ajit looked a very different man as he prepared to get into me. He moved his hips a few times on me and suddenly drove his long thick cock all the way inside. I was soaking wet and my normally tight cunt muscle offered little resistance as his Ajitpant cock claimed my most private body as his own. I gasped as it filled me. Groaned as it began to pump inside me.

“Squeeze your mom, you will feel harder,” I whispered. He immediately grabbed both of my breasts again and mauled them. He slowly moved up and down on me and I knew that he was carefully ensuring that his cock doesn’t pop out of my hole. He kept going very gently grinding his hips on my clit while he was never content tweaking my nipples and squeezed my breasts.

“Oh Ajit, I never thought you know so much,” I moaned in joy. It was a wonderful feeling, letting my son’s hands pinching and squeezing my breasts while feeling his young cock probing inside my cunt hole.

“Amma, I am feeling very excited,” He said. “I won’t stop it now even if you want me to stop.”

“I will never stop you,” I said. “I am feeling like a woman after so long. I am proud of you.”

For the next few minutes, we both hardly spoke to each other. We were looking deep into each other’s eyes. Ajit probably understood the skill of making love and I wondered what other girl had felt him inside her. He was letting his cock almost pull out of me and was thrusting it back inside even harder as I lay in submission beneath him. I could see the thrill in his eyes as he kept withdrawing and plunging in quicker and harder. I writhed underneath my son who soon accelerated his pace. I was biting my lips and thrusting my pelvis against him to stimulate my needful clit. The feeling of Ajit pushing his cock deeper inside me was familiar but I felt it different each time when he did. Ajit looked like a man with no hesitation whatsoever and was fucking me very hard and very fast.

“Fuck me!” I suddenly cried out. Ajit was more than willing now. But, I had suddenly felt the strange waves gathering inside me. I felt like I was melting like a wax doll. My limbs were weakening in the terrific sensation that filled up through my clit. The sudden stiffening of my muscles wasn’t new to me. I knew that I was swelling into my orgasm while enjoying each and every pumping of Ajit.

Ajit looked at me with puzzled eyes unable to realize that I just had an orgasm. I felt his body quivering a little after feeling my explosion and his eyes widened as my engorged clit rubbed against his cock. His thrusts quickened unimaginably before I sensed his cock swelling inside me for one last time before shooting his warm semen deep into my womb. He groaned and groaned with every spurt before his slowed down and he gradually collapsed on me, pinning me beneath him. He halted after sending the last drop of his cum into me. The shy son that he is, he smiled at me delicately and asked me, “How did I do?”

“Oh Ajit, you were wonderful,” I cried out in real love and admiration of him. I wished we could have prolonged this a little longer. Ajit hesitantly lifted, pulled out his cock and fell on me once more. I felt gratified for the wonderful experience he gave me and kissed him. What a memorable Diwali this has been! I felt thoroughly fulfilled after my fantasy turning into a reality at last. One of the many wet dreams about my son had been realized today. It was a matter of simple and plain sex without any oral Adventures. But, I knew that nothing would remain a distant dream for me from now.

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My son Ajit , My prince

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