Nyla becomes slutty new queen of the underworld!

Nyla becomes slutty new queen of the underworld!

Three men and two women. All naked and wet slept in that room with their hands running towards each other’s privates. The girls had forgotten their mission!

The next day morning, Alisha woke up in the chilly cold room, cuddling with three naked men and Nyla. She realized she had forgotten about her mission. Quickly slithering out of their hold, Alisha ran to her jacket and picked up the paper note.

Alisha moved towards Nyla, she was sleeping with her face near K’s crotch. They might have had a 69 again last night, Alisha thought. She poked Nyla to wake her up, but it made no effect. Alisha bent down and pinched Nyla’s pink nipples, which made Nyla wake up with a slight moan.

“What the hell are you doing?” Nyla groaned.

“We didn’t come here to bathe in these idiot’s juices!” Alisha growled at Nyla

“Oh yeah!” Nyla murmured as she got up, “I will wake him up with one last hand job,” she giggled.

Nyla immediately grabbed his slightly hard cock. Her touch was enough to arouse K’s cock. Nyla squeezed his hard cock waking up K. Alisha immediately placed the note between her pink lips and sat near his face. Bending downwards, she kissed his raw lips and transferred the note into his mouth.

“You swallow it, you lose the only chance to eliminate David,” Alisha moaned.

“Kill him, do it for us,” Nyla said with an erotic accent while jerking K. “Don’t waste even a drop of my cum, and I will do it,” K spoke for the first time.
Alisha immediately moved near Nyla and grabbed K’s balls. K was a lucky man. Nyla jerking his hard cock, and Alisha now sucking his balls.

“I want them for myself,” K growled at the other two men ogling at the ladies. Alisha licked him from his balls to his tip along with Nyla’s fingers wrapped around the hard cock. Nyla was jerking him and biting his chest. As K’s muscles tightened, the ladies knew he would shoot it out soon.

When two sluts were doing their best work, no man would last long. Nyla moved her head towards K’s cock, expecting a huge load. Both the women waited with their mouths wide open near his cock. K used to come like a horse, and today was no less. He released his huge load right at their faces.

Nyla had enough cum on her face to cover up her left cheeks and nose, whereas Alisha got it at her right cheeks. Alisha rushed with her mouth at his cock to lick out even the last drops. But she wasn’t satisfied. The ladies then started at each other, waited for a second, and licked each other’s face clean.

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“How horny are you girls?” K whispered, looking at his neat cock.

“We kept our end of the bargain. You do yours!” Alisha said, licking Nyla’s cheeks.

“Wait for the good news tonight,” K winked.

Alisha and Nyla walked out the hideout like pure slutty gangsters. They didn’t even bother to wear a piece of cloth on them. They walked naked to their car parked at the corner, making men sitting staring at their slutty jiggly melons and ass.

Naked, wet, and with cum stains all across their face, they sat in their car, Nyla was driving. “Let’s go to my mansion,” she giggled, she too had a sinister plan.

Back at the mansion, the two women had cleaned up, ate, and decided to rest. Nyla had appointed new staff and maids. All the old ones loyal to David were fired or killed! Everyone in the mansion saw when the two ladies came in naked with white stains on the face.

No would dare to ask the boss what happened. Nyla wore just a cream-colored top that reached her thighs. Alisha borrowed a similar one from Nyla of light green color. Neither of the girls wore any inners. Their holes had got too much action now. It needed some air.

Then they rested, they slept like babies on the same bed for hours. They were tired, especially Alisha was tired. She was involved in too many sessions in the last few days. She needed her sleep. Alisha was fast asleep when Nyla switched on the TV to check the news.

K’s gang had sneaked to the new hideout where they kept dangerous fugitives. K wouldn’t bother to just finish off David. He had a grudge on both the cops and David. Nyla knew this would churn up a war between cops and the gangsters.

All the channels were showing the latest headlines: “Attack on Cops,” “Heavy firing.”

Nyla turned around and slapped the half-exposed naked butt of Alisha’s.

“What is wrong with you?” Alisha groaned.

“It’s happening now,” Nyla grinned and slapped Alisha’s ass again. The channels showed an anchor standing near a building burning down and shouting through the mike.

“Heavy firing at the police hideout, city police was interrogating David, a notorious gangster when armed assailants fired at the building. Two gangsters had sneaked past the guards and CCTV cameras and created rucks in the building. At least 5 were killed and many injured. Who is answerable for this?”

Nyla changed to another channel, almost all the channels showed the same thing. “Breaking news, Gangster David killed by armed assailants who attacked a police hideout.”

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Nyla jumped with happiness. “We did it, slut,” she screamed at Alisha. Nyla jumped on Alisha and sat on her breast and tried to choke Alisha when the news said again.


“More updates, the assailants have been identified as K another drug dealer and his gangsters. K and two unidentified men have been shot dead by police. K had fired at police and killed and shot one down. More cops had rushed into the building but couldn’t save the life of the police. This will be a sad day for the crime department.”

“My plan worked. David, K and Arora almost all the underworld kings have died, now this belongs to me,” Nyla chuckled and laughed like an evil witch. She choked Alisha, she was almost out of breath when Nyla stopped. She stared right into Alisha’s eyes and kissed her lips all of sudden passionately.

“Let’s rule this world,” Nyla moaned into Alisha’s mouth. This was the first time Alisha was being kissed by another woman. Last night when she saw Nyla naked, her insiders had tingled. Alisha kissed Nyla when she stopped. Nyla smiled and bit Alisha’s upper lip, then she took out her top and threw it.

Alisha was staring at Nyla’s bare bulky breasts. Nyla slowly helped Alisha to get her top out. Slowly and gently, Nyla kissed and licked Alisha’s neck. Then she licked from her neck, through her breasts, her belly, to her upper part of pussy. Alisha was wet.

“Don’t stop,” Alisha moaned and held Nyla’s head then pushed it between her legs. Nyla used her two fingers to spread apart the pussy lips of Alisha. She was pinkish red with wet fluids there. Nyla kissed her wet pussy and slowly moved her tongue over to Alisha’s clit.

“Nyla, Nyla wait,” Alisha moaned. Alisha slithered as she said, “Let’s go in 69 position, I want yours, too.” Nyla jumped and turned around, crawling on the bed with her pussy directed at Alisha. Alisha held both of Nyla’s thighs and pulled her towards her face.

Nyla, too grabbed Alisha by her ass and dug into her pussy. Both the girls had their heads between each other legs. Their lips devoured each other’s pussy lips and tongue drilled insides. Nyla often poked into Alisha’s ass with her fingers, and Alisha would squeeze Nyla’s face between her thighs.

After around 10 minutes of eating each other pussy the girls were almost close to their orgasm. Nyla got up from the 69 position hold and separated Alisha’s legs. She widened her stance and moved in between Alisha’s legs. Nyla was going in for a ‘scissoring.’

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Nyla slowed bent down, directing her pussy at Alisha’s. Then gently, her pussy lips touched Alisha’s pussy lips. Both the girls let out a sigh, and they started grinding each other’s vagina. They were enjoying it as they increased their pace. Both of their liquids started leaking out into each other.

Their pussies were drenched in each other’s cum. The room was filled with loud groans and moans. Alisha was about to reach her climax. She grabbed Nyla’s breasts and squeezed it, and letting out a loud sig Alisha moaned “Nyla.” But Nyla hadn’t reached it yet.

She rubbed her pussy again, and again rapidly, she too was close. She held Alisha’s legs for support and squirted over her vagina and the bed. Tired, she fell on the bed.

“I have slept with so many men, but I have never felt fireworks inside me like with you,” Nyla said to Alisha. She then arched towards Alisha and passionately sucked her lips.

“Let’s rule the world now, together!” she moaned, the kiss had got her aroused immediately, and they went for another round. Both the girls moved their hands into each other’s pussy. The room was filled with a moan and wet spanking sounds.

This never stopped. Every night the angels of sex made their love on the same bed. They overpowered other minor gangs, especially since there was a void in the underworld as the others died.

Nyla was getting her reputation as the dark queen. Alisha had ended her career as ‘Maleficent.’ Alisha was now ‘maleficent’ to the slutty partner of the dark queen.

Two weeks after their first fornication Alisha was waiting at the local hospital. Alisha had felt nauseous, she was always health-conscious. Her doctor was a nice middle-aged lady, she asked Alisha to take a seat.

“Congratulations, Alisha, you are pregnant!” The doctor said with a wide smile.

Alisha was expressionless. She was now sleeping with Nyla. Alisha had fucked at least 6 men before the last 2 weeks. All of them had released their seeds in all her holes, and no one wore a condom, not even one! The sad part was that all the men she had fucked were dead now.

“Who is the father?” Alisha screamed with her thoughts.

The End.

Hope you loved the first season. I will be posting a second season based on your feedback. Send your valuable feedback to [email protected]

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Nyla becomes slutty new queen of the underworld!

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