My Wife Was Fucked By Her Boy Friend On Our Suhagraat

My Wife Was Fucked By Her Boy Friend On Our Suhagraat

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Hello sultan, I read your last story “Arranged four studs for my Wife” and “Gangbang of Wife on Honeymoon”. After reading it I also got idea to try this with my wife. Basically I am also a cuckold husband means I love to see my wife fucked by other whom I call bull. Since it was your story which promoted this idea I wanted you to fuck my wife. So earlier I had mailed you asking you to come over to Pune to attend my wedding and fuck my wife on her Suhagraat. You could have even come along to our honeymoon, enjoying my wife while I would have watched you fucking my wife, but you could not come for it, so my wife chose her friend Asif for it.

Asif was her office mate too. My wife’s name is Sudha. She is 24 years old, with nice body and simple God fearing woman. When I told her about my idea initially she was shocked to hear my pereverted ideas. She rebuked me for having such an outlandish ideas. But when I persuaded her a lot by making her read your stories on ISS, she also liked it.

She agreed on a condition too, she said she would hunt for her bull (fucker) herself. One week before our wedding day i.e. 09.09.2009 she told me that she has found her bull, named Asif from her office. I also felt elated hearing this. But her condition was that she would fuck only Asif during honeymoon and not me, meaning I would only get to watch her fucking with Asif although both of us were very scared as it was so new to us. She called Asif home for me to meet him and get acquainted properly. Asif was tall man with good personality. I was satisfied after meeting him.

Sudha began making preparations for the honeymoon. She purchased few things which she didn’t show me either. She said she has chatted with you(SultanaSinha) on net and you have advised her. So I didn’t enquire much from her thinking she must also enjoy our cuckold honeymoon.

We went to Goa for Threesome Honeymoon. (Don’t get surprised after hearing three on honeymoon. The three were, me, my wife and Asif her bull.) I just thought to narrate you the story which really happened on 09.09.2009. Hope you are entertained and get sexually excited by this. I always wanted to have something very different on my sughraat please tell me if you liked this whatever happened below. Post it on ISS if you find it interesting so that others can also enjoy it.

I told her of your tattoo idea on her ass and breasts. She liked your tattoo idea and she used it. She has tattooed bulls name on her ass and boobs. On ass it says “This ass belongs to Asif” and on boobs “Only for Asif’s pleasure”. It is not permanent though which would wash off after few weeks. In the plane and airport me and Sudha behaved properly like newly wedded husband and wife. The fun started when we reached our hotel. We had booked two rooms one for me and Sudha and one for Asif.

Everyone went according to our plan and at 11.00 pm and we were inside the hotel room for our suhagrat. I was waiting for things to take place. I had not touched my wife since our wedding. Sudha had warned me that Asif will first kiss her and fuck her and not me. Asif, the bull came around 11.30 pm he exchanged pleasantries with my bride.

He brought a nice Diamond ring for her as her Wedding Gift(Munh Deekhai). Sudha liked the gift.They both got along very well. He kissed her very hard on her lips. Then Sudha gestured at me and whispered something in his ears.

Asif got up and took me aside and asked me, “Hello, Arun I can’t be the only guy nude here. So you also strip to undies.”

This was disgusting, he was humiliating me. He was to fuck my wife before my eyes but he wanted me to be naked while watching. But I had no option so I did exactly. I removed my shirt and trouser and was in my underwears.

He said “Listen, I am the groom today and you are my slave. I will fuck your wife like the groom fucks her on his suhagraat. This is my suhagraat, remember, so I will wear your dress. You just watch from the corner as a dog watches his master fucking.”

He wore my clothes (fitting was little funny though). He took me to main bed where my bride would have been waiting for me. He asked me to sit on chair and took my hands behind and he tied my hands and legs to chair. He made me helpless that was his first move. Then he moved to his prize. He called Sudha into the room.

She walked into his room like a new bride, full of trepidation. He looked at her from all sides, then asked her to raise her sari, showing her waxed legs, knees and chiseled thighs tapering to her crotch. She raised her sari to her waist and turned away from him out of shame, revealing her big fat ass to us. She wore no panty for the occasion. Her fat ass shone in the room light with not a single strand of body hairs.(She had spent full day in Beauty parlour, costing me a fortune.)

Asif walked up to her and put his hand on her ass and grappled it. He bent down and kissed her ass all over. He ran his tongue over her ass and spread her ass cheeks and looked at the hole. He moved aside and showed me Sudha’s ass hole. He was going to enter her hole for the first time, but slowly… He kissed her ass again. Then he put his hand between her thighs and reached her cunt from behind. He searched for her cunt lips and rubbed it from behind. I saw her cunt lips quiver at his touch. My cock was also raising it’s head.

He inserted his finger in her pussy crack and began massaging her pussy lips. He rubbed her vulva and lastly found her clit. He began to flick her clitoris. Sudha was enjoying his subtle touch. Her pussy began flowing with her juices. The idea was to arouse her first. And Asif was doing a good job. He was married so knew a lot of tricks to arouse a woman.

She was so full of sex that she did not need any arousing actually. She began to moan at his touch and he kept on rubbing her cunt. He was licking her ass cheeks while rubbing her cunt lips and clitoris. Her eyes were closed shut due to excitement. My cock was hard as steel rod but I could not touch it as my hands were tied behind me to the chair. This was torture. How I wished to jerk my cock.

She began moaning……….she was telling, ”Ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh umm mmmm haaaaaaaaaaa orrrrrrrrr marrrrrrrrgayi oo ha aa aaa aaahhhaahhh ufffffffffffffffffff annhhhhhh anhhhhhhhhhhh hhh hhh ppplllllssss nikalo apni ungli……….. nahi chudwani apni chut tujhse………. Saala chodne ki jagah chut daba raha hai………. Saaaaaalllllllllaaaaaaaa…………Gand kyu chat raha hai………….. Chut chodo na………… gand mat chato mera……………..Aaaaaaaaaah maza aa raha hai……………..Mujhe nahi pata tha gand chatne mein bhi maza ata hai………Gandu saala……… Arun saale seekho is se……………KISS my ass hole…..FUCCKKKKKKK MY ASS HOLE……… ”

Soon her moans climaxed into an orgasm. She climaxed by his mere touching her cunt. Sudha was panting to regain her breathing. And so was Asif. Both of them were standing too close. Asif wrapped my wife in his arms and kissed her all over. Then they engaged in a long lingering passionate kiss like a newly married couple. Then he gently laid her on the floor and removed her anchaal and unhooked her blouse. Her heavy breasts were heaving due to excitement.

He was amazed by her size. He smacked his lips and began to play with her breasts and fondled her nipples from above the bra. Her nipples got hard and were poking at him. Then he looked at my wife lovingly. She looked back at him, not knowing what he would do next. She just knew that today he is going to fuck her brains out.

They slowly started kissing each other. It was a site to watch. Slowly and steadily they undressed each other. She removed his shirt and trousers. (My wife is so shameless that she was undressing a man before my eyes.) She kissed Asif and smiled. Asif enjoyed her shamelessness.

Asif removed her bra and came towards me carrying it and put it around my neck. He laughed at my discomfiture. He went crazy when he saw my wife’s naked boobs. He fondled my wife’s melons. He also started kissing and biting her lips, she gasped and opened her mouth as it pained her but she enjoyed it too. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and started giving her open-mouth kisses. All this time, he was really hurting her boobs and nipples, pinching them and twisting them in his big hands. He then pressed and pulled her boobs.

He held her boobs in his hands and banged them together, slapping the sides and twisting the fat nipples. She could not shout as waiters and hotel staff would have woken up. He then held them together, so that both the nipples were together and sucked them into his mouth. He started pulling the nipples with his teeth and biting them. After some time, he started twisting them like a screw. He smiled at the silent pain. My wife’s nipples were now red and swollen and throbbing with pain but the shameless fellow was enjoying the treatment meted out to her.

He removed her bridal saree and petticoat. She did not have any panty. She was naked as the day she was born. I could see her hairless pussy glistening with her wetness, she had come prepared for her suhagraat. She had removed her pussy hairs earlier.

Asif threw the bridal dress on my face saying, “This is for you cucky boy, I will have the newly wedded pussy tonight and you will only watch. You cannot touch your cock even. See how I tear your wife’s cunt into pieces before your own eyes while you just squirm in your seat. See how your wife’s pussy is bloodied by my cock before your eyes.”

I wanted to say, “No don’t hurt her. Please let her go. She is my wife.” But I couldn’t say anything as I also wanted him to tear her cunt into pieces, as a punishment for her being so shameless before her husband.

Then he shifted his attention to her naked, clean shaved pussy. He planted his mouth on her pussy lips. He started sucking my wife’s pussy. My wife had her eyes closed feeling each touch closer to her heart’s contains. Sudha began bucking her ass upward trying to meet Asif’s mouth and tongue. She had turned into a sex mainac on her suhagraat.


When he was sucking her pussy, my wife looked at me and showed me her wedding ring and pointed at Asif eating her pussy as if mocking at me…….

I shifted on my seat and cursed her aloud calling, “You whore……You slut woman you are fucking your boyfriend before your husband that also on your suhagraat. You slut…. You whore.”

In reply she asked Asif, “Suck me my lover…….suck me…………. suck me….. Let my good for nothing husband see me being fucked by my boyfriend……….”

He was more than eager to suck her dripping pussy. He bit her pussy lips. She jumped in air as reaction. Then he found her clit and began sucking her clitoris which was swollen by now. He inserted one finger in her anus. She liked his sudden intrusion. She yanked her head backward.

She began telling, “Asif, please lick my pussy …………BITE my clit………CHEW my clit……Insert your finger deeper in my ass hole….also FUCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK my anus with your finger ……..Finger fuck meeeeeeee real HARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD till I cumm repeatedly !!!!!!!”

And within few minutes Sudha came in waves of orgasm. She threw her body up in air clinching Asif’s hair in her hands. Asif did not remove his mouth from her cunt for even a nano second eating all her excretion. She cummed a lot in his mouth. It was her second orgasm of the evening.

Now I saw Asif’s cock, I could guess it’s length from the tent it created in his underwear. He pulled Sudha to his cock showing her that it was erect and needed attention.

Asif asked her, “You are my bride and I am your groom, so get down on your knees and suck this cock.” I had not seen his cock till this time.

I had had enough of this cuckold thing, I was being tortured in my room right before my eye. I had to stop this so I said, “Leave her Asif. She is my bride and I will fuck her and not you. Undersatnd, If you don’t leave our room now I would shoust and call the hotel security here and get you arrested by them and police.”

“Shut up, you silly boy. Whom do you think I am? How can I leave such a beauty untouched after licking and sucking her naked clean shaved cunt. I will have to shut you up, else you would create scene.” Saying this she removed his underwear and inserted it in my mouth gagging me.

(It was a real punishment to see your wife being fucked by her boy friend that too on her suhagraat and you are made to suck his underwear.)

Asif became nude and his smelling underwear was placed in my mouth. Now I could not make any noise, I deserved such treatment. His cock was measuring good 9 inches. She took off on his cock. A nine inch monster came out in views. It was a cut muslim cock.

(I had not told you about her fantasies about muslim cocks. She fantasises for muslim cocks so I wanted you to fuck her on her suhag raat but could not since you were busy, but maybe we can call you again later when you are free. By the way how big is your cock.)

Coming back to the sucking scene. Asif’s cock was hard as steel as Sudha clutched it with her hands and rolled it all over her face very gently as if feeling its warmth to her cheeks and sniffing it’s aroma. She loved the musky odour. She took the cock head near her mouth and kissed it. She took out her tongue and licked his cock from it’s base to the crown. Then she swiped her tongue along the crack. She finally opened her soft lips and allowed it to go inside her mouth.

She looked at me and started sucking his 9 inch cock. Within seconds his cock vanished into her mouth. All I could see was her head bobbing up and down on his erect cock and Asif began applying strokes slowly and slowly he raised his speed. He was mouth fucking my wife.

Sudha was loving his cock’s taste and telling, “Let me SUCK your cock……….you must shoot your cummmmm deep into my hot mouth………………. SUCKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING your cock nowwwwww……uguguggghhh …………..tickling your balls dear…………..pushing my middle-finger deep into your tight slimy anus……….cum cum cum in my mouth now dear………….love you…..”

Saying this Sudha inserted her middle finger in Asif’s anus. He liked the intrusion and bucked his body more.

He said, “Yes yes suck my cock Sudha dear…..Lick my balls…. Your mouth feels like whore’s cunt to me. I wish to cum in your mouth……….. Drink my cum…..I am about to cummmmmm.Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaagggggggggg………………..”

He closed his eyes and finally he cummed in her mouth. Sudha true to his words drank all his cum. Some of it fell on her lips and face. She got up and came to me and removed the underwear from my mouth. She kissed me full on my mouth making me taste Asif’s cum. It tasted yucky but I had to lick some of it. Then she got up and went to toilet washed her face and returned back. She looked so content as she had sucked off her boy friend the first time on her suhagraat and that too before her husband.

It was amazing. After 5 minutes of resting he put her on bed and started eating her pussy again heavily.

She was going mad and said, “Hai abbbbb kkkkyaaaa huwaaa…………. areeeee rrraaaaandiiiii keeee bhanduuuuweee…………. uuuiii sasaaalleeeleeee……… ccchhchhoooddd nnanaaa………….. jaaajaaaaaalllddiidiiii………… Fuck me Asif fuck me fuck me now. Don’t worry about my husband. I told you about him, he is cuckold.He likes to see his wife pounded by some one else. Tear his wife’s pussy before his eyes and make him lick the blood that I ooze after the fuck along with your cum.”

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But he had some different plans. He left her, came towards me and untied my hands and legs. I got happy to be freed. I removed his smelly underwear from my mouth and wiped my face. But the happiness was short lived.

He said, “I just want you to understand that I am not forcing myself on you or your newly wedded wife. Look at her man, see she is such a hot fuckable women. What kind of jerk are you to give your hot wife away to her boy friend.

You should fuck her not me……You should have asked your friend to fuck her. It would have been much easier for you. If you really want me to fuck your wife, then get on your knees, kiss my cock and beg me infront of her, saying your are useless hubby. Else I am going back. My cock has released it’s cum and I have made her cum too.”

My wife stared at me and said, “Hmmmm, do as he says. Beg him to fuck me else I will never let you touch my body. You will have to remain without cunt for your entire life. You are useless for me.”

I really thought I should call it off and be a man again. I wished to push him out of the room and rape my wife then and there. But I could not gather enough courage to do this. I was scared that they would beat me if I did not follow their instructions. It was me who got myself into this. Further I would never get chance to see my wife getting fucked by him or anyone. So I Sepided to follow his words and got to my knees.

I was on my knees and his cock was right in front of my face. On my left, on the bed was my newly wedded wife, naked with her legs spread for Asif and not for me. I had no choice. I looked at my cock which was erect after watching my new wife getting sucked by Asif and he was the man in action. It means I wanted to watch more.

So I just went ahead and kissed his cock head and said, “You are the master sir. I am a usless cucky, you are standing here because you deserve Sudha and since you are man in charge, you should show right place for cucks like me. Please fuck my wife, I am useless.”

I literally joined my hand and asked him to fuck her. He took the charge.

“Cucky boy kiss my feet.” he said.

I kissed his feet immediately. I sucked his big toe. I licked his sole as a dog licks his master’s feet. He stroked my neck and back like a master strokes his dog. I was like a dog to him.

He turned around showing me his ass cheeks and said, “Now lick my ass baby………. Lick my anus clean and dry. I want your tongue in my ass hole.”

This was disgraceful but I had no option. I began licking his ass cheeks. I spread his anus with my fingers. I inserted my tongue in his anus. I encircled the hole. It had a musky odour and salty taste. But I loved the taste.

He bent forward exposing his ass to me and said, “LICK my butt-hole and insert your finger deepeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr into my anusssssss………. oooooooooooooooooo …………..FINGER-FUCK my anus…….. Lick me very well……… Sudha see your useless husband is licking my ass.”

I licked his ass for good 5 minutes when Sudha asked me to leave him.

She whispered, “Oh Asif! Enough. Don’t let me beg you. Get inside me and Fuck me, Fuck me hard. Ask this cucky to stand aside and watch his wife being raped.”

He got on top of her. He spread her legs further and parted that sweetest hole with his fingers and then slowly guided his cock inside her. Her hole was hot. He entered my bride’s warm and wet pussy. His cock could not enter her tight cunt. Remember she was virgin, Asif spit on her pussy and tried to lubricate it. He began searching for vaseline but I stopped him.

I wanted her to feel the pain so I asked Asif, “Don’t lubricate, don’t make it easy for her, fuck her with all your might so that she feels her pussy tearing and spilling blood.”

Asif pulled out his cock and placed it’s head at her pussy’s entrance. He took a breath. She left a soft moan. Asif pushed harder almost tearing her pussy into two. His cock head lodged fully inside her cunt in one push. Her face twisted as she felt a excruting pain in her cunt. Her hymen had been broken. She no more was a virgin……… Her hot blood began oozing from her now freshly fucked cunt.

She yelled out in pain, “Ohhhhhhhhhh.aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…….. Meri choot fat gayi………….. Maaaarrrrrrrrrr ddddddaaaaaaaaaalllllaaaaaa…….. Bahut dard ho arah hai…………. stop it. I cant take it any more…………. saala harami………….Your cock is so big and my cunt is so small. Remember aaahhhhh…….I am virgin you motherfucker……… Don’t kill me on my first night………..”

Asif stopped his action and waited for few seconds. He began sucking her breasts and pulling her nipples. He stroked her pussy lips. After few seconds her pussy relaxed. He rpain subsided. Inserted his fingers in her anus. She jumped up to him. This way his cock penetrated more. Her cunt engulfed his cock fully. She thought to continue the pleasure.

Her head went back with pleasure and she moaned. “Come on. Please! Do it now….Can’t wait any more……….Now push into my pussy with one long hard stroke..yeahhhhh..yeahhuuuuuuuggggg ..Your cock is so huge.. “.

His cock parted her pussy lips as she was already wet. So his movements became easy. He started slowly jerking his body, pushing his cock in and pulling it out and pushing it in again. He increased his speed and began fucking her with steady strokes. It was quiet an effort though. She held his arms tight and started to jump under him, trying to meet his stroke. She was seething in pain.

He was moving his body up and down and at the same time she was holding her hip up and pressing her butt against the bed to match his moves. Her breast was jumping up and down with every hit. Slowly and steadily he started pushing his monster deep inside her. I was on my knees at bedside watching them fuck.

Sudha was yanking her head left and right calling Asif, “Push your BIG COCK deep into my cunt nowwwwww……………go deepeeeerrrrrrr…………FUCK meeeeeeee……………..yesssss………….. FUCK FUCK FUCK me HARDEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR……………… PUMMP ME FASTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRR……….. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggghhhhhhhhhhh………… your cock is soooooooooooooo BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG……………. LOVE YOUR PULSING COCK darling……….fucccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…………. SHIT………. SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT………….. about to cummmmmmmm……… NOW SHOOT YOUR SPERM DEEP INTO MY PUSSYYYYYYYYYYYYYY….. AAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMAAAAAHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!”

Asif was also about to cum. He had been fucking her for nice 10 mins.

Asif said, “I am cumming my dear bride………….My cock is about to womit in your cunt.. Where you want me to shoot?”

I knew he would come in her pussy. He arched his back and began spraying inside her cunt. Then suddenly he pulled out his cock still shooting wildly. In the process dropped some cum on her pussy, tummy and boobs. His cock was smeared with some blood too. He immediately came near her face and put some cum drop in her maang (Parting of hair, where a hindu wife puts sindoor). Then he wiped his cock of the blood drops and smeared it on Sudha’s forehead as Bindi.

He put his cum and said,”How about this treat for hindu cuckold husband. I have filled her mang with my cum on her suhagraat.”

My wife got happy hearing this.

She came to edge of bed and said, “Please, suck it my dear as this is my gift for you. Clean my mang from this guy’s cum. This place is for you to put your sindoor(vermillion)”

I sucked it for nice 5 mins and bull orderd me to suck her forehad also where he had put his cum mixed with Sudha’s pussy blood..

While licking he said, “You are such a piece of shit man, lick your wifes mang properly, I want you to remember I had put my cum where she will put her sindooor.”

I licked her forehead too, cleaning his cum. Asif and my wife started laughing and giggiling at this. He asked me to suck Sudha’s fucked cunt from where his cum and her virginity blood was oozing. Sudha spread her legs showing me her bloodied cunt.

Asif: Lick her cunt and clean the blood and my cum from it.

I reached near her cunt. When I parted her pussy lips I was shocked to see the amount of blood and cum oozing out. I felt disgusting looking at this ghastly repulsive scene. Asif should have used condom. I felt like womitting. I had no option but too lick her cunt. I licked the edges avoiding to lick the inners.

Asif noticed that I was avoiding to lick her inner cunt walls, he caught my head and pushed it at her pussy crack. I licked the vulva tasting the blood and his cum mixed together.It tasted like yuck. I wanted to run away leaving them but they didn’t allow me to do so. I scooped the blood droplets along with gooey cum with my tongue. With much repulsion I scooped it in my mouth.

Asif said, “Lick it deeper, cucky boy. Insert your tongue deeper and pull out the entire cum and show me and drink it before us. Suck with your full strength. This is my gift to you on your wedding night.”

After I cleaned her cunt I had to lick his feet and wife’s feet as part of thanks for the live sex show.

After this long sesssion he and my wife got tired. They took a break of 5 mins. I looked at the watch and it was already 1.00 am in night and I was sitting on chair in my undies (remember he had not undressed me completely).

Asif wanted some entertainment. He asked me to take off my undies. He was glad to see my erect cock soaked in precum.

He asked, “Do you want to jerk off, sissy boy.”

I said, “Oh, yes.”

“Ok.” he said, “Do it in front of us.”

After I started masturbating,  my wife slowly came near me and sat below me so I could cum on her face or something.

When I was about to come, she said, “Let me help you, my cucky boy.”

I took my hands back in anticipation that Sudha would take over from now on but Asif had some different ideas. He came at my back and tied my hands behind me. My wife wound rubber band on my erect cock and squeezed my balls very hard. I was in terrible pain, I screamed aloud.

She immedaitely put a cock cage on my cock and locked it. (So she was purchasing this before marriage.)

I was left high and dry half way. My cock was throbbing very hard. Asif and wife started to giggle again.

Asif said, “Your worthless cum is not required tonight, you are a cucky boy. Tonight only I will shoot cum and not you.”.

Asif and wife started talking ot each other, “Hey, I never knew fucking a hindu chut will be so much fun and that too on sughraat yaar”.

Wife, “I knew muslim studs are better than hindu loose cocks, see my husbands, he is enjoing while his wife is being fucked by you.”

Asif: “So, can you get me some more hindu chuts to fuck in our office or something.”

She said, “Why you want more, am I not enough for you.”

Asif: “You are good but one cunt can not satisfy me. Don’t you remember I have one cunt at home too. You know your husband is really a looser. I mean who will give away such milky boobs and such white ass to others,yaar.

(He squeezed her boobs and looked at me.)

Such jerks are cuckold right, you told me about tattoo. Get tattoo written on his forehead saying that he is cuckold. Isn’t it?”

“Great idea.” she said, “Why not, do it now with a permanent marker pen.”

After some fumbling they got a pen. I knew what was about to happen. She came near me naked swaying her boobs and ass. She wrote “I am cuckold” on my forehead. She took me infront of mirror and showed me the inscription, both started giggling.

It was mixed feeling for me. Asif asked me to bend over and he kicked me on my ass saying, “Useless jerk,” he said “Now come here.”

I went near him and he asked me to kiss his feet again and say thank you. I did immediately. Again asked me to bend over and tied my hand to one end of table in hall. My ass was pointed towards the ceiling of the room. He stood near me and started to spank me saying, “Useless jerk, you are. Take this and this for being such a wimp……..”

Thap thap thap……….. The room was filled with the sound of his hands hitting my ass. He rained blows after blows on my bare ass as it turned red. I looked at my wife pleading her to help me, “Sudha help me. Ask him to stop this, untie me let me go.”

Seeing my situation she came towards me. Noticing the red marks on my ass my wife began laughing and she also gave me some hard blows. It was very painful to me. (Don’t know why but I liked being treated like that.) He even tried to insert the pen in my ass hole. I writhed in pain then he removed it.

Asif got up and wanted to go for pee.

She asked him, “Why are you going to toilet. I want you to pee in his lovely mouth. Let him taste your hot and fersh pee.”

Asif liked the idea. He came in front of me and aimed his cock towards me. Hot pee landed on my face some going in my mouth. Sudha opened my mouth fully so entire pee entered my system. Yuck……it tasted so bad.

But I drank it, nice humilation it was, I deserved it too. It was the first time I drank someone’s piss. I drank his pee and was made to lick the few drops which landed on the carpet too.I was completely in his awe, under his control. I loved the way he fucked her and made me beg I knew I will do anything for him, even let him bang my ass. After all he had become my master.

When he was finished with his pee he asked me to lie on the bed and tied my hand. My balls were still paining. He tied my legs too and again stuffed his under wear in my mouth. He pulled my naked wife and made her lie over my naked body. I was happy as my wife’s naked body was over me for 1st time.

But since my cock was in cock cage I could not do anything. She sat in such a way that her pussy was on my mouth. I tried to lick her cunt from below but Asif stopped me from doing it. He parted her pussy lips and placed his cock at her pussy entrance. He was doing what couldn’t do.

From below I had the best view of his cock entering her pussy. Her pussy was inches away from my mouth and eyes. Then he started fucking her, his cock and balls brushing past my nose and his hairs tickled my nostrils. Even his ass hole was very close to my mouth that I was tempted to lick it. But I had to restrain myself from doing it.

Within seconds, he starterd ramping her pussy. His cock was strong and was making nice moves in and out. I was watching it closely since I was very close.

My wife was moaning, “Asif what a great fucker you are ohhhhhhhhh…….aaahhhhh………….please…………fuck…………………. me fffffffucccccccccckkkkkkkme……..fucccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk………………… mmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………….fuck meeeeeee……….deepeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………….eng..engh…egghGGHGHGH…….uuuunnnnggggghh…ughGGHHHH……..fuck fuck fuck………..go deeper some more……..yesssssssssssssss……love your huge pulsating cock……aaaaaaooooommmmaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!”

He rammed her with full force and she was enjoying it too. While I was watching it helplessly with my erect cock closed in cock cage. After few minutes Asif arched his body and said, “Hhiiiiiiiii. I am about to cum…………… I want to spray my cum on Arun’s face ……………….. Open your mouth cucky baby…. Drink my cum……”

I opened my mouth and he pulled his cock from her cunt and placed it on my lips. I greedily pulled it inside and he jerked it with his hands. He flooded my mouth with his yucky cum. Seeing this, Sudha got off my face lay beside me and pulled Asif’s mouth to her pulsating cunt. While he sucked my wife’s pussy, I sucked and cleaned his cock. And within seconds she also cummed on his mouth. Even though I hated eating cum, I had to eat him out and want to tell you that by now I got used to sucking his cock and drinking his cum.

My wife said, “Hey I liked your act but I am not satisfied. Make me cum too. Fuck me more. Remember it is my suhagraat.”

Asif agreed to it and said, “I will fuck your virgin ass now. Since it is your suhagraat, I don’t want to leave any of your hole virgin. But I will use condom in your ass hole as without condom infection may occur.”

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I got happy to hear that as his big cock would tear her small anal opening. I eagerly wanted to see his cock plunder her ass hole. But he had some other ideas.

He asked me, “Lick her ass hole and lubricate it. Insert your tongue deep and finger her hole so it would easily take my cock.”

Hearing this, Sudha placed her ass on my mouth spreading the hole for me to lick the brown hole. I darted my tongue and began licking her ass hole. I swiped it along the wrinkled lines. It tasted so bad but I had to follow his wish. Sudha was giggling as I was licking her ass. She further parted her hole, I inserted my tongue deeper inside. I spit inside too to make it wet.

He took out a condom and placed it on her ass hole. Sudha said, “No, don’t use condom. I want to feel your skin on my ass hole. Remove your condom. After you cum in my ass Arun will clean my ass hole.”

Asif removed the condom. When he was satisfied with my work, he placed his cock at her ass but his time without a condom. He pushed and his cock went inside without much pain. I had lubricated it good.

He said, “Good work done, cucky boy. Now move away, it is action time for me.”

I couldn’t move as I was any ways tied up both ends. My wife’s ass was being fucked right in front of my eyes. Asif impaled her ass fully. His balls were hitting her white ass cheeks continuosly.

Thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap………..

She lifted her legs and placed it across my face, as if she was riding my face. The difference being she was being ass fucked by Asif, so her wet and dripping pussy which was just inches above my mouth, was free for me to lick and suck. It was too tempting for me. I began licking her pussy while Asif was fucking her ass hole from behind. Sudha began rubbing her cunt more on my mouth trying to enjoy her ass banged.

After few minutes I sensed his cock tightening and Sudha’s cunt muscles cringing. It was time for both of them to cum. Asif lodged his cock deep in her ass and began shooting his cum. Within few seconds his cum began to spill out of her ass falling on my face. He pulled out his limp cock and with it came out his gooey cum. I needed no more invitatin, I greedily licked at his cum too. It had some mix of her anal juice too. I enjoyed mixed taste of his cum coming out of her anus and her juice oozing from her cunt.

After 5 mins of ass banging he untied me and asked me sit on the bedside. He made my wife lay on bed and came over my wife’s face and started jering off. He spilled few leftover cum over her face and boobs. He generates lot off cum. And then again I performed my cuckold duties of sucking.

Asif said, “Hey cuckold do a nice clean up job, her boobs are pretty, you will always remember me when ever you will be sucking your wife’s boobs.”

Now it was around 2.00 am in night. He asked me to lay on floor with my hands and legs tied at the back and my erect cock placed in cock cage which was stilll hurting me. Deep inside, I was admiring him for his fucking stamina and skill with my wife.

In the first part I described our Suhagraat. I must say, it was the worst mistake of my life to allow my wife Sudha to be fucked by her boy friend on my suhagraat that also before my eyes while I was made to lick and suck their pussy, ass and cock.(Although I liked doing all those degrading things. As a result of this I became his slave.) Thus treated like a dog.

Now coming to the next morning of my suhagraat. I was still sleeping on the floor of hotel room. Asif slept with my wife on my wedding bed. He slept naked on the bed with my wife, talking and joking all the night. When ever I opened my eyes I remember they were giggling at me and laughing with some or the other adult jokes.

He said to my wife, “I loved fucking you on your suhagrat and being with you on your honey moon also. I liked your bhramin chut. I have for the 1st time fucked a bhramin chut and this was very different since this was a cuckolding fuck. I fucked you before your useless husband. Still, I am not satisfied, I would love to fuck you more.”

My wife laughed at his comments and said, “Sure, I also liked your big cock inside me and I am also not satisfied. We can continue our fucking entire honeymoon. Even when we reach Pune we will continue this. But let us sleep now.”

I also drifted to sleep. How long I slept, I dont remember. But at 4.30 in the morning I was awaken by Asif, who was again shouting at me. When I opened my eyes groggily saw him standing very close to me asking me to get up at once. He kicked me in my butt to wake me up fully. I was now fully awake.

He brought his leg in front of me and said, “Kiss my leg and say thank you.”I did it instantly, “Your wife is sleeping, don’t disturb her cucky boy. I have fucked her again after you slept. You sleep on the floor today its your sughraat. I am going out for morning jog while you take good care of Sudha.” he said and left !!!!!!

I looked at Sudha who was still sleeping. They got ready at 11.00 am and left the hotel for sight seeing. They wanted to visit the city on their own. As I was his slave I was not taken along. But they promised if I don’t jerk off, they would take me out for a party. I was too tired to go out with them. So I prefered sleeping in the room. I slept for the whole day while Sudha and Asif went out for some sight seeing.

In the evening I got a call from Sudha and she asked me to get ready. They were going to take me out on a party. When they reached the hotel, I told Asif and Sudha about my chat with Sultana and his piss ideas and lap fuck idea. (Pissing on my naked body and not cleaning it and Asif fucking Sudha while she sits on my lap)

They too loved the idea. Asif asked me to lock my cock in cage I did it instantly and gave him the key. He asked me to remain naked and get on my knees. He tied a towel on my neck like leash of dog and pulled me. He took me to bathroom and started peeing on me. Nice golden shower it was.

Sudha, my wife was laughing at this. She also got the kick, she came in and peed on my face and body. I drank some of the piss rest falling on the toilet floor. Asif made me to lick the urine dropped on floor. I was true dog.

Asif had orderd for food. He asked me not to wash myself but only dry, I understood he wanted me to stink like an animal. I came out of the toilet after licking the toilet floor. Asif asked me to wear bra and panties which they had bought for me (red bra and panties). I was on all fours to become a dog with my tounge hanging out. After some time the door bell rang. It was the waiter and food had arrived. I was in red panty and bra on all four. I wanted to go inside toilet to hide myself but I was not allowed to move.

The waiter came in and was amazed to see Asif and Sudha, sitting on chair and me in bra and panties, on hands and knees like a dog with tounge hanging outside.

Asif said to waiter, “Truth and dare khel rahe hain, ye uska dare hai, wo mera kutta hai abhi.”(We are playing truth and dare I have made him my dog)

He said nothing, I liked Asif’s presence of mind, and to support him I barked like a dog. Asif also got bolder.

Seeing me cooperating with him, said to waiter, “Dekha mera kutta” and threw a chicken piece on the floor and asked me to eat. Sudha got angry but seeing that I was also cooperating she said nothing. I enjoyed the act and ate it like dog (put my hands at back) directly by mouth. Surprised by my act, the waiter went out of room. I continued in the same vein and rest of my dinner was thrown on floor like dog.

In the evening it was time for us to go to the party. It was adult theme party where only couples were allowed. Asif had to pay a huge sum to get in. He enrolled himself as lover and me and Sudha as husband and wife. We changed to look beautiful. Asif wore jeans and tshirt, Sudha was wearing short skirt and top inside were her bra and panties.

I too was in jeans and t shirt but with red hot bra and panties inside (Asif wanted me to wear it. I was glad that I was wearing jeans and t shirt over bra and panty ) also my cock was locked in the cage, he had the key. Then we started for the party venue in Goa. It was very closely guarded, securit was tight. No one was allowed inside without proper tickets.

When we reached the venue, I was shocked to see that it was attended mostly by scantily clad foreigners and hardly any indians could be seen. Most of them were naked and women were showing there boobs while some couple were fucking each other. No one actually cared about us.

Sudha and me were not comfortable at this party but Asif said, “Don’t be scared as no one knows us here. Sab log foreigner hai.”

This was true so we started dancing and enjoying. I saw Asif chatting with somebody.

Asif introduced us, “This is Sudha and Arun. They are wife and husband, and he is our friend.”

Oh God, finally he showed some respect to me and said that I was Sudha’s husband. This happiness was shortlived as after some time Asif and Sudha got into each other’s arms. They were clinging like two lovers. Suddenly the light dimmed a little. Taking advantage of this, he took off Sudha’s top and pulled down her jeans, Sudha was made to dance in bra and panties.

In return she also took off his tshirt and jeans. Now almost everyone was naked in that party, except me.

One big negro came to me asked me, “Hey mate, why don’t you remove some clothes.”

I was very reluctant because I was wearing bra and panties inside, so I said, “I am feeling shy. I can’t remove my clothes before so many people.”

He didn’t listen to me and grabbed my tshirt, and after some force he took off my t shirt and jeans. I was standing in bra and panty. Everybody was giggling at me.

The negro said, “What are you wearing man?……… red hot bra and panties. Are you gay or cross dresser? I never saw such a man before. Hey everybody come here.See this guy.”

I was ashamed of my predicament. It was so embarassing. Suddenly negro saw a bluge in my panty and asked me to remove my panty too. I remembered, my cock was in cage so no way I was going to strip in front of everyone. Then hearing negro’s raised voice few people stood around me started rooting me, “Come on come strip.”

Hearing their ranting Asif and Sudha also came near me and asked me to strip. I was shocked to see that Sudha and Asif were already naked.

Asif knew why I wasn’t taking off my panties, he said, “Chup chap nikal de apni panty varna sab ke samne forcefullly utarni padegi.”

Hearing this I pulled down my panties, my head hanging down with shame. The people surrounding me looked at the cage around my cock. They were pointing at my occk cage and laughing loud. Negro knew it was cock cage.

He asked me, “Where is the key to this lock?”

Asif pulled the key from his pocket and started flaunting it, “I have the key, I hold the key for his cock cage.”

Few people congratulated him for holding key and said, “He is the real man.”

It was a very shameful moment for me. Asif wanted me to feel more ashamed.

Asif said, “See, this is Sudha his wife. They have come to Goa on honeymoon. He is a useless fellow, I have been fucking his wife since her suhagraat and thi fellow’s cock has been locked in cock cage. Do you want a demo? I want to fuck Sudha, right now in this party, right before your eyes. Who wants to see? All are invited here. I will fuck his wife before his eyes while she will sit on his lap. ”

He asked me sit on a sofa near by with my cock still locked in cage. Sudha came naked and sat on my naked lap(maybe they wanted to use sultanasinha’s idea right there in party) I held her legs wide for him and he got on his knees and placed his cock head at her now moist cunt. His cock went inside easily and he slowly started fucking her, in the party.

Surprisingly, only four to five people were interested in our show. The rest were busy with their own things. Suddenly the big negro came near us and started pressing Sudha’s boobs. I covered Sudha’s boobs with my hands and wanted to push him off but he was too big for me to push. He removed my hands from her boobs and began fondling my wife’s nipple in the party.

I tried to attract Asif’s attention to this, wishing he would stop the negro from using my wife but he was not intrested in it. He was busy fucking her. Negro began sucking her left nipples while pressing the other. Then Sudha caught his big cock in her hands. Our eyes were widened seeing the size. It was atleast 09 inch and thick as my wrist.

Negro caught Sudha’s head and inserted his cock in her gaping mouth. She greedily began sucking his big cock. I was also shaking in couch due to Asif’s pounding her cunt. Negro was fucking Sudha’s mouth. She was enjoying her double whammy.


What an experience it was wife being fucked on my lap and my cock was trying to get erect, it needeed a good mouth or warm cunt or even a nice jerk but I couldn’t help as it was locked in a cage.

Sudha was speaking in between her jerking mouth, “I need your cock badly, Asif……..FUCK meeee very harrrrdddddddddddddddddd…………… your huge cock……..fuck fuck……fuck………….aaaaoooooooooooooohhhhh………….fucccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk me…………..release your cummmmmm deep into my pussyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.”

After 10 mins of fucking he came in her pussy and same time Sudha also cummed. Asif’s cum was flowing out of her cunt down to her thighs. It was not to be wasted so I immediately got down to my knees and licked her nice and clean pussy and thighs like nice cucky.

Asif took off Sudha’s mangalsutra and wound it around his cock and asked me to clean his cock (this is his favourite act), “Sale….bhandve tere mangal sutra ki sahi jagha hai mera lund, choos mera lavda choos.”

I licked Asif’s cock from base to crown, cleaning it. Meanwhile, Sudha was sucking nergro as if there was no tomorrow. And after 2 -3 mins he also shot his load in her mouth. His semens was dripping from her mouth. Seeing this Asif asked me to lick the cum and to kiss my wife back for such a lovely job.

I had never tasted a black man’s cum before. This was the first time in my life and in her mouth too. Can’t tell you how amazing it was. I cleaned my wife’s face and mouth along with Asif’s cock. It was turning out to be a intresting honeymoon but surprisingly instead of my wife eating my cum, I was eating cum from her mouth or pussy, be it of Asif or be it of the negro. I got confused who the real bride was. My cock had been caged since I reached Goa and I was sucking cum after cum.

After the fuck Asif and Sudha started dancing again but negro was having fun with me and my locked cock. He was surprised that instead of fucking my wife on my honeymoon, why my cock was in a cage. Why was I not fucking anyone. He thought I was a gay.

Taking me for a gay, he started teasing me, inserting his fingers in between the cage gap, flicking at my cock. Even inserting his middle finger in my anus. I felt little pain, but did not stop him from fingering my ass. He took his finger out and again inserted it in. He kept on finger fucking me for 5 mins. When he was not satisfied, he went to asif and said something in his ears. Both came near me.

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Asif said, “Listen, this blackman wants you to take his cock in your mouth and suck him off just like Sudha sucked him. Give him a good blowjob. Remember he is our country’s guest and Atithi Devo Bhawa.(Guest is Equal to God). Don’t waste my time, get on your knees and suck this giant cock. ”

After some argument I was on my knees where I belonged and his cock was in my mouth. I kissed his cock’s crown, swiping the eye with my tongue. I tried to insert my tongue tip at the penis tip. Then he pushed a little inserting half cock in my mouth. I began sucking his fat cock like a candy or lollypop. I was loving his 09 inch monster in my mouth. My head was bobbing on his erect cock sucking him away.

He held my head in his hands and began fucking my mouth saying, “I want you to SUCK my huge, pulsing cock…….Say you need my cock now……..ssssssssssuccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk me and LET ME CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM inside YOUR MOUTH…………DRINK MY CUM!!! I am about to cum baby………. So take my cum.”

And after few minutes he closed his eyes and shot cum in my mouth……….. I drank all his cum without letting one drop fall on the carpet else it would be dirty. I lay back on the sofa catching my breath while the black man had some different ideas too.

He said, “I want to fuck your wife too, who was sucking me few minutes ago, whats her name…. Yes Sudha. I will fuck her the same way that guy Asif fucked her………. i.e I will fuck her while she sits in your lap.”

I had no problem, (who will have problem seeing his huge 09 inch cock) and told him that he can fuck Sudha if he wants to fuck her but Asif was not ready for it. Negro desparately wanted to fuck Sudha (who wouldn’t want to fuck her, she is so beautiful) But after lot of begging Asif allowed negro but for some security reasons, Asif took us out of the party on the beach.

It was 4.00 am in the morning on, we went very close to the sea. I was naked carrying my clothes in hand. While Sudha was wearing some clothes. Asif snatched my clothes and threw them away in sea and only thing on my body was the cock cage. I lay on the sand due to shame.

Asif laughed at me and asked me lay down on cool sands where sea water was just touching the land. I lay on my back and sea water was touching my naked back. Asif, Sudha and the negro returned back and laughed at my situation. Sudha got nude and so did the negro. Asif gathered their clothes and asked Sudha to sit on my lap.

Sudha came and sat on my lap for negro to fuck. Her naked back was rubbing my body and my cock in cock cage was in too much pain, just about to split into two due to sustained torture. I couldn’t do anything but watch him fuck my wife before me. He knelt on his knees and placed his cock at her pussy entrance. His 09 inch cock was full length and didn’t go inside easily.

He spit on his palm and applied his saliva on his shaft. He spit on Sudha’s cunt also trying to lubricate it. He placed his cock again at her gateway to heaven. And after some strong effort he pushed the cockhead slowly past her pussy lips and deeper into her pussy and sensing it correct chance Asif put his cock in her mouth. She had double penetration now, she was begining to learn to cope with it.

Negro started to fuck her in slow motion. He was expert in fucking, it was evident. I was also moving as he was giving his strokes. What an expereince, it was 4.00 am on the beach, I had my wife on my lap and 2 cocks throbing into her and she was screaming, “Heyyyyyyyyyy maaaaaammmmma…….. Saala negro ka kitna bada lund hai…………..Harami ka lund mere uterus tak lad raha hai…………….uuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeee Ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmm haaaaaaa orrrrrrrrr marrrrrrrrgayi eeeeoooo huyiiiiiiiii aaaaa aaahhhhhh uffffffffffffffffffffff annhhhhhh anhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….Pls ppplllllssss nikalo mujhe nahi chudwani apni chut tujhse…………. Itna bada lund apni ma ke choot mein dal madarchod……….. Mujhe jane do. Pls pls fuck fuckfuck mememe fucck me. Oh my husband is cuckold he is useless doens’t fuck me so pls fuck me cuckycc cuckyyyy.”

I was loving what she was saying. After 10 mins negro came in her pussy and I was asked to lick her cunt and clean it removing even a drop of negroe’s cum from Sudha’s cunt. The negro stood and watched me while I licked it nicely and slowly. Then I took negro’s cock and sucked it clean too. Then Asif also cummed on her boobs and I did my duty of cleaning it.

I though the action had finished but Asif and negro had something more for Sudha.

Asif said, “Saali randi… you slut………whore……… How dare you fucked this negro……….. now you will have to face punishment…….. Be ready for it…. You promised that your pussy was only for me during the honeymoon but you let this black man fuck you and broke your promise.”

I also felt very happy hearing this. I also wanted to punish her for her slut like behaviour with negro. I waited anxiously for the punishment. He was laughing at her condition. He walked to her still naked.

She waited for the next action; this was the hardest part; she knew what was coming. He walked over to her, stood in front of her with his dick dangling in front of her lovely face, smiled down at her and flicked his dick on her weeping face. It hit her face like a whip. I thought he would ask her to suck his cock but this is no punishment.

As if he read my mind, he slowly turned around. His ass was directly in front of her face. She looked at his ass; he shouted at her – “What happened? Go ahead you whore. Lick my ass and clean my anus. this is your punishment.”

He bent down from the waist. She brought her face slowly towards his ass cheeks, and buried her nose inside it. It smelled bad. She spread the ass cheeks with her hands and put her tongue inside his ass.

“That’s like it, do more”, exclaimed her bull. “Keep going.”

She began to flick her tongue in his rectum. It tasted yucky which I knew as I had tasted it yesterday.

“Inside, inside you dirty whore, wipe your tongue inside, go deeper, scoop somethign from my hole.” shouted her boy friend.

She inserted her tongue inside his rectum and began to lick his ass and brought her hands in front to hold his dick; she could feel his dick rising again. Her tongue was lodged in his anal hole. She groped his dick as she licked his ass and felt his cock rising again to her touch. She kept on licking his ass till he began to moan.

“Keep on licking my ass you dirty whore. See even my cock loves your ass sucking.” and she kept on licking his ass and play with his dick. Asif pulled me before him. He made me turn around so my ass was facing him. He held my waist from my waist and hugged me from behind. Without warning he inserted his cock in mt ass hole.

I screamed more due to sudden intrusion than pain. He began fucking my anal hole while my wife was licking his anus. This went on for 5 mins. Then he suddenly jerked himself free, turned around and put his dick in her mouth. It was covered with my anal juice and little bit of shit.This was it, she began tasting her husband’s anal juice. She began to blow him happily. Then seeing this the negro felt his cock rising again.

The negro asked, “Do you want to taste my ass hole too?”

She nodded in a big no……. Then he came behind her and slapped her naked ass. He spit on his cock and also on her ass hole.

He said, “Then I will fuck your ass hole baby. You have such a nice ass. Take my cock in your ass.”

Sudha removed Asif’s cock from her mouth and yelled, “No…no… Not my ass. Your monster cock would tear my ass into two. I am ready to lick your ass hole. You can fuck me two times more but not my ass.”

But the guy was in no mood to hear. He lifted her ass a little and inserted his cock in her ass hole. He pushed so hard that Sudha almost fell on the sands had not Asif been before her. Only a part of his monster cock had entered her ass. He again applied pressure with his body weight behind, he succeeded a little. Half of his cock was lodged inside. Negro knew he couldn’t push any further, so began fucking her ass with only half his 09 inch cock in. Suddenly she also began loving this scene. Imagine negro with his 09 inch cock was fucking her ass while she was sucking Asif’s cock.

Sudha said, “FUCK my ass hole real hard………….mmmmmnnnn…………..FUCK ME LIKE A BULL ………..uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugghhhhhh……….Oh my God I have 09 inches of steel inside my ass……..uuuunnngghhhhhh……….fuccckkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeee HARDEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR…………….love your long, pulsing cock……..uguguggggghhhhaaaoowwwww.”

Within seconds she turned her attention to Asif’s cock and took his rod inside her mouth and started sucking it and side by side moving her hands on his balls. I didn’t want to miss the action so I lay under her belly just below her pussy. I darted my tongue out and licked pussy. It tasted so good. I began greedily licking and sucking her pussy, even inserting my tongue deeper in her pussy hole.

(Had it been any other time Asif would not have allowed me to lick or suck her pussy other than cleaning her hole after he deposited his load. But this time he was busy in himself.) Sudha was enjoying this triple treat. (One cock in her mouth, One in her ass hole and one tongue licking her cunt.)

She was moaning, “Ughhhhhhhahhhhhhhhh what a feeling……… I can never forget that feeling. Rub my pussy dear…Haye raja bahut maza aa raha hai, haye ab apne lund ko meri khujla rahi choot main pail do. aaahhhh ab raha nahi jaata.”

After sucking him for about 15 minutes Sudha felt real itching in her cunt. I began rubbing her pussy vigorously. There were two hunks with real big cocks but neither was fucking her cunt. Asif became too hot to fuck her. He saw negro’s facial expression changing and understood that he was about to cum in her ass. He immediately pushed negro away from her ass. He was surprised by this act.

Asif pushed Sudha back in the cool sands and placed his rod on her mouth again, leaving her pussy for negro. He signalled negro to take charge of her pussy. I moved forward to press her boobs and lick her pussy. She stopped me from doing anything rather closed her legs, denying me an acess to her now swollen pussy. She was hiding her pussy from negro also as she was afraid that his would prompt him to fuck her again. She was scared that his thick rod could tear her pussy. Earlier she wanted negro to fuck her but changed her mind as her cunt was paining by now.

She requested me to stop the negro from fucking her again as she desparately needed some rest, “Arre saale bhandve Arun Us madarchod negro ko rok na…………He will tear me into two.What will you fuck your mother’s pussy. Why don’t you get your ass fucked by him instead of offering your wife’s cunt to him.”

But I wanted negro to fuck her again as her punishment had not been complete till now. I spread her legs and patted her pussy indicating negro to impale her. He came between her legs and placed his cock at her gate of heaven. I inserted his cock in her cunt.

She told him to do it slowly for which he refused and pushed his dick fully inside her in one jerk. I thought her pussy was too tight for him but after some time she told that his cock was too big for anyone. She had never seen such a thick and huge cock. I again tried to push him off my wife.

He got angry at me and said, “If you push me off your wife I will fuck your ass hole. Tell me, are you ready for my cock?”

I too got scared at his size. Imagine a 09 inch long cock in my ass, it would have torn me into two. So I stepped back allowing him to fuck my wife instead. Sudha saw my cowardice. I was allowing a negro to fuck my wife. She removed asif’s cock from her mouth.


Well finally I tried to push negro off her body but he was too strong for me. He was jerking his body with cock inside her cunt. It was going in and coming out like a piston but it was too hard for me too. She was screaming and I got afraid that people would collect around us. I told her to keep silent but she refused as she was getting wild pain in her pussy.

Asif placed his lips on her and locked her mouth with his lips. He was scared to insert his cock in Sudha’s mouth, fearing that she might bite on it due to terrible pain she was going through. He raised his body and began jerking his cock near her face. Within few seconds he was ready to shoot. Then he sprayed his cum on her face and I had to kiss her and drink his cum.

But the negro was going on and on and on. Their fuck session lasted for about 30 minutes. After that he came and flopped on her body. He removed his limp cock from her pussy. We were surprised to note even his limp cock was bigger than my erect one and it was covered with blood. The guy had really torn her pussy. Thank God He didn’t fuck my ass. Sudha was weeping due to his wild fuck and pain. I wanted to massage her pussy and lick it clean.

I said, “Sudha, kya bahut dard ho raha hai? Main kuch karu? Mujhe tumhari choot chatne main bada maza aata hai par aisi fati khoon se latfat chatne main tu anokha maza hai. Tum fikra na karo main ise chat ke abhi theek kar deta hu. Tumhe bahut aram milega.”

She stopped me from licking or touching her torn pussy saying, “Door raho mujhse………. bhandve…………. saale………..madarchod………. chutiya harami tere samne wo kamina teri biwi ko chod raha tha aur tu khada dekha raha tha. Tere se achcha to Asif hai. Main is se hamesha chudwaungi.”

But I hugged her tight to soothe her pain. She lay nude on the sand holding me tight to her body for the next 30 minutes. I felt bad for her after all she was my wife. I wiped her face and cleaned the tears from it. We got up and started our journey back to hotel. I was still nude with cock cage where as Sudha and Asif had worn their clothes. We took a taxi to hotel, the taxi driver had it difficult to hold his laughter, seeing me in cock cage. Asif took his dirty car cloth which actually was a torn underwear or panty and wrapped it around my genitals. Negro went back to his hotel thanking us for the wonderful evening, while Asif was holding Sudha on our walk to hotel.

When we reached the hotel, the staff were shocked to see me in tattered panty but did not say anything. I gave them 500/- to keep quiet. After this long night we returned to hotel at 6.00 am and slept. If I get good feedback maybe I would write further parts.


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My Wife Was Fucked By Her Boy Friend On Our Suhagraat

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