Preacher’s Sinful Daughter Chapter 3: Sinning Behind the School by mypenname3000

Preacher’s Sinful Daughter Chapter 3: Sinning Behind the School
by mypenname3000

Becoming Daddy’s Good Girl
Chapter Three: Sinning Behind the School
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

I must be the most sinful preacher’s daughter in the entire world. How else to explain why I was on my knees at the back of the school giving my former steady, Ricky, a blowjob with a dollar bill clutched in my hand—his payment for my service. And he was just the first blowjob I would be giving this morning before classes.

Two more guys waited their turn to spurt cum into my naughty mouth, their dollar bills ready.

It was all my hypocritical father’s fault. If I hadn’t caught Daddy fucking Mrs. Donna Paxtor, bent over his desk in his church office two weeks back, I never would have had my sexual awakening. I never would have learned the joys of being a whore. And spending my last week, spring break, helping Daddy with an “outreach ministry”—well, that was the lie we told Mother—had given me a taste for sucking cocks, swallowing cum, and getting paid for it. Not that I charged much, only a dollar. So the boy missed out on buying a couple of comic books or a few candy bars.

They knew my mouth was worth it.

I missed the Sunset Playhouse, the pornographic movies, and the glory hole in the last stall where anonymous cock after anonymous cock shoved through for me to suck and lick and enjoy. I had to get my fix of cum a new way now. By the end of yesterday, my first day back to school, I had already blown three guys, and now Tuesday, word had spread if you wanted a blowjob, be at the back of the school.

Of course Ricky would show up. I guess Carolyn, the slut who stole him from me because she would put out—the old me was such a foolish creature—wasn’t giving him enough. Or maybe he just finally wanted to get that blowjob from me he was so desperate for a few months back.

“Fuck, Alexandra,” Ricky moaned, his right hand clutching my thick, blonde braid as my mouth bobbed up and down his cock. “Holy shit, what the fuck happened to you? Such a whore. Oh, my god, you know what you’re doing. Shit.”

I loved his praise. I was the eighteen-year-old, whorish daughter of a preacher. And I loved it. Sex was amazing. I loved it when Daddy fucked me, whether when I sucked dick at the Sunset Playhouse, or when he rammed his cock into me around our house, under Mother’s nose, or at church. It was the best. I loved Daddy’s cock.

And he always paid me a dollar. I was already investing in new clothing, hiding the sexier bras and panties from my mother, along with a pair of white, vinyl go go boots I just had to buy.

My tongue swirled and fluttered about the crown of Ricky’s dick, my eyes flashing up to watch him while my large breasts heaved in my new bra. It lifted my tits, giving them even more shape and thrusting them against my pink dress’s bodice. They looked so round and juicy. I bet I could get another dollar to blow the boys topless.

My pussy clenched. I slipped my right hand beneath my skirt, caressing my inner thigh as my fingers crept higher and higher. A flushed tingle shot up to my pussy, already soaking my dainty panties. I moaned louder, my excitement building.

“Shit,” groaned Max. He was like Ricky, a clean-cut member of the football team. They were both chiseled-chin and broad-shouldered, though Max’s hair was black and Ricky’s only a dark brown. They didn’t grow their hair long like dirty hippies.

They were respectable boys.

“Fuck that slut’s mouth,” Max groaned. “I can’t believe the preacher’s daughter is charging for blowjobs.”

“Always knew she had cock-sucking lips,” groaned Ricky, his voice tight, strained. “Fuck, the little whore is eager for it.”

“She’s masturbating,” the third guy said. He was skinny Peter, a nerd with a buttoned-down shirt and a pocket protector, thick glasses on his face, the black-rims square. “Holy schnikes, I can’t believe this.”

“Shut up, poindexter,” groaned Ricky. “Trying to get my nuts off here.”

Normally, Peter wouldn’t be around Ricky and Max, but there were blowjobs for sale, and I guess that equalized things between the jocks and the nerd. Peter shut up, but his hot eyes watched me as his cock tented the front of his slacks. He dressed like the engineer I bet he would grow up to be.

My fingers reached my panties. I moaned and shuddered as I ran my finger up and down my groove, pressing my panties into my depths. I groaned, a naughty shiver racing through me, my clit throbbing beneath my finger as I played with myself, shooting wonderful, delicious flutters through my body.

“Shit,” Ricky groaned and then there was the wonderful moment of cum spurting into my mouth. Hot, salty, delicious cum.

I swallowed it, rubbing faster at my pussy, savoring the treat. It was wonderful that boys would pay me to do this, because I would gladly do it for free. But I was a whore, and as Daddy said, “Whores get paid.”

Ricky pulled his cock from my mouth. “Jesus, Alexandra, what happened to you?”

“Not such a cock-tease now, am I?” I grinned then licked my lips. “Mmm, that was a yummy load. Does Carolyn do that for you?”

“Yeah, but she doesn’t swallow.” He shook his head as he zipped up. “Damn, you are trash. Glad I dumped you.”

“So trashy,” I agreed, rubbing hard at my clit, the humiliating words only exciting me. Then I turned to Max. “Got your dollar, big boy, or do I get to enjoy the nerd’s cock first.”

“Shit,” Max grunted and pulled a crumpled bill from his hand. I snatched it in my left, crushing it in my grip against the bill Ricky had paid me. “I can’t believe this.”

“No,” Peter groaned.

Max unzipped and whipped out his cock. I swallowed it like I was starving for cum. I moaned as I sank as much of his dick into my mouth as I could. I debated deep-throating him, something Daddy taught me since I saw it in a porno, but I held off. That was for special occasions.

And Max wasn’t special.

My fingers pushed aside the gusset of my panties, and I stroked directly at my hot flesh. I sucked so hard as I ran my fingers through my wet bush and caressed my pussy lips. Flutters of delight shot through me. My eyes rolled back in my head, and I sucked harder, loving his cock. It was skinny, which meant my jaw didn’t ache like it did when I sucked Daddy’s big cock.

Not all dicks were equal, but they all spurted wonderful cum into my mouth, so I didn’t care.

“Shit,” gasped Max. “Oh, damn, that’s nice. I never…imagined.”

“First blowjob,” laughed Ricky.”

“Yes,” gasped Max, leaning forward, his hips pumping. “Her mouth… Holy Jesus, that’s nice. Oh, yes, whore. Suck it. My balls are aching to flood your mouth.”

I rubbed harder at my pussy. My thumb found my clit, stroking it as pleasure shuddered through me. It was so exciting to blow these boys behind the school. The warning bell rang, classes would be starting soon. I sucked harder, caressing my pussy, strumming my clit, building the pleasure in me as Max grunted.

I loved the sounds men and boys made. It was wicked and delicious. Such a treat. My sexy body gave them pleasure, then I satiated the lusts my whorish body inspired. It was why Daddy had to fuck me all the time. I drove him wild until he lost control. It was my fault for being such a tease.

He had to fuck me.

Just like Max had to cum in my mouth.

“Fucking whore,” he groaned, spurting swiftly. He grunted, face contorting as a thick flood of jizz poured into my mouth. I gulped down the cream, my pussy clenching, aching, burning for more stimulation.

I shoved two fingers into my cunt, savoring the hot flesh pressing around them. Juices trickled out, coating my digits. I pumped them, my hips moving. It was so good. My eyes rolled back in my head. I hummed around his dick. I sucked and slurped and loved his dick.

It was amazing.

“Fucking whore,” groaned Max. “I can’t believe it. The preacher’s daughter. Shit.”

“Believe it,” Ricky laughed as Max pulled his dick out of my mouth.

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, frigging my pussy so hard. “You had such a great cock to suck, Max. Oooh, so good. I loved it. Bring me a dollar any time.”

I winked at him, and he groaned, his cheeks growing red. He buckled up and then nodded to Ricky, the pair leaving in a hurry as Peter stepped up. He whipped out his dollar bill, far more confident than I would have imagined. And then he whipped out his dick.

It was bigger than both Ricky’s and Max’s.

“Ooh, what a beautiful cock,” I moaned, my pussy growing hotter. I ground the heel of my hand into my clit as I pumped my fingers into the depths of my cunt. The friction sent shudders through me. “Mmm, yes. I need to suck it.”

“Oh, wow, Alexandra,” he groaned as I stretched open my mouth. His eyes widened behind his thick glasses as I engulfed his cock. “Holy schnikes.”

I swirled my tongue around the crown, loving how he throbbed in my mouth. His precum leaked out, staining my taste buds. I shuddered at the salty flavor and shoved a third finger into my pussy. My back arched as I pursed my lips and sucked.

I came.

My pussy exploded about my fingers. The hot flesh spasmed. The pleasure boiled through my body, shooting straight to my brain. I moaned about Peter’s cock, my left hand crumpling the three dollar bills as my cheeks hollowed. I sucked as much of his shaft into my mouth as I moaned and groaned about it.

I loved it. I loved sucking cock. I loved being a whore. I kept pumping my fingers in and out of my cunt and massaging my clit with the heel of my hand. It was intense. The pleasure kept rippling out of my sinful hole as I sucked and moaned and worshiped his dick.

“Alexandra,” he gasped, body trembling. “Oh, wow. Oh, you’re good. I can’t believe this. Oh, yes. This is…amazing. Wow.”

He was a virgin. I knew it. And I was the first girl to ever touch his dick. My pussy clenched. I wanted to take his virginity. I wanted to pull him down, have his dick ram into me, and savor him pumping away, giving him this wonderful gift.

Except he would have to pay. And more than a dollar. Only Daddy fucked me for that cheap. He was my pimp, after all. It was only fair he get a discount.

“Alexandra,” he groaned, body shaking. I slid my mouth up his cock, sucking hard as my orgasm peaked through me. Stars danced before my eyes. I swirled my tongue about his dick, teasing him and—

His dick erupted.

He had hardly been in my mouth and he spurted. It caught me by surprise, his cum splashing against my tonsils. I groaned, savoring the thrill of sucking down the virgin’s cum. My pussy gave a final spasm about my fingers as I swallowed his load. It was delicious. Wonderful. I savored it coating my throat.

“Holy fudge,” he groaned and then ripped his cock out of my mouth. “I…I… Sorry!”

“For what?” I gasped as he zipped up hastily. Then he darted away before I could offer him a deal to lose his virginity.

I pulled my fingers from my pussy, coated in my juices. I savored licking them clean of my tart juices. I reveled in the flavor. Ever since I saw the porno of the two women eating each other’s pussies, I took every chance to lick my juices, pretending the cream was from another woman.

I wanted to be with another woman. It would be so whorish. But how did you seduce women? They weren’t like men. All the girls I knew either hated sex or pretended to. They either didn’t give their boyfriends anything except maybe a pity handjob, or if they did put out, they did so just to keep him happy.

Or, at least, that was the gossip in the bathrooms. I had believed them when they claimed to only put up with sex until Daddy had fucked me. Now I wondered how many of them were lying about hating sex and just being hypocrites, pretending to be prudes.

But, still, girls didn’t pay for sex. So I had no idea how to whore myself out to them.

I licked the last drops of my juices from my hand and then headed inside, my skirt swirling about my knees. It was a long skirt, conservative, not like the flirtier dresses I had bought with the money I earned ministering to the pour, lost souls of the Sunset Strip. But the school would never let me wear anything higher than the knee.

And neither would Mother.

My braid bouncing behind me, I headed into school clutching my books. The hallways were thinning as I hurried to my first class with Mr. Thompson. I burst in right before the truant bell. He wore his typical tweed jacket and brown slacks. He was a handsome, older man, even with his bald spot. But maybe I just had a weakness for older men.

Like my hunky Daddy.

I sat down, my pussy still soaked from my orgasm, my panties sponging up my juices. I loved that wet feel. I inhaled, smelling hints of my tart pussy. Carolyn, the black-haired tramp who stole Ricky from me, gave me a dirty look as she sat two desks down from me.

I smiled back, remembering Ricky’s cock in my mouth.

I tried to pay attention to the lesson, I did, but I kept having nasty fantasies of sucking Mr. Thompson’s cock, kneeling on the floor, wearing my knee-high socks and black Mary Janes and nothing else. My double D’s jiggled beneath me as bobbed and sucked and worked my mouth up and down his dick.

Such a diligent student, Alexandra, I imagined him moaning as I pleasured him. Yes, yes, you are getting an A. Oh, yes. That’s it, whore.

I could suck all my male teacher’s cocks and lick my female teacher’s pussies for A’s. What a wonderful way to be educated. I pressed my thighs together beneath my skirt, my pussy growing juicier and juicier, my cheeks burning as I stared at his crotch, hopping to see a bulge.

I didn’t.

When the bell rang, I was so hot and bothered. It was a sticky mess in my panties. I wanted to masturbate, but there wasn’t time. I did pop into the girl’s restroom to touch up my lipstick. After I blow a guy, it always needs fixing and I didn’t have time before my first period.

As I stood before the mirror, applying my lipstick, Carolyn’s face appeared over my shoulder, her lush, red lips pursed. I bet those lips would feel amazing on my pussy.

“Well, I hear you’ve turned into a complete whore,” Carolyn sneered. “No wonder Ricky dumped you. Blowing guys behind the school. Disgusting.”

“Jealous you didn’t think of it first?” I asked, turning around and popping the cap back on my lipstick tube. I pursed my lips.

“Eww, gross,” she blanched. “I always knew you were a slut, walking around in those innocent dresses, looking so cute and harmless, while you flaunt those massive tits.”

I gave a slight wiggle, making my beasts jiggle. “Mmm, I do love them. Do you? Do you like looking at them?”

“What?” Confusion skidded over her face. “What are you talking about?”

Well, I had hoped she was a closet lesbian, ready to indulge her sinful desires. I guess not. She was honestly confused at why I would bring up looking at my tits and wasn’t aroused. I stepped forward anyways, unable to resist those red lips. I leaned in and kissed her briefly on the mouth.

She gasped, stepping back. “What was that?”

“Just giving you a little taste of your boyfriend’s spunk,” I grinned. “He enjoyed himself this morning.”

Her face went white. Her hazel eyes flashed and then color exploded across her cheeks. “You fucking tramp!” Her hands clenched. “Oh, you think you can go sniffing around my beau and win him back.”

“I don’t want him back,” I laughed, striding to the door, feeling all confident. I was a whore, nothing to be ashamed of. “I just want to suck his cock whenever he’s not getting enough satisfaction from you.”

She sputtered incoherently as I strolled out of the bathroom and into the hallway. My lips were still warm from touching hers. I licked them, savoring the sweet flavor of her mouth. Oh, I would love to lick her pussy and have her lick mine. It would be so wicked.

But she was such a prude. She had sex, but she clearly didn’t enjoy it and only put out to keep Ricky. I felt bad for her.

All day, girls gave me dirty looks, word spreading about my extracurricular activities. But I didn’t mind because the boys all gave me hungry looks. During lunch, I found the time to give a few boys blowjobs behind the school, and had two wonderful orgasms frigging my pussy. Everyone knew I was a whore, but only the boys appreciated it.

Girls I thought were my friends turned their noses at me. I didn’t care. Who needed frozen, repressed bitches for friends? I had cocks. I had cum. I had seven dollars in my purse and the day wasn’t even over with.

I strolled the halls, my head held high, enjoying the attention. I loved it. I drank it in. My tits bouncing before me, my hips swaying. Every guy wanted me and every girl hated me. But I knew why they hated me.

Because they wish they had the courage to be me. To be wild and confident. To be a whore.

Daddy would be so proud of me. I couldn’t wait to get home, ride his cock in his study, and whisper all the nasty things I had done today while he took his cut of my earnings. Mother was happy about the extra donations, Daddy giving her the money for Sunday donations. She thought I was collecting for the church now. At least, that was the lie Daddy told her.

Mother was another woman that could stand to be a whore. Then Daddy wouldn’t cheat on her with me and Donna Paxtor and, I imagine, a few other of the married women at church. Women who, like me, understood that a cock like Daddy’s had to be enjoyed when you had the opportunity.

“There’s the slut,” whispered at me from the crowd.

“Cock-sucking whore.”

“Look at her strut. Slattern.”

“So proud of her mouth.”




I savored the whispers.

Finally, the day ended. Normally, I would walk home with a few friends, maybe stop by the ice cream shop for milkshakes, but that wasn’t happening today. Or probably ever again unless I convinced a few friends being a whore was amazing.

Besides, I had an appointment behind the school.

The boys were already queuing up. Nerdy Peter led the line, his eyes downcast, cheeks pink, cock hard. I grinned. Good, I wanted to see him again and negotiate the loss of his virginity. Maybe I should charge five whole dollars for the treat.

“Hello, boys,” I purred, my voice smoky as I strode out, skirt swaying. “My, my, don’t you all look just so backed up. Your gals not taking care of things?”

“My girl wouldn’t know what to do with a dick,” one guy called.

There were seven of them. I licked my chops, eager for the feast. I fell to my knees before Peter, looking up at him. “Well, cutie, what do you have for me?”

He pulled out his dollar bill. I snatched it, then reached for his crotch, unzipping him. I was just reaching into his underwear to free his dick, when an authoritative voice snarled, “Alexandra Powell, what are you doing?”

The boys fled, Peter holding up his slacks as he ran. Mr. Thompson strode up, glaring at the scattering boys then fixing his stern gaze on me, arms folded before him. I still had the dollar bill clutched in my hand, kneeling on the ground, while the footsteps of my customers dwindled into the distance.

I gave Mr. Thompson a smile. He returned disgusted outrage.

“When Carolyn told me what you were doing out here, I couldn’t believe it. Not you, Alexandra. And for money.” His eyes flicked to the dollar bill in my hand. “What were you thinking?”

“That these poor boys needed their dicks suck, and I was so good at it,” I purred. “Why not start my own business.” I licked my lips. “I’m not prejudice, sir. I’ll blow your cock, too.”

“Jesus,” he growled, the first time I had ever heard him swear. The look he gave me only made me wetter. He thought I was such a filthy, despicable whore, something loathsome. Humiliation churned my stomach, and my nipples ached in my bra. “Alexandra, your father is the reverend at my church. What would he think?”

I fought the urge to give a sassy answer about Daddy’s hypocrisy. The right and honorable Reverend Gary Powell was always preaching against sexual immorality.

“On your feet right now, young lady.” So stern. I shuddered. “Now!”

I stood, my pussy soaking my panties. “You sure you don’t want a suck?”

“No. That is immoral. I’m married.”


“You’re my student.”

“I know,” I moaned. God, he had never been sexier. “Maybe you want something else to keep silent.” I drew up my skirt, baring my thighs. He stared at them, his breath quickening. Sweat broke out across his forehead. “I have other holes you can enjoy.”

His hand snapped out, slapping mine from my skirt before I could unveil my panties. My wrist stung. I winced.

“Wanton slattern,” he snarled and seized my hand in a crushing grip. “Come on. You have no idea how much trouble you’re in.”

I gasped as he yanked me behind him, almost tripping me. He pulled so hard, my arm ached at my shoulder socket. He was not happy at all. Which was such a shame. I could make him so happy, but he believed all those lies my daddy preached. I trailed after him. He led me into the school, my Mary Janes smacking on the tiles behind him. He dragged me to his classroom, shoved me in, and locked the door.

“I have a phone call to make,” he said through it. “You sit down and think about your behavior.”

Phone call? He was going to call home? Mother was home.

Panic shook me. If Mother found out, it would be the end of everything. She would keep me under lock-and-key. She already gave me almost daily reminders about how sinful masturbation was, and how good girls didn’t touch themselves, and that sex was only for marriage. I could see the fear in her eyes that I would be naughty.

It always made me so wet to fuck Daddy after her lectures.

But now… My face paled. My heart exploded. I rushed at the door handle and seized it, twisting it futilely. I pounded on the hard door as his footsteps retreated. Tears burst in my eyes. I gave a final, hard tug on the handle.

It didn’t budge.

I stumbled back.

It was all over. All because of that uptight-bitch Carolyn had to rat me out. What a dirty sow. I sat down on the nearest desk, pressing my face into my hands, and cried. I was in so much trouble. My shoulders shook as the tears poured out. Mother would ground me for life. I would never leave the house. I would never get to have fun.

It wasn’t fair. I can’t believe Mr. Thompson turned down my mouth and cunt. Doesn’t he know how good I was? I would take him to heaven. Deacon Bill Paxtor at church loved my blowjobs. Last Sunday, I let him fuck me for the first time. He wasn’t as good as Daddy, but I still came anyways, and the Deacon had howled, “I love your tight, eighteen-year-old cunt,” as he pounded me.

It was Grade-A, barely legal pussy. Mr. Thompson should be thrilled that I was offering it to him free of charge.

My tears slowed. I lowered my hands, glancing at the clock. Five minutes had passed. I felt drained, dead. It was all over. I slumped in the chair, staring at my hands folded before me while the second hand ticked. And ticked.

The sound echoed through the room. I never realized how loud the clock was. Normally, the classroom was full of students with Mr. Thompson lecturing or asking questions. Even during tests, there was the sound of twenty pencils writing, other people breathing, desks creaking, drowning out the annoying tick, tick, tick.

I squirmed. I leaned my head back. How much trouble was I in? How furious would Mother be? She never became angry unless I did something really bad. Normally, she was so calm and cool, reserved like a proper housewife. “If emotions rule your actions, then you can’t rule your household,” she would say to me if I ever threw a fit as a child.

She could give Mrs. Cleaver lessons in being a model housewife.

Finally, footsteps approached. My stomach clenched. I sat up straight, wiping at my eyes. Even when I was in trouble, Mother would want me looking my best. I folded my hands before me, my deep breaths making me so aware of how my dress emphasized my breasts. She would be aghast. She would find out about my secret clothing and naughty bras and panties.

The door opened. I swallowed as Mr. Thompson held it ajar, ushering in my parent. But it wasn’t my mother, looking like a clone of the First Lady, who strode in. It was my father. His stern gaze fell on me. He looked so strong, so authoritative, especially with the wings of gray sweeping from his temples. He wore his black suit, his loafers polished to a shine.

“Alexandra,” he said with a bark. “Stand up.”

“Yes, Father,” I said, hearing the anger crack in his voice.

“Now Mr. Thompson tells me you have been sucking cocks behind the school for money.”

“I have, Father,” I said. He knew that. I told him last night.

“He further told me that you offered both your mouth and that sinful harlot’s hole between your thighs as a bribe to keep his silence.”

My cheeks pinked. His voice was so stern. Mr. Thompson nodded his head, watching me. I answered clearly, “I did, Father.”

“And he refused?”

“Yes, Father.”

Daddy turned on Mr. Thompson. “Why?”

The teacher blinked. “Excuse me, Reverend?”

“Why did you refuse my daughter?”

Incredulity crossed Mr. Thompson’s face. “Because it would be immoral. She’s eighteen, I’m married, and she’s my student.”

Daddy seized my braid and yanked me to Mr. Thompson’s desk. He threw me over it, the edge biting into my stomach, my arm knocking over a coffee mug which shattered on the floor. He pushed me down, bending me over it, and flipped up my skirt, revealing my panty-clad ass. Mr. Thompson watched, his jaw hanging open.

Daddy ripped down my panties. He ran a finger through my pussy, stirring heat through me. Juices flowed as the tip of his finger parted my vulva, stroking inside. Daddy stared at Mr. Thompson and growled, “You resisted this hot, pink hole?”

“Reverend.” The teacher’s words came out strangled. “What is going on?”

“You had the will power to resist sticking your aching cock into her tight, teenage cunt?” Daddy shoved his finger into me. I moaned, shuddering, wiggling my hips. “You are telling me you’ve never lusted after Alexandra and her big tits? You’ve never wanted to ram your dick into her hot, tight cunt and feel her wiggle and gasp as you fucked her?” Daddy pumped his fingers in and out of me faster and faster. “Are you that pure of man? Are you gay?”

“Gay?” The man grunted. “No, no. I’m married.”

“Then why don’t you want to get your dick wet? She’s such a whore. Look at her. She’s already gasping. Her hot pussy is sucking at my finger. She needs a cock to ram into her cunt. What are you waiting on? How can you resist this sinful hole?”

“You want me to fuck your daughter?’

“I want you to fuck this whore, unless you are pure. Unless she stirs no sin in you. She’s taunted you all year, waring those tight blouses, showing off her magnificent tits. Show them to him, Alexandra. Let him see the objects which stirred such vile lusts in him.”

“Yes, Father.”

Daddy pulled his finger out of my pussy. I shuddered and stood up. I reached behind me, unzipping my dress. I shrugged it off of me, revealing my bra, white with stiff boning to lift my tits into two mounds thrusting before me. Mr. Thompson stared at them, his eyes wide. I reached behind me as Daddy yanked my dress off my hips and unhooked my bra.

“Lord, have mercy,” groaned the teacher as I unveiled my large, round, pillowy tits. They jiggled before me, nipples pink and hard. He swallowed and took a step forward, hands clenching.

Daddy grasped my tits from behind, squeezing them. “How can you resist this body? She is temptation given flesh. Her mother and I tried to raise her right, but a sinful, wanton whore lives in her cunt, driving her to depraved acts.”

“So depraved,” I moaned. “Please, Mr. Thompson, use me. Enjoy me. I’m so wet and horny. I want your cock in me. Please.”

“How can you resist?” Daddy asked.

The teacher groaned, and then his hands shot to my tits, squeezing them. Daddy moved his hands away, giving my teacher unfettered access to my breasts. Mr. Thompson leaned down, his breath washing over my nipples.

“So firm,” he groaned. “I haven’t held a pair of tits like this in twenty years.” His fingers brushed my nipples. I shuddered. “Such a responsive slut.”

“So responsive, sir,” I moaned.

Then gasped as he sucked on my right nipple. I shuddered, the pleasure shooting down to my pussy. Behind me, Daddy knelt, his hands yanking down my panties. He kissed my ass and bit it as his hands stroked my thighs. I kicked my feet, shaking off my panties, standing there only in my knee-high socks and Mary Janes.

Mr. Thompson squeezed and kneaded my tits. His mouth sucked so hard. My head tossed back, the pleasure shooting through my body. I moaned, undulating, my pussy so hot and juicy and in need of being fucked. I burned for a cock to enter me.

My hands shot down to Mr. Thompson’s crotch. I squeezed his dick through his pants and underwear. He groaned about my nipple, sending tingling rushes to my cunt. He felt so hard. I grinned, licking my lips.

“Oh, Mr. Thompson, we’re going to have so much fun.”

He didn’t answer, but only kept sucking. While he did that, Daddy parted my butt-cheeks. My eyes widened as his stubbly cheeks pressed into my crack, caressing sensitive flesh, and his tongue rimmed my asshole.

“Daddy, oh, that’s dirty,” I groaned. I had seen anal in the porno theater, the women grunting and moaning as they were sodomized. It looked like it hurt as much as it felt good. I was a little afraid of it, and Daddy had never offered.

And now his tongue licked and rimmed my sphincter, sending strange, tingling delight shooting to my wet pussy. I groaned, squeezing Mr. Thompson’s cock harder as Daddy’s tongue probed into my asshole, pushing past my resisting sphincter. He swirled it around, and I gasped, tossing back my head.

It was so wicked. So amazingly nasty. I loved it. My pussy leaked juices down my thighs. I shuddered, one hand stroking Mr. Thompson’s thinning hair, the other unzipping his slacks. I reached in, pushing my hand through the slit in his boxers and pulling out his hard cock.

He moaned about my nipple then released it. “Alexandra,” he panted, eyes burning with lust. “This is…”

“Amazing,” I purred as I pressed his face between my tits and stroked his dick. “Mmm, it is. I can’t wait to fuck you.”

Daddy growled, hands squeezing my butt-cheeks as his tongue fucked deeper into my asshole. I gasped, my pussy and asshole both clenching at the wonderful sensations he created. My hips writhed, my nipples aching as Mr. Thompson reveled between my tits, savoring the feel of them against his face.

It was time to be fucked. I couldn’t take it any longer. My pussy was juicy, and Daddy did such naughty things to my asshole. I let go of Mr. Thompson’s cock and pushed him back. He pressed against the desk and sat on it, his cock waving before him, thrust out through the fly of his pants. He stare at me, groaning.

“Yes, it’s time to feel my hot cunt sliding up and down your cock, Mr. Thompson,” I purred. “Aren’t I the best student?”

“The whorish,” he groaned, seizing my hips, pulling me to him.

I mounted him, which meant Daddy had to stop tonguing my ass. My knees pressed into the wood of his desk as I wiggled my hips, lowering my snatch to his waiting cock. My cunt brushed the tip of his dick, and I groaned, savoring how wicked it was, his cock sliding through my pussy lips. He moaned, hands seizing my hips and pulling me down his shaft.

“Mr. Thompson,” I gasped as his dick slammed into my depths.

My pussy took him to the hilt. I groaned, gripping his shaft with my tight sheath, my heaving breasts pressing into his shirt and tie. His hands tightened about my hips, a low moan escaping his lips as he savored how tight I was.

“See, Sir, isn’t that an amazing cunt?” I purred, staring into his eyes. “Easily worth an A.”

“Yes,” he groaned. “An A. So long…”

“As you get a taste whenever you want.” I grinned. “Of course. You’re so sexy. Not as sexy as my daddy, but…” I shuddered, my pussy clenching down on his cock. “I love older men.”

“I can see that, Alexandra,” Mr. Thompson groaned as I slid slowly up his cock, taking my time, my cunt gripping his dick.

It was heavenly. I savored the slid of my teacher’s dick in my pussy while I felt Daddy’s eyes on me. I sank down Mr. Thompson’s dick and threw a look over my shoulder. He was already unzipping his slacks, pulling out that wonderful cock I loved. It thrust from the forest of dark curls.

“You’ll just have to wait your turn, Daddy,” I moaned. “Mr. Thompson needs to have his cock serviced.”

“Yes,” groaned Mr. Thompson. “Oh, yes. Oh, fuck, that’s good. Teenage cunt. Damn, I forgot what this was like.”

I loved his curses. My pussy clenched down on his shaft as I worked up and down his cock faster and faster. My hips swiveled, my juices leaking out of my cunt and running down his shaft while my teacher buried his face into my breasts, rubbing his cheeks against them, loving them. He groaned and gasped, kissing and licking everywhere, sliding his hands from my hips to my tits.

“I think I have to insist on fucking you right now, Alexandra,” Daddy said, his voice stern.

“How, Daddy?” I gasped. “I don’t think I can suck your cock right now.”

He pulled out a small can of vaseline from his jacket pocket, unscrewing the lid. I frowned as he rubbed the glistening substance on his dick, and then my eyes widened in comprehension. My ass clenched as I slammed down Mr. Thompson’s dick.

“Yes, Daddy,” I gasped. “I was wrong to be afraid. I’m a whore. Oh, Daddy, this is just like the film we watched. Both men fucking the whore.”

“What?” Mr. Thompson groaned from between my tits as Daddy advanced with his lubed cock.
I shuddered, eager for my first experience with anal. I gasped as Daddy rubbed his dick between the crack of my ass, sliding up and down, searching for my sphincter. He brushed it, the vaseline slick.

“Fuck my ass, Daddy,” I moaned.

“Ass?” Mr. Thompson lifted his face and stared into my baby blues. “What? He’s going to sodomize you?”

“Yes!” I screamed as Daddy thrust.

My sphincter resisted, just like my maidenhead had. But Daddy couldn’t be stopped. His dick pressed forward, forcing its way past my tight opening. I gasped, my eyes widening, my pussy clenching on Mr. Thompson’s dick as Daddy’s shaft worked deeper and deeper into my bowels. My back arched, pressing my tits into my teacher’s face.

Wordless grunts escaped my lips as Daddy’s cock worked deeper and deeper into my bowels. He was so huge. I felt so stuffed. I couldn’t believe it. My pussy grew even tighter around Mr. Thompson’s dick as Daddy’s cock wormed in deeper.

Two dicks were in me. I was such a whore. Mother would be so ashamed to see me right now.

I came.

My orgasm exploded out of the depths of my cunt. My pussy and asshole both clenched about their dicks while I thrashed and moaned. Rapture crashed out of my pussy and whipped through my body. It smothered my brain in bliss. My eyes fluttered as my spasming body worked both my holes up and down those amazing cocks.

“Daddy, yes, yes, yes,” I gasped out as the pleasure writhed through my body.

The two dicks worked in me. Mr. Thompson sucked on my nipples as my hips moved. Daddy’s cock pumped in and out of me, slamming into my bowels, his balls slapping into my taint. He grunted with each thrust, fucking me harder and harder.

The friction was intense. Both my pussy and bowels drank in the friction of their dicks caressing my sensitive flesh. My clit throbbed as I ground it into Mr. Thompson’s crotch, and my nipple ached in my teacher’s sucking mouth. He squeezed my tits, moaning about my nub, savoring the delight of my barely legal cunt.

“What a harlot,” Daddy growled. “Can you feel the sin she churns in her cunt, Fred?”

“Yes,” my teacher gasped, spitting out my nipple. “Lord, yes. She’s convulsing. She’s cumming so fucking hard. What a whore.”

“Such a whore. A brazen slut that tempts every man who meets her to sin in her body. Hear her gasps. We tried to keep her pure, but she is a slut! Her cunt controls her!”

“It does, Daddy,” I screamed out, a second orgasm shooting through me. I loved his demeaning words. I was a slut. A whore. A hussy. A strumpet. A harlot. I loved tempting men into sinning with my body. It was wonderful. “Fuck my ass, Daddy. Cum in me. Both of you, dump your cum into my sinful holes. I need it. Please, please, please, Daddy! Please, Mr. Thompson. Use me!”

“Christ!” grunted my teacher, his hands squeezing my tits so hard. His back arched and his hips thrust up as I slammed my cunt down on his dick. My spasming hole milked his cock.

He erupted into my cunt. I shuddered, savoring the wonderful thrill of his cum pumping into the depths of my young snatch. I fell forward on him, undulating my hips, grinding my clit, and gasping as a third orgasm exploded hard through me.

My vision swam and danced as Daddy rammed his dick into me, driving me against the teacher. His balls slapped so loudly against my flesh. He grunted, his cock fucking into my convulsing bowels. He nuzzled at my neck, kissing, biting.

“Harlot,” he growled.

“Cum in me, Daddy,” I moaned.

His balls thwacked hard into me as he buried into my asshole, my butt-jiggling from his groin. His dick spasmed in my bowels. Hot cum shot into my depth. I smiled, savoring the thrill of having two men’s cum filling my body. Both my holes.

I was a true whore now.

“Oh, Daddy, yes,” I panted as he shoved a silver dollar into my hand. I gripped the coin and groaned as he pulled his softening dick out of my asshole.

“Get dressed, whore,” Daddy grunted. “I’ll drive you home.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I smiled, my heart racing.

Mr. Thompson didn’t look at me as I dressed. It made me feel so shameful, which only made me wetter. I pulled on my panties, cum leaking out of my holes. My bra and dress came on, then I took Daddy’s arm and he escorted me to his car. Mother was surprised to see him drop me off at home.

“I had to have a quick meeting with her teacher,” Daddy said. “Mr. Thompson was quite impressed with her.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful,” Mother said, giving me a hug. She inhaled. “Oh, dear, what have you been doing? Were you running around school?”

“I didn’t get a chance to shower after PE,” I lied.

“Well, I won’t abide that. You march upstairs and shower right now,” she said. “No daughter of mine will smell.”

“Yes, Mother,” I said. She didn’t realize that musk was cum. Daddy’s and Mr. Thompson’s cum.

Daddy found time to slip into the shower and fuck me again while the water sprayed over us. Mother had no idea. She was so happy that I was doing good in school, she let me have an extra piece of pie after dinner—her strawberry-rhubarb was the best.

What a great reward for being the school’s whore.

The next day, I cornered Peter, and he lost his virginity for five dollars. I managed to cum despite how fast he popped off, excited that I was giving him his first taste of a woman’s sinful cunt. That started a new business, but one that didn’t see too many customers after I took the virginity of every boy in school.

But they all still lined up for their blowjobs, and Mr. Thompson, of course, had his use of any of my holes. He had quite a fondness for my ass. He used me about once a week. He couldn’t look at me for a day or two after, but then he would stare at me, lust in his eyes, and I knew it would be time to earn my A again.

None of my friends spoke to me any longer, but I didn’t care. I loved being the most sinful preacher’s daughter in the world. Summer Break was coming up, and I couldn’t wait for the naughty “outreach ministry” Daddy had planned for us.

Maybe we’d go back to the Sunset Playhouse. Or maybe I’d get to put my go go boots to use and dance at the club.

I couldn’t wait!

To be continued…

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