My wife found my secret – and to my surprise, she liked it

My wife found my secret – and to my surprise, she liked it

“I know,” my wife Casey said softly as her hands caressed my naked body beneath the covers of our king sized bed.

“You know what?” I asked. I didn’t know what game we were playing but I was ready to fuck.

“I know what you look at on the computer and what you fantasize about,” she answered softly. Her hand had found my hard cock and she squeezed it tight making me moan softly.

“Oh you do, do you,” I replied. I was quite sure she was bluffing because if she truly knew what I was looking at on line and what was going through my head on a regular basis she would have freaked. Casey had taken to role playing and mild BDSM with surprising vigor but she was still very conservative at heart so there was little chance, in my mind, that she would be accepting of my decidedly kinky fantasies.

“Yes I do. I installed an internet tracker on your laptop. I know all your dirty little secrets. You are a dirty boy.”

My heart stopped for a moment but I still thought she was bluffing. She couldn’t have seen my internet sites. I was sure she was playing a game so I decided to go with it.

“Yes I am,” I replied as she continued to stroke and squeeze my dick. “What do you plan on doing with your new found knowledge?”

“I’ll be right back you dirty boy,” Casey said as she climbed out of bed and walked to her closet.

My eyes bulged and my heart skipped a beat when she walked out of he closet. She wore a black leather corset that pushed her full C cup tits up and out and she held a riding crop in her right hand. Her left hand was wrapped around the shaft of a big black latex strap on cock. It was secured to her waist with a studded leather harness.

“Do you like?” Casey asked. Her soft brown eyes sparkled in the light and she had a mischievous grin on her pretty face.

“Oh god yes,” I said. She hadn’t been kidding. She had seen my internet history.

“Good,” Casey cooed. She ran her hands slowly over her wide hips as she moved toward the bed. Her long latex cock swung lewdly from side to side with each step. “Open wide piggy.”

My eyes were transfixed to the long shaft that stood inches from my face. I could smell Casey’s arousal and I could see small wet droplets of pussy juice form on her shaved labia. I had never sucked a cock before, not even a fake latex one, but I had fantasized about it a lot. My cock curious fantasies had started when I was shipped a tranny porn video by mistake. I had ordered a video for Casey and I to watch but when I opened the envelope from pornflix the title on the video didn’t match the envelope. Casey and I laughed it off but my curiosity got the best of me and the next night while Casey was out with friends I watched the movie titled “Shemale Hookers 12” staring Vanity.

The hot feminine shemales with tight round asses, pert perfect tits and working cocks were oddly sexy and I stroked my cock to three terrific orgasms that night. The next day I send the video back but pandora’s box had been opened. From that point on I often found myself watching shemale porn on line. The slope from shemale porn to bimale porn was a slippery one and once I started watching I was hooked. Cuckoldry and bisex became my favorite fantasies. I would fantasize about watching Casey fuck another man with me touching and licking them both. I joined Bi websites and chatted with other bi men on line. I found I was not alone and there were many other once straight men with similar desires. One night I even had cybersex with another man and it opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities. I had wanted to talk to my wife about my desires but I was afraid of how she would react.

It turned out that my fears were unfounded. I opened my mouth wide and Casey slid her long latex cock into my mouth.

“You look good with my cock in your mouth Piggy,” Casey mused as her hips started to jog slowly fore and aft. Her latex cock slid deeper down my throat with each stroke and in no time I was taking 2/3 of it inside me. She held my head and started to force more of her girl cock down my throat. I started to gag and she thrust forward. All 8″ of solid latex disappeared inside me and my nose pressed against her leather studded harness.

“Look at my hubby deep throating a cock like a pro,” Casey chided. “Maybe I should take you down to the meat packing district and make some money. Would you like that Piggy? Would you like to suck cock for money? Are you a whore Piggy?”

Her words cut through me like a knife. My cock throbbed. Tears streamed down my cheeks. My heart pounded. “Yes,” I whispered as she pulled her saliva coated cock from my mouth.

“Yes what bitch,” she said sternly. She slapped my face hard and I jumped.

“Yes mistress,” I answered. “I am a whore.” It was a new twist on an old game and I knew it well. We had role played BDSM sex games many times but the scenarios and the acts were all straight. We had never talked about gay or bisex. I loved it.

“Good answer Piggy. Now get my girl cock nice and wet because next it is going in your tight virgin ass,” she teased. “I have to take your cherry so you are well trained when we go down to the meat packing district.”

I noisily sucked and slurped on her big girl cock as she called me her cock sucking whore husband. I forced it deep down my throat and fought my gag reflex as my sexy wife teased, chided and humiliated me with normally hurtful words. They didn’t hurt me they excited me and I sucked on her strap on with more enthusiasm that I had ever imagined.

Casey pushed me off her latex cock and ordered me to turn around with my ass in the air. I quickly obeyed and waited as she coated her big girl cock with a generous helping of Wet Platinum Lube. She poured it over my exposed hungry ass and I moaned softly as the cool liquid ran over my asshole and down my taint.

“Tell me what you want slut,” my wife demanded. She rubbed her strapon across my puckered asshole leaving no doubts about what she intended to do.

“Please fuck me mistress,” I groaned. My voice was thick with lust. I was on fire with raw carnal lust.

“Oh I will fuck you slut piggy,” she said playfully. “But you must beg for it. Beg for my cock and tell me what you are and what you really want.”.

“Please please fuck my ass mistress,” I pleaded. “I need your cock inside me mistress. I need to feel your big girl cock deep inside me. I am a cock whore and I need your cock Mistress. Please please fuck me Mistress.”

“Good piggy,” Casey said as she eased her long thick latex cock into my virgin ass. The pain was intense and I fought the need to cry out as my sexy wife fed inch after inch of thick latex into my depths. “I bet you wish this was a real cock don’t you piggy?”

“Mmm,” I moaned at the taboo image she painted. “Yes mistress.”

Casey fucked my ass with long hard strokes. Her big cock stretched my sphincter and pleasure replaced the intense pain. Her breathing was labored and I could tell that the empowerment of pegging me was bringing her close to a strong climax.

“You love my girl cock inside you don’t you piggy?” She asked. Her voice cracked with excitement.

“Yes mistress,” I groaned as precum flowed freely from my hard cock. “I love your big girl cock in my ass.”

“Tell me what you are,” Casey gasped as the first waves of pleasure rolled through her sexy body.

“I am your slut,” I panted. I could feel my climax building deep inside me. “I am your cock loving whore and your slave husband. I will do anything for you mistress.”

Casey pounded my ass hard as her climax washed over her like waves on the beach. She cried out and her body shook uncontrollably as she pegged my gaping asshole.

“May I cum mistress,” I pleaded. My body shook and my cock erupted the moment she said yes.

Casey pulled her strapon from my well fucked ass and ordered me to clean up my mess. I bend down and obediently licked my cum from the floor.

“I wasn’t kidding about selling your body in the meat packing district you know,” Casey said as she slapped my ass hard. “Maybe tomorrow night we can dress you up like the rest of the working boys and you can earn your keep.”

I shuddered at the thought as I swallowed my cold thick cum.

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My wife found my secret – and to my surprise, she liked it