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im is ovulating again. I know, she doesn’t have to tell me. She dresses more provocatively and she asks when I am inviting my nephew Carl over to stay again? A weekend might be enough, the young guy is incredibly fertile. Didn’t he get that girl pregnant…lucky bitch. So I give Carl a call and say hi, come over. Kim says this time I’m going to have to make it very clear that I want her pregnant by him. The guy has to know that the way is clear. Perhaps if. I sucked his still wet cock and thanked him?

My blonde wife checks my expression from beneath her perfectly cut fringe. She is studying me with her slate blue eyes. Have I noticed? She is wearing one of her tight fitting leather mini skirts. They are the sort where you wonder where belt ends and skirt begins. She has beautiful legs, she knows that she does. She has a pretty ass, and in leather that provokes sex. Thoughts of sex, lusty touch. You might imagine that her look says ‘come fuck me’ but you would be wrong. Her look says instead, ‘isn’t it time that you invited Carl over again?’ You see Carl is my nephew and a year back he came on holiday with us and fucked the ass off my wife. He fucked her in our caravan whilst I waited outside listening to her gasps and feeling the van rock against my back. Afterwards Carl had been arrogant. He had given my wife a ‘proper seeing to’. The inference was that I couldn’t. The bitch had needed it. Now, the months on, Kim was missing it. She was missing his thick bare young cock banging away inside her. She was missing it especially now, as she approached her ovulation week.

We had talked some after that holiday. Didn’t I really like it that Carl had fucked her so hard? Didn’t it seem kind of sexy that a young, disgustingly arrgant yob of a youth should have made her holiday for her? Kim encouraged me to lick her cunt as we spoke. She coaxed me down there, to do something ‘oh so sweet and sexy’. I was to sniff and lick and reminisce about the fucking. It was she insisted our liberation. I didn’t have to be the conventional, the territorial husband after all….did I? Then, this year, during our dirty talk times she said that she wanted his babies. Not mine, his! Note that, babies….plural. It had started I suppose when we heard that he had got some girl pregnant. He was 20 and she was 19. She had been easy meat for him, although the girl’s parents went ballistic! The girl had insisted on having Carl’s kid and because my nephew was still at college it was my brother and his wife who stumped up the money to support the new baby. Carl got women pregnant easy as pie. When Kim saw that baby she wanted one too. She wanted two or three in fAct, Carl’s babies. If Carl got her pregnant, she insisted, she wouldn’t go on at me about my shortfalls. You know, the almost absent sperm count after my bout of mumps. She wouldn’t go on about that, not in the way that she used to.

Of course the foundations had already been laid in advance. After the caravan holiday I had bought Carl a Rolex just like Kim’s. His and her arm candy. I didn’t have to say anything in particular she said, but really, really, it was my thank you to him for fucking her. i was meant too roll over that way and say thank you mate, Kim really needed that. Of course it said a whole host of things more. It said, come over any time. It said I won’t make a fuss about this. I’m not going to tell your parents about this am I? So now Kim gave me that summon him look from beneath her fringe. Beg him to come over. I was gently pressed down and she unzipped the leather to reveal her bare pubes. I was to lick what Carl was so eminently good at fucking. Iwas to lick her cunt so that she could think about him ‘doing’ her again.

‘I think you’ll have to suck his cock, once he’s fucked me’ she said, pushing gently against my tongue. ‘He needs to know that you are so grateful, that YOU want him to get me in the family way’.

I winced. Christ! ‘No’ I said.

‘Yes Phil…I want Carl and you said there wouldn’t be a fuss about that!’ Kim sounded petulent but i am required to lick on.

‘I didn’t agree to that’ I protest, ‘I’m not a voyeur, I’m not a watcher and I don’t get off on some bloke banging you up’ .

‘I’ve never told your brother about your spunk problem Phil, i don’t gossip with his wife. They need never know that Carl sires our kids. It can just our agreement. But Carl has to know that you will be grateful and coperative. He doesn’t want a repeat of the hassle that followed that girl’s baby.’

My head is held steady whilst she wipes her quim all overmy mouth and nose. She is groaning.

‘You’d fucking well tell them about my medical….Christ woman!’ i blurt. I am appalled and dismayed.

Kim grunts as she bucks her sex like a beak against my mouth.

‘Just do as you’re told then. Pretend to be the real father. Let Carl give me what I need!’ she snapped. She is almost euphoric. The orgasm must be splitting her inside, the climax so intense. ‘Fucking well call him, ask him to breed me!’ she demanded.

The next day I capitulated. There was no frisson, no unexplainable thrill, there was simply shame. Shame that I needed to do this. Fear of what Kim might do if I didn’t attend to her womanly needs, ‘this pragmatic way’. I rang the young bastard.

‘Hii Carl, wondered if you would like to come over for a long weekend given college has finished for the summer?’

There was a smirk at the other end of the phone. You can hear a smirk, there is a catch in the throat and then a half laugh.

‘Kim ask to see me Phil?’

‘Yes’ I said dejectedly. I felt as though my under seal had gone. The bottom of my guts felt like they dumped onto the floor.

‘You bought her more of those skirts that suit her so nice?’ Carl wanted to know.

You know the sort of skirts, you really do. The fucker.

‘yes’ I said wishing that I could screw the fuckers head ojf and stick it on a pike.

‘Yes sir’ corrected my nephew.

I paused. I couldn’t say that, the arrogant bastard. He laughed in his stoat way. It was a furtive I’m about to rob your nest sort of laugh.

‘I take the master bedrooom Phil, you sleep in the box room next door’ he demanded.

I swallowed. It was almost impossible as my throat was so dry.

‘I’m waiting’ said Carl. Stoats do that, they feel for the pulse in tthe neck before biting down.

‘Yes sir’ I said needing to puke my guts up.

We settled that Carl would arriive oin the Friday and that I would insure him to drive my Jaguar so that he could take Kim out on dates. It seemed that it wasn’t just to be sex then. It was to be a ‘proper accommodation’. I showed her the insurance confirmation and she said good. This wouldn’t be so bad. we could have a family this way…a big family.

‘The bastard expects me to address him as sir!’ I said red faced.

Kim looked at me. ‘It’s probably for the best Phil. Yoou don’t want him to have to hit you do you? There’s a lot loving needed this weekend, so I don’t want you acting awkward.’

I clipped her stocking top to the suspender strap. Rediculous in a skirt of that length. IT’S FUCKING REDICULUS!’

‘I want you to offer to suck his cock clean. You can tell him that I want his babies when you pick him up from the railway station .’

She looks so aloof when she talks like that. It’s as if a sin becomes a virtue bercause the breeding imperative carries all.

‘I can’t Kim, I fucking well can’t!’ i bleated.

‘You will Phil. Don’t be silly. I want a baby. I want Carl’s babies.’ She shot me an acid look. The conversation is over and I WILL comply.

At eleven on Friday morning i pick the bastard up, picking up his case and lumping it into the boot of the Jaguar. He smiles.

‘All well Phil…Kim pleased with you?’ he asked.

I pull a face.

‘You needing me to fuck her Unc…need to be clear about that don’t we?’ he challenged.

‘Yes sir’ I said as if bile filled my mouth.

‘You not god enough for her or something?’ he smirked.

What woould you say? Tell me! I thought fuck it, say what Kim wants me to say.

‘She want’s your kids’ I said tartly.

‘Winky too small mate?’ he asked and winked.

I nearly smacked him in the face then. i nearly kicked the fucker around the station car park.

‘She’s seen what you can produce’ I said, switching direction from my little problem.

He nodded. Of course. That would be what he thought.

When we got home Kim was in the calf leather skirt or belt (you decide) and matching stietto heeled boots. Frankly, she was begging for it. It was as if her fucking ovaries and her cunt had replaced her brains. Christ!

‘Get my case for me Phil’ Carl ordered like I was the butler or soomething. Kim watched him unlatch the suitcase and then draw out a box. It had a designer leather chooker inside with a dangling irredescent pendant on its front. It was designer hipster ware. Fucking tat I would say. But Kim was delighted and he fixed it around her throat.

‘Matches the gear huh Kim?’ he queried.

She kissed him. She kissed him on the mouth. Their lips parted and he ran his tongue around his territory. His hands (fuck it) were all over her tight little rear.

‘Missed you a lot’ he said.

‘I’ve missed you too” she cooed.

He kissed her again.

‘You needing a siesta Kim babe?’ he wondered.

She beamed at him. She beamed at him like a kid on Christmas morning.

‘Thought I’d have Phil here undress you and then sit meek in the corner…that cool for you babe?’ he wondered.

‘Yes…yes of course’ she answered breathlessly.

So we retired upstairs. We retired to the master bedroom and there were no wedding photographs any more.

‘You kick the sad fucker out?’ he asked, noticing the replacement holiday shot in a goold frame, Carl in his swimming shorts, Kim in her bikini.

Kim nodded. Her blue eyes looked so fucking large looking up at him. She was fucking bambi.

‘Phil will do everything you order’ she whispered to him, ‘I’ve told him to’.

‘Neat’ said Carl and tongued her mouth again. He gestured me forward. I knelt and unzipped her boots. Boots in summer, for fuck’s sake! I pulled them off noting her painted toe nails. I unclipped and rolled downher stockings.

‘He lick your cunt when you tell him?’ Carl asked.

‘Yes’ she said and showed him drawing my mouth to her sex.

‘He’ll clean you up when I’ve loaded you’ he said coldly.

‘He’ll suck cock for you….if that’s what you want’. she said.

‘Yeah!’ sneered the fucker. ‘Get her top and bra off, leave the choker and her Rolex’ .

I did as required.

Kim was almost naked, naked waiting for what she craved. I licked her sex when she gestured and she watched him in turn undress. His fucking prong sprung free.

‘Like it Phil, wished your’s was a bruiser too?’ he jibed.

I blushed. Kim stroked it apprecatively. It was a grateful and an. eager touch.

‘You wanting kids Kim babe?’ he said, kissing her neck.

‘Yes’ she moaned.

‘OK’ he said, as if it was a fucking sacrament.

‘Lie on the bed’ he told her, and then to me, ‘show me her cunt’.

I pulled open her labia and her wet interior showed. It was pink and slimy and it looked needy. She had been waiting for him.

He brushed his cck up and down her slit. Then he steadied it and pushed it brutally inside. His cock was entirely bare and hard and cruel.

Slup, slup, slup, slup, slup, slup….it began.

I needed to be sick. Retching I staggered out of the room and staggered to the toilet where I threw my load.

Slup, slup, slujp, sliup, slup, slup….

Nothing had changed, it felt like a destiny.

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Ovulating my Wife – Sex Stories

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