One Night Stand With A Handsome Guy

One Night Stand With A Handsome Guy

Hi All, thanks for liking my previous stories. This is a real incident happened with me a year back. Let me tell you about me I am a typical Delhi boy. I am 23 years old, fair toned slim waist and muscular but athletic physique. I am bisexual and had experiences with both boys and girls.

I joined a job with an MNC in Gurgaon. We had an office party for which we went to a pub. There my eyes laid on a handsome hunk wearing black Sando and denim jacket dancing on the disc. From the moment I saw him the first time I couldn’t move my eyes elsewhere.

He was good at dancing and by his looks, he was damm handsome. Aged around 20 with that kinky smile and good physique. His middle chest line was visible and catching my attention. I was constantly looking at him standing by bartender table. He suddenly came near me and asked me if I was stalking him.

I was shocked by the instant question. He was constantly smiling and I was loving that smirk. I had to respond. I said, “You dance really well.”. He thanked me and ordered two vodka shots and offered one to me. I gulped it as fast as I could. He asked me again if this was the only reason.

I smiled and said, “And you look really good as well.” I was waiting for his shocked face. But he smiled and hugged me. He said in my ears, “There’s a lot of other good things in me if you want to see tonight.” I was shocked by his response and said nothing.

Suddenly my friends came and asked me about him. He replied that we are school buddies and I nodded in agreement. He joined us on the table. He was good with his humor and that smirk on his face was killing me. He was good in every sense.

After dinner, he held my hand and we left together. He had a bike and asked me to sit behind him. I was feeling equally horny now and started moving my hand all over his chest. I could easily feel his abs over his Sando. He had a hairless body with perfect muscles exactly the way I love it.

I found his nipples and started pinching and rubbing them. His nipples got hard and were really awesome. Thought of having sex with someone younger was making me horny. He was driving silently and suddenly stopped at a vacant location near a park. I was confused about what he wants.

He held my hand and pushed me to the wall and said he can’t control now. He wanted the first installment now only and started kissing me passionately. He was biting my lips, sucking them his tongue and exploring my mouth to full. I also responded him biting his lips while playing with his nipples.

The kiss ended at least 10 minutes and then he asked me to sit again on the bike this time he removed his denim jacket now he was wearing his black Sando only his firm built shoulders were now visible to me they were too beautiful and I started kissing, licking and biting them while playing with his nipples. I was moving my tongue on the back of his neck.

I inserted my hand in his Sando to feel his back. He was completely silent. In order to break the ice, I decided to talk to him. I asked if he is top or bottom. He said he likes everything but in a kinky way. Then we talked about a lot of stuff from his girlfriend to our hobbies.

He was a good lad and was living here with a friend who was out of town and they both were in college. We reached his apartment. It was a nice one and I could feel that he belonged to a rich family. While he was parking his bike I had a detailed view of his face.

It was a lot cuter than I felt at first. He had pink lips, soft skin, and baby charm. But his never-ending smirk added that required horniness to his face. We reached his flat and began to kiss. It was a rough kiss and he suddenly pushed me to his sofa.

He pulled down his Sando. Wow, that lad was the hottest mix of cuteness and horniness with a perfect body. I asked him to stop and let me admire his flawless body. He pulled down my T-shirt. Now I was topless in front of him. He said it’s his turn now and I had enough on the way.

He started biting my neck and played with my nipples. He looked a lot experienced as he was licking and biting my nipples and it felt awesome. He went to the kitchen to bring chocolate syrup and applied it on my chest. It was too cold but making me feel hot from inside.

He licked my chest. Then I took the turn and did the same with him. His chest turned red with my biting and he was moaning like hell. He then took me to his bedroom. It was a nice room. He pushed me to bed and we were again kissing. After around 10 minutes, I started moving down towards his chest and abs.

I licked his abs and navel button. He was shivering with pleasure. Then I removed his pants and underwear. He had a fair toned dick that was at least 7 inches in length and 3 inches in girth with completely shaved balls. His thighs were muscular. I poured some chocolate syrup on his thighs and licked it.

Then his balls, I took them one by one and sucked them hard. He left a huge moan to compliment me. Then it was his dick’s turn. I pulled down the foreskin and there it was a dark pink head oozing precum. I licked his dick from bottom to top. Then started sucking it, it tasted salty.

I was rubbing my tongue on his dick and inserting it in his pee hole which was making him crazy. He was moving his hands in my hair. He was getting crazy. Suddenly he held my head tight and started mouth fucking by bouncing his ass. I placed my hands below his ass.

His bums felt like a soft toy. His dick was hitting my throat which was making me uncomfortable. But his moaning made me hornier. He came over me and was now mouth fucking me. His ass moved rhythmically. I began to finger fuck his ass. It was warm like hell and tight.

We both increased our pace. He left his cum in my mouth which had a weird taste. I rushed to the washroom to spit it. When I came back he was lying naked with some sweat drops on his chest which looked awesome. I ran towards him and kissed him again and he responded well.

Now he asked me to let him fuck to which I agreed. He placed a condom on his dick and then applied some lubricant. He started to tease me with his dick by not inserting but just moving his dick head on my ass hole. I pleaded him to fuck me now. He pushed his dick inside and in two push he was inside me.

He started fucking me in doggy position while slapping my ass and sometimes stroking my dick. He then took it out and asked me to sleep on my back and placed my legs on his shoulders. He then pushed his dick in one go. He was taking his full dick out and then pushing it all the way in every stroke.

I could feel his warmth inside me. He was looking hot with those abs and body sweating. He suddenly increased his pace and was fucking me in a rhythmic way. I pulled his head down to kiss me and was pinching his nipples all this time. After around 20 minutes, he left his load with a huge moan.

I could feel the hot cum inside my ass. He went to the washroom to clean himself he fell on bed as he looked tired with all the actions. He was lying on his stomach and his butts looked awesome. I sat on his thighs and started massaging his back and ass.

He had those back dimples and I loved playing with them and licking them. Then I inserted my figure in his ass hole. He was moaning again and loved my action. I turned him around and massaged his chest and abs and licked his complete body.

He pulled me down and kissed me again. It was a soft one and made me fall in love with him. I placed a condom on my dick and his legs on my shoulders. I placed my dick in his ass hole. I tried to insert it but it won’t go in. I believe he didn’t have a dick in his ass since long.

I gave a strong push and half of my dick went inside. But he started pleading me to take it out as it is paining a lot. I waited till his pain subsidized and gave another push. I was completely inside him. He left a huge scream and I could see tears in his eyes.

I could see the cuteness again in his face. I was falling in love. I asked him if he had dicks before he said only once but it was not this big. I started kissing him again. I kissed his eyes, his lips, his cheeks and all over his face. I then started moving my dick in and out.

I was sure he was loving it and asking me to fuck him hard. I increased my pace and the room was filled with thumping noise and our moanings. I was loving his noise which was like he was complimenting me and motivating to fuck him harder. I fucked him for like 20 minutes and left my cum with a huge moan.

We cleaned ourself. Then we were sleeping in each other’s arms, completely naked talking about our life’s first experience and how good the night was. Next morning I woke up alone. He was not there around and he suddenly came with two mugs of coffee.

He was wearing only shorts and I could see love bites on his chest. We had coffee and then I asked his permission to leave. But he pushed me on the bed and said he has a surprise. I could again see that smirk on his face. He started kissing me and moved down from my neck to nipples.

He was moving his tongue on my navel button to my dick. I could not wish for more. He started sucking me it was one of the best I ever had. He sucked my dick, my balls and was an expert in all that. I starting pushing his head down and was giving him a nice mouth fuck session.

I cummed inside his mouth and it was the best one ever. We then had a whole fucking session in his bathroom. I left his home and it was the best one night stand I had. We met many times after that. But got a chance only twice as his roommate was always around.

But he was also a darling. We sometimes think of involving him. But my friend fears if he will tell others. Let’s see what happens if luck turns good. I will write a story of my first threesome.

One Night Stand With A Handsome Guy