Nirupama – desperate housewife ki chudai

Nirupama – desperate housewife ki chudai

– Nirupama! So you didn’t find a gentle driver! Don’t worry : I will fetch you at the same place around ten past nineteen…

Nirupama was there ten minutes before. She hastily repaired her make up. In a bus, she would never have done it but when a boss came especially for her, that was the least she could do… A layer of lipstick, some blush for her eyes, just a touch of eyeliner and some powder on her nose and she was ready. She saw the car when it was three hundred yards from her and she smiled to the driver when he honked to attract her attention. Mr Dass jumped out of the car and opened the door for her. Just he took her elbow to help her into the car but she felt that was just polite…

– Have you contacted the garage for the repairs?

– No! I had no chance for it. It’s not too far : I will drop the keys just before they close down.

– Then you won’t have the car tomorrow. Do you want me to transport you again?

– That would be great! I have still to prepare food and wash my saree. I suppose you want me wearing a saree again!

– By all means! Isn’t it a bit late to prepare food for your husband?

– No : he is in the night shift for the moment. He won’t be back before 2 AM not counting his travel time! I am going to eat alone every evening for two weeks!

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– A pity for a young bride! But just to cheer you up a little : here is a little present for having made the travel less dull!

Mr Dass handed Nirupama a bag with the logo of one of the best clothes shop in Chennai. She had never even entered this shop : far too expensive for her! She opened the bag and discovered a magnificent lilac cotton saree with a choli a bit darker… It would be quite perfect for work! She turned toward Mr Dass :

– I cannot accept such a gift, Sir! You are already so kind to drive me back!

– Don’t worry : my company is thriving and I can afford this little luxury. I would have bought for you a silk outfit but you told me you might have to work hard… Cotton was the best solution but if you want to show me your gratitude, just accept to accompany me to a restaurant. You have told me that your husband won’t be back before 2 or 3 AM. We will be able to get more acquainted without the stress of driving!

– Just remember I am married! I can’t accept a date in a restaurant with a stranger!

– Am I still a stranger for you? We have spent about two hours together and I’ve made no inappropriate gestures toward you so far!

– That is true but it would just be … improper! Perhaps if we would be better acquainted as you said!

– Then I would have invited you to try my outdoor swimming pool with waves!

– God! You must be very rich!

– Just tell me how much you are paid and I would offer you twice more to become my secretary! I really need a feminine touch in my business and especially when I deal with girls!

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– We’ll see later! For the moment, I will accept your saree and wear it tomorrow when this one would be drying quietly… Just don’t come with another tomorrow. I don’t intend to start a collection! When my car will be repaired, I won’t ever wear a saree again, most probably!

– Never say never : never is a very long time for someone as young as you are!

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Nirupama – desperate housewife ki chudai

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