My Unforgettable Experience With Julia

My Unforgettable Experience With Julia

I have never thought that the crush of several young men from the corporate would be sleeping with me too. This was the time I was working in Chennai as an HR. Julia was working in the same company as I am. All that I know about her was that she is from Vizag and now living in Chennai after her divorce.

I started liking her the day she walked into the office. She is tall, sexy, not so fat but irresistible. Her assets are 38-36-38. She must be 5’7’’ and she has the sexiest, cute smile that will make any man go crazy. She knows how to maintain herself both in her beauty and assets. She has that spark to bring any man to life.

My name is Amit. I had one of the most remarkable experiences with her. Even she felt that it was the best experience for her too after having quite a few men.

Eight years ago, I moved to Chennai to work. I have been working there for some time. I did have encounters with my ex-boss and with a client whom I met in Delhi. I might share those stories sometime later.

Here in this Chennai office the day I saw Julia I was stunned by her beauty and her voice. I fell for her and I tried to talk to her many times during the break. But she never even looked at me. How can I approach? I have no guts either do I have any legitimate reason to talk to her.

I have noticed her being close, jovial with all the colleagues. However, I never dared to go and talk to her. After a lot waiting, apparently God had answered my prayer. In one of the office parties, we got to see each other, and we began talking.

It was fun knowing her as a person and from that day on we became very good friends. This allowed me to flirt with her. She began teasing me saying that she knows about my old adventure with my ex-boss. During one of those close moments of flirt and friendship, she told me about her past of being divorced.

I with no hesitation asked her if she is with someone. She said that her TL is interested in her. But later she revealed that they are living together. I became very jealous and didn’t talk to her for a couple of days. She asked me why I was ignoring her. I told her that I loved her. She smiled at me and left.

The next day she came to the office and hugged me in the good morning. That surprised me. Soon during the work time, I texted her thanks. She replied that she wants to go out for a drink today. I said sure and we fixed time and place and finally decided my place.

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We went to my place after work and sat, refreshed and began talking and getting cozy. I asked her for the hug that she gave and she leaned forward and gave me a peck. There is no limit for my joy as I got it and I held her hand and leaned forward to kiss.

She escaped me and went to the other couch. I went to her and leaned on her to kiss again, she began teasing me by pulling backward. Now I know this is going to be a fun night. When I bent to kiss I could see her cleavage and man they are huge. I looked at her and smiled and slowly bent to kiss on her cleavage.

She just let me do that. I heard a slight moan and her grip on my back. I knew she liked it. This time I got up again and kissed on her neck simultaneously holding her hip tight. Oh, man, she hissed when I did that. She loved it and tried coming up to kiss me on my ear and she did.

I was in a different world when she kissed my ear. That’s my weakest point and there is no stop for me. I looked into her eyes and kissed her lips. We kissed so passionately for a long time. She brought my hand and placed it on her boobs. I was pressing it.

At times I went to the cleavage with my finger touching the inner line of her bra. I softly rubbed and slid my finger on her chest while kissing her. We both know where it is going. I came down and kissed a lot on her front side of the neck and came down and kissed on her cleavage.

She arched back held by the head. I rolled down kissing in the valley and slid to the left boob. I enjoyed licking her boobs over the top with the little revealed part. I kissed on both changing the place from time to time. I know it has been a lot of time me being there, who will check the time man.

I now lifted her body and removed the top button of her shirt and kissed her. She was in ecstasy enjoying every moment of it. She removed my shirt buttons. I took it as a sign to remove hers too. In a jiffy, I removed hers and I dug my face in her boobs. I removed her bra hooks and was feasting on her nipples.

I bent down and touched her nipples with my lips and squeezed them. She moaned my name and said, “I love you.” I was longing to hear that and there you go she ignited me more. I was sucking her boobs and surprising her with my bites with lips and squeezing them with the tip of my tongue.

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Guys, try this am sure every woman will love this. Then after some time, I moved down kissing her belly. She in her sexy voice asked me, “Don’t you have a bed?” I smiled and carried her in my arms and took her to my bedroom. Kept her on the bed crawled on her and removed her jeans.

This is one of the best scenes I was dying to see. I kissed on her things. She was wriggling with every touch of my lips. She was saying, “Amit, you know how to treat my body, no one has driven me so crazy.” I enjoyed listening to that. I couldn’t wait any longer and began kissing her everywhere.

I started at her feet. Then the calf muscle then lifted her leg and on the back of her thigh. Guess what, I licked, kissed on every inch of her body, on her legs and thighs. I did the same to both right and left leg. Moments later, I moved to her inner thighs, squeezing the left one while licking and kissing the right one.

I kept changing the sides. I did this for some time. I slowly moved closer to her panty. She shivered a bit when I kissed nearer to her pussy. I slowly approached her pussy and kissed over her panty. It drove me crazy smelling her there. I removed her lacy panty and kissed her thighs.

I slowly went to her pussy and kissed. She lifted my face and put me on the light place to kiss. I, with my fingers, opened her pussy lips and licked inside. She was so wet and was driving me crazy. I began putting my finger into her pussy while I was licking. I know it is difficult to do that but I tried.

She rigorously enjoyed every move of my finger and tongue one her wet pussy. She was pulling my face deep into her pussy. I was licking it and fingering simultaneously. She honestly guided me to the right spot to touch and lick- the g-spot.

In a few minutes, she came with a squeal and arching her back and shouting my name. I knew that she enjoyed. I got up, went to the washroom to wash my face and came back to kiss her. I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable with her smell. I came hugged her, kissed her lips.

She said I am the best in this. We continued kissing for some time and I asked her if she wanted to give me a blowjob. She said no. I didn’t force her. We were passionately kissing. At times I was going to her boobs kissing them. She put her hand inside my boxer and I know what she needs. I removed my boxer.

I spread her legs, lay between her. I put my dick on her pussy and rub it on her. I was slowly getting stronger. I slid it as it became stiff and strong. My dick is circumcised, so it felt safe and sensational. I went inside slowly while looking at her face. I enjoyed seeing her expression and it will drive anyone crazy.

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I knew that it been more than a year that she had sex, and she was tight. I went so deep. I was releasing so much precum and she was very wet, which helped us good lubrication. I went so deep and our fluids helping the smooth movement in and out. I slowly began pumping her.

I could feel her pussy walls on my circumcised dick, that sensation is making me go crazy. I was enjoying every movement of it. I began slowly increasing the speed. She was hugging me tightly. I began kissing her neck while I was fucking her.

She tightly wrapped her legs on my back. My movement is increasing with her grip. We both were rigorously enjoying every stroke. She was moaning saying where were you all these days. She asked me to do it faster not to slow down. I was tired and tried to stop.

But she asked me not to stop and do faster as I am doing well and hitting on the right spot. After a hard fuck, on the right spot and speed, both of us are on the verge of cumming. We didn’t think about anything. I, finally, with so much force, I came in her.

Trust me guys this is one of the best experiences for me though I fucked two ladies before. I was inside her for some time. I was tired and enjoying every bit of my cum dripping inside her. This is the first experience raw for me. The previous woman I used a condom. But this feeling is the best and unforgettable.

I kissed her and she kissed me harder after that passionate lovemaking. We released sweat between our bodies. I kissed and said I loved her and she said she loved me too and we kissed so hard. She said it is an amazing experience for her after a long time.

I realized my dick slowly popped out. I slowly slept next to her hugging her. We both used the restroom and came back and slept together till the morning. We stayed together until Sunday night and did 3 sessions. But we enjoyed the company talking together. I enjoyed every moment of it making love to Julia.

Please send me comments if you enjoyed the story. I would love to hear from you ladies from Andhra, Telangana, and Bangalore. Contact me on [email protected] Guys, do not ask for her details.

My Unforgettable Experience With Julia

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