Pakistani woman gets a taste of African monster Lund

Pakistani woman gets a taste of African monster Lund

I’m Rubab, and I live in Durban, South Africa. Today I’m going to share the most enthralling part of my life with the readers of this site. It all started when I was just divorced at the age of 36 and was trying to overcome the sudden surge of loneliness that had hit my life and now seemed to have become a part of the rest of it. My married life with my ex-husband left me with two little kids, an 11-year-old daughter and an 8-year- old son. After sending them both to school, I used to have a plenty of time to spend alone at home.

The only way of making a livelihood for my kids and myself was a homegrown business of designing and selling Eastern (Pakistani) clothes to women of local Pakistani and Indian communities, of which we have plenty in Durban. The divorce had somewhat corroded my designing skills, and the income level had dropped near to the ground, as had my mood. Rather than spending time on my work, I’d just started spending a good proportion of my time online, chatting and e-mailing with my elder sister and a few old friends. I’d needed consolation. My sister suggested me to find some reasonable guy for myself and marry him, for the good of my kids and myself. She kept telling me that I wasn’t too old to marry again. She was right, because even though I’d turned 36, I still had an admirable figure of 38-26-36, with 5’6″ of height and a weight of around 135lbs, which with my Pakistani facial features and complexion looked seductive to men of any age. I’m not overly beautiful, but people tell me I’ve got an attractive face with sexy features. In simple words, I looked like a bitch. But I was not, at least at that time.

It was one of those days when I was waiting for my sister to come online, when suddenly the “Add Friend” window of my Yahoo! Messenger popped up. Without a second thought, I accepted the invitation to chat and allowed the sender to add me to his Messenger list, as I just wanted to kill time until my sister came online. After the usual exchange of greetings and introductions, I came to know that my “new friend” was a Negro African guy from Ghana and his name was Josef, age 21. After I had chatted a few minutes with Josef, my sister showed up on Messenger, and I excused myself to Josef with promise of talking more later. But before signing off, he didn’t forget to send me his picture, in which his head was bald and his body solidly built. I showed him my picture in return. When I signed in the next day, I found Josef already there waiting for me. Fortunately or unfortunately, my sister couldn’t appear that day, so I spent almost two hours talking with Josef, and the conversation led us to get to know each other more. He was a college dropout and had been living on ordinary jobs, with a large family to support. I told him about my kids, my broken marriage, and myself. The conversation went along nicely, and I didn’t get bored at any time.

Months passed by, and we came closer as cyber friends with every passing day. One day he said that he was planning to move to South Africa in search of a better livelihood and asked me if I could be of any help in this regard if he migrated to SA. I had no problems with that, as I was also looking for an office boy for my business those days. So the documentation was done, and I issued him a work offer. He arranged money for his travel expenses somehow (maybe he borrowed it from someone), and after a little over two months, Josef landed in SA.

When he first came to me, his physical appearance was much different (better) than was in the pictures he’d showed me. He looked like a giant, with a height of well over 6 feet and a broad and muscular chest and shoulders. From his appearance, no one could tell that he was only 21. And the interesting part is it was apparent from his body language that he also looked overwhelmed by my features and figure. Anyway, I greeted him well and introduced him to the only staff I had before Josef’s arrival: Madam Helena, a 55-year-old African lady. Madam Helena briefed Josef about his responsibilities, after which Josef underwent a 2 hours training from Madam Helena. Josef appeared to be a good learner and started working for me from the very next day. He was now finally inducted.

Our working hours were flexible, depending on orders we had to work on. Madam Helena was a single mom with seven children to take care of, so she often left early after just three or four hours of work, leaving Josef and me to wrap things up for the day. This gave us plenty of time to discuss with each other our past lives, our ambitions, and our likes and dislikes. Josef was very keen to talk to me and always had something to discuss with me. He always tried to spend time with me at work even when I had nothing for him to do and he could easily leave. I’d also noticed him gazing at me when I was busy somewhere. We had a small cabin inside our office that was my rest area after hours of work. Josef would fix me some coffee, and we kept talking for a long time. I was aware of the fact that I was becoming used to Josef, and now it wasn’t easy for me to spend time without him. I’d also guessed from his talks that he’d started falling in love (or lust) with me. But I always ignored this and couldn’t help myself from getting captivated by his presence.

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On one such day, when we were in the middle of some gossip, he said that he wanted to say something to me. Aware of his intentions, I allowed him to speak straightforwardly. He hesitated for a moment, then bluntly said, “Ma’am, I guess I can’t live without you. I’ve terribly fallen for you.”

Though I’d anticipated what was coming out of him, his bluntness took my breath away for a few moments. I stared at him for several seconds, then asked him, as if I were whispering to myself, “Are you sure you love me, or is it only your GUESS?”

“I’m sure about it,” said Josef slowly.

I asked, “And what made you feel that you’re in love with me?”

He replied, “Since the day I’ve met you, I’ve been feeling such a rush of blood that I’ve never experienced before.”

“Oh,” I said. “So it’s lust which you’re telling me to believe in as love.”

“No, it’s not. I have pure love for you, and will always keep you happy with me,” Josef replied.

I said, “Did you ever bother to think about my age, my kids, my broken marriage, and most of all, the ethnic difference between the two of us?”

“I did,” said Josef confidently, “and I don’t feel shy about telling you that none of these things have ever bothered me, ma’am.”

I was looking outside from the window, silent and trying to absorb what Josef had just said. It’d shocked me, even though I was expecting such move by him sooner or later. And if it wasn’t enough, his next move made me shiver. This was totally unexpected. Josef had just held my hand in his and sat beside me on the sofa. His touch and closeness of his body suddenly sped up my blood circulation, and my heart started beating like I’d run miles. My heart was asking me to keep sitting, but my mind was telling me to get up and close this issue forever. I tried to stand up, but Josef made me sit again with a gentle pull of his hands. He’d gained a lot of confidence.

“It’s not right,” I tried to protest.

“It is, Rubab.” He’d just called me by my first name. “May I call you Rubab?”

I didn’t budge. A storm was building up inside me. I was hit with a sudden flow of emotions and a lustful desire. After all, I hadn’t slept with a man for two years of separation before being divorced. I was still young, and I wanted the touch of a man, even if my mind didn’t accept it easily. Confused with the battle between heart and mind, I decided to wait for what he was going to say or do next and handed over myself to Josef. Perhaps I didn’t want to listen to my mind. Josef was inching closer to me now, and one of his hands was caressing my thighs and the other holding my hands. “I will keep you SATISFIED.” He pronounced the word Satisfied meaningfully.

I just nodded. He stuck his big Negro lips to mine, and we French kissed. Now I was also starting to participate. He sucked my lips, smothering me, and I had my eyes closed in excitement. His hands advanced as he leaned over and half-lay me on the sofa. His one hand cupped my breasts and the other hand — oh my God, it was sliding between my thighs. I’d felt the erection in his pants when his dick touched just above my knees, and I could tell for sure that he had a monster inside his pants. His two giant black hands were fondling and playing with my body parts, arousing my deep internal desires.

As he tried to pull off my kameez (shirt), a sudden feeling of guilt hit me. “I’m a mother of two, and I’ve never been with a man except my ex-husband,” thought I. I asked Josef to please stop this and get off me. But he was in no mood to comply with my pleading. “You’re gonna love this, honey,” he assured me. “I love you, and now you no longer belong to anyone.” So saying, he pulled off my shirt and buried his face in my breasts, moving his tongue inside my neckline and pressing my breasts with both hands.

This removed the remaining bits of shyness and guilt from my mind, and now I was fully prepared for what was coming after the foreplay. Josef unhooked my bra and started licking my breasts, sucking my nipples frantically, like a hungry baby. “Ooooohh!” I can’t tell you how good it felt.

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His lips were now all over my upper body, kissing it like crazy. He pulled off his shirt and revealed his solid muscular body. Then he slipped off my pyjamas (tights) and removed my panties. I was lying totally naked on the sofa in front of him.


He seemed to be in hurry as he took off his jeans and underwear quickly. Oh God, I’d never seen such a big, fat dick before, and I can swear I will never see such a monster dick again. I was just gazing it, wondering how much of it I could take in. Josef seemed to be aware of what was going on in my mind as he smiled and said, “Don’t worry sweetheart, it doesn’t hurt. And even if it does, you’re gonna love it.”

I nodded in compliance. Josef lifted me in his strong arms and laid me on the rug. He started licking and kissing my thighs, my legs, and then my feet madly. He sucked my toes, running his tongue on the base of my feet. The ecstasy was taking over my mind.

Josef sat on his knees, pulled me up and asked me to grab his dick, which I did eagerly. It was such a fat, thick and long dick. I didn’t measure it but am sure it was no less than a foot in length and at least 3 inches in diameter. I was jerking it with my hand. Josef said, “You wanna taste it?”

Unsure of how to respond, I kept staring his cock. He held my head from back and pushed it down to his dick, and without any reluctance I opened my mouth to swallow it up. It filled my mouth extending my jaws to the maximum and reaching my throat. Even then, it wasn’t half inside my oral cavity. The smell and taste of his dick were blowing my mind away. I was sucking on his charcoal dick like mad, tasting his salty pre-cum and playing with his balls with my hands. Joseph was moaning “Yeaahhh, mommy, yeahhh.” Then he said, “Gotta taste you, mommy,” and took his dick out of my mouth. It was soaked with my saliva, and pre-cum dripped from it. I couldn’t believe I’d just sucked the biggest dick on earth. Josef asked me to lie on my back and opened my legs, getting between them. He started rubbing my wet pussy, and then, opening my labia, he inserted two of his large fingers into my pussy and stroked them in and out. I felt like flying into another world. His fingers were opening up my vaginal walls, and I was about to come when Josef pulled out his wet fingers, testing my patience. He opened my thighs and then kissed my wet cunt. I shivered with excitement. Josef’s tongue was moving on my clit, licking and lapping like a dog. I held his head and stuck it to my clit as he sucked my clit and labia. I was moaning loudly, “Oooohh God, eat me Josef…I can’t wait, aaahh!” I desperately wanted him to enter me and pound my pussy. “Fuck me, baby. Please give me your fucking cock. Mommy’s waiting.”

At that moment, Josef took pity on me. He stopped licking my clit and put his long black dick at the entrance of my pussy, saying “Mommy’s ready for the fuck? Here we go, mommy.” And he slid his big black monster dick into my poor wet pussy. “Oooooh, Josef!” I cried with a sudden current of pain as he inserted his dick cap into my pussy.

The long-abandoned pussy couldn’t take the giant dick Josef had. “Just relax, mommy,” Josef comforted me, but he continued sliding his dick in. Holding my legs higher and bending over me, he was slipping his dick into my pussy inch by inch. It was half buried in my pussy when suddenly, with a powerful thrust, Josef penetrated my vagina fully. His black African monster dick was resting inside my poor pink Pakistani pussy. My head spun and went dark for a moment as the piercing pain hit my senses. He was fully inside me, and the pain was insufferable. I wanted to shriek, but the pain was so sharp that I couldn’t. Josef started slowly pushing his dick in and pulling it out. He was on top of me while my legs were wrapped around his butt.

Josef gradually changed gears, and gentle strokes converted into stronger thrusts. The initial pain was replaced by a full sexual ecstasy. My arms were around Josef’s back as he gained momentum with every second. With my eyes closed, I moaned,”Aaaaaahhh, Ooooohhh….You’re amazing, baby; keep fucking mommy like that” and “Ooohh yeaaahhh, tear apart my pussy, baby.” He was ramming wildly and fucking me like mad. With full weight and tremendous power behind him, his dick was smacking my tight, mature pussy. It felt like it was ripping my womb and touching my stomach. I was about to come. “I’m coming baby; fuck fast!” I was shouting. “Give mommy your sperm; fuck me hard. I’m your whore. Impregnate mommy.” Saying that, I hit orgasm.

Josef stroked like an animal and then, with a loud grunt, he came inside me. I felt my pussy burning as his warm viscous cum spurted into my womb. “Oh yeaass, I need your seed, baby!” I exclaimed.

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Josef fell over me, and we both lay motionless and breathing insanely, with our hearts beating like drums. I was experiencing Josef’s hot fluids filling my thirsty womb.

Finally, after a couple of minutes, I asked Josef to get off. Though we both wanted more, I knew I had to stop this, at least temporarily. We kissed each other and started dressing ourselves.

This isn’t the end of my great sexual adventures with Josef. I moved him into my house soon after the encounter, and we have continued to satisfy each other. It’s also worth mentioning that I now have a second son in addition to my two children from my previous marriage. The resemblance of the younger boy to Joseph is striking. Who else but Josef could’ve fathered my younger son?!

And of course Josef’s family is very happy with his “hard earned” money.

A few months after the birth of our baby, Josef expressed his desire to visit his family in Ghana but he wanted me to accompany him. At first, I had no idea of whether to travel to his country with him or not, but it didn’t take long before he made up my mind to visit his family. My major concern was that who was going to look after my kids in our absence. Certainly, I didn’t want to take them with me. Josef suggested hiring services of a babysitter and so we arranged one quickly. I was also concerned with what would be the reaction of Josef’s family when they see me with him but Josef told me that his family was very grateful to me for my contribution towards the prosperity of their suffering family.

And I found out that Josef was right. After landing in Ghana and meeting his family for the first time, I noticed that they respected me and seemed very obliged. Josef’s was a pretty big family, with his parents and seven younger siblings plus the family of his uncle who shared the house with them. Josef had five cousins in his uncle’s family. The house was partitioned and both families occupied two bedrooms and a kitchen each. However, they had one separate common room upstairs which they used as a storeroom but for our stay, they had rearranged it and made it livable for Josef and me.

Josef met me to almost all of his relatives and friends and felt very proud introducing me to them for having a sexy wife (as he’d told them) like me who had a nice fair complexion. I could easily tell that all of them had praise for my gorgeous looks and figure and a few of the males had jealousy for Josef. Josef knew this too and savored such moments among his people. He showed me around his city and the wild African countryside. It was much poorer a country than I’d previously imagined but the trip to African Wildlife Park was very exciting and adventurous.

It was my sixth night in Ghana and the time was a little over midnight. Josef and I had a very long and tiring day out visiting places and meeting people and I was feeling very sleepy but was waiting for Josef who’d left again after dropping me at home. After waiting for him to be back for some time, I decided to go to bed. I was about to fall deep asleep when I heard the door open and thought Josef was back.

“Where have you been?” I asked him in a sleepy voice but was not answered. “Josef” I said again, and again no reply.

Josef had a bad habit of getting drunk occasionally, especially with his friends so I assumed that tonight again he’d drunk excessively and was under the influence of it.

“Guess you’re again drunk” said I.

He got into the bed and immediately started caressing my body, moving his hand on my body. He seemed to be in mood of an intercourse. I felt something strange. Even when drunk, Josef had never done this to me like that when I was sleepy. The touch of his hand also felt alien. I tried to get up to switch on the light when he pushed me to bed and hissed “sssshhhh, don’t get up. Stay calm” and I instantly came to know that someone else had made way into my bed.

“Who’re you? What are you gonna do?” I asked loudly and angrily. “Do not shout” the voice had a warning in it.

I knew I had heard this voice before and was trying to recall but my mind wasn’t working. I was terrified, wondering if I was going to be raped. Then my memory flashed back and I recognized the person.

“Are you Eddy?” I asked the assailant. Eddy was Josef’s cousin, his uncle’s son living on the other side of this house He was just around Josef’s age.

“Oh, so you remember me” the voice came smiling.

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Pakistani woman gets a taste of African monster Lund

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