My Wild Sexual Encounter With A Thief

My Wild Sexual Encounter With A Thief

Hey guys, your Fantasy Girl, Akshata, is back again! Yeah, surprisingly, I am. After my last story about my sexual encounter with Praveen, the room service guy, I thought I had had enough and planned to take a break.

However, fate had some other plans, and here I am, with another and perhaps the most unexpected and wild story of all! If you enjoy this story or my previous stories, give me your feedback in the comments or [email protected] I’d love to hear from you!

So, to start with this story. I never thought it would happen to me, let alone the thought that I’d enjoy it so much! It was a cool, September night. Late night. It must be around 1-1:30 A.M. For some reason, I was just unable to sleep. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get some shut-eye.

I couldn’t watch TV as the sound could wake up my parents. My mobile phone’s battery had died down, so that was out of the question too. After staring at the wall for a while, I was suddenly hit by a horny feeling. Perfect, I thought! I could masturbate myself to sleep.

I had done so earlier, and it had given me superbly deep sleep. So, down went my hot pants, up went my t-shirt, and in went my fingers, inside my panty. As I started rubbing myself, I visualized being enjoyed and kissed, licked, and sucked in every way possible. My eyes closed as I began to lose myself in it.

However, in all this, I didn’t notice something dangerous that was about to unfold. Out of habit, I had left my balcony door open to let some of the cool air in and keep my room fresh. But this time, something more than the air entered through the door.

Just as I was engrossed in fingering myself, a thief slipped in. He was nimble-footed and made no sound. Plus, I didn’t notice him since I was engrossed in myself. I was also moaning a little, which I am sure must have caught his fancy. After a while, I felt a slight heaviness on my bed despite being engaged in myself.

I opened my eyes slightly and was shocked to see someone else on my bed. I was about to scream when the thief quickly shushed me. My eyes were now wide open, in shock and fear. Sleep had gone out the same door that he had entered through.

I couldn’t see his face due to the darkness, but I could see his silhouette. He seemed to be slender. He had a slight stubble and had dense, straight hair. His strong hand was firmly placed on my lips, silencing me. His eyes were glaringly looking into mine, and he was almost on top of me.

“I saw and heard what you were doing there, missy! And I must say, you completely distracted me from my job!” he said. His voice was young and a little heavy. He sounded commanding.

“I had planned this weeks ago. I had my eyes on this house. I was sure that there’d be a lot of money on it. What I didn’t know was that the sexiest thing in this house isn’t the money…it’s YOU!”

I was still trying to break free, but his grasp was strong and unwilling to let me go. “But I’ll tell you what I can help you. I can make this experience more realistic and much better for you, only if you let me. I know this sounds stupid, but can you trust me? Will you trust me?” he asked.

Unable to speak and full of fear, I nodded slightly. I thought if I played along, he wouldn’t hurt me. I just prayed that I wouldn’t get hurt. As I nodded, his other hand went down and replaced my hand inside my panty. He started rubbing me.

I protested and squirmed, my muffled voice begging him to stop, but he wouldn’t. He kept on rubbing and gradually started fingering me. I don’t know at what point things changed. But they certainly did, and suddenly, I began to enjoy his touch.

My muffled voice started to drop and was replaced by moans, and my defenses weakened too. I looked at him and let out a bit of my tongue to lick his hand that was on my lips. He was quick to understand my reaction. He released his hand slowly, still a little uncertain about my response.

But I didn’t scream, I didn’t run away. I hardly wanted to do that. What I really wanted was HIM, right then and there. I was breathing heavily as we looked at each other for a few seconds. Suddenly, I pulled him closer and smooched him. He reciprocated instantly. Our tongues met and played lustily.

My arms wrapped themselves around his neck as we indulged each other. He came on top of me and took off his t-shirt. I stood up a little as he then stripped me off mine. He then pounced on me and started licking my neck and shoulders feverishly.

Now engulfed in lust, I gave in and caressed his hair, encouraging him more. His sloppy tongue slowly made its way down, reaching my boobies. He gobbled each boob one after the other and started sucking my nipples passionately. I was in nirvana.

I wrapped his head in my boobies and encouraged him more. I pulled him apart for a second. “Drink my milk, okay? Suck my boobies nicely, just like you were doing!” I said. He obeyed me instantly and started sucking my boobs like a baby. I reached out and kissed his forehead, signaling my appreciation. He took turns with both my tits.

After he was done, he raised both my arms up and came up to me. “Ever had your armpits licked? Wanna see what that feels like?” he challenged me. He didn’t have to challenge me. It was my favorite fetish! I nodded. He went down and smelled my clean, juicy armpits.

Relishing their smell, he started licking them clean. I was in heaven! He didn’t stop there. Sliding his tongue down to my navel, he relished it by kissing and sucking it. His touch sent shivers down my body. Soon, he freed me from my shorts and panty. I was completely naked now.

He stripped himself naked to make it fair. He licked my inner thighs for a while, teasing me about when he’d go for my hairy pussy, which was already wet and waiting for him. Soon, he obliged and buried his face in it. He committed himself to it, not letting it go even as I shook and squirmed violently.

He was just too good! I shoved my pussy in his face, and he took it all. Finally, as I came, he slowly let loose. He came up to me and kissed me, giving me a taste of myself. We switched places as I made him lie down. I started kissing and licking his chest, which was also hairy, right down till his stomach.

Then I grabbed his manhood and moved it all over my face. His precum was oozing out, and I applied it all over my face. I hit his hard, long wood on my face and then started sucking and licking it. He moaned and wrapped my hair in a pony as I blew him.

I spat on his cock and swallowed it, stroking him as I did it. Then I came up to him and kissed him, making him taste himself, just like he had made me. Suddenly, he flipped me and came on top of me. His cock was hard and ready, thanks to the oral service I gave.

He put it inside me and started fucking me in missionary pose. He leaned on me as I wrapped my legs around his waist and caressed his back and hair with my hands, my eyes closed and lost in the passion. I kissed and bit his shoulders. We looked at each other and kissed intermittently as he fucked me.

As his thrusting got harder, my nails started digging deeper into his back, and my moans got a little louder. I tried to suppress them as much as I could, considering the situation. After a while, he stopped and went down on me, his cock beside my face.

He turned me to his side as I turned to face his huge cock. We went for some intense 69 position. He was dutiful and committed to my pussy, just like before. I stayed just as loyal to his cock. He spanked me a few times as he enjoyed my pussy juice, eliciting more moans from me. Soon, he was about to cum.

“Baby, I am gonna cum,” he said, his voice exhausted yet lusty.

“Come up to me, my love. Let me stroke your cock between my boobies as you cum all over me!” I said.

He came up and offered his cock. I put it between my boobs and started stroking him. After a while, he came hard and burst two huge loads on my boobs and neck and another on my face. The deflowering was complete. I was bathed in his cum.

“Ah! Aaah fuck! Oh yeah!” he moaned as I licked off some remaining cum on his cock. He then lay next to me as we cuddled for a while.

“Did you like it, my prince?” I asked.

“I loved it, my princess,” he replied.

“I am my parent’s princess. For you, I am your slut! Damn, you were good! Who would have thought THIS would happen?!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, thank you, my slut,” he replied. “And obviously, I can’t rob your house now. I have already got a much better loot!”

“Well, I wasn’t planning on becoming a slutty superhero, but I guess I did save my house!” I joked. “By the way, this stays strictly between us, okay? Not a word to anyone else!”

“You have my word. And as deceptive as it may seem, when a thief promises something to someone he has fucked passionately, he keeps his word,” he said slyly.

“Go on now, get out. And next time you plan to come, I want your cum inside me!” I challenged him.

“As I said, you have my word,” he said as he dressed up. He left just as stealthily as he came in.

Needless to say, I had one hell of deep sleep that night!

My Wild Sexual Encounter With A Thief