Peeping Adi – Part 2 The Wicked and Plumber

Peeping Adi – Part 2 The Wicked and Plumber

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Thank you, guys, for the comments in my inbox. I am sorry about the dialogues in the last one. I ‘ll make sure this story fewer mistakes.

Hey, guys, it’s Sunny. I am here with Peeping Adi again. Previously on ‘Peeping Adi’, Adi was appointed by Mr. Suraj, the manager, as the watchman in all of the apartment complex. Adi was a B.Tech graduate and had planted hidden cameras, across the complex, in various bedrooms, apartments and other places.

In one of those cameras, in Ms. Shailaja’s room, he found she had been masturbating to her wedding video, looking at her husband. So, Adi took it to her and blackmailed her into sucking his cock.

Shailaja was at Adi’s grace. Adi asked her to get naked. She didn’t refuse as she too was enjoying herself. She wanted a man’s touch on her body She wanted him to lick her body like that in the kitchen and make her cum. Tasting his thick cock in her between her lips and tongue had reawakened the lust in her body.

Her pussy was twitching for a man’s touch. She got naked as he asked. Her body was a piece of art. She was a little chubby. A perfect Punjabi housewife, with a 36d round boobs that hanged with pink nipples. Her mangalsutra was on the cleavage, her navel was lined by gold bracing.

Her pussy was well shaven with pushed out the 38 sized asses. She swayed with him in the kitchen. Adi jumped on her like a cheetah to his prey. He caught her neck and started to kiss her. His hands went to her bubbly ass and grabbed it with full force. She gasped with a loud moan as she broke the kiss.

Adi started to kiss her neck. He was kissing her neck all over. He pressed his lean body onto her chubby body and pushed her to the bedroom balcony. Her bedroom was in a way that it had a small balcony, enclosed by a balcony glass. He pushed her to balcony glass.

He made her stand nude against it, making sure her ass stood out through the glass to be seen. He then started to kiss her. She responded to his kiss. He was wild. She wanted that. She then felt his lean body, moving her hands to his hips and pulling him close.

He then took each of her boobs in his hand. He started to fondle them very much in a raging manner. She started to moan like a slut. He made her moan by pulling her nipples, and, then moving to lick her neck. He then turned her around and made her stick to transparent glass.

He then made her into the doggy style, then separated her ass cheeks. He then started to push his fingers into her asshole, fingering. She was still moaning as he started to lick her pussy. He fingered her asshole for some time. He then kept his cock near her asshole and gave a hard push.

It almost took the life out of her. She grabbed the sheets on the side of the glass, she pulled it with such force in pain. The sheet got lose and feel on the floor. He then raised her upper body and kissed her. They rested in the position for a while, with his thick cock in her asshole.

Then he slowly started to pump her. He then took hold of her boobs one by one from behind, playing with it and pulling the nipples and squeezing it. She moaned at the top of her voice. He then was fingering her pussy as his cock rammed into her asshole with maximum thrust.

His boob play and her pussy being fingered by warms hands of man-made her cum onto the balcony glass. He then made her into the doggy style. He fucked her for another 15 minutes, till he came in her asshole. They fucked again on her couch, with her sitting on his lap, with the TV playing.

He then after a tiring day and night of fucking sprayed his cum all over Shailaja’s body. In the end, he returned to his office in the basement of the complex. He freshened up and had breakfast. He then came and sat in front of his computer. Then he heard a knock at his door. He went to it. It was Shobha.

Shobha was the wife of one of the richest men in the complex, Sankar. Sankar was a businessman. Shobha loved shopping. They both had an age difference of 10 years at least. She was way too young. It could be said that Shobha married Sankar for his money. She was the gossip queen of the complex.

She had well maintained herself in her early 40s. She was a chubby woman, with a fair complexion, with great assets the same as that of Shailaja. Shobha was a headstrong woman, short-tempered, fierce and with the keen eye of a snake. She would take revenge on you if you sneezed at her dog on a bad day.

Adi wondered why she was at his door. Like everyone, he was a bit afraid of her. She came in a blue saree, with a deep cut neck blouse. She had her way of seducing men with her looks, make them do her bidding.

Adi: Yes madamji, can I help you with something? (with a fake smile).
Shobha: – As a matter of fAct you can start by telling me where were you, yesterday evening and night? (with her hand folded at her elbow against her chest, like she was questioning a suspect).

Adi: – I was out with my friends.
Shobha: – I thought you were out fucking some slut. (with her cold realization look, like she knew he was lying and a devilish smile)
Adi: -What?

Shobha opened her phone and showed him a video of him fucking Shailaja. He was riding his cock on her couch.
Shobha: – (with a devilish smile) This must be someone else.

Adi was shocked and didn’t know what to do. He tried to grab his phone. Shobha got angry and pushed him to his office.
Shobha: – You fucker, how did you dare to touch me?

Adi then knew his option was limited. He started to cry and grabbed her feet for forgiveness.
Adi (crying): – Please madamji, please it was not my fault. Shailajaji seduced me. I have no other job, please don’t fire me for it.

Shobha loved a when a man was at her feet begging for his life. She then kicked him away.

Shobha: – (with a grumpy look) Okay you rascal, I ‘ll give you one more chance. I always knew that Shailaja was a slut. Her good character was fake. If you want to keep your job, you have to do whatever I say.

Adi wiped his tears and got himself up and told, “Whatever is your order, I shall carry it out Madamji.”

Shobha: – (smiling) Good, stick with me. That’s good for you. I ‘ll make sure you are getting paid well.
Adi: – Sure Madamji. (with immense gratitude.)
As she got out of the room and started brooding.

Adi (in his mind): – You bitch, you have no idea what is in store for you.
She then thought for a minute and turned to him. Adi still had the immense expression of gratitude in his face.

Shobha: – I know you have hidden cams all over the complex. I have removed the ones in my home. I need you to spy on Mr. Suraj, catch him in an illicit affair.

Adi: – (was reluctant at first at her request): – But Madamji…

Shobha flaunted her phone at his face and told, “If not, I ‘ll get you fired right away.”
Adi agreed to her request.
Shobha: – Good. call me when you have something.

Adi knew what her plan was. She wanted Suraj out of the picture, so she could become the resident association president. A lot of money, and power over people.

But Adi had other plans. Adi caused a problem in the water flow into Shobha’s apartment. Then he had paid off the plumber in the building to fix up his camera again in Shobha’s house. This time in places, where she won’t even look for.

Shailaja had called in Adi that weekend. Since the plumber would take cash, Adi offered the holes to heaven. He went to Shailaja’s apartment at night. At 11, after everyone slept. He went in, slowing slashing the door, but not locking it. He then started to kiss her wildly.

Their legs moved in rhythm, into the bedroom. She was in a violet robe, with nothing inside. He told her he had a surprise, but she had to be patient. He then took a piece of cloth and tied her eyes, and told her to be blindfolded. She was just intrigued by these new things.

He then allowed the plumber to come inside. He was a dark complexion guy with a fatty look. His dick was thick, yet he was bald. He then saw a treat waiting for him in the bedroom. A beautiful housewife, tied up in the bed with her eyes blindfolded.

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Peeping Adi – Part 2 The Wicked and Plumber

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