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Priyanka Chopra Fucks her Brother

Priyanka Chopra Fucks her Brother

Priyanka chopra tried to keep her hands from trembling.Her heart pounded and her mouth felt dry. It’d beendays since she had last got a good night sleep. She
stared out the window of her mercedes, as she was being driven to her brother Rahul’s house.

Priyanka had recently been stalked by one of her fans.She had been sent threatening letters, received frightening phone calls, and was even followed once.
She feared for her life. Her bother had told her to go stay at his place for a few days while the authorities catch the stalker. Once the car arrived to her brother’s house she felt slightly at ease.

“Here you go Mam,” said her driver as he parked the limo in front of her brother’s house.

Priyanka sighed and grabbed her purse. The driver got her two suitcases and they both walked to they door. Rahul was already at the door waiting for his
little sister. His smile made her heart melt. Rahul was 24 years old and had a 9 month old daughter. His wife died soon after the birth of their only child “Sania” , So he lived alone at his house with her daughter.

“Rahul!” Priyanka cried out and ran to her brother wrapping her arms around him.

“Whoa! Hey didi!” Rahul replied kissing her forehead.

Priyanka stared up at him. “I’ve missed you bro.”

“I’ve missed you too. You look great!”

Priyanka blushed. “So do you.”

Priyanka couldn’t stop staring at him. His hair was a bit long, dark brown and his smile, was so captivating.

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“Come on in sis,” he told her and then grabbed her suitcases from the driver.

He closed the door and led her to the huge living room. A skylight brought in the beautiful sun. She flopped down on the couch and took a deep breath.

“Where’s my little niece sania?” , she asked him.

“She’s in her room having a nap”, he answered.

“Ok then let her sleep , i will check her out later”.

Rahul sat next to her and held her hand..

“How you been?”

She opened her eyes and tears quickly streamed down her face. “I’ve been awful! I can’t sleep, can’t eat, I can’t do anything!”

Rahul wiped her tears and held her. She placed her head on his chest and sobbed. “I’m sorry sis.”

“It’s not your fault. I guess it’s the price I have to pay for being famous.”

“You’re very popular didi, and so very beautiful. You are bound to have stalkers, but still that doesn’t make it right. If I ever find this guy I’ll kill him.”

Priyanka snuggled closer to her brother. “Rahul thank you for taking me in.”

He cupped her face and made her look up at him. “I love you didi. I will protect you.”

He leaned down and kissed her cheeks softly, just as he’d always done growing up with her. They were innocent kisses. She smiled and her eyes began to



“You look tired didi. Let me take you to my room so you can take a nap. Don’t worry there is security outside and I’ll be here.”

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She moaned. “Mmm thank you.”

He saw she didn’t move so he took the liberty to pick her up in his arms and carried her to his bedroom. She was light as a feather. He looked at her face so
peaceful and beautiful. He lay her on his bed watching her dark locks fall on the bed first. He couldn’t stop staring at her. The white tight top she
wore rode up slightly showing off her flat tummy. Her black jeans were tight on her showing every sexy curve she possessed.

“Didi you are so damn pretty.” He muttered to himself and left her on his bed so she could sleep.

After a few hours, Priyanka finally woke up as she stretched her body on her brother’s bed. His cologne lingered in the sheets. She rolled around on
his bed feeling happy for once in a long time.

She got up and tossed her long hair back. She could smell something cooking in the kitchen as soon as she stepped out. She smiled when she saw her brother busy in the kitchen.

“Mmm something smells good.”

Rahul laughed. “Well I can’t cook that well, but I hope you still enjoy sis.”

Priyanka walked to him and saw he was cooking biryani. “How sweet! I love biryani!”

“I know you do.”

She giggled and kissed his cheek. He grabbed her and held her in his arms. “You sleep ok?”

She nodded. His body pressed against hers. She reached up to her face and kissed his cheeks, this time the kiss was a few seconds longer, making her toes curl.

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“So when do we eat?” She asked anxiously.

“In about five minutes. You can go freshen up and I’ll have it served for you.”

She went ahead to freshen up and came back to see the table was set with a hot plate of biryani. Her mouth watered.

“Oh my goodness! This looks delicious!” She exclaimed.

Rahul smiled and pulled out a chair for his sister. “Have a seat sis, I’ll be back with the water.”


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Priyanka Chopra Fucks her Brother

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