My wife gets a surprise on holiday

We had gone on a belated honeymoon to Kenya, my new wife Carol is 20 years old she is just 5ft tall and 110lbs with shoulder length light brown hAir and a very pretty school girl face. She looks much younger than she is often mistaken for being under age in the bars.

On our coach journey to the hotel we had passed a large shopping center and decided to visit it the next morning. After breakfast we asked at the hotel desk how we could get there and were told to use the small buses that stopped on the road and it was very cheap just a few shillings.

My wife was wearing a short summer dress cut low down her back and two string strap’s over her shoulders. I just had shorts and t-shirt it was very hot even this early in the morning. We walked up the hotel drive to the road and waited for the bus.

The bus drew up, it was a small mini bus with a sliding door on one side to get in and four rows of three seats with one four seat across the back. The bus was full with only two seats left, the window seat was taken by an old short rather fat and very black man. I helped my wife into the bus and she sat next to him and I sat on the edge of the seat next to her, he was taking up a lot of the seat.

I saw that her dress was very short as she sat and she was showing a lot of leg to the old man who I noticed looking at them. I looked at him in the eye and then back down to my wife’s legs and then back at him and nodded at him. He smiled and I watched as he moved his hand onto her bare leg, my wife gripped my arm and looked at me and then at his hand, I told her it was ok and to let him do what he wanted, she said nothing just looked at me in surprise.

When he saw that she was not going to stop him he moved his hand up her leg and under her dress, I felt her press her knee’s together, looking into her eyes I put my hand onto her knee and gently opened her legs, she relaxed and her legs parted and I felt her squeeze my arm as his fingers touched her pussy, he stroked her pussy for the rest of our journey to the shopping center.

As we got to our stop he removed his hand and we got off, my wife grabbed my hand, she was shaking, it was then I saw the old man had got off the bus and was walking towards us. This was the first time I had really seen him, he was around 60 years old only a few inch’s taller than my wife but he was very fat and his face was flat a huge flat nose, he was ugly. He came up to us and just said follow me, it was not a request more like an order, but we both turned and followed him hand in hand. We followed him away from the shops down a dusty track, my wife asked me were he was taking us, I didn’t answer her but I knew he was taking us somewhere and I was going to let him have unprotected sex with her.

We turned of the track towards a small block built house, he opened the door and we went inside. It was quite dark but I could see a table some chairs, a settee and in the corner a mattress, cover and pillows. My wife saw the bed and looked at me, I just nodded to her and she knew then that this 60 year old black man was going to have sex with her. She put her arms around me and said that he’ll get her pregnant, she was ovulating now, I told her that it would be ok and to let him cum inside her, she looked shocked but said nothing as she moved over to the bed.

I watched as my wife took of her dress and her panties and lay on the bed on her back. The old man had stripped naked, he looked horrible, he was excited a very large thick black cock was ready for Action, he moved over to my wife and lay on top of her, he held his cock and put it between my wife’s pussy lips and with a long thrust was inside her, as he entered, her head went back and a soft gasp came from her lips. He lay still for while before starting long slow deep thrusts into her, it was not long before I could see my wife begin to move her hips in time with his thrust and they slowly got faster together. I watched as he took her to her first orgasm, her head went back her eyes wide open and gasping for breath and then he pushed deep into her and held her as he began to grunt his buttocks clenching pumping his cum in my wife’s fertile womb. They lay joined together for sometime, before he finally rolled of her, she just lay there looking up, sweat was pouring off her whole body .

She finally got up and dressed, the old man didn’t move I think he had gone to sleep. We left quietly and made our way back to the shops going straight to the bus stop and catching a bus back to the hotel. My wife had said nothing since she got out of his bed, when we got into our room she came and threw her arms around me and asked me to make love to her so there could be a chance she would have my baby and not the old black’s baby. We got on the bed I was already hard and I put it in her, she was so wet and hot he had really opened her up I could hardly feel anything just my cock sliding in his cum, but I soon shot my cum into her mixing it with the cum from the nigger.

We saw him a few more time’s but she was too afraid of him getting her pregnant that’s if he hasn’t already to let him fuck her, but we had a lot of sex that holiday just to give us a better chance the baby will be white.

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My wife gets a surprise on holiday

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