Priyanka – My Friend’s Hot Elder Sister

Priyanka – My Friend’s Hot Elder Sister

Hello XIS readers. This is Arjun with a new story for you to read, relate and enjoy. Let’s get into the story.  This story is about my friend Yash’s hot elder sister, Priyanka. I knew her since I was nineteen and she was twenty-three years old then. She used to treat me like a kid which I was not.

That was the time when I was sexually awakening. She was the only young, sexy and hot girl in my circle at that time. I started fantasizing about her. Even my friend, her brother Yash also has his dark side like me. But could never get her as she is his elder sister.

They used to sleep in the same room. He used to tell me what all he used to see while she was bathing or changing clothes. He used to act asleep every morning to see her change clothes in the room through his blanket.  I used to get so tempted just by listening to him.

I used to feel how good it would have been if I was her brother. I could have got chances every day to see her naked as Yash sees. She also has a boyfriend and whenever her parents go out, she used to call him home. She used to give Yash some money and ask him not to come home for some time.

She thinks that Yash doesn’t know what she is up to. But Yash and I know about her naughty secrets.  We tried to sneak in and see but we never succeeded. We just heard them moaning in the bedroom from outside. That was the most exciting thing for us that time.

Though we knew everything, we couldn’t do anything due to the fear of our parents and her boyfriend.  So were satisfied with those sounds. I adjusted more just by listening to stories of Yash about how he saw her naked everyday. It was all back then.

Priyanka got married and went to another city with her husband. She didn’t marry her boyfriend. It was an arranged marriage. The guy was someone whom her parents chose for her. The last time I saw her was at her marriage.

Now after 3 years, I returned home after completing my B. tech and went to meet my friend Yash. We are twenty two now. I didn’t expect Priyanka to be there. She had come to meet her parents. Her husband didn’t accompany her due to his preoccupation with some meetings in their city.

I came to know that she was going to stay for a week from my conversation with Yash. She was happy to see me and we had a small conversation. My eyes were looking at her body in the time I talked to her.  She had not changed even after marriage. She didn’t have kids but just became a little chubby than before.

Her breasts and her ass looked more bulgy and stiff. She wore a saree when I met her. I could see her navel clearly when the air blew her saree aside slightly. It was a view to cherish.  She talked to me and turned aside to talk to her mom. The side view of her boobs through her blouse gave me a boner.

Her boobs got heavier. The blouse held her boobs so tight and fit.  My friend Yash was observing what I was doing the whole time. He called me to go to his room and talk. We went into his room and had a nice conversation about how his sister had become sexier than before.

He was enjoying the discussion too but sounded low and a bit sad.  I asked him what had happened and the conversation went like this.

Yash: Dude, my parents are going to my father’s friend’s birthday day after tomorrow to a nearby city. They will come a day later in the afternoon. Priya gave me some money and asked me to enjoy that night by going outside.

Me: Super bro, then let’s chill.

Yash: Fool. Don’t you remember what she used to do by giving me money and sending me out with her boyfriend in those days?

Me: I do remember but do you think it will happen the day after tomorrow?

Yash: Yes, I took her phone while she is in the bathroom and I saw the chat with her ex. She texted him to come home that night.

After listening to this my brain got a dick raising idea. I told Yash to block her ex’s number in her phone and put my number in that ex’s contact.  At first, he said that it’s risky. But deep inside he also wanted to fuck his sister. So he finally accepted.

The next day morning when she went to take a bath, he took her phone. And he texted her ex not to come as her parents canceled their plan to go out. Then he deleted that text in her phone.  Before her ex texted something, he blocked his number. He changed the number in contact named ex to my number.

That day Yash came to my home. We sat in my room waiting for her to text something.  The text came and it said, “I can’t wait till tomorrow night to feel your cock inside me.” Both of us got excited about seeing that. We discussed and chatted with her for some time and continued the next day afternoon too.

Finally, the night has come and she was waiting for her ex at her home. As per our plan, Yash came out of his house to come to my house. I could see his boner and I could imagine how sexy she must have dressed up for her ex.  I asked him and he said that she wore a grey sleeveless nightgown kind of t-shirt which covered her till the thighs.

He saw his sister in such dresses even before. But after marriage it’s her first time to wear such dress again. He also told that it was clear that she didn’t wear anything inside. Her hard nipples were almost visible through the dress.  I was double excited after listening to it.

We didn’t want to waste any time and went to their home. We silently entered through the main gate. We went to the main switch and cut the power supply which was a crucial part of our plan.  As soon as we cut the power, I got a message saying, “The power is gone and my phone’s battery is low.

Come soon.” I showed him the text. We replied, “I just entered your main gate. Keep your door open and we will have fun in the dark tonight. ”

She replied, “Exciting!”

We didn’t want to fight about who should go first and tossed a coin. Yash won and he went first.  He went and came back to me after half an hour. I stood outside and was listening to their sex noises. I was getting harder and harder by just listening to them.

I was waiting for Yash to cum and come out soon for me to enter.  Finally, after half an hour, Yash came out. I could not see him properly due to the darkness. But we were able to see where each other are. He came close to me and whispered a few things in my ear.

I could not see his face. But I could understand from the excitement of his voice that he had a great time. We had a quick conversation.

Yash: Bro! Our power cut plan worked. The darkness is perfect. She didn’t even recognize me. She thought that I am her ex. Just don’t talk much and if you talk, talk in a low pitch voice. I did the same and she didn’t recognize me. Go fast before she comes out of the washroom. She said she wants one more round.

Me: Ya, ok, ok. (with a lot of excitement)

I entered their home and I was in the hall. I heard her voice calling me and asking where I was. I slowly asked her to come to the hall. She came to the hall from the bedroom wearing nothing. I could not see much but I can see her hot figure’s outline in that dim light.

I can hear her footsteps and come near me. My heart rate started increasing. My hands were groping in the air to catch hold of her tits while removing my clothes.  I quickly got rid of my clothes and finally got hold of her soft and juicy boobs. I bent forward on her to suck on them.

She felt ticklish and laughed in pleasure. She talked all the dirty things while I was sucking. She even abused her husband.  I was shocked to hear all that from her mouth. But it was more exciting to hear such words. I slowly made her sit on the sofa and went lower to taste her pussy.

She played with my hair and my head. She started moaning in pleasure.  I thought that I shouldn’t waste any time and came up to kiss her on the lips. My cock got more excited as we kissed and became super stiff. She held my cock in her hand and started rubbing on her pussy.

I could not control myself. I just pushed it in and she breathed out and gasped in pleasure. She said, “What did you do to grow this big?” I didn’t utter a word and continued with drilling her pussy. She was unknowingly satisfying my male ego with her words.

I lifted her up and made her kneel in doggy position on the sofa. I smashed her pussy from behind. My dick went deeper and deeper in this position. I was pushing it more and more inside. I reached the unexplored parts of her pussy as she moaned in pleasure.

After some drilling in that position, she asked me to stop and made me lay back on the couch. She got on me and guided my cock into her pussy with her hand by sitting on it.  She bent forward and started riding me by moving her ass up and down. I too started moving my hip to match her moves.

It was awesome as she rode me while rubbing her tits against my chest. I pulled a tit up to suck on it and we fucked like that for a while.

She finally came on me. Then she went down on me to give me a blowjob to make me cum. It was a heavenly feeling with her lips around my cock and her tongue playing on my dickhead. I had a blast in her mouth. She took every drop into her mouth. The power came on and the room lighted up.

The immidiate view I got was my friend’s busty elder sister suck on my cock with her eyes closed. Within fraction of seconds, a million thoughts passed through my mind. I didn’t understand how the power came. Before I could realize what happened, Yash came running inside with his cock dangling.

Priya opened her eyes due to the sound of the door smashing open. What she saw just made her go mad. She just pushed out my cock from her mouth and said, “What the fuck?”

Priyanka: What the fuck? What are you guys doing here? Where is my ex? What the hell did you guys do?

I and Yash told her what happened very quickly. She was totally shocked listening to it.

Priyanka: How dare you do this? You guys are my brothers. Chi. Uhhhh, I can’t believe this. Just get out of here right now.

Meanwhile, we all heard foot steps of someone and Yash spoke out.

Yash: Fuck I forgot to tell you why I came inside in a hurry. Priya, your husband came out of nowhere.

Priyanka: What? Fuck! Is this the surprise he was talking about on the phone the other day? Dress up and open the door. I will go in and fresh up.

We dressed up and answered the door and told her husband that she went to take a bath. He said he will wait and talked to Yash about his career and other stuff. Yash introduced me to him that I am his friend and came to play games online tonight.

Meanwhile, Priya came out of the room wearing her saree and acted as if she was surprised. She asked her husband to freshen up and come. He asked, “What were you guys doing without power? I saw that every other house in the area had power except yours. So I checked the main and switched it on. ”

Priya : Oh! We didn’t see that the main got tripped. Thank you, honey. Go fresh up and come.

He went in to take a bath and Priya warned us to get out.

Priyanka: You bastards, I will never forget this. Now leave me alone with my husband. Do you even realize what you did?

Me: You thought to cheat on your husband with your ex and we took advantage of it.

Yash kept quiet all this time and Priya gave a disgusting look at him.

Me: Don’t lie that you didn’t enjoy what just happened. We heard every single word you said while fucking us.

Priya: Ugh! Okay, I agree. I can’t face you guys anymore. You guys aren’t my little brothers anymore. You grew big enough to hurt my pussy. Don’t you dare to do such things again! And keep this a secret!

We said ok and left the home to roam outside for some night food. I pinched Priya’s ass and just ran out with Yash before she could say something. We finally fulfilled our dream to fuck Priyanka. She never came to her parent’s home again after that visit.

Hope you guys liked my story. You are free to share your feelings while reading the story or your opinion on it with me at [email protected]. Opinions and views of girls or women are most welcome. Thank you.

Priyanka – My Friend’s Hot Elder Sister