My wife and I have a surreal experience with a black couple

My wife and I have a surreal experience with a black couple

“Baby Girl you’re fine,” he said confidently as he danced beside me with my sexy wife. I was used to her getting hit on, especially by black men. She had a beautiful round ass and a trim waist that drew admiring looks wherever we went and it attracted black men to her like a moth to a flame. But I wasn’t used to the man being so blatantly aggressive with her when I was within ear shot and my blood began to boil.

“Thanks,” my wife replied somewhat dismissively and I felt my rage begin to dissipate. That was the woman I knew and loved. She liked the attention from other men, she always had and she liked making me a little jealous but she never let things go too far.

“I like these hips,” he continued in a deep baritone, not unlike the voice of Barry White. His hands grabbed my wife’s wide hips and he turned her around so that her thick juicy ass was facing his front. Her hips writhed to the heavy rhythmic bass and he pulled her back against him making my anger return afresh. My face became flushed and I counted slowly to myself to quell my rising temper.

“Calm down sugar,” his wife purred in a calm yet authoritative tone. She was a pretty dark skinned woman with a slender yet curvy body and a thick Caribbean accent that simultaneously excited yet calmed me. The four of us had been dancing for a few hours switching partners whenever the ladies tired of my nonexistent rhythm and laughable dance moves. She put her dark sinewy arms around my neck and moved before me with a sensuous grace that made my heart race for an entirely different reason. I’d never been particularly attracted to black women but she was as sexy as anyone I’d ever seen and there was no doubt that given the chance, under the right circumstances, I’d have leapt into her bed. “Let Franky work his magic and you worry about keeping me happy.” Her reasoning was sound and I felt a familiar tingle between my legs.

She released her arms from my neck and turned around with her firm round ass just inches from my rapidly growing dick. I tried to imitate her husbands move and put my hands on her hips but she quickly brushed them away and turned back to face me.

“You don’t touch,” she said in a stern, authoritative tone like a teacher scolding a student. She had a natural presence and a commanding demeanor that really excited me. I’d often pleaded with my wife to take charge in bed but she, unlike Sharice, was largely passive sexually and my pleas had always fallen on deaf ears.

“Sorry,” I replied meekly. I wasn’t used to being bullied and ordered around. In everyday life I was a take charge person but the way she carried herself I felt out of my element and uncharacteristically out of control.

My eyes fluttered from Sharice’s sharp dark eyes to my wife and her husband. His hands had moved up her slim waist and they cupped her chest as his hips ground against her bountiful butt. She glanced at me for a moment and she instinctively moved his hands away from her tits when she saw me looking. My pretty wife had an hour glass figure and with the help of a Victoria Secret push up bra she looked perfectly proportioned but the truth was that when she was naked her tits looked disproportionate with her ample hips and she was exceedingly self conscious of her smallish yet pert breasts.

“Don’t worry about her little man,” Sharice sail as she raked her long painted red nails down my broad muscular chest. He touch felt good and decidedly sexual and I felt my cock continue to inflate in my somewhat tight jeans. I wasn’t used to being called little man and it seemed strange to me. I was a big guy, well over six feet with broad shoulders and powerful arms and legs. I was bigger and more muscular than 95% of the population and as such I certainly didn’t qualify as a “little man.” Her fingers continued down my stomach and closed around the bulge in my pants. A devilish grin spread across her pretty face showing the stark contrast between her dark skin and her bright white teeth. “Frank will take care of your pretty wife and if you play your cards right you’ll get some fine black pussy tonight.”

My eyes closed and a low, involuntary moan rose from my chest as I savored her firm, knowing touch. I’d been married for nearly fifteen years and no woman other than my wife had touched my dick in all that time. I’d always been faithful and I’d never dreamed that I might get the opportunity to have sex with anyone else, much less an incredibly sexy black woman. My heart was pounding and my head was spinning. Everything was moving fast and it was all very out of character for both my wife and me. We had never engaged in any type of group sexual activity and while we had, on rare occasions, role played and fantasized about having a threesome it was something that I’d been certain would never happen and our fantasies were always about a threesome with another woman. That I knew would never happen because my wife was a straight as any woman could be.

“Stop,” my wife said in a small almost childlike voice that shook slightly with tremolo. Her resistance was somewhat refreshing but it was short lived and a deep sigh followed it shaking me from my lust fueled trance.

I glanced at my wife and saw her lean into his thick powerful body with her eyes half closed. He was several inches shorter than I with broad shoulders and huge arms and legs but he was thick around the middle with a slight paunch and even though he was a few years younger than me I had a much better body. That said he was an attractive guy with a strong dominant personality and my wife’s hands rested on his massive, muscle bound arms as they continued to move to the beat of the music.

“Don’t worry about the big man,” Sharice said as her finger nails raked up and down my turgid shaft sending jolts of pleasure through me. My pulse quickened and my body temperature rose making sweat form on my brow despite the cool temperature of the crowded dance club. My wife and I had stopped into the club on a whim after leaving a neighboring sports bar. We, like Frank and Sharice, were in town for a short vacation over a long weekend and we had learned that they were staying at the same hotel as us, just a block down the street. “He will take care of business. That’s what you want isn’t it?” She asked in a low whisper. Her full red lips brushed against my earlobe and her warm breath danced on the nape of my neck sending a shiver down my spine.

I turned my face towards hers, hoping to kiss her. I was acting on instinct and my lust clouded mind was unable to accept that there could be ramifications to my actions.

“Not yet little man,” Sharice teased. Her lips brushed across mine and her tongue flicked my lips playfully. Her hand gripped my dick and she squeezed it hard. She was surprisingly strong despite her thin sinewy arms and I felt precum ooze from my needy cock as a wave of ravenous desire washed over me making me feel wanton and randy. I didn’t know why she kept calling me little man but at that point I didn’t care. I wanted her and I was willing to allow her husband a chance at me wife to get her.

I glanced furtively at my wife in the dimly lit club as a new song poured through the speakers. My hips undulated and I struggled to dance as my dick strained against my jeans. Her hands moved down Frank’s well defined arms and when they reached his hands he guided her to the prominent bulge in his expensive, tailored dress slacks. Her eyes widened and a mischievous playful smile spread across her face.

My wife’s eyes met mine for a moment. “Oh my god,” she mouthed silently as she held his dick in her small hand. I have an above average dick in both length and girth and My wife had always maintained that my dick was the biggest that she had ever had though her sample was admittedly rather small. She’d also always insisted that size didn’t matter to her anyway and anything bigger than me would hurt and she, unlike some women I’d known, did not like pain at all.

“She wants him sugar,” Sharice purred in her sexy Caribbean accent. Her right hand continued to stroke my cock as her left cupped my firm ass cheek through my pants. “We should head back to the hotel.” She whispered sending chills through my hyper excited body. I nodded, unable to think or speak, and she released my dick from her firm grip. She took my hand in hers and started to lead me off the dance floor.

I looked at my wife and shrugged and my wife smiled knowingly. My head was turning and my body was on fire. Sharice whispered something to Frank as she passed him and she led me out of the crowded club leaving Frank alone with my wife to do as he pleased without my watchful eyes.

“Don’t worry little man, they’re coming too. Big Frank just wants some time alone with your pretty wife first,” Sharice said in a sultry voice that sounded as sexy as anything I’d ever heard. Her long nails scratched my back and she walked quickly in her tall heals leading us to the hotel in a surprisingly short time.

Sharice pinned me against the wall of the elevator the moment the doors closed to take us up to her 10th floor suite. Her strong hands toyed with my firm, muscular pecs and she looked into my eyes with a sharp penetrating gaze that left no doubt that she was in complete control. “I’m gonna like this,” she purred as she tweaked my nipples sending jolts of pain through them. I moved my hands up towards her slim hips and she brushed them away again.

“I told you once little man, you don’t touch,” she said curtly. Her right hand moved to my throat and her long manicured nails dug into my flesh as her left hand cupped my cock and balls making me shudder when she started to squeeze them. Despite my nearly 100lb weight advantage over her she scared the shit out of me and I quickly complied with her stern command. I had often fantasized about being dominated by a powerful dominatrix but I’d never been with a truly dominant woman.

“Sorry,” I said sheepishly. I sounded weak and pathetic and it was out of character but an oddly welcome change from the daily pressure to always be in control. The elevator chime sounded, signaling that we’d arrived at her floor. Sharice released my throat from her grasp and turned abruptly towards the door. I could feel the divots from where her nails had dug into my flesh and my balls were a little sore as well. She pulled out her key card and opened the door before letting me inside first like she was the man and I was her date.

“Strip,” she barked firmly as the door swung closed she moved into the bedroom with fluid grace. I followed her like an excited puppy and watched her incredible round ass sway with each sensuous movement of her body.

Her hands rested on her hips and she turned to face me with a with fire in her pretty dark eyes.

I hesitated for a moment and then pealed my shirt over my head. I couldn’t believe what was happening and my cock sprung free as my pants and boxer briefs dropped to the ground betraying the depths of my excitement. I hadn’t been naked with any woman other than my wife in over fifteen years and I got a wicked thrill when her eyes light up. I was nearly forty but I worked hard at the gym to keep myself in good shape. My stomach was flat and rippled and my pecs were hard and well defined. Years of running and ice skating had given me thick muscular legs and my long thick dick jutted proudly from my body.

Sharice sat down on the bed and lifted her yellow silk dress up to her waist exposing he pantiless pussy to my eager eyes. The smell of her arousal hung in the air and my mouth started watering. I’d always been a very oral person and I obediently dropped to my knees between her spread legs. A pleased smile danced on her full lips when she saw me kneel before her and that gave me a strange sense of pride. I was a quick study and I looked up at her with soft pleading eyes while I waited for her permission to proceed.

“Can I touch now?” I asked excitedly. My voice trembled and I licked my lips letting her know that I was anxious to taste her delicious pussy.

“Make me cum,” she said in a smooth, matter of fact tone. Her eyes held my gaze and beckoned me closer.

I looked from her sharp dark eyes to her neatly trimmed pussy. I’d never before seen a black woman’s pussy and it was quite striking. The bright pink flesh of her inner labia contrasted sharply with her dark mocha skin and the rich fragrance of her arousal was a powerful reminder of what is was about to do. Her scent was distinctly different from that of my wife but it was no less intoxicating. I wondered briefly where my wife was and what she was doing with Frank as I leaned into Sharice’s tangy pussy and ran the rough surface of my tongue along her outer lips avoiding her clit at first so as to let her excitement build.

“Mmm, just like that,” she purred in a deep, raspy tone. Her strong hands gripped my head and her powerful legs squeezed me tight. My tongue worked the outside of her pussy and her juices flowed freely filling my mouth with her sweet nectar. She’d had a slightly briny flavor at first but once her juices started flowing her pussy became as sweet as any woman I’d ever tasted and I dug my tongue deep inside her in search of more of her succulent juices.

I heard the door open and Frank’s voice boomed loudly commanding my wife to strip for him. He was firm and aggressive and I knew my wife was putty in his hands. I’d never imagined that I would see my wife with another man and I tried to pull away to look at them but Sharice held my face tight against her molten cunt and ordered me to finish the job I’d started.

“Yes Sir,” my wife said obediently. I concentrated my oral assault on Sharice’s creamy delicious pussy.

“God I love how white boys lick pussy. It’s the one thing you do well in bed,” Sharice said in a tremulous voice. Her legs quivered and a deep guttural moan spilled from her trembling lips as a fresh surge of her juices flowed into my waiting, eager mouth. She held my head tight against her blocking the flow of oxygen into my lungs but I continued to lap at her until the final waves of her climax washed over her and she pushed me away from her hyper sensitive clit.

“Lay back little man,” Sharice said softly. She pulled me to my feet and guided me onto the bed as she grabbed my dick in her hand and started to stroke. It had been nearly half a lifetime since anyone other than me or my wife had jerked my dick and I moaned as she expertly manipulated it while directing my attention to her husband and my beautiful wife. “You wanted to see this.”

My wife was completely naked and in a deep, passionate embrace with Frank. His dark hands were a striking contrast with my wife’s creamy alabaster skin and I could tell how excited she was by the way she squirmed and by how deeply she was breathing. I’d never imagined seeing my wife kissing another man, much less liking it, and the fact that it was a distinguished, greying black man was even more surprising. She had always said that she wasn’t attracted to black guys but there was something about Frank that had captivated her from the start. He’d been exceptionally charming from the moment they had sat beside her at the club and he’d had a way of making us both feel comfortable and at ease yes intrigued and almost smitten.

“Spread your legs sugar,” Sharice said playfully. Her tone was playful but there was a firmness to it that kept me in my place. Her long fingernail teased my sensitive sphincter and I moaned softly letting her know how much I liked what she was doing. I’d long had an affinity for ass play but my wife was reluctant to play with my asshole and I’d been afraid to tell her what I really wanted. “Oh you like that do you?”

“Yes,” I croaked nervously. My eyes reluctantly moved from my wife and Frank to Sharice and my heard raced like never before. I knew from her expression that she could see something in my eyes that no one before had ever seen and I felt a lump form in my throat.

“Do you like it when I do this?” She asked as she sank two fingers inside me. Her nails were long but they were smooth and and not sharp and the feeling of her fingers stretching my asshole sent me into orbit.

“Oh god yes,” I admitted. My cheeks flushed crimson and I felt like she could see all of my darkest most secret fantasies. I had sometimes wondered what it would be like to be pegged by my wife and my cock twitched incessantly as she pumped her two digits into my welcoming ass harder and faster. Loud involuntary moans rose from my chest and spilled from my lips betraying my enjoyment at being penetrated by a beautiful woman.

Sharice released my cock from her free hand and she turned my head so I could watch my wife and Frank. My wife was kneeling before him and looking up at him with a burning fire in her pretty greet eyes. He was shirtless and despite having a slight gut his body was rather exceptional. He had very broad, square shoulders and well defined pecs and I could see what both women saw in him beyond his strong, dominant persona. My wife’s fingers fumbled with Frank’s zipper and she eased his black slacks down his thick, very powerful thighs leaving him in a pair of loose fitting of red silk boxers. His cock, which looked to be only semi erect was enormous. It hung, like an elephants trunk, causing his boxers to tent noticeably and if I had to guess I’d have said that it was nearly seven or eight inches in a semi-turgid state.

My heart thumped loudly. I’d never seen another man naked, or at least not an aroused man, and I’d certainly never imagined wanting to, but my breath caught in my chest and I waited anxiously for my wife to reveal his big black dick to all of our eager eyes,

“God, it’s beautiful,” my wife exclaimed excitedly, “I’ve never seen one this big and pretty.” She was right. His cock was pretty. I’d never thought of another man’s junk as beautiful or pretty but his cock was stunning and I felt a pang of jealousy when she wrapped her small white hand around his long ebony shaft. But, I didn’t know who I was actually jealous of, her or him. I’d never before had a conscious gay or bisexual desire but as my wife’s hand moved over his long and still growing manhood I suddenly wondered what it would be like to touch it. It was a shocking and terrifying epiphany and my eyes widened with each stroke of,his big black cock.

“Suck it Princess,” Frank said is a velvety smooth tone. He looked down at her and smiled and she looked up at him with an expression of adoration and bliss. I’d never seen that look on her pretty face and it caused a huge pit in my stomach but Sharice seemed to know exactly what I was feeling and she didn’t allow me to dwell.

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My wife and I have a surreal experience with a black couple