Night With A Sexy Cougar In Hyderabad

Night With A Sexy Cougar In Hyderabad

Hello everyone, this is Luffy (name changed), here with my first story out here. Since it is my first time, please don’t mind my language and grammar. It may be a bit long but do read it fully to enjoy it at maximum.

Without delaying further, let’s go to the story. Before that, about myself, I am a 24 years old guy from east India, settled with my family in Hyderabad. I work for a company as a business and operations head here. My parents belong to an upper-middle-class background and we are really well-settled.

I am a good looking guy (that’s what the girls say) and workout and have a fit body (no abs and all, but a fit gym body). I have got a really big dick (unlike some people who exaggerate here. All girls and women I have slept with have complimented me both on my bed skills and dick size.

So let’s begin the story.

Three weeks ago, I was visiting my senior in Hitech city. Basically, we met after 4 years so, we planned for clubbing. We went to this club in Hitech itself and started taking shots and dancing.

My senior came with his own office gang and I was the only one out of the lot who didn’t know them. So I gave them space and sat in the lounge and was having drinks.

I was sitting on a sofa lounge all alone when I heard a really cute yet seductive voice, “Is the seat taken?”. I raised my chin up and saw this beautiful milf lady in red color maxie gown-type one-piece dress which had a deep neck. The dress was sticking to the lady’s body so well that you can see all the curves quite clearly.

I stared at her for a few seconds and replied, “No, not at all. Please, have a seat.” She sat beside me and introduced herself as Shalini (name changed). I introduced myself to her. She worked for a big company as a senior HR.

I inquired if she was alone in the club. She said that she came with a couple who were her colleagues and they got too drunk and left. Whereas, she was still in the mood to drink.

When Shalini had come and sat beside me, I could make out that she was in a buzz already, maybe due to her previous drinks.

I told her that I was lucky to find a company like her since I was also feeling quite alone. We begin to talk and I got to know more about her.

Shalini was 37 years old milf but she looked like as if she was 27 or 28 years old. She was recently divorced and moved from Mumbai to Hyderabad because of her job.

Shalini got divorced 8 months back. She got married at the age of 23 and had a 13-year-old son who was studying in a boarding school. She was living all alone in Hyderabad and she loved to party and drink.

I was buying drinks for her, quite the expensive ones which kind of impressed her as she never expected that a 24-year-old guy could afford her drinks, that too, expensive ones.

We had a couple of drinks. Then I asked her if we can dance. She agreed and we went to the dance floor. I got to feel her curvy waist and I was looking straight into her eyes.

Then I made her turn to the other side. While holding her waist, I was pressing my semi-erect dick against her ass. She could sense that but didn’t protest. We dance a bit and had one more round of drinks.

By this time, Shalini was kinda tipsy. And she said that she was done for the night. I asked her if I could drop her to her place. She said, “The pleasure would be mine”.

So I took my car and drove her to her place. During the journey, we were laughing and giggling a lot as if we were great friends. (I am good at making conversations and that has always been a plus point for me while taking to girls).

We reached her place. I opened the door of the car for her, offered my hand and asked her her flat number. Shalini said her flat number and I took her to her place all the while holding her hand gently.

Then I asked Shalini the key of her flat and opened the door for her and said, “I guess I should bid you adieu now” and she said, “No no, please come in, you have been a great company to me tonight and have been a real gentleman to me. At least have a cup of coffee and something to eat.”

I, being really good at my chivalry, couldn’t deny it and said, “As you say, miss”.

We entered her home. It was a nice flat with an ample amount of decor. I loved her flat. She was staying in a big 2 BHK flat all alone. She said she will go and freshen up and come back. I said, ya sure.

While she was gone, I went to the balcony to have a smoke and after 10 minutes, she came back. She wore a tight sleeveless tank top and hot pants which was showing her figure quite boldly. I could also see her nipples. So I could make out that she wasn’t wearing any bra.

Shalini joined for a smoke. And she said that she doesn’t feel like sleeping so she brewed up some coffee.

We started chit-chatting and then we were sitting close. Shalini then revealed to me that she felt very nice in my company as she was craving to get such a gentleman’s attention since the divorce. I enquired has she been with anyone in the past 8 months. She said no as she was busy with her work and coping up with divorce. She felt sad.

I went towards her and hugged her. Shalini hugged me back. I could feel her breasts crushing against me and also could feel her hard nipples. I lifted her chin slowly, looked into her eyes and went onto give her a kiss on her lips. The moment I did that, she immediately responded back (obviously, she was craving for a man’s touch for so long)

We started smooching passionately. Then the sexy hot cougar broke the kiss, held my hand and guided me to her bedroom. The moment we were there, I didn’t waste any time and attacked her! I went on top of her and started licking her neck and earlobes slowly with my wet tongue. She was moaning like hell.

Slowly, I traced my lips to her boobs which were 34D in size and was round and firm for her age. I sucked one of them passionately while I massaged the other one. I changed my position with the other boob. But, this time, I was rubbing her clit and this made her shiver in ecstasy.

Then I went to her curvy waist and flat tummy. I kissed her, bit her gently, and licked her navel all the while playing with her clit. This Indian cougar woman was continuously moaning and saying to me that no man made her feel like this. And I was thinking, “I just began, lady. Let me take you for a ride of a lifetime”.

I then traveled south, licked her down there vigorously, stretching her pussy and licking deep inside her. It was making her go all crazy. I made her cum twice while giving her oral. She then pulled my hair and kissed me and was tasting her own cum from my lips.

Shalini moaned and said, “Fuck me now, I can’t take it anymore, just fuck me and make me yours..” I nodded and I entered her. She was really tight for me as she was not having sex for long. “Omg, it’s big! It’s too big for me. It’s stretching my pussy so good. Go deeper, tear me with your big fat dick. Ommmmggggg I am loving it”, she shouted.

I started fucking her at a slow pace and then I increased the pace and started ramming her hard. I felt like my dick was hitting her womb on every stroke. She cummed thrice in that position.

Then I changed the position and started spooning her. I love spooning. She was in a wonderland. While I was spooning her, I was holding her boobs and ramming her deep. She was moaning in ecstasy.

We then did doggy, scissors, and reverse spooning. I fucked her very hard and at a faster pace. I fucked her for almost an hour and a half and said I wanted to cum. She took my dick out and started giving me a blowjob. The feeling is so amazing when you get your dick sucked after a hard fuck.

Shalini couldn’t even take 1/3rd of my dick in her mouth as it was too big for her. But she was really good at it. After some time, I exploded on her, my cum was all over her face and boobs. She licked it all.

And she said that she never felt so good and that she loved it. We did it 3 times that night before we went to sleep in the next morning.

This was the beginning where I released the cougar side of this Indian milf Shalini. We still have sex at weekends.

I hope you guys loved it. Waiting for your valuable feedback at [email protected]

Your feedback shall encourage me to write more about me and Shalini and also about the other ladies I have slept with.

Waiting for your replies. 🙂

Night With A Sexy Cougar In Hyderabad