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My wife laid down on the beach naked

My wife laid down on the beach naked

A few years ago my wife and I went to Ft. Lauderdale for vacation. We enjoyed the fresh seafood and loved the beach. As she was laying on her towel I asked her if she would take her top off so she could get a tan on her breasts. She willingly took it off. She knew that men would walk by her just to see her naked breasts. Soon a man laid beside her and started a conversation. The man was there because he was an actor as a Part in a beach play and he had an apartment there. As the sun was going down we picked up our towels and headed for the car. On the beach my wife only wears a flowered see thru over up that everyone can clearly see her tits and pussy.

Earlier my wife was sitting on a beach chair and a big wave knocked her chair over and I saw that her top had fallen down and also all the men walking by could see her pussy as well.

I walked up to her and saw that she had struck a conversation with two men and they could easily see her tits and pussy and …she had her pussy widely spread.

She was showing all the men around her gaping pussy and dripping pussy.

After the play he invited us to come to his apartment to shower off.

My wife showered first and then I showered.

Then he showered.

He offered us some wine and as he was drying off.

I sat down in a chair across the room. My wife sat on the bed and as she did her cover up fell off. Now she was just sitting on the bed completely naked.

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He stood up and as he did his towel fell to the floor and I saw that he had a large dick and my wife fixed on its size. It was at least nine to ten inches.

There was an awkward silence as my wife walked over to him and then he looked at me. My wife sat down on the bed and laid back as she spread her pussy as wide as she could she looked back at me one more time as her new lover began to push her mouth open as she sucked his dick as best she could. His cum filled her mouth and held her as she tried to swallow all of it.

Then her new lover pushed his dick into her pussy as she was filled and stretched with his big dick as he pumped her pussy full of his cum all night as I watched him.

My dick was so hard all through the night.

In the morning I realized that they had slept together all night.

They had kissed and fucked and sucked all night as well.

In the morning we all showered again.

And he taught my wife how to fuck her ass and spread it open and cum inside it. However, Debbie doesn’t like being ass fucked nearly as much as her lover she likes him to fuck and cum inside her pussy.

Tom, the man who fucked my wife while I watched his huge cock fuck my wife gave us his home address and phone numbers we knew we would see him again.

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The next morning we went back to the water and laid on the beach on our towels. I walked up and down the shore line watching the people walking along the beach. I walked a long time. For some reason I pulled my dick out of my what I now know is my tiny dick and let anyone see it. Some people looked and laughed.

My wife came down to the beach and laid her towel down as she did yesterday. She laid out naked on her towel. She then walked naked down up and down the beach. She walked into the water and then walked back to get her lounge chair. She sat in the lounger and spread her legs as wide as possible. Several men laid beside her and struck up conversations.

The men began to feel her tits. She smiled as they did. A man asked if he could suck her tits.

She looked at him and said, of course, please do!

Several men sat on the beach next to her as they fondled and sucked her tits. They brought her some beer and poured the beer on her tits. They sucked on her tits they kept bringing her beer as more and more men came over and sucked her tits.

I watched as she got up and walked out into the water to wash off.

A man swam up to her and they began talking. She looked like she was taller, and then I realized she had hooked her legs around the man. She was fucking him! Another man realized what was happening and swam to her, soon he was fucking her.

Or should I say that she was fucking him.

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As she walked back to her lounge chair she walked on her hands and spread her ass shaking it as the men walked by.

When she did get back to her lounger the men were there too. They gave her beer and she sucked their dicks. She looked at me and winked!

She went to the restroom and when she came back, of course she was naked.

One of the men laid a large blanket on the sand. The men brought her more and more beer.

She was drunk and all of the men fucked her and used her mouth to cum in as she swallowed as more cum dripped down her face and her tits.

Men’s cum dripped out of her pussy and ran down her legs.

She got in the water to wash herself and them she fucked another man in the water as she fingered herself in order to pull the cum out.

She went back to the restroom and fixed her lipstick since the men asked her to suck his dick with her lipstick on it.

She sat in her lounger and the men pushed their dicks into her mouth.

She sucked way over one hundred men.

She also fucked each of the men as well she wouldn’t stop until every man was satisfied.

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My wife laid down on the beach naked

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