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Hello wonderful souls I hope you and your family members are doing good. I am David (name changed )from Bangalore I am international athlete now I am into fitness coaching

The story 5 years before happened in my life Beginning of my professional life I started personal fitness classes in different gym so that is the moment I met this beautiful and matured woman she is married

She looks like mixed breed skin tone is south Indian her structure looks like South African mind blowing figure

Every day she uses to come 8 am Every minute are used to see her figure Within a week She enquired my training sessions and we exchange the number initially I give fitness suggestion and diet plans slowly a conversation started One day she was in a shopping mall and she called me for Shoes selection I told her I’m very close to that place I’ll be there in 30 minutes She is happily Accepted after shopping we went for a lunch that is the moment she started opening up her marriage life is very boring and stressful She’s from Chennai got married and settled in Bangalore her husband works in South Korea she stays with her daughter Then I consult her you need any help please do call me I will be there to use roles in our eyes she hold my hand and said thank you so much same night Around 10 o’clock she called me we started talking and Almost 3 hours and different topics Family life college friends

The next day she invited for dinner I am readily accepted Saturday around 10 PM I reached her house she stays in our beautiful apartment She have a nice collections I ring the bell She is in her black and red border saree oh my God she is so seductive I was stoned in a few seconds and she touched my shoulder come inside I sat on the sofa we started talking then she arrange to have dinner I asked Where is your daughter She told me she went to my moms place for a week Then she went inside the bedroom she bought me one box I asked her what is this she told me this gift from my side I asked why she told me after so long time I am so happy because of you I got new friend in Bangalore I went close to her hugged and said you are so sweet and down to earth women

Then we separated she hold my hand thank you so much The time around 11 PM I told her I will leave will see you on Monday and she told me you have any work I told no i go home and sleep that’s all Then she why don’t you spend some more time with me it’s feels very nice I said if you don’t have problem I can stay more time Then she offered me a wine she was pouring in the class I was glancing her figure she noticed that but she didn’t told me anything then we started talking about personal life she asked me do you have a girlfriend I said I am single but I do have a partner for physical needs she was so excited and started asking more details then she asked me Why you don’t satisfied with your partner I said no nothing like that why Then she told me you always looking my figure Especially my Back I was shocked then I said Very boldly who don’t see you have a Sacha curvy body and subjective structure especially your eyes so divine

This is not my mistake it’s your parents manufActuring Mistake She started laughing then she asked me more you likes in Then I said you know how to carry yourself and very very important you have Very grace Body language it’s so addictive She come close to me and said get up I was shock then I stand up she Hug me very tight told me in my ears Nobody appreciated like you I feel like I am in heaven

Then we sat on the sofa I told her you deserve it and Then after some point of time she told me why don’t you stay in my place tonight I told her I am controlling Myself from very long time Now I don’t have Controlling power Then she very selectively said who told you to control I was stunned after listening that word then she come close to me kissed my lips oh my God she have a such beautiful aroma and our lips are so soft and juicy hi holder her waist Pulled more close to me started eating her lips in that moment I am completely out of my control I can feel her goosebumps in our body breathing become very hard she just pulled me away told me you have all night Go easy on me

Then she hold my belt pulling me towards her bedroom then I told her I want to worship your body in my way She told me I am submitting my body to you do whatever you want Then I removed all the clothes from her body I blindfolded her I told her you don’t have a touch me she’s agreed she was lying on the bed a skin is so mesmerising and glowing I started from her to smelling and tasting each and every part of her body she was morning very very loudly Started biting with my lips and Playing with my tongue I just reached close to her me she told me I never felt this kind of pleasure in my whole life what are you doing it’s very tough to bear this pleasure I told her this is my time let me enjoy Then went close to her vagina she was dripping like anything her body started shivering I didn’t went close to our on China adjust had To her belly button then slowly started circling in my tongue nipple it was so pinkish rock hard it then went through her neck she started hugging me I pushed her hand away she want to tell something

Then I started smooching her slowly started playing her nipples then I went down I opened her leg it was so clean shaved then I started tempting her she’s begging me please go down I cannot bear more and slowly open my tongue start tasting her liquid then start playing or clitoris within a minute she comes in a loud voice she just pushed me away her body was vibrating then I went close to her heart very tight make her calm down after some point of time she told me You know how to handle payments body You have nice foreplay skill my tank her then she started holding my dick Within a few seconds become broke heart she went down started blowing me she is very good in that She was playing with her lips and tongue entire my groin then I pushed her back went close I was rubbing her Clitoris in my dick She asked me please come inside then I slowly put inside She just wide open our eyes Wow that was such a wonderful moment then I slowly started going inside initially she was bit uncomfortable then she started taking in and enjoying it then we changed position from machinery to Scissoring Position Within two minutes she got second orgasm I didn’t stopped I was going more speed then I told her to doggy position She was morning very loudly and I told her people will hear this voice please do control please stop controlling me let me enjoy Almost 20 minutes we are in a full action then I told her I am coming she stopped me said I don’t want to waste your precious liquid let me habit then she took it in her mouth I blasted In our mouth she I didn’t waste single drop Then she hug me very tight rested for 10 minutes she told me you are a marathon fucker I started laughing again we started around 3 AM Within 20 minutes she stopped me said I cannot take it more my body is not supporting Because I never had so strong pleasure In my life I think I need more time then we slept I woke up in the morning around 6 o’clock I left from her place This is the beginning of this story We did lot of crazy desires in next episode I will elaborate thank you Any mistakes please forgive me this is my first story

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Pleasurable Johnny – Sex Stories

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