Quarrelling with Kaylee – Sex Stories

Quarrelling with Kaylee – Sex Stories

I don’t know if you’ve got a guestroom or a spare bed. If you do, maybe you’ll know what I’m talking about. So you have the bed there, right? Nobody sleeps in it. It’s there, just in case, you know? So, the sheets are clean. Maybe the one on top has some dust, but who cares? So why is it, when that rare circumstance comes along that somebody else does come to stay at your place, that you’re forced to change those sheets out for a fresh set? I swear; people just have sheets on the bed for the sake of it looking nice. Same reason why the apartment complex keeps the pool filled with water all year, even though you only have access to it three months out of twelve.

Anyway, there I was, changing the sheets out in the second bedroom (previously the “office”). Melissa, my girlfriend of some years, was driving out to pick up her younger sister from college. It was spring break, and Kaylee (the sister) apparently had no place to go. With no car, and no surfeit of cash, but a definite desire to get away from her dorm while all her friends went on beach holidays… Well, her and her sister apparently thought it’d be fun if she stayed here. Oh how “lucky” to live in the same state as her school.

Now don’t get me wrong. It isn’t that I had anything against her per se… I had only met her once during an out-of-state excursion to “meet the family”. All I really remembered was she was excited about being able to get a driver’s permit. I realize that’s not a lot to go on… But the point was that I was planning on having my own little slice of relaxation for the week.

The firm I work at is largely composed of thirty to forty-somethings. This meant that they regularly took off for family vacations with their kids, naturally, during their school breaks. What did that mean for a comparative youngster like me? It meant minimal work load. I’d have to go in for a few half-days at most; the rest I could phone in from home.

But now I faced the threat of having to entertain a guest. Melissa tried to put me at ease, “Oh don’t worry, she’s nineteen, she’ll probably just want to lie around the pool all day. She won’t bother you.”

Uh huh. I remember being a freshman in college. I did a lot of lying around too. Hell, I was anticipating doing just that this week! Basically I didn’t want my vegetation time infringed on by another. But that just wasn’t in the cards. They were on their way back and would arrive any minute. And so there I was, changing the sheets.

I saw Melissa’s car pull up from the window and I went out to meet them, figuring a teenage girl (well, any female actually) probably brought plenty (which is to say, too much) luggage with her. Melissa was already out of the vehicle when I got out there.

“Oh good, the help has arrived!” Melissa cheerfully greeted. She was standing behind the trunk with a duffel bag in hand. I had no sooner walked up to her than she happily dumped it into my arms. I smirked at her and looked to an open door and into the back seat.

All my mind recognized at first was a nice, tight ass sticking out of the car as its owner struggled inside to pull something out. She was wearing jeans that were fashionably torn, so slivers of one thigh were visible through the tears. Having heard my arrival, I guess she gave up, because she slithered out of the car empty-handed to look at me.

The knees were worn out too, among other areas casually ripped to reveal the skin beneath. The waist of her jeans was frayed at the top, and it hugged so low on her hips that it almost gave the illusion that someone came along and stripped off the top inch of the denim. Wearing a tight tee-shirt that probably wouldn’t have covered her entire midriff anyway; she showed off a long, smooth section of her bare stomach.

I tried to squelch my raised eyebrows with a furrowed brow as I managed to stop checking her out and look at her face. I felt a pang of odd surrealism as I recognized the eyes looking back at me, at least a little bit. Her features had definitely matured from when I saw her those years ago. Although she still looked young to me, there was an edge now that I found difficult to reconcile with the kid I remembered.

Her lips curled into an innocuous smile and chirped, “Hey there, handsome!”

I chuckled back, “Oh you can drop the flattery; my hands are already full.”

Her bottom lip jutted out slightly in a mock pout. We both stood there for a moment, and if I didn’t know any better, she was trying to size me up. Does she think I’m going to bend over backwards to help her? Suddenly I wondered if she was spoiled type at school.

Next thing I knew, Melissa was pulling the bag back out of my hands. “Oh don’t be so helpless!” She rolled her eyes playfully at her sister, “Sometimes boys need to be coached.”

Looking back at me she smiled, “Now be nice to our guest.” She led herself into the apartment to drop off the bag, leaving her sister and me to take the rest.

I looked back at Kaylee and gave a dry smirk. “Guess you’re in luck!”

Moving toward the door, she deftly slid in front of me just as I stepped up to it. “No no, I’m not helpless. I wouldn’t want the man of the house to be upset with me!” Her eyes sparkled irony before they were hidden away from her ducking into the back seat.

Her backside pushed out and pressed against my leg. I quickly stepped back to give her room. If she was trying to flirt with me just then, it didn’t register. In my mind I just thought she was being a smartass. Anyway, I stood there by the car and waited while she continued to tug at whatever bag was apparently stuck in there. She made these cute grunting noises and I couldn’t help but to notice her ass wiggle as she struggled.

Finally it came free and she dragged it out of the car. She stood back up and looked at me, huffing slightly with reddened cheeks. A long strand of hair had fallen in front of her face and she blew on it, flustered. Looking back at me, she gave a triumphant, if sardonic, smile. “Whew! Do you have this affect on all the girls?”

I cocked an eyebrow at the comment, but didn’t have time to reply before she shoved the overstuffed bag towards me. “Show me what else you can do!”

Reactively I lifted the bag and turned to the door. Melissa had just come back out and saw me. “Ah, is he being obedient now?” she called out laughingly.

“A perfect gentleman,” Kaylee replied sweetly.

“Well that’s good to hear! I’ll make us up some eats. Lock the car up and come on in!”

I rotated back around to bump the car door shut with my body, but Kaylee stood between me and it. “Could you, uh, get that?”

Her lips parted open, as if she was positively delighted to have been asked. “Oh! I’d love to!” She then unceremoniously kicked the door shut behind her with her foot.

She is something else. “Thanks.”

I brought the bag into the spare room and dumped it onto the bed. Then I returned back into the kitchen to rejoin the girls.

“I was thinking we could make up a nice dinner for her first evening here, but I just realized we don’t have any real food!” Melissa complained as she dug through the fridge. She shut the door and looked at me for an answer.

I tilted my head. “Top Ramen isn’t real food?”

She gave me a flat smirk. “Okay, okay. I’ll go to the store.” Turning to her sister, she gave an exaggerated shrug, “So hard to find good help these days!”

Kaylee gave a forced laugh, then looked at me and pursed her lips shut. Batting her eyes at me, she soothed, “Don’t worry, I think you’re good help.”

“Fine, I can go to the store…” I groaned.

“No, no. I wouldn’t want to put any strain on you. I’ll just go drive some more, nobody worry about me…” Melissa pulled her keys out.

I walked with her back up to the front door. “Can you at least try to be nice to her while I’m out?” she whispered under her breath.

I gave her an indignant look, as if to say, ‘what did I do?’

“I won’t be too long. Make yourself comfortable!” she called back to her sister before opening the door. “Keep her company ’till I get back at least,” she hushed before she left.

She shot me an annoyed look but was soon on her way out to the car. I shut the door behind her and turned around to see Kaylee looking at me expectantly. She stood there with her arms stretched behind her, leaning back against the counter. The pose had the effect of pulling her shirt up her tummy and exposing skin all the way up to her navel.

“I hope I didn’t get ya in trouble,” she said sympathetically.

I shrugged, “Nah, not your fault your sister doesn’t like soup.”

She giggled lightly. “Yeah she can be hard to please sometimes. Don’t worry about me though… I’m easy.”

I couldn’t help but flush a smile at the comment and she suddenly blushed a little bit. “Oh gosh, I meant…” And suddenly she relaxed into a coy smile. “Well, I guess I meant I’m fine with soup. Even if I am a slut.”

Now it was my turn to blush. Completely caught off guard by the comment, “I- uh…”

She interrupted me with a laugh. “Sorry, that was coarse. Sometimes I think I come off a little weird…”

I tried to chuckle it off. “Well, I guess we just uh, don’t know each other yet.”

“Oh, don’t um, just throw away all our history!”

I gave her a confused look.

“We did meet a long time ago, when you first met my family.”

“Ohh- yeah, yeah,” I nodded. “But uh, we didn’t talk much. I think you were too cool at the time,” I smiled.

“Ha, yeah right. More like too shy! I had a total crush on you for one whole weekend!”

I blushed again and shifted my weight awkwardly.

“Well, I mean, you were older and my sister brought you home to show off… You know how it is…”

“Uh, yeah. I was a young girl like you once, I guess…”

She laughed at the joke. “Okay, anyway, Melissa was so pretty and I was just a gangly little thing. I couldn’t hope to catch your eye!” She looked down at herself and shrugged, “Then again, not much has changed!” and she shrugged a smile.

“Huh, I think you’ve changed at least a little bit,” I replied obviously.

“Yeah? I’m taller now, at least!”

“Not so gangly either,” I suggested helpfully.

“But could I catch your eye?”

Awkward pause… “Um… S-sure, I gue…”

She cut me off, “Ha! Okay, anyway, I guess now we can catch up. So I got my driver’s license… no car though… graduated high school, and am now at college. Life story over!”

I was relieved she changed the topic and gave her a brief rundown of my job and the things I did for fun. We continued making small talk for awhile and I showed her around the apartment, stopping in the room she’d be sleeping in.

“So you can just go ahead and make yourself at home in here,” I informed her.

“Cool, thanks.” She unzipped one of her bags and started taking out some of her things.

“Sorry if the bed is a little small, we normally don’t have anybody who actually stays over…”

“Oh, it’s fine,” she replied coolly, “I’m sure we can both fit.”

I was standing behind her as she rifled through her bag and realized I was admiring her ass in those jeans, particularly paying attention to the skin peaking out through the ripped areas. My mouth went dry as I registered what she said. Wait, *did* she say that?

“Uh… W-what?” I croaked.

“Oh!” she piqued, swiveling around to face me. She had a mask of exaggerated innocence. “Now you must really think I’m a slut! I meant me and Ted…”

She reached behind her and pulled a small, worn teddy bear out of the bag. “Don’t worry… It’s a… um, completely platonic relationship. We won’t be keeping you up at night.”

I scoffed out a little laugh and shook my head. She* is* something else. No sooner than the moment passed, we both heard the front door swing open. “The food has arrived!” Melissa called out.

We trotted out to the kitchen and rejoined her as she pulled some sandwiches out of a grocery bag. The rest of the evening was fairly uneventful, with the two sisters chatting each other up, mostly recalling stories about when they were both younger. I followed the tales with some interest, but constantly found my mind wandering off to the thought of Kaylee.

Was she really flirting with me, or was I reading into something else? Well, she had definitely grown up… Then I inwardly scolded myself. How could I be thinking about my own girlfriend’s little sister like that? I tried to just push it out of my mind, but despite my best efforts, I kept finding myself stirring a little bit at the sight of Kaylee’s great figure.


Melissa was only going into work for a few early hours the next day so she could spend the rest of it all with Kaylee. I was loafing around myself, planning to go in for a few hours in the afternoon, but I was still up early. Eventually Kaylee found her way out of bed and had taken a shower. I have to admit that at least a little part of me wanted to try and accidentally find myself near the bathroom so I might get a chance to glimpse her in a towel. Once again I admonished myself and firmly planted my ass in the kitchen.

Despite my halfway noble intentions, Kaylee Sepided to intervene. She came trotting out, a light purple towel wrapped around her body, her hair still wet and dripping down her shoulders. Entering the kitchen, she waved frantically at me.

“Sorry, but I totally need coffee! I always drink it while I, uh, dry off and get dressed…”

“Um, sure, there’s still some left over. I’ll uh, one sec…”

I hurriedly got up from my seat and grabbed a mug. I wasn’t exactly sure how to act; do I purposefully not look at her? Do I casually look at her, as if nothing was out of the ordinary? I tried to be natural about it. Relax. She’s practically family. That’s why she’s so comfortable. But fuck. Those legs! I thought they looked great in jeans, but damn. They were long, toned, glistening wet, and totally exposed. Her towel only reached down to her mid-thigh, for cryin’ out loud.

Don’t stare, dipshit. I gave her the coffee and she squeaked a thank you, then retreated into her room. Shakily sitting back down, I picked up the newspaper and tried to read. I probably just glazed over the same paragraph twenty times, trying my best to both shake the image of a wet Kaylee out of my head… and secretly trying to burn it into my memory.


Eventually she came back out, dressed now in loose pajamas and a small tee-shirt. Although her legs were fully clothed, her shirt was low-cut, and I had to make the effort not to peak at the outline of her perky cleavage. She flopped herself down at the table next to me.

I put down the paper. “Feel better?”

“Yeah! Sorry about that, I’m a freak for caffeine. I’ll do anything to get my morning fix.”

“Ha, I’ll have to remember that,” I said playfully.

“Hmm, great… Now you’re going to take advantage of me,” she said worriedly.

My heart skipped a beat. Relax, she didn’t mean it that way. “Nah, you don’t have to worry about that.”

“Oh… I never said I was worried,” she said slowly, deliberately.

My mouth dried out and I swallowed. I forced a weak smile and rolled my eyes, trying to appear unfazed. “So um, cereal okay?” I changed topics.

She agreed and I got her a bowl. Harmless small talk passed for awhile until we got onto the subject of school.

“So, any idea for a major yet?” I asked.

“Not really, I’ve just been taking intro classes, you know… freshman stuff.”

“Yeah. Well, anything you taking an interest to yet? Favorite subject?”

“Casual sex,” she replied flatly.

Huh!? I wasn’t prepared for that. My mouth sort of dropped open, then snapped shut, cheeks full of air. I casually blew out, “Ooooh-kay…”

She replied with a dry laugh. “Sorry, too honest?” she asked, one eyebrow cocked.

“Uh, no that’s- that’s fine… I guess I meant uh, more… you know, academic…”

“Oh, don’t try to try to play the ‘mature adult’ with me. Everyone knows: you go away to college, you go nuts, right?”

“Well, um… I guess that’s, that’s fairly conventional wisdom…”

“Are you trying to tell me you don’t have your share of wild stories as a young college buck?” she reached over and poked me in the ribs, smiling knowingly.

“I was- was with your sister, you know, still am actually…”

She leaned back in her chair and gave me an incredulous look. “You were only with her the entire time?”

What kind of question is that? “Is that so hard to- uh, believe?”

Kaylee shrugged indifferently. “Huh. I guess I always thought now is the one big shot to go wild.”

“Well I- I’m not saying…” Why do I even have to defend myself? “Anyway!” I gave up, exacerbated.

We both sat there in a clumsy silence. I tried to fake interest in the paper lying on the table and Kaylee disinterestedly tapped her spoon on the now empty bowl. Then she blurted out, “So no wild adventures with willing coeds?!”

I coughed back a gasp. “What?”

“Not even a threesome!?” she cried, almost indignantly.

“Look! I don’t think uh- who I did, or didn’t, um…”

“Fuck?” she interjected.

My face was growing redder by the second. “F-fuh… This is, um- really not, not your business…”

She didn’t have an immediate reply. We held each other in an uncomfortable stare. Her look was one of almost, I don’t know, fascination. She lightly chewed her lower lip and finally looked down at the table. “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to- to offend you or anything…”

Great. Now I felt guilty. “It’s uh- not that… Just…”

“Gosh, now you must really think I’m just some kinda college slut…”

“N-no, don’t um…” I heard the front door open and realized Melissa just got home.

“Who knows how you’re going to imagine me now!” she whispered. I couldn’t tell if she was distraught or insinuating. What did I want her to be?

She pushed herself out of the chair and brought her dishes to the sink as Melissa came in. “Hey guys!” my girlfriend greeted.


Once Melissa was back, I took the first opportunity to excuse myself from both girls. Well, mainly just Kaylee. I found myself growing, ahem, increasingly uncomfortable during our conversation. It was already seven shades of awkward to have my girlfriend’s little sister talking so frankly about sex. Then add on what, at least to my interpretation, was a lot of insinuation into the kind of “experience” she’s had… Not to mention that she is quite the little number… Well, I was mortified to find myself, despite my discomfort, sporting a mild erection.

I realized with some shame that as soon as I was alone in the bedroom, my mind still reeling and replaying some of that recent exchange of words, that my mild excitement had zero trouble growing into a full blown problem. Admonishing myself, I realized that at least my earlier anxiety helped to mask something of what I was really feeling. The problem being though, that I was really feeling something in the first place due to Kaylee.

I tried to squelch my guilt and just put the entire thing out of my mind. Readying myself with some haste, I escaped the apartment and told Melissa that I was heading into work for the afternoon, hopefully to clear up most of the loose ends so I could relax away the majority of the week. Kaylee was in the guestroom, presumably getting dressed for the day, and so I avoided having to say anything to her.

Regardless of my clean getaway, I found myself nearly obsessing over my breakfast that morning during my drive. I reran her comments in my head and tried to come up with witty comebacks instead of my pathetic stuttering. Then I recognized I was fretting over sounding stupid to some… teenager of all things. What did I care what she thought about me? It’s not like I need to impress her for any reason. Well, that’s what I tried to tell myself anyway. But the truth was, I felt like an idiot for coming off like an inexperienced doofus.

Maybe the worst part was that I knew that’s not who I was. Cockily I thought, ‘I could definitely show her a thing or two’. It wasn’t long after that when I had arrived at the parking lot at my office. I then realized I just daydreamed the entire commute away, imagining different ways I could fuck Kaylee and impress her. Shutting my eyes with a grimace, I took a deep breath. Get a hold of yourself! I forced myself to think about some of the more mundane things I was about to do at work in order to will my erection away.

I was doing okay for the next hour or so. My mind was mostly occupied by my work, and I only found my thoughts occasionally drifting to Kaylee. I wondered what she and Melissa were up to. I wondered what they were talking about. I wondered what Kaylee was wearing… Her tight, ripped jeans again? It was a nice day out, maybe she’d be wearing shorts… Maybe I’ll even see her in a swimsuit if she goes out to the pool…

I’d shake my head and try to refocus again. And again, I would eventually drift off to fantasizing about her body. God, her wet skin in that towel… If she was such a flirt, why didn’t she just fucking let it drop… I was doing one of the worst things possible. The more I pictured her body, the more I found myself loving it. I started falling into the trap of building up her looks in my mind. She’s like a younger, sexed-up version of Melissa…

This went on for the next few hours. Intermittently I would actually scold myself, or at least convince myself I was being crazy. After all, she was practically a kid! No, she’s in college. Well, she’s a teenager anyway! With a perfect, ripe body. She comes off pretty immature… Pretty fun too… She’s uh, my girlfriend’s little sister… That’s supposed to be bad… why am I so hard?

The whole building was almost completely empty; like I said, most folks were on vacation. I had been so lost in my thoughts that I actually jumped a little in my seat when someone stepped in my office, knocking on the door to get my attention. It was my manager.

“What’re you doing here?” he gruffed.

“Uh, just getting some backlog sorted out.”

“Hm. Don’t really need to do that.”

“Well, there’s not too much else to do so far…”

“Right. Why don’t you just head home for the day?”

“I could just finish this…”

“Mm. Okay. Do that, then go home. No point in spinning your wheels this week. Don’t need to come in this week, really.”

“I uh, don’t have vacation yet…”

“Huh, yeah well, think of it as a perk. Spillover from everyone else’s. Don’t let me catch you here tomorrow. I’ll call if I need you for anything.”

“Uh, okay.”

He left and I finished up my task, a little perplexed. I guess I was pleased that he said I didn’t need to come in. I was planning on it anyway… But I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it anymore. It dawned on me that Melissa was still going to be working most of the week, which I suppose I already knew… But, well, there was Kaylee. Was this going to be a problem?

No, it wouldn’t be. At worst, she was just a flirt. What the hell was I worried about? It’s not like I would actually make a move on her. Never mind the fact that two days ago, I wouldn’t have even registered the thought that, at some point, I’d even consider it… All I had to do was relax. So she’s cute, big deal. I was just a little shell-shocked from her outgoing behavior.

Well. Easier said than done. Seeing my boss did a nice job of extinguishing any arousal in me, but it wasn’t long after he left that the fire started burning again. I tried to picture my own girlfriend to push Kaylee out. It wasn’t much use. Of course I thought Melissa was beautiful. Duh. But it’s always hard to compare the familiar with the new and exciting. I imagined Melissa in Kaylee’s outfit; tight, ripped jeans and a tiny shirt. It was kind of hot, but it ultimately just didn’t fit. She’s just too mature for it. Not like her little sister. She’s young enough to make it work, old enough to make it too damn sexy.

I got home that evening; they weren’t back yet from their day out. I wandered around the apartment, feeling particularly restless, both anxious and nervous for them to return. Eventually they arrived and were kind enough to bring dinner with them. I went to work setting the table while Melissa went to the restroom to freshen up.

I tried not to pay too much attention to Kaylee… She was wearing a pair of capris and a tank-top. Yeah, she looked good… But not too good. I was both relieved and secretly a little disappointed that she didn’t wear something sexier. Standing around the kitchen and watching me, she started up a conversation.

“Soooo… How was work?”

“Oh, fine. Pretty slow week. Did you have fun with Melissa today?”

She absently twirled a strand of her hair. “Sure. We mostly just went out shopping, you know, girl stuff.”

“Oh yeah? Go to the mall or something?”

“Yeah, we were there for awhile. But you know how it is. Bunch’a high school girls dressed like sluts, competing for attention.”

I shook my head and let out a little laugh, bringing the food over to the table.

“I guess it’s not that much different than college,” she added on, “But in college, at least the girls put out.”

I briefly paused in my tracks, shocked at the comment. I felt a nervous flutter in my stomach, which promptly flew down to my cock and gave it a little life. Goddamnit. Before I could react, Melissa came back in.

“Food is ready!” I announced and quickly took a seat, desperate to hide any potential tent in my slacks.

The evening proceeded fairly calmly then. Kaylee’s comments were significantly less risqué, if not less sarcastic, while her sister was with her. This was a relief, although I could have sworn she was laughing at me with her eyes from time to time.

After dinner, the girls informed me we were going to have a ‘pajama party’ and watch a movie. They picked up some teen humor movie about hijinks in college. “So you can see what I have to put up with these days,” Kaylee smiled.

I wasn’t really in the mood, but I knew better than to go against two women when they had their heart set on something frivolous. Melissa and I changed into pajamas; they were nothing special. Just your typical plaid pants and a tee-shirt. We came back out and put in the movie. Melissa immediately stole one side of the couch. Then patting the middle cushion next to her, “You can sit next to me!”

I gave her a dry smile and sank in next to her. Honestly, it didn’t occur to me right then that I’d be sitting in the middle. Not until she came out. Kaylee’s pajamas consisted of a pair of extremely tiny, pink shorts and a little top that cut away at the stomach in the shape of a triangle. It would cover her skin or reveal it depending on the way she moved. She also went through the hassle of putting her hair up in a pair of pigtails.

My eyes popped when I first saw her, and I’m positive that she knew it. I dropped my stare away as quickly as my wits would allow and grabbed the remote for something else to concentrate on. Melissa made an innocuous comment about her sister’s ‘cute’ outfit. More like dead sexy.

Kaylee made a display of not knowing where to sit.

“Get on the couch! Don’t worry, he won’t bite,” Melissa teased.

Pulling her arms back for a little stretch before sitting down, her top was pulled back to reveal a tantalizing display of her toned, flat stomach. I couldn’t help myself and tried desperately to watch out of the corner of my eye, without my girlfriend noticing. Next thing, Kaylee casually flopped down into the last cushion next to me.

She pulled her knees up to her chest in this cute little position. In a way, it made her look younger. But the fact that her gorgeous, bare legs were drawn up, right next to me… My mouth went dry as I did my best not to drag my eyes along the length of her body. Those little shorts did nothing to cover up her thighs…

I brought one leg up and rested my foot on my other knee, then placed my hands in my lap. Looked natural… I panicked that one (or both) of them would see the start of an involuntary erection forming in my loose pants. My goal for the rest of the evening was to not tear my eyes away from the television, except to look at Melissa. Just pretend Kaylee isn’t even there.

We watched about a half hour of the movie before Melissa paused it. So far, it turned out to be your typical sexed-up teen flick: Lots of beautiful young people running around, getting into stupid problems while wearing next-to-nothing. Normally I could have appreciated the eye-candy without much fuss, but tonight I couldn’t help but associate everything I was seeing with Kaylee. It drove my anxiety through the roof. And my hormones.

“I just realized we’re missing an essential ingredient for this… popcorn!” Melissa Seplared as she got off the couch. “I’m going to microwave a bag up real fast.” She trotted out of the room and into the kitchen.

Kaylee shifted onto her knees and turned her body to face me. I hesitantly looked over to return her gaze. “So, how do you like it so far?” she asked innocuously.

“It’s all right, pretty funny,” I answered.

“Yeah… I was thinking about our conversation. You know, about college,” she purred quietly. Suddenly I felt her slide one of her hands onto my leg. My body twitched at the touch.

“And I was feeling kinda bad that… Well, you said you didn’t experience certain things…” Her hand pressed lightly into my thigh as she pushed it up the length of my leg. I was completely taken aback and barely had any time to react. I reactively scooted my body away from her a little bit, into the empty cushion beside me.

Without missing a beat, she just crawled along the couch, keeping up with me.

“Uh, K-Kaylee… I, um…”

Her fingers trailed up to the base of my cock. I realized with utter mortification that I was almost completely hard.

“I just thought it’d be nice to give you some of… you know… what you missed out on…” She pressed her fingers down into me, through my pajamas. It sent a jolt of pleasure into me and had the effect of pushing my erection up even higher. I swatted her hand away with clumsy fear.

“N-no! What the- what the hell are you thinking!?” I frantically whispered to her, wild-eyed. She bit her lower lip and gave me a shy, seductive smile as she reached her hand out again, this time brushing her fingers along the length of my hardness. She started to wrap her hand around it, causing me to gasp in both shock and desire.

I heard the microwave beep and turn off in the background. Oh god, what if Melissa sees this… I grabbed both her wrists and pushed her back rather forcefully. She let out a surprised ‘ooh!’ that sounded a little too pleased.

“J-just… quit it! Okay!?” I stuttered as I recoiled back from her. She gave me a pout.

“I was only trying to be nice…”

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I stared at her in astonishment, trying not to get even more turned on by blatantly checking out her hot body without my girlfriend in the room. I couldn’t find the mind to say anything else to her. Then I saw her pout turn up into a knowing grin. She brought her hand up to her mouth to stifle a giggle.

I realized she was looking at my still-hard cock, trying to break out of my pants.

“Butter in a bucket, coming right up!” Melissa called from the other room.

Oh shit! I anxiously leaped over and grabbed a blanket that was folded over on a chair, then sprang back onto the couch. I threw the blanket over my lap just in time for my girlfriend to return with a bowl of popcorn.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were cold,” she inquired, getting back on the couch.

“Uh, yeah, just thought it’d be comfortable if we shared a blanket,” I offered.

She smiled and pulled up a part of it over her legs. “Kaylee, you can take some too, you know!”

Her sister smiled too and tugged it over her bare legs. There wasn’t too much slack at this point, so she shyly slid her body closer to me in order to make it cover her appropriately. Oh great… I felt her leg cozy up against mine. She knew it, and rubbed it up and down my calf to show it off.

Melissa started the movie up again. My heart was racing the entire time; I could barely pay attention to what was going on. All I could think about was my hard-on that would not go away. And Kaylee. That sexy fucking look on her face as she tried to grab me. What the hell do I do? I can’t tell Melissa, can I?

Hot Story >>  Two couples watch each other

It wasn’t long before, to my dismay, Kaylee made another move. I felt her hand gently rest along my thigh. She left it there, but softly squeezed and massaged it to make sure I knew about it. I did my best to push her hand away from me without causing much stirring under the blanket. I was petrified of Melissa knowing what was going on. Even though it was Kaylee coming on to me… I knew I was fucked if Melissa saw the effect it had on my dick. There would be no innocence on my part either.

Maybe five minutes later, Kaylee’s hand slithered up my leg yet again. This time though, she didn’t stop until she was at the base of my erection. Like before, she gently pushed into me between my thigh and cock, making me squirm under the blanket. I bit my tongue and pushed her away again. Her eyes never left the television, but I could see the small outline of a smirk on her lips. I tried to give her an angry glare, but she ignored me.

“My, you’re fidgety!” Melissa remarked at me, a little annoyed.

“Uh, sorry… Just trying to get comfortable. My leg was uh, cramped.”

I ground my teeth a little bit. When the fuck does this movie end? It couldn’t be that much longer. What was worse is that it only got more blatantly sexual as the plot went on. One of the female leads, a hot little seductress, was trying to get with some other boy. She was wearing progressively less and less as the movie continued, as those things tend to go. It wasn’t helping the situation.

My hands rested on my lap over the blanket, trying to protect myself from Kaylee. It didn’t take much time for her to try and snake her way to my crotch again. First she ran her fingers under my left leg and tickled the backside of my knee. I wriggled again. Melissa shot me a stare. Just focus on the movie… Ignore her…

The starlet on the screen was just in her underwear. The boy was about to cave in. She took off her top. My cock was actually pulsing, it was so hard. Okay, maybe ignore the movie… My mouth went dry. Then, out of nowhere, and I honestly don’t know how she did it, but Kaylee’s hand slinked past me and found my hardness yet again.

I pursed my lips shut and tried to push her away, but it was no use. She was determined to stay, and the more I tried to move her, the more attention I brought to myself from Melissa. I panicked, not knowing what to do. For whatever reason, I Sepided if my girlfriend knew what was going on, I was a dead man. I can’t stop her without giving myself away…

Confused, resigned, and hopelessly turned on, I allowed myself to give in. Kaylee’s fingers expertly teased the base of my cock through my pajamas. Somehow she was gentle enough to never cause so much as a stir above the blanket. I swallowed hard and tried to ignore her. Yeah right.

After maybe a minute of that, her fingers walked up to the waist of my pants and started to tug at them a little. I closed my eyes and quietly took a long breath. She tickled my pelvic bone and slipped underneath my boxers. I grimaced as her soft hand darted down along the entire length of my member. I had to bite the back of my tongue not to make any noise or twist in my seat.

She held me between her thumb and other fingers, slowly squeezing and pulling me in just the right ways. I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt despite the fact that she was barely moving her hand. This can’t be happening. The movie was reaching the climactic scene where the title characters would finally consummate sex. It was only a movie, but it bordered on a soft-core porn at this point. I noticed Melissa was pretty engrossed in what was going on.

Shit, I would be too if I wasn’t being masturbated by her little sister… As this went on, I at first assumed she was going to tease me for the length of the movie, and then once it was over, I would somehow take the blanket and make my escape, hiding my hardness along the way. It didn’t dawn on me that Kaylee might actually make me come. And it didn’t take long for me to realize that there was no way I could hold out until the film was over. Whether it was actually her skill or if it was just the charged situation and my unrelenting horniness of the day, this girl was fucking amazing.

After playing with me for a few more minutes, teasing the head, and forcing me to tense all my leg muscles not to react to her manipulations, she went to focusing solely on the base. She firmly tugged and jerked me there, and it didn’t take long to figure out that this was gonna be it. She was unrelenting; the more she did it, the more I felt an orgasm building up behind my cock. Jesus, how is she so good at this… I tried to hold it back, but it was pointless.

The urge kept rising and rising. I kept biting the back of my tongue. My breathing was shallow, my cheeks flushed. This was bar none the most twisted moment of my life. As I sensed myself approaching the point of no return, I ashamedly felt my hips faintly thrust to Kaylee’s rhythm. I glanced over at Melissa; her eyes were still glued on the screen. Look forward. Don’t look at her.

I couldn’t help it. I cautiously turned my gaze over to Kaylee. I noticed her chest was slightly heaving from excitement. Her lips were parted open as she breathed. She noticed me and slyly turned her face to look into mine. Her eyes bored into me with a look of sultry confidence. I swallowed hard, trying not to tremble from the building crescendo between my legs. Her face broke into a toying smile and she pursed her lips and blew me a silent ‘shhh…’

I looked at her pleadingly. Who knows whether I was begging her to stop or to finish me off… Suddenly my jaw fell open and I felt my climax swirling up. Kaylee didn’t let up, and the first spray of cum shot out of me and into my boxers. I clamped my mouth shut and did my best to stifle a groan. She kept tugging at the base of my cock, squeezing me as it pulsed with each new spurt into my clothes.

Shutting my eyes in ecstasy and embarrassment, I felt myself soak my underwear, cum trickling down my thigh. When it was all over, Kaylee invisibly removed her hand from my lap and left me alone. I sat there in between both girls, completely humiliated. I just let my girlfriend’s little sister jack me off… right fucking next to her. And I’ll be damned if it wasn’t one of the best orgasms I’ve had.
After the movie was over, Melissa was the first to get up off the couch. My heart had been racing a mile a minute, praying that she didn’t know what had happened… and that she wouldn’t find out. I made damn sure my hands stayed in my lap, forcing the blanket on me so she wouldn’t noticed my, um, guilt. She took the empty popcorn dish into the kitchen, and no sooner was she out of sight that I leapt off the couch and shot into our bedroom.

I grabbed a clean pair of boxers and a pair of shorts, and changed as fast I could. I stuffed my still-damp clothes in the hamper (underneath everything else), and took a deep breath. Not wanting to hide and seem suspicious, I went back out and tried to act casual. Melissa saw me and asked why I changed.

“I dunno, I guess after being under the blanket all that time, I felt too warm.”

“Hmm, you’re a finicky one tonight! First too cold, now too hot,” she commented.

“Yeah, I’m uh- hard to please,” I tried to joke.

“No kidding!” Kaylee teased.

I glanced over at her and she gave me a momentary smirk, replaced by one of unaware innocence. She was standing up from the couch now, and reached one arm over her shoulder to scratch her back. It pulled the fabric of her top in a way that revealed half of her abdomen; exposing her skin along one side of her stomach. I reveled in the sight, admiring the smooth contour of a young body that still had an enticing curve indenting before her hip.

She quit her stretch and casually fixed the material to cover herself back up. My face flushed completely red as I looked back up at her face and saw her conscious stare; her mouth cocked to one side, lips slightly curled to say, ‘Like what you saw?’

Thankfully Melissa had her back to us, looking in a cabinet, and hadn’t noticed the exchange. Not having the emotional wherewithal to deal with the situation any longer, I found some excuse to go to bed. “Maybe I should hit the sack early. Make sure I’m not coming down with anything.”

It worked well enough, and I eluded any additional “confrontation” for the night. Part of me was wracked with guilt as I laid there in bed. I couldn’t believe I allowed it all to happen. I tried to keep convincing myself I was the victim; that I was somehow protecting Melissa from knowing the truth about her sister… But inside I knew that was bullshit. When my girlfriend finally came to bed, I had to make the effort to roll away from her, just to make sure she wouldn’t accidentally run along my newest Kaylee-inspired hard-on. God, I already want more…

The next morning, not needing to go into work, I intentionally slept in as late as I could. Not because I was so tired, but because I was too uneasy to venture out of the safety of my bedroom. Melissa had already gone to work, and I had no idea what Kaylee was up to. I knew I had to confront her and somehow mitigate the events of last night, but I wasn’t so sure about my resolve.

Maybe if I could stop thinking about her for ten seconds… I don’t know. I think the worst part of it was the more I replayed Kaylee’s handjob, the more ‘wrong’ I realized it was. And that was turning me on even more. In the shower, I reluctantly broke down and allowed myself to masturbate to her hot little body. The naughtier my imagination became, the closer I brought myself to orgasm. Words flashed in my head: young, little sister, slut, teenager, college, cheat…

I finally came to that last word. I was horrified that it seemed to turn me on the most. I hadn’t really cheated, had I? As my body relaxed and I regained some composure, I tried to steel myself against a wave of guilt. That was it. Whatever happened was not going to happen again; I wasn’t willing to go down that path any further. Whether it was out of some sense of honor, or out of the fear of the depravities that I would sink to, I didn’t think about it.

After getting myself ready for the day, I finally left the room and went to the kitchen. My sense of empowerment and determination was shaken the moment I saw her. Kaylee was standing away from me, looking out a window with a cereal bowl in one hand. She was only wearing a tiny pair of panties and a thin white tee-shirt. My heartbeat sped up when I looked at that perfect ass, barely hidden but perfectly outlined in her underwear. I was immediately reminded of her shorts the previous night as I trailed my eyes down the back of her naked thighs…

“Well good morning, sleepyhead! And here I thought I was supposed to be the lazy one!” she spun around and smiled at me teasingly. The fabric of her shirt was almost see-through. Oh, wow… It actually was where it clung mercilessly tight around her breasts. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I could see the full shape of her perky tits; her nipples visibly pressing against the fabric.

“Uh- morning,” I flatly replied, tearing my eyes away from her body. Don’t give her the satisfaction of showing off her body…

“Feeling better?”

I grabbed a bowl out of a drawer, trying to run my normal routine. “Huh?” I replied thoughtlessly.

“Well, you went to bed early, remember?” she said knowingly.

“Oh, yeah- uh, think I just needed some rest,” I croaked. Where the fuck is the cereal? I pawed through the cupboard, agitated.

I heard Kaylee shake a box and turned to see she had moved right up next to me. She had put her own dishes down and held the cereal in one hand, waving it back and forth a little bit. I tightened my lips and moved to take it, but she deftly ignored my action and started pouring it into my bowl for me.

Without looking at me, she nearly purred, “Rest, huh? I thought you seemed a little, umm, on edge during the movie… Like the last thing you needed was sleep!”

My blood started to boil (and not just from anger). Don’t play this game with her! “Uh, look Kaylee… That was- that was a mistake…”

She stopped pouring the cereal and looked at me inquisitively. “Watching the movie…?”

Bitch! “No, not- Come on, don’t play stupid with me!”

Her jaw dropped open and she glared at me incredulously. Then she lowered her eyes and slowly closed her lips. Thoughtfully, she pouted, “I am only nineteen…”

I shut my eyes and took a slow breath. Ignore her; don’t let her get to you… “Look,” I did my best to sound stern, opening my eyes again, “What happened last night, uh… It- nothing like that is going- um, going to happen again.”

“Hmm… Why not?” She casually rested one of her hands on my hip.

My body jumped at the sudden touch and I reeled at her change in demeanor.

“W-what do you me-… Because I don’t want it to!” I stuttered, taking a step back and pushing her hand away.

“Ummm…” she rolled her eyes sarcastically, “I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have, uh, worked unless you wanted it…”

My mouth mechanically opened and closed. I fumed, not being able to think of a quick reply. I just bored my eyes into hers. At least I’m not checking out her body… Her tight shirt around her chest… Showing off for me…

She softened into a sly smile, “I think you might just want it again…”

*Don’t* get hard. “F-for fuck’s sake! I’m dating your sister!”

“Oh! Is that what this is about?” she almost giggled. “You don’t think I’d, like, tell her, do you?”

“What!?” I croaked. She has a point… “I don’t- You need to just drop it!”

“Um, I don’t think you mean that,” she smirked at my crotch.

Oh god… “L-look… If you’re gonna stay here for uh- a week… Then you need to- to just knock it off…”

She nonchalantly brought the cereal bowl over to the table, swaying her hips a little bit with each light step she took. “Uh oh! I’m not upsetting the man of the house, am I?”

“God! Just cut it out!” I nearly growled.

“Ooh… I’m sorry, sir,” she changed her voice to sound like a young girl. “Wanna be my daddy and… spank me?”

Standing over one of the chairs by the table, she put her palms on the wood and bent over, pushing her ass out to me.

Holy… “You’ve got to… be uh, kidding me…” I muttered in both irritation and surprise.

She brought a hand off the table and ran it down her side, until it rested on her butt. Her palm rubbed around in little circles, drawing all my attention to it. “No… If you’re so mad then why don’t you do something about it…?”

I stood there for a few moments, completely incredulous. Part of me was furious, but I was dimly aware that the rest of me was hopelessly turned on. Maybe I *should* just swat her… I reached a hand around and rubbed the back of my neck; I realized my palm was slightly sweaty.

“C’mon,” she interrupted me, giving herself a light pat on the ass, “I know you’re thinkin’ about it…” She leaned over the table further, making her look even more tempting.

I’ll tell you, part of me was screaming to just give it to this little tease. But I was damned if I wasn’t giving it my all to resist her… whatever the fuck she was doing. The problem was that she just looked so hot!

“You uh… Got a-another thing comin’ if, uh… You think this is gonna, um- work,” I tried to sound as condescending as I could. I walked out of the kitchen and tried to blow her off.

“Aww…” she called after me, “What about your breakfast?”

“Not hungry,” I retorted, not looking behind me. I grabbed my shoes by the front door and shoved them on.

“You’re gonna just take off?” She came out of the kitchen, and had her arms folder across her stomach, accentuating the swell of her visible tits through the shirt.


“But I’ll be all by myself!” she warned.

“Try to, uh, stay out of trouble,” I rolled my eyes.

“That’s no fun,” she tried, smiling at me. I don’t want fun. Just leave, man!

“You’ll cope,” I offered as I swung the door open. She tried to call something else out to me, but I let the door slam shut behind me. I wasted no time getting to my car and pulling out of the apartment complex.


I tried to keep myself busy most of the day. I went and had breakfast at a coffeehouse. There was a group of teenagers there, presumably on vacation like everyone else. I looked at the girls and reflexively compared them all to Kaylee. None of them held a candle to her raw sex appeal. I wonder if any of them let boys spank them…

Great. I needed to stop that, or else be prepared to sport a perpetual hard-on for the rest of the day. I barely got it down on the drive away from home, and now there I was thinking about her again. I picked up a newspaper and read the business section; that was harmless and boring. Thoughts of Kaylee were mostly pushed out of my head.

Eventually I left and Sepided to catch a movie. Anything is better than going home. I really had no idea what to do. Was she going to try and hit on me every moment we were alone? Was she really hitting on me anyway? Maybe it was all just a twisted game… If I actually gave in, would she just laugh in my face? Would she tell her sister? The only reason you care is because you’re thinking about doing it…

I was distracted throughout the whole movie. I specifically chose a mindless action film so I could lose myself in explosions and violence, but it didn’t pan out. My mind raced the whole time, trying to think it through. Okay, if anything, it’s just a crush. She’s something new, and she showed you some attention… You’re just blowing it all out of proportion. Yeah, that was all.

I found various things to busy myself with for the rest of the afternoon. But let’s be honest. All I was really doing was changing the scenery around me as I fantasized about Kaylee’s body. Her smooth legs, her flat tummy, her tight ass, her firm breasts… You get the idea. I replayed all the things she said. It wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t say such fucked up things to me… I mean, come on! Talking like such a slut? Asking to be spanked? It was all so naughty. And on top of it all: being Melissa’s little sister… Fuck, I can’t stop thinking about it!

Eventually I ran out of things to do and started on my way back home. It was late in the afternoon and I knew Melissa would be back fairly soon anyway. Knowing that made me feel better; I wouldn’t be alone with Kaylee for too long. I was determined to minimize any opportunity she had to tempt me… or toy with me… or whatever it is she did. It was only gonna be a week. Not even a full week. Surely it couldn’t be that difficult to hold out. She’ll probably get bored anyway. If she even really cared. Did I want her to…?

When I got back, the first thing I noticed was the absence of my girlfriend’s car. Damn. I went up the steps and let myself in with considerable anticipation. I wasn’t even sure if Kaylee was going to be around. I tried not to admit that part of me wanted her to be waiting there for me…

Once in, I noticed her right away. She was balled up on the couch with some paperback book raised up to her face. Because the back of the couch faced the entryway, I couldn’t see what she was wearing. Huh, she’s just reading… Almost seems disappointing… She popped her head around and looked at me. With a clearly forced smile, she said a quiet, “Hey.”

“Hey,” I replied civilly.

“Have a good day?” she offered.

“Uh, sure I guess. You?”

“I dunno. Just been, like, sitting around.”

“Doesn’t sound so bad,” I returned noncommittally. I kicked off my shoes and walked into the kitchen to grab a drink. Digging through the fridge, I heard her get up and pad into the room. With a coke in hand, I swung the door closed and turned to her. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she wore a reasonably modest top. However she was wearing a short, loose, white skirt that didn’t even go halfway to her knees.

The contrast of it against her skin just made her legs look even better than before. I surreptitiously glanced down and saw she was barefoot. The effect made her look both young and innocent as well as knowingly slutty. Not even five minutes here and you’re already drooling.

“Mind if I get something?” she asked shyly.

I took a step back and offered the fridge to her. “Go ahead.”

She politely stepped around me and opened the fridge. I’ll admit it; I was surprised she didn’t rub her body against mine to try and get a rouse out of me. As she grabbed a drink, she sighed, “Look, about earlier…”

Oh boy, here she goes!

“I just um… I guess I wanted to say, I’m sorry.” She turned around and leaned resignedly against the refrigerator, facing me.

Huh!? I think my face was an open book to my thoughts.

“Honestly,” she continued, “I… I don’t know; I got carried away. You know? At first I thought it was just harmless flirting… but, oh, it doesn’t matter. I know I went too far…”

I was completely stunned. She actually seemed remorseful. “Well, yeah. I guess we both did,” I tried to be conciliatory.

“No no,” she dropped her eyes down, “I shouldn’t have made you…” she trailed off. My mouth went dry at the memory of her handjob. “Uh- well… I’m just, I’m sorry.”

“Um… Well, me too. Okay? Let’s just put it behind us and, uh- be bygones.” Maybe this wouldn’t be such a disaster after all…

“So then, you’ll… forgive me?” She brought her eyes back up to mine and looked at me cutely. She was delicately biting the corner of her lip. She seemed sorry, but part of me thought it was too good to be true. She almost seems *too* sorry…

“Uh- don’t worry about it. Let’s just forget it, okay?” I wanted to drop it.

“N-no… I want you to- to know that I am sorry…”

“Yeah, it’s- it’s fine. Really.”

She broke into a bashful smile and took a tentative step forward. I realized I was backed against a counter and suddenly felt very nervous again. She reached out her hand and held it in front of me.

“Shake on it?” she asked.

I let out a small laugh. “Okay, sure.” I reached out and took her hand. She gave it one hard shake, but didn’t let go right away.

“I’m glad we could, like, work this out…” She took another step closer to me. My heartbeat started to speed up.

Without letting go of me, she gently guided my hand down to her leg. She pressed it against her skin and forced my palm to rest on her thigh. I should have just snapped my hand away… But I didn’t. Maybe it was because I was stunned; lulled into lowering my guard. Maybe it was because you’ve been wanting to touch that smooth skin ever since you saw it.

“You know… This morning I- I wasn’t joking…”

Oh shit.

“If you want to- um- spank me…? Just to make sure we’re- we’re even?” She gingerly guided my hand up her leg. I passively just let her do it. Somehow my mind was racing and blank at the same time.

“Uh… K-Kaylee…”

“I mean… If you think you might need- need to… punish me… I, um…understand…” she persisted in an apologetic voice. My hand was pushed up even further, under her skirt now. Oh god… is she even wearing…?

My breath got shallow. I don’t know what came over me; it was like I was hypnotized. Next thing I knew, my hand was cupping her bare ass. I was tenderly grabbing her, squeezing even. Then I realized her hand wasn’t even on mine anymore. She nervously fingered the hem of her skirt as I groped her. With a furtive smile, she slowly turned her body to the side, taking a small step back away from me.

My fingers traced along her skin and back around to her thigh as she moved. She continued until she was completely turned away from me. With one hand, she stretched out and leaned it against the refrigerator door. She bent over as she did it. With her other hand, she pulled the back of her skirt up her body, and held it there.

I gasped as I stared at her naked ass. She pushed it out to me, offering it to me. I blinked my eyes hard, taking in the fact that she really wasn’t wearing anything. It looked so perfect, so tempting. I dimly realized, if her she wasn’t pressing her legs together, I could even see her…

“Please…” she cut my thoughts off with a desperate whimper, “I know I- that I deserve it…”

Realizing my mouth was hanging open, I snapped it shut and recoiled my hand off of her body. “W-what the fuh…”

She made a pouting noise and looked back at me. “Come on… Show me what- what a bad…” she gave her ass a loud spank and cried a little moan, “…bad girl I’ve been…”

Oh please let me…! “N-no! Get a- get a hold of yourself!” I cried, anxious and desperate.

“Mm… Please don’t… don’t make me beg!” she purred. “I feel like, like such a slut when I- when I beg…”

Every time she opened her mouth, I swear my cock screamed a little harder to be let out. There were only two thoughts going through my head at that moment. First: to escape the kitchen and get the holy hell away from Kaylee. Two: … Drop my pants, grab her hips, and fuck her until I can’t hold it anymore. Put them together, and you get one petrified guy who can’t move either way.

“Kay… Uh- Kaylee… I’m not- I… I won’t do, uh- this with you…”

“Do what with me…?” she prodded, still pushing her ass out at me.

“We aren’t- I… I won’t fuck you!” I blurted.

She gasped suddenly and let her skirt drop back down. Her body slid back up so she was standing straight again. Turning around, she gave me an indignant look, one that tried to hide a cocky smile. “Excuse me? Fuck?” she punctuated the last word as if she was shocked.

The abrupt change in behavior caught me off guard. What the- *now* what!?

She took a step closer to me, a big step. I tried to turn my body, mostly to hide my obvious erection, but she held me in place with her stare. “I never said anything about fucking. What’s been on your mind?” she mocked.

My face boiled red. “Oh come on!” I tried.

“You naughty boy… I was trying- trying to be nice! And all you can think about is fucking your girlfriend’s little sister!?”

I scoffed, “Don’t… Don’t give me that bullshit! You! You’ve been…” I trailed off, groping for words.

She took one last step and leaned right into me, her body pressing into mine. She brought her face up and said in a low voice, “Maybe you’re the one who needs to be spanked…”

As she said it, she snaked her hand down to my crotch and gave my cock a deliberate squeeze. I exhaled a pleasured sigh against my will.

“Better get rid of that before sis’ gets home,” she warned mischievously.

Honestly. What the hell was I supposed to do? I was so embarrassed that she knew how turned on I was. Even worse… More than anything I wanted her to fondle me harder. She took her hand away and I instinctively pushed my hips out just a little bit… just desperate for her to keep touching it. No sooner than I made that movement did her mouth drop open in scandalized delight.

“What’s this? Now you want me to help you with your… problem? Isn’t that like, how this all got started?”

I ground my teeth. “No.” Wow, great comeback.

“Hmm… Why do I have the feeling…” she mused, putting her hand on my leg and tracing her fingers up, “that you wouldn’t, um… stop me?”

I managed to grab her wrist just as she reached my cock. I held her in place… She twisted her fingers around the tent in my pants and gently rubbed. My muscles tensed as she manipulated pleasure to radiate through my body.

My blood was fuming. I hated this little tease for being so goddamn cocky and condescending to me… For making me so confused. For making me want to fucking ravage her. Her piercing eyes pierced into me, looking like she knew she had me. I think she did…

But then we heard footsteps. Then shuffling outside the door… And then it opened. I reflexively threw her wrist away from me and spun around, pressing my waist into the counter. Kaylee stepped away from me and quickly opened the fridge, pretending to look for something.

“Anybody home?” my girlfriend called out happily.

That evening was painful. Despite the fact that Kaylee played it cool and didn’t let on what happened, I was constantly anxious that she was going to say something. I fretfully hung onto every word she said, making sure she didn’t incriminate me… And always listening for a double entendre. Not that I *wanted* to hear one… Sort of…

Maybe the worst part was Melissa got irritated at me for going out by myself for the day. Why didn’t I stay and keep her sister company? Why couldn’t I have taken her with me? She’s only here for a few days, blah blah blah. I tried my best to make an excuse, but she wouldn’t bite. What could I do? I wasn’t about to tell my girlfriend that her sister was trying to seduce me. And succeeding.

By the time we went to bed, Melissa was still annoyed with me. “You better not ditch her tomorrow,” she warned. I faintly thought to myself, ‘How am I going to get through the day?’ I was still horny from earlier. It was all I could do not to constantly imagine Kaylee bent over in that slutty skirt, begging to be punished.

Whether she was being a tease or not, I wanted to fuck her so bad. In my daydreaming, I descended into darker fantasies. At first I wanted her to want me to fuck her. By the time I was lying in bed, I practically wanted to rape her. To force her to like it. God, to make that little body quake and come, to moan and scream against her will…

I felt I had to hide my arousal from Melissa. She was already irritated at me. I didn’t want her wondering why, despite her cold attitude, I was practically in heat. But there was no way in hell I was going to be able to fall asleep until I got some relief. Once she finally dozed off, I crept into the bathroom and, as quietly as I could, frenziedly jerked off to her teenage sister. The guilt I felt was completely washed out by the sheer forbidden lust.

That is, until I finished coming and realized what I had done. Finally, for the first time that night, I had a fighting chance at thinking clearly. With my hormones in check, I looked back and scolded myself for being played so badly by Kaylee. That little bitch thinks she can get away with anything… I resolved that not only would I not give into her for the simple reason of ‘not cheating’, but also just to show her that she couldn’t break me. Again.

Once I was back in bed, I tried my best to nurse my anger and disdain for the entire situation. Whether I realized it or not at the time, it was my only hope at drowning out my undeniably inSepent desires.

The next morning, I again dragged my feet when getting out of bed. Melissa warned me to be a more gracious host before she left for work. Grumbling a half-assed agreement, I fell back asleep. Each time I woke back up, I cringed at the thought of facing Kaylee. I wasn’t positive that she’d really do anything… But I feared (hoped…) the worst.

As I did the night before, I tried to steel myself with anger. If I’m pissed off at her, I reasoned, she wouldn’t seem nearly so attractive. I guess I continued to think this as I rolled in the sheets, hard and horny, masturbating myself under the covers to the little slut’s wiles. Well, at least I can take the edge off…

Eventually I found my way out to the kitchen. Kaylee was nowhere to be seen. So, determined to not let her influence my every action, I Sepided to have a normal breakfast. I was eating some cheap waffles and looking at the paper when she finally came in. And let me tell you, she wasn’t wasting any time today.

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As far as I could tell, she was only wearing two things. A tiny pair of shorts… hell, they looked more like briefs, which clung to her skin and barely hid any of it… Anyway, the other thing she was wearing? A hair band that helped keep her hair standing in a cute ponytail. Otherwise she was completely in the buff. She sauntered in the room completely casual, as if she didn’t care if I stared at her smooth stomach that rose up to her perfect, firm tits.

As soon as I saw her, I just stared in blank disbelief. What a little bitch… I was determined to play it cool and not let her affect me. Well, at least not show that she affected me. In a way, her blasé nature thankfully diffused the situation a little. “Morning,” I greeted flatly and disinterestedly went back to the newspaper.

“Hi!” she chirped.

I knew out of the corner of my eye that she was trying to make a show of her body as she made her breakfast. She wiggled her ass wherever she walked. She stretched her body up whenever she reached for something. I impassively turned the page of my paper, doing my best to tune her out. Part of me was desperate to gawk at her every move… Don’t give in…

She probably knew what I was trying to do. It didn’t seem to faze her much. She pulled up a chair to the side of the table and indifferently sat down. She wasn’t even one bite into her cereal when she piped up, “So what’cha reading?”

I ruffled the pages sarcastically, “The paper.”

“Ooh, so sassy,” she replied playfully.

I gave her a dry smile and went back to reading. My eyes dragged across her naked breasts for just a moment, and I inwardly cursed myself because I knew that she would notice.

And she did.

“I hope you don’t care that, um, I’m a little underdressed this morning.”

Without looking up, “Why would I care?”

“Well I- I just wouldn’t want to offend you…”

“Nope. We’re all family here.”

Ha! That caught her off guard. No immediate comeback this time. She went back to eating her cereal.

After a couple minutes she started up again, “So any big plans for today?”

“Uh, nope. You?”

“Well I’m not really sure what to do around here.”

“Yeah, I guess there isn’t a whole lot. It isn’t a party town or anything.”

“I know!” she blurted. “I mean, all my friends are out at Cancun or something!”

I glanced at her again and shrugged.

“Oh well,” she added, “They’re probably, like, all hung over right now anyway.”


She stifled a little giggle, “I bet Holly is gonna have some interesting stories…”

I lowered the paper, “Huh?” Damn it, why did I bite…?

“Oh, she’s a friend from school. She’s the wild one between us!”

There’s one out there worse than *you*? “Ah, I see.” I tried to go back to the paper; this conversation was a trap.

“She’s like, a total exhibitionist. Once, she wanted to make this boy jealous so she, um…” she trailed off shyly.

I could have tried to let the conversation die right there. I knew she was trying to bate me. I’m not an idiot… Well, actually I guess I am, ’cause I fell for it. “Yeah?” I asked offhandedly.

“Oh, well… There was this guy, Will. He was trying to like, get with Holly, right? And he’s totally cute, so she was interested. Anyway, one night at a party, when Holly wasn’t there, he totally hit on me! And I was like, what the hell, you know? So I played him on for the night…”

“How surprising,” I said deprecatingly. I had given up on the paper by this point and watched her expectantly. My best efforts went into looking her in the eye and not giving her the satisfaction of ogling her chest.

“Anyway,” she ignored me, “I told her about it and she got this, like, scheme right away. She went on another date with him and brought him back to her dorm, right? She was totally stringing him on. Then I came over. You know, ’cause it was her plan. He got this freaked look on his face, like, oh shit, you know?” she was grinning as she piped the story away at a mile a minute.

I tried to stay irritated at her, but I had to admit I was intrigued. Not least of all because an almost completely naked, hot tease was sitting in front of me telling the story…

“Anyway, neither of us let on that he was in trouble. I was all smiling and flirty. So was Holly. After a little while he, like, relaxed. Probably thought he was the luckiest guy in the world, right?” She paused and looked coyly at me for an answer.

I shrugged, “Maybe.”

She let out a little scoff. “Yeah right! Like you wouldn’t be excited in that situation?”

“I, uh- couldn’t imagine.”

“Hmm. Just imagine me and, I don’t know, some other hot girl you had a crush on in college. Does that, um, sound good?” She said it so matter-of-factly that I almost agreed with her. Sneaky bitch.

“Uh huh, so anyway? Does this story go somewhere?” I rolled my eyes and acted unconcerned. By this point my cock was stirring pretty badly in my jeans, but at least I was pushed in under the table so she couldn’t know it. As if she didn’t know anyway…

She gave me an unconvinced smirk. “Anyway, we got out some drinks and started having them. We didn’t have too much but, like, acted really tipsy. So he got more forward… Umm, so eventually Holly and I got really flirty with each other. And she asks him, ‘Have you ever had a threesome?’ Well, he got this huuuuge smile! We could totally tell he was… Um…” she blushed a little smile. Yeah right, she’s not embarrassed… I don’t need a great imagination to know how hard he was…

She tried to peek around the table to look at my waist, but she couldn’t see. She played it off by continuing on with her story. “So um, we knew it was time to really get him. Holly started touching me, I mean, my arms and stuff. Then we, uh, started to kiss a little, like, in front of him…”

I swallowed hard. Why did I let her tell this story…?

“All guys are into that, right? It’s like, a fantasy,” she half-asked, half-informed.

I tapped a finger on the table casually, hoping not to answer. But she persisted, “Right?”

“Um, I guess it’s pretty popular,” I offered.

“Well, do you like it?”

“Does it matter?” I tried to shift the subject.

“Well, this story might be, hmm, boring if you’re not into it…”

Be strong… I shrugged my shoulders.

Her eyes briefly flashed irritation and she leaned back in her chair. She brought her arms up and stretched her hands behind her neck. Her tits pushed out with her, begging to be looked at. “Well, if you don’t care, then never mind I guess…”

Shit, *please* don’t stop… I couldn’t find any words to say one way or the other. I sat there clumsily and blushed like mad. Awkwardly I dropped my eyes down to the paper on the table, and I couldn’t help briefly pausing to soak in her naked chest and stomach. Damn it.

She giggled a little. “I think you might be interested…”

I felt so inept. I swear I would have just gotten up and left the room, but I felt trapped; I didn’t want her to be able to see my throbbing hard-on. I wanted to hear what happened too… I sheepishly stared at the paper, wordless.

“Okay, well, I’ll try to get to the point. So you don’t get bored with me,” she almost laughed. “Anyway, she kept kissing me, really softly at first, right? I didn’t want to tell her, but I was kind of nervous! Well, I mean, the next thing she did was to, um… take off my shirt. I looked at Will and smiled at him; he was like, in heaven. You could totally tell he was just trying to figure out how to join in!”

Despite myself, I flushed into a stupid smirk. I could easily imagine the excitement of the poor boy. God, I could barely contain myself just hearing Kaylee talk about it. At that moment, I was wishing to all hell that I could see her with some other young slut, making out in front of me… I realized she paused in her story. Reflexively my head swung up to see why she stopped. She had this curious look on her face that broke into a wolfish smile.

“So you are interested!” she sang.

Yeah, interested in grabbing your perfect little body and fucking you over the table… I cleared my throat and looked back into her eyes, realizing I was blatantly checking her out again.

“Mmm… Well anyway, I was there on her bed with my shirt off. Holly smiles to Will and asks, ‘Do you want to see them?’ Of course he said yes, but I was still surprised! I couldn’t believe we were going to go through with this! So she…” Kaylee bit her lower lip for a moment before she continued, dragging out my anticipation, “…she reached around and undid my bra, so then I was like, completely topless…”

I swallowed hard and shifted in my seat, my erection actually hurting at this point.

“He was totally staring at my, um… chest… It was so weird! Then Holly leaned in and kissed, um, this one…” She reached up and cupped her right breast. I helplessly watched her and for the first time stared at her nude form without trying to hide it.

“Then she kept giving me these slow kisses, to uh, really turn Will on, you know? I knew she was going to do that, I mean, it was our plan… But I didn’t know she was going to like, drag it out so long! Then she started to suck my…” She paused again and looked down at her chest. Her fingers trailed up her breast and rolled around her nipple, squeezing it a little.

She closed her eyes and continued that for a moment. Her lips parted open and I noticed she was breathing slightly heavier. “Ohh… Umm- Will was looking about ready to explode… Then Holly… she uh… She stopped and looked at him… And she said, ‘Do you want to join me?’…”

Holy shit…! My heart was pounding; I hung on every word.

Kaylee’s eyes suddenly fluttered open. “So, he leaned forward, nodding his head ‘yes’… And then Holly, she smiled at him and said, ‘Well, too fucking bad, because any guy I fuck can only want me!’…”

I think my mouth dropped open. Kaylee had this devilish look on her face. “I know! He was totally confused! He didn’t know if she was, like, joking or serious! But then Holly basically told him to get the hell out, and he ended up leaving, totally heartbroken!” she almost laughed as she said it.

You bitch! I felt disappointed just hearing about it. “That’s, uh- that was it?” I managed to croak.

“Umm, yeah. You weren’t… hoping for more, were you?” she teased.

It occurred to me I was actually leaning forward on the table. I sat back and pretended nonchalance, “Um- no. It just uh, was an odd story.”

“Hmm… Well, that’s how we got him back anyway. It was totally weird, but I was like, completely turned on afterwards!”

“Huh!?” I nearly coughed.

“Well, he was pretty hot… And the whole thing was, I dunno… so steamy! I mean, once she started to, uh… suck on me there? God!” She actually flushed a little bit. “I was actually hoping we would, like, let him… You know? I mean, I know it was supposed to be revenge but, I totally wanted to! I never told Holly that though…”

“I uh… see…” You fucking nymph…!

“Umm, I guess maybe it’s because my, uh, nipples get really sensitive…” she reached up and grabbed both her breasts, shivering a little bit. “Gosh, I feel so… mmm… Even talking about it makes me kinda… tingly…”

I shut my mouth and swallowed. Fuck, I’m practically drooling! Her eyes lit up and she looked surreptitiously around the room. “Do you, um, I mean… would you like to… to suck them? Like she did?”

Good god yes. “Uhm- N-no…”

She pushed her chair back and slowly stood up, running one hand down her stomach and fondling her left breast with the other hand. “Are you… sure?” She took a step closer to me. “Not even a lick?”

I almost trembled in my seat as she came nearer. My eyes jumped up and down her body, gawking at every perfect curve. I could fuck her right now… I need to do something…

“K-Kaylee, you know I- I won’t…”

She took another step closer to me; my face was level with her abdomen. Her lower hand trailed down to her tiny panties, her fingers tickling back up her inner thigh. “You wanna lick something… else?”

I could practically feel the heat coming off her. “I… N-no!” I can’t do this, I can’t do this…

She was right next to me now. She leaned over in front of me, her tits pushing out in front of my face. My whole body twitched back, completely afraid of what I wanted to do to this girl. She rested one hand on my shoulder. “Oh wait, I forgot… We’re all family here…” she mocked sarcastically.

I breathed hard, resisting the urge to lean forward and suck on those perfect, firm…

“But just remember…” she persisted, “…Tonight? When you’re fucking Melissa? Because I know how bad you want it right now…” She ran her other hand down along my shirt, running past my chest and stomach and shooting straight to my lap. Startled, I shoved the chair back and forced myself up. Without missing a beat, she pushed her body into mine, wrapping her arm around me and keeping her other hand on my crotch.

With a forceful squeeze, she grabbed my cock through my pants, and said, “We both know which sister you’ll be thinking about…”

I grunted involuntarily and felt my hips push into her, drawn to her touch. I need more… I put one hand on her stomach and pushed her away. “S-s-stop it…”

She took a step back and stood in front of me, her hands rested on her hips and slid back to her ass. She glared at me as she posed, showing off. I’ve never wanted to fuck someone so bad… With a sour smile, she said, “I mean, if you can manage to wait and fuck her instead of me today…”

I ground my teeth and clenched my fingers. I don’t care*how* pissed Melissa gets, I can’t stay here with Kaylee. I *will* fuck her. Wordlessly, I passed her and walked out of the kitchen. Grabbing my keys, I heard her call out, “I thought you were supposed to keep me company!”

I refused to look back at her. As if her body isn’t seared into my brain already… Swinging the front door open, “My boss just called. He needs me to come in today.”

The last thing I heard was an indignant scoff as I slammed the door behind me and went to my car.


I don’t really remember what I did for the rest of the day. I recall that I at least had the foresight to call Melissa and apologize, but I just had to go into work. After all, I wasn’t really on vacation… If the boss calls, I answer. She seemed to understand. The rest of the time? I think I mostly just drove around, afraid of what I would do if I went back home to Kaylee by myself.

Eventually I did go back, purposely late so that I was sure Melissa would be there. Kaylee was dressed fairly normally for once, which was kind of a relief. I did notice her glare at me when I first came in, but afterwards she acted like nothing was out of the ordinary. Every time I looked at her though, all I could do was imagine that hot body underneath the clothes… and how close I was to having it…

When late night finally came, I was anxious to get into bed. My nerves were shot, mostly from unending arousal, anger, guilt, and more arousal. I hadn’t forgotten what Kaylee said to me before I’d left that morning. Partly because of that… well, mostly because of that, I didn’t want to have sex with Melissa. I mean, I sure as hell wanted (needed) to get laid, but the shame I felt made me want to just put it off until she was gone. She’s right; I can’t stop thinking about her.

We were both in bed, and I made no move on my girlfriend. Almost as if on cue, she made one on me. I was lying on my side, facing away from her. She leaned into me and brought one arm around my chest. “You know… If we’re quiet, I might give you a little romance…” she flirted.

Her hand drifted down and found me already hard. “Ah, I think you’ve been neglected too long…”

I bit my tongue as she tenderly stroked me. You really have no idea…

It didn’t take long before we were wrapped in each other’s body and fucking. Part of me wanted to just ravage her and take out all my aggression… But our apartment walls were thin. We had to be gentle. Heaven forbid sweet innocent Kaylee be exposed to a little sex. That goddamn girl… With every thrust into my girlfriend, I secretly imagined it was her little sister’s body I was taking. She completely dominated my mind.

I was almost resentful as Melissa came. I was desperately wondering what it would be like to make Kaylee shake underneath me. The thought of her tight body wrapped around mine, moaning and begging like the little slut she is… I knew it was wrong to be thinking about her. Not just wrong… Completely *fucked* up. That didn’t stop me from having an explosive orgasm, with Kaylee’s taunting words haunting me as I came into my girlfriend’s pussy.

We both fell asleep afterwards; I was completely exhausted, mentally and physically.

At some point though, I was woken up in the middle of the night.

I felt a hand gingerly caressing my balls, the thumb rubbing against the base of my growing dick. My eyes tried to adjust to the dark. What the hell has gotten into Melissa? She almost never wants it in the middle of the night. And especially so soon after…

Then it hit me.

My head jerked over to the side of the bed. Kaylee was kneeling next to me, her arm stretched underneath the covers, shamelessly stroking me. My heart nearly leapt out of my throat as soon as I realized what was going on. I shot my arm down to my waist to grab her.

“Shh…” Kaylee lightly whispered, “Don’t wake her up…”

“What the…!?” I clamped my mouth shut and willed myself to calm down a little bit. I started again, quieter, “Get the fuck out of here!” I cursed.

“Calm down,” she whispered soothingly, “I just want to know…”

My mind was racing. “Know what?”

She slipped her arm out of my grip and ran her hand against my cock again. “I just wanted to know… How was I?”

You can’t be serious. I felt a wave of dread wash down my body. By the time it reached my stomach, it turned into something else. I tensed my muscles as I grew even more erect. Kaylee effortlessly manipulated my cock as it happened, causing me to choke back a groan.

“Leave!” I managed to hiss.

“Come on,” she leaned in closer, her face right next to my ear. She whispered so softly that her hot breath was louder than her words, “Did I beg? Scream? Pout?”

This is so goddamn twisted… I couldn’t believe how turned on I was, in the face of how terrified I was that Melissa would wake up. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and began tugging it in a way that she knew drove me wild. Her movements were nearly imperceptible but so exquisite… I grabbed her wrist again, carefully trying to not cause a stir in the bed. But she wouldn’t let go of me.

“Tell me…” she breathed into my ear. “How did you take me? Were you on top? Was I? Was I… on all fours? What was I doing to you when you couldn’t take it and just had to come…?”

I couldn’t take her questioning; it made me boil with anger. And it made my dick more desperate with every word she hushed. The worst part was that she was right… I did fantasize about her. And whatever I said, she knew it. “J-just shove it!” I seethed.

“Ooh! Shove it? So a blowjob is what you want?” She dragged her fingers up the length of my dick, from the base all the way to the tip. “You want me to try and wrap my little teenage mouth around all that?”

I grimaced as I tried to hold back my shaking excitement from her words. With my hand still on her wrist, I took the opportunity to finally push her away now that she didn’t have a solid grip on me. I was shocked that she actually pulled her arm from out of the covers.

“Now that I know what you want…” Her lips were still by my ear as she whispered, “I’ll make sure to give it to you…”

And with those words, she gave me a slow, deliberate lick along the edge of my ear and then back away, silently padding out of the room. I watched her silhouette as she left, and was reminded all too clearly of her firm body. Then with trepidation I slowly turned my body to look at Melissa. She hadn’t stirred at all.

Unbelievable luck.

So guess what? I didn’t get a good night sleep. I was relentlessly afraid that Kaylee would sneak back in at any moment and try to rile me up again. The slightest sound would jolt me alert. At one point, I think the tenant above us walked around for a minute. At the time, I could have sworn it was her trying to make her way back in the bedroom. I might have actually started to sweat a little.

Every time I started to actually fall asleep, I was plagued by vivid memories of Kaylee kneeling next to me. Of Kaylee stroking my dick. Of Kaylee whispering hot secrets into my ear. Of Kaylee’s warm breath… I would startle awake, unsure if I was dreaming or if it was happening again. My body would be awash in nerves. It was almost like I was delirious with fever.

If all that wasn’t enough, there was the arousal. Regardless of everything, or probably because of it, I was permanently turned on. At first I tried to ignore it; I thought of anything to push it out of my head. Eventually I was so frustrated, every five minutes feeling like an hour, that I gave in and quietly jerked off. I was hoping that coming would help take the edge off and let me sleep… All it did was make me feel worse about lusting after Kaylee the entire time.

When the morning came, Melissa could tell right away that I had a bad night. She asked what was wrong, I told her I was just restless for some reason; hoped again that I wasn’t getting sick after all. She gave me a piteous look. Well, at least there was some good news.

She had felt bad that Kaylee wasn’t having much fun, so she managed to swing a half-day at work. Her plan was to get back home sometime early in the afternoon, then go out with her sister so she wouldn’t be left bored with me. That much was a relief. I don’t have to put up with that tormenting, little… piece of ass… much longer.

Sometime after Melissa left for work, I Sepided to come out of hiding. I entertained the notion of just lying in bed and feigning sickness, but honestly, I was fed up with that goddamn room since the torture of the previous night. And I was hungry.

I went out in flannel pajamas and a ratty tee-shirt. I didn’t shave. Fuck, I didn’t even brush my teeth. I felt like crap, and I figured looking the part might turn Kaylee off. I grabbed a box of cereal and flopped into the couch, turning the TV on. Images flashed on the screen as I mindlessly shoveled cereal from the box to my mouth.

At some point I actively started wondering where Kaylee was. What is she planning this time? It started to make me nervous. I just knew she had to be up to something. I even started contemplating getting up and peeking into her room to see if I could glimpse what she was up to.

It never came to that. I was startled to hear the front door open. I swung my head around and saw Kaylee trot in. She wasn’t even *here*? She was wearing a tiny pair of gym shorts and a thin tank-top. Her body was covered in a light sheen of sweat, her hair matted down. “Hey!” she breathed, “I Sepided to hit up the gym room you guys have here.”

I looked at her blankly. Her top clung to the curves of her body, sticking to her skin from the sweat. Dimly, I thought, ‘I wonder if she looks like that after fucking?’ I let my head fall back to staring at the TV. “Cool,” I muttered.

“Yeah, I had all this, like, pent-up energy. I dunno what it was!” she exclaimed, deliberately walking through the room in front of me and wiggling her ass provocatively. “Anyway, I’m gonna hit the shower, if that’s okay?”

“Uh huh.”

“Um- okay then! You know where to find me if you, uh, want anything.” She continued on her way to the shower. Thoughtlessly I turned my head to see her walk away. My guess is she knew I was looking, because she pulled her top off as she left, making sure my last image was one of her undressing herself. That goddamn tease.

I rubbed my eyes and tried to focus again on the TV, but I could barely keep any straight thoughts in my muddled head. The shower was audible though. Just don’t think about her naked… water cascading over her soapy, slippery body… Ah fuck.

If asked, I probably would have guessed she was going to come out in a towel and see how well I could resist her again. It was almost surreal; I would have never imagined myself in such a situation… A nineteen-year-old fox living under my roof, seeing if she can make me cheat. And there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

Well, when she came out wearing jeans and a tee-shirt, I was genuinely surprised. That’s it?

She grabbed some yogurt from the fridge and sank into a chair by the couch. “What’cha watching?”

“Uh- nothing really.” What’s she up to…?

“Cool,” she replied noncommittally.

She ate in silence as I flipped the channels. I sat uneasily, just waiting for her to bring up her questioning from last night. Finally it came, “You look kinda beat.”

“Mmm,” I mumbled.

“Didn’t sleep much?”

“Uh, something like that.”

“Oh… That’s weird, ’cause like, you were sleeping fine when I saw you…”

Here we go…

“Well uh, I’m not used to uninvited visitors coming in when I’m sleeping,” I retorted, not looking away from the screen.

“Aww… I’d hate to think the thought of me kept you up at night…” she mocked concern.

“Mmm,” I mumbled again, ignoring the comment.

We sat in silence for a couple minutes, which was all the more awkward because I just anxiously anticipated her next comment. The fact that she said nothing unnerved me even more. Once her yogurt was empty, she got up out of the chair and tossed it in the kitchen. I swallowed, nervous of what she might do. God, she’s got me on edge no matter what she does.


She came back into the main room and stood by the couch, stretching her arms up. Her body was right next to me, so it was hard to ignore her… Especially since her shirt rode up and exposed her flat tummy. Then I was stunned, because she segued from stretching her hands up to grabbing the bottom of her shirt and pulling it up and off. She casually threw it onto an empty chair.

I couldn’t help but to openly stare at her now. She wore a small bikini top that really showed her off. I’ve seen her topless, yet I still can’t resist… Her hands ran down her stomach, as if checking herself out, then rested at her jeans and began unbuttoning them. Oh crap…

“W-what are you- uh, doing?” I managed.

With her pants undone, she squeezed her legs together and shimmied them down, revealing a barely-there bikini bottom and a whole lot of leg. “Um, taking my clothes off…” she responded dryly.

She’s really dropping pretences now… “Um… Why?”

She kicked her pants off her ankles and put them on the chair with her shirt. Standing in front of me now in only a bikini, she turned to me with an impish smile. “Um… why do you think?”

“Damn it, Kaylee… We’re not gonna- uhm…”

She raised an eyebrow at me and sauntered into the kitchen. A moment later she came back out, a tube of sunscreen in her hand. “Um- I’m gonna go to the pool… If that’s all right with you?”

My faced turned crimson. I feel like such a tool. “Oh- uh, of course… Yeah…”

“Gosh,” she grinned, “You think every time a girl takes off her clothes, she wants to fuck you?”

I turned my eyes away, guilty.

“Naughty, naughty boy… What am I going to do with you?” she teased.

Whatever you want… “Um, okay- Sorry. Don’t uh, don’t let me keep you from the- the pool.”

“What’s the rush?” she pouted.

I tried to look around her body to the TV and not respond.

“Okay well, can you at least help me lotion up?”

“Uh… You can do that yourself…”

“Come on,” she persisted, “It’s just my back… It’s not a big deal…”

First your back, then your arms, then your stomach, then your tits… “I don’t… think so.”

She sighed, “Fine.” Next she poured some sunscreen into her hand and began rubbing it into her arms. Then she propped up one of her legs onto the arm of the couch nearest me. She leaned over her leg and massaged the cream onto her, enticing me to watch. She repeated this with her other leg, then did her stomach… I tried not to look, even out of the corner of my eye, as she dabbed some on her chest and rubbed her breasts teasingly. She knows I’m dying to watch her…

“I guess I’ll have to find some other boy to do the rest of me… Won’t you be jealous?” She sounded so innocent… God, it just steamed me up worse.

“Nope.” The pathetic part of it was that I did feel annoyed that somebody else might get to run their hands over her body. If anybody deserves it, it’s me!

“Okay then, your loss.” She purposely stepped in front of me and bent over to put the sunscreen down on the coffee table in front of us. I bit my lip as her hot ass pushed out at me, and I recalled the first time she showed off to me in that little skirt only a few days earlier…

“You know where I’ll be if you change your mind,” she reminded me before she left.

No sooner than she closed the door behind her did I give a huge sigh. Hell if I know if it was out of relief or sheer frustration. I just wanted to scream out, ‘She’s too fucking much!’

Well I didn’t do that, but I did faintly entertain the thought of getting myself off. Kaylee’s given me enough memories to stroke off to for years… But the guilt of the situation got to me, and I Sepided to ignore my hard-on. However, for the first time that week, I did feel somewhat at ease in my own home. I guess the fact that I knew she was out the door and somewhere else made me feel that I could let my guard down.

Maybe I’ll just keep my ass on this couch until Melissa gets home. It can’t be too much longer. I continued to channel surf, but I really felt the drowsiness start to overcome me. Putting my legs up on the couch, I allowed myself to get comfortable. At some point I noticed that I had to consciously keep reopening my eyes to watch the show on the tube. It wasn’t long after that point when I finally drifted off into a deep nap from the exhaustion.

I think I dreamt that I was floating or something. My legs felt exceedingly heavy, and it was upsetting me, because I felt really confined. Finally my legs broke free and I felt good… Like, really good. I remember getting more and more excited, and then my eyes fluttered open. Awake.

It was dreamlike even though I was no longer asleep. First, I forgot that I had dozed off on the couch, so my bearings were confused. Then I realized I was hard as a pole, but I felt like a million bucks. I was puzzled because something was tickling my thighs… Then it all hit me. My body tensed up and my eyes shot wide. Kaylee’s hair draped down across my pelvis, her mouth wrapped around the tip of my cock, and one of her hands tenderly gripping the shaft.

Oh my god! Impulsively, I tried to back away from her. It was no use. All I managed to do was scoot a couple inches backward, pushing my neck against the arm of the couch. I realized my legs were confined in a tangle of my pajamas and boxers, which had somehow been pulled down and bunched around my ankles. Kaylee raised her head up and smiled victoriously at me.

“Jesus!” I cried out.

“Mmm- you’re awake!” she purred. With a brief lick along her teeth, she eagerly squeezed my dick and drew me back into her mouth.

I gasped in excruciating shock and pleasure. She was still in her bikini, kneeling on the floor and leaning over to suck me. This girl is insane! As thrown as I was, I couldn’t help but feel my arousal surge at the utter hotness of the sight. I had never been woken up by something so sexy in my life. My body jerked as she quickly flicked her tongue under the head.

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“Uhnn… Q-quit it!” I stammered.

She pulled her head up again and looked at me wide-eyed. “I thought this is what you asked for?” she said in a little girl’s voice. Her eyes continued to look up at me innocently as she bobbed her head down and licked up the length of my erection. My cock visibly pulsed with each heartbeat.


“But you said…” her words were broken up by long, hot licks, “…last night… that this… is what… you wanted…” She punctuated the sentence by wrapping her lips around me again and taking in more than she had before. My mouth dropped open and a groan caught in my throat. Oh fuck that’s good…

“Ah… I- I… Gah… You s-said that! N-not- ah… me!” I could barely speak from wanting to cry out in pleasure.

She stopped sucking me again and tightened her fist around it, gently twisting her hand. “Oh… Well, you didn’t- um, say you didn’t want it…”

I gawked back at her desperately, my hips involuntarily rocking to her movements. I felt pinned; she was pushing against me, completely dominating my most vulnerable area. There was no receding away; the back of the couch blocked me. I couldn’t even move my feet comfortably without feeling snarled by my own clothes. And every time I moved, Kaylee deftly stroked, jerked, or licked me into scared ecstasy.

“I- I… I don’t- ohhh… don’t w-want it…”

She brought her hand down to my balls and gave me a tickling squeeze. “Hmm… You don’t have to pretend…”

She slowly rose her body up from her knees, moving her hand back to my hard-on and holding me in place. I stared helplessly at her bikini-clad body, too stupefied to say anything back to her. Her eyes stayed locked onto mine, “I was at the pool… There was a boy…”

My body trembled as she brought one leg over my body and rested her knee between me and the back of the couch.

“I laid down on one of the chairs, on my back… He was in the water, but I saw that he kept staring at me. I, um, pretended not to notice…” She raised her other leg onto the couch and straddled me over my knees. My head started to feel light from the anticipation.

“After awhile he got out of the pool and… I got his attention. I asked him if… if he would sunscreen my back for me…” Her body hovered over mine, still expertly tugging on my cock. Once she had her balance, she brought her other hand to the tip and ran her soft palm around it in tiny circles. My breath shuddered from her touch.

“Mm… He was so excited! I laid down on my tummy and he rubbed it all over my back… and my sides… He kept trying to wrap his fingers around to my front… especially near my chest…” She looked down knowingly at her tits and bit her lower lip. Returning her gaze to me, she continued, “Then he did my legs… His hands were all over me… He kept going- um- up my thighs…”

I was so lost in lust. She spoke so effortlessly, forcing me to imagine rubbing her body down with lotion… My right hand found its way to her hip, nervously grabbing onto her. This is too much…

“He was… cute… But I had my eyes closed…” She pulled her body up my legs, closer to my lap. One of her hands moved to the armrest behind my head as she leaned over me. The length of her stomach stretched as her breasts hung over my chest. “I pretended it… um… was you…”

Good god. My head was buzzing. “K-Kaylee…” It came out as a weak whisper.

“When he was done,” she interrupted, “I made him leave… He was so sad…” She smiled teasingly, “Well, part of him wasn’t so sad…” Her legs were around my hips now, one hand guiding my cock between her thighs, rubbing against the fabric of her bikini. I clenched my eyes in frustration.

“But um… I kept thinking about it and… I had to come back here…”

Her chest was lowered down to mine and I felt her breasts push into me. I could even feel her breath along my neck and cheek as she talked. This has to stop now…

“This is- is- wrong…” I muttered.

She breathed along my neck and played my dick against her body. “Why?” she pouted quietly, pressing her lips against my jaw line.

“God I- I have a… a girlfriend…”

“Mmm… So?” She drew her tongue down and along my neck, very slowly. I sighed and angled my head, shamefully enjoying her touch.

“She’s… ohh… she’s your- your sister…” I reasoned feebly.

“Oh, right… Your girlfriend’s…” she kissed up my neck, “…little…” she squeezed my cock, “…sister…” The last word was a sultry sigh right in my ear. My body shook as she said it.

I anxiously opened my eyes and looked down to see her amazing body pressing into mine. She finally pulled her hand off my dick, but I felt her fingers slightly move down to her bikini. I realized in awestruck horror and lust that she was pulling the material to the side, away from her pussy… Oh no…

“I bet that makes it so much worse…” she cooed piteously. “And I bet that makes it… so much better…” She moved her hand back to the base of my cock and raised her hips up.

Oh my god. I’m going to fuck her.

Her lips moved away from my ear and she drew my stare to hers. She had a wild look in that young face. It looked so fucking pleased. She positioned my cock along the length of her slit. Her hips lowered, dragging me along her opening. My hand clenched urgently on her hip, then slid down her thigh and back up to rest on her ass.

“I… I can’t…” I sighed, almost to myself.

My cock was torturously teased by her sliding it along her pussy. I wanted in. I needed it. Not bearing to look at her face, her jaw hanging open in raw animal heat, I shut my eyes again. She slid the very tip of me inside of her… just an inch. My hips tried to buck, but she kept one hand pressed down on my pelvis, forcing me to stay. She let out a soft moan as she teased herself by rocking her hips and fucking just the head.

I thought I was gone. I didn’t care that I was caving in to the manipulations of a nineteen-year-old anymore. All I cared about was the perfect, ripe body over mine, and how bad I wanted her to sink my entire cock into her naughty, tight cunt.

Thud. My eyes flew open. Kaylee’s gyrations came to a sudden halt and her head jerked up. Oh fuck! “Shit!” I inhaled. My left hand flew to her body and I grabbed her hips, pushing her off of me. I slid out of her with ease, but Kaylee tried to lean back down.

“It’s not her…” she whispered, “It’s too soon…”

How the fuck do you know that!? For once I could feel something besides my dick. My chest felt like an earthquake and my stomach flipped sideways. It was enough to break Kaylee’s hold on me. I rolled my body off the open end of the couch and Kaylee practically had to jump off me to keep from falling onto the floor. As soon as I was free, I jerked my boxers and pants up to my knees and hopped onto my feet.

“Relax!” she almost hissed.

“Fuck off!” I cried, pulling my clothes up and leaping away from the couch. I briefly stopped in the hall and spun around, glancing at the door, completely terrified. Kaylee had stood up and looked too, then swung her head back at me. She couldn’t Sepide whether to be scared or irritated.

Flustered, she huffed and went to the window. Taking no chances, I hurried into the bedroom and swung the door closed. A moment later I heard her call out, “It’s just some guy!”

Oh fuck, what have I done… Did I do anything? Am I safe!? I sat on the edge of my bed and buried my head in my hands, breathing hard. I was going to fuck her… Oh god, I needed it so bad…

Kaylee had come to the door and pushed it open. I looked at her in disbelief. She was clearly upset, but she still tried to play it down and act sensual. “You don’t want to miss this…” she forced a smile and ran her hand up her side, cupping her breast.

“Uh- yes I do!” I retorted incredulously. I was too shaken to be turned on.

And she knew it.

Her eyes clouded over and she dropped her hand, folding her arms over her stomach. “Are you seriously going to pass this up?” she asked disbelievingly.

“Yeah!” I said rudely.

She scoffed, actually insulted. She spun around and left the doorway. I heard the door to the guestroom slam shut. I sat on my bed in a total state of amazement.

Ten minutes later, Melissa came home; ready to spend the rest of the afternoon with her sister.


Kaylee had already changed and was ready for her sister. I was impressed how easily she could alter her façade and act as if nothing unusual happened. Melissa invited me to tag along with them for the day, but I Seplined on, uh, account of not feeling well. They left shortly thereafter and I stayed at home in peace.

As my nerves settled, I tried to take stock of the day’s events. I was angry that I had given in. If it wasn’t for that fortuitous neighbor, I was sure I’d have lost it. I *had* lost it… I imagined Kaylee taking me all in, riding me there on the couch… My fantasy got a little too vivid and I realized I was already getting hard again. Melissa would have walked in on us, and then I’d *really* be fucked. Still, if Kaylee had come back from the pool sooner, the things that might’ve happened…

My boss called later that afternoon (for real this time!) and told me to come in early the next day. He needed some help with something that’d only take a few hours, then I’d have the rest of the weekend off for sure. That was fine by me; any excuse to get away from the house. Here’s the best part: I found out when Melissa got home that she’d be taking Kaylee back to her campus tomorrow afternoon. Jackpot!

For the rest of the day, I felt almost giddy. I was nearly free of that little temptress… Never mind the fact that she almost had me. In twenty-four hours, I wouldn’t have to see her prancing that hot little body around anymore, torturing me with endless inSepent thoughts. But my some of my euphoria wore off by that night. Even though Kaylee was out of the apartment, I recognized that I still fantasized about her almost the entire day. The worst of it… Wondering, even wishing, about having fucked her.

The sisters returned fairly late into the evening. Avoiding suspicion, (well, mostly avoiding getting in trouble with my girlfriend) I cautiously made myself socially available. But no sooner had Melissa left the room for a minute did Kaylee furtively slide up to me and press her hand into my crotch. “Miss me?”

I trembled at her touch and backed away. “No.”

“Aw… Don’t be upset with me? I wasn’t mad at you earlier… Just, umm… disappointed…”

I furrowed my brow, anxious about Melissa coming back into the room. “Just shut up about it,” I warned.

“Come on… I know you gotta feel the same…”

I gave her a stern look.

“Are you gonna tell me now that you haven’t been thinking about it?” she insisted quietly.

“Nothing uh- happened to think about.”

“Hmm… That’s the problem! Maybe tonight though…”

I suddenly felt lightheaded, like I was losing control of my own senses again. “Look Kaylee,” I practically blurted, “I don’t want to see you in my room or- or at all even, until tomorrow morning. Get it? No more.” I think she was as surprised as I was that I managed to sound so severe.

Before she could say anything, Melissa had come back into the room. There wasn’t another point for the rest of the evening where she got a chance alone with me. I did my best to make sure of that. Honestly, I was afraid she’d think up something to say to make me weak in the knees again. I practically used my girlfriend as a shield.

When we went to bed that night, I was feeling at least somewhat confident that I had gotten through to Kaylee. She had her chance, and it was blown. There’s no time left, it’s over. God, I felt like I had won some kind of war. I was leery that she would try and sneak back into the bedroom that night, but something told me she wouldn’t try the same trick twice.

That didn’t stop my mind from racing images of her naked body pressing into me. I cursed myself for at least not taking advantage of her when she was on top of me… I could’ve run my hands all over her. That wouldn’t have been so bad. What are you thinking, that’s completely wrong!

My irritation grew as my dick refused to calm down. Nothing I could do would tear my imagination away from unfaithful thoughts. Just one more day, and it’s all over. I won’t get to fuck her then, even if I wanted to…

It was another rough night. But at least Kaylee never came in the room.

I got up early the next morning to get ready for work; earlier than usual. Not being able to sleep well and a case of perpetual morning wood gave me the bright idea to go into the office sooner than needed. I can minimize any time around Kaylee. Feeling guilty, I crept into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee for Melissa. Then I returned to the master bathroom.

I stripped down and got in the shower, mostly just standing there and feeling the warmth of the water. My eyes were closed and I admittedly fantasized about the day before. I grabbed my cock and gently stroked myself, imitating some of the moves that Kaylee had used on me. God, stop it, you’re obsessed!

I absentmindedly soaped up my body and tried my damnedest to just think about work. A slight breeze of cold air dragged me out of my thoughts. That was weird… I stopped and listened for a moment. Was Melissa up already? She wouldn’t ever get out of bed before her alarm went off…

Part of me refused to consider the other possibility. Yet still I curiously pulled back the shower curtain and looked. Oh… no…

There she was; adventurous smile on her face. She had on a tiny pair of underwear; just white panties and a bra. She looked innocent and excited… If my dick was hard before, it was raging now. My thought process couldn’t even keep up with what was happening.

She bit her lip as she approached the shower. I was too petrified to move; still holding the curtain in front of me from when I looked out. She took it in her hand and pushed it back, revealing the full length of my body… well… my erection. I blushed furiously as she brought one leg into the shower.

“W-w-what… No…” I stuttered.

“Shh…” she whispered. “Don’t worry… You said you didn’t want to see me until the morning…” She fully moved into the shower and pulled the curtain closed behind her. Grinning up at me, “Good morning!”

The water splashed down onto both of us. She only looked hotter as her body got wet and her underwear became soaked. It clung to her skin even tighter and started becoming transparent. I backed up against the shower wall, frightened and confused. My skin flushed warm as I scoped her gorgeous, young body.

“M-m… Melissa will…”

She took a step up to me, placing one palm on my chest and the other with a finger to my mouth. “Will not wake up… if you behave yourself,” she cut short.

Both her hands slid down my chest and stomach, which were still somewhat soapy. “Oooh, slippery!” she whispered. The sensation tickled and I pressed myself harder against the wall. Nowhere to go. My body tensed as she raked her nails down to my cock and made it jump. I already felt as helpless as I did on the couch the day before. It’s like she brought me right back to the same mental state… All I could think about was her perfect little body and how bad I had wanted it.

She gently fondled the underside of my dick, holding me there with one hand, while she reached over and grabbed the bar of soap with her other hand. She brought it over and started lathering up my stomach. I almost grimaced as she moved it up to my chest. Not that way…

“Do you like my hands on you?” she asked seductively.

“Ahh… N-no…” I lied.

“Aw! Maybe you’d, um, like yours on me better?” Her body pushed into mine, her stomach and chest against me. She rubbed herself back and forth, dragging herself along me. She was so soft already, and the soap made her slide along my skin in a way that felt electrifying. My hard-on was pressed down against her panties, pointing down between her legs. My own hands, which had been clutching the wall behind me, reactively grabbed her waist.

“Oooh- that’s a start!”

Melissa will catch us… “We- we can’t…”

She pushed her face into my neck and gave me a passionate kiss there. “Yes we can,” she encouraged.

My hand roamed around to her ass, then down to her thighs, and up her back. “Fuck…” I sighed, exulting in feeling her.

She pushed her hips into me harder as soon as I said it, making me shudder. “Mmm! I’m not leaving until we do,” she stated happily.

Somewhere, a shred of morality deep inside of me tried to act out. “Please…”

She slid her body down, dragging her skin against mine. She stopped, kneeling on the shower floor, looking up at me with sparking eyes. I stared back in awe as she took my cock into her open-mouthed smile. My head hit the back of the wall as my eyes rolled up. Good lord… That was it for me.

My hand wrapped around the back of her head and tried to guide her to take more of me in. Swirling her tongue around my cock, she forced herself back and looked up at me, almost impressed. “You’re not gonna get off like that… Not that easy…”

My knees sagged slightly in disappointment. “Ah- bitch,” I cursed under my breath.

She slowly brought her body back up, slithering along mine. “Me? What did I do?” she scoffed playfully. “All I did was come here to visit my sister…”

Her banter made me steam in frustration and lust. My eyes dropped down to her tits; her nipples were prominently visible through her soaked bra. “You fuckin’ tease,” I whispered hoarsely.

She saw what I was looking at and smirked. “Oh- I’m sorry…” Her hands reached up and unclasped it. She effortlessly peeled the wet fabric off her chest and I took a big breath of anticipation as she revealed her naked breasts. I pushed a hand up her stomach and grabbed one, almost forcefully. She stifled a gasp, “Ah! I thought you- you liked them…”

They were so firm… I rolled her nipple between two of my fingers as I groped her.

“I especially um…” she pushed her chest toward me pleasingly, “…liked how you tried not to look at them when, um, your girlfriend was around…”

I squeezed her hard as she patronized me. Fucking cunt!

“Don’t worry… She didn’t notice…” she mocked.

In a flare of passion, I spun her around and pushed her back against the wall. Her eyes went wide in surprise as I glared into her. My conscience was barely a whisper now; I was mostly animal. She actually looked vulnerable like that, her chest heaving in expectation. It made me want her even more.

I bent down and kissed her hard on the neck, then down her chest. I wanted to suck her tits. She pushed herself up on her toes to help me, but I was frenzied and impatient. I grabbed her hips and pulled her up, still pushing her against the wall for leverage. She squeaked and wrapped her legs around my waist, her arms around my neck. “Oh my!”

With better access to her chest, I eagerly kissed against her breasts. I licked around her nipples, flicked my tongue against them, then took one into my mouth and sucked eagerly. Kaylee’s body shuddered as I held her and she pouted a quiet moan. “Ahhh… Where have you been!?” she sighed excitedly.

I took my mouth off of her tits and slowly lowered her back to stand on her own. She looked wildly into my eyes. “God… You know how I like my- my nipples…” she trailed off.

“How could I forget that slutty story?” I growled.

She bit her tongue provocatively and shot her hand down to my crotch, grabbing the base of my cock and tugging at it. “You liked it… You like me being slut, don’t you?” she demanded.

The sudden attention on my dick forced me to lose my balance and lean forward against her, into the wall. I gasped in pleasure as she excitedly jerked me more. “Ohh…” I groaned out.

She was relentless. “Why do guys like that so much? Huh?” She manipulated my erection so perfectly, it was like she wasn’t even trying. My hips grinded against her as if I was her puppet. “I guess it’s- oh- ’cause we like to fuck? Or is it ’cause we’re so naughty? Mm… good boys like you always want the… the bad girls…”

I ran my hand down her stomach and forced my fingers beneath her panties, finding her slit. She took a sharp intake of breath. “Ah… Take them… Take them off…” she pleaded.

Her fingers grew lax and trailed off my cock. I pulled out from her underwear and grabbed the waistband with both hands. I had to pull it down, inch by goddamn inch, because it was so wet that it stuck to her body. Desperate, I kneeled down to get a better angle to just pull them off. She helped kick them away from her feet once at her ankles.

I looked up at her and suddenly realized I was staring straight at her pussy. Before I knew it, a frantic urge overcame me. I needed to taste her. I dove my face forward and wrapped my mouth over her slit. She quickly grabbed the back of my neck, digging her nails into me. I laid my tongue against her pussy and ran it along her for a moment. Her excited gasps encouraged me to slide my tongue into her and lap at her clit.

She draped a leg over my shoulder and I had to help her keep her balance by grabbing her hips. Her body rolled against my face, shamelessly fucking my mouth. I looked up at her tight body as I ate her out. Her eyes were shut and her mouth hung open; her back arched and her tits pushed out as her body tensed. I could not think of a sexier sight than to see this teenage slut lost in her own bliss.

“Oh… Oh! God this is- fuck! So bad- so bad…” she started in whispered pants. “Tell me- tell me do you- ah! Do you jerk – ooh! Jerk off to me?” She was looking down at me now.

I couldn’t help myself. I nodded yes and mumbled ‘Mmm hmm’ into her pussy.

She let out a shaky sigh in amazement. “God! You asshole… Do you… ahhh! Do you think- oh- think of me when- when- shit… When you f-fuck her…?” she whispered.

It was so wrong and twisted, but I had lost all control. Finally being honest with myself made me that much hornier and excited. I shoved my tongue as far into her as I could and mumbled another ‘yes’. She clamped her mouth shut and dug her nails into my neck so hard it hurt. Her hips suddenly bucked against my face erratically and I felt her flush with wetness. Holy shit, I’m making her come!!

I didn’t want to stop; I wanted to keep giving it to her. Make her feel the uncontrollable heat that I felt. But she pulled her leg off of me and took a step back. I got up from my knees, breathing hard to catch my breath. Her chest was heaving too, and she looked at me hungrily. Without a saying a word, she turned away from me and leaned over, pressing her hands against the back shower wall. She looked back at me behind her, her ass pushing out at me.

She’s giving it to me. I grabbed onto her and guided my dick into her still-wet pussy. The shower water cascaded against my back and I groaned, pushing my cock into her as far as I could go. She made a whimpering sound at the sudden force of filling her up. My eyes fluttered close as I finally felt the satisfaction of sinking into this week-long tease.

I gave her long, slow, luxurious thrusts as I lost myself in her body. Nothing else mattered to me anymore. I needed this so bad. My nerves were so on edge that I knew I could come any minute if I wanted to…

I relished the sound of Kaylee’s muted moans as she let me fuck her. Finally she interrupted my reverie by whispering again, “How- how long have you- oh… w-wanted this…?”

My body tensed at her voice and I pushed into her harder, holding the deep position and staring at her body, looking so submissive for a change. She hung her head down and looked back at me, mouth dropped open as she gasped. I didn’t move, shocked and turned on by the dirty question.

“Tell me…” she insisted, “When was the- hummm… first moment when- ah- when you knew you w-wanted- oh! Wanted t-to fuck me?”

She ground her ass against me in little circles, forcing pleasure along the entire length of my cock, right down to the pressure against my pelvis. I grew hot from the question… I was embarrassed, angry… Hell, it almost made me come. My hands clenched into her hips and tried to force her to remain still. I didn’t realize the trouble I was really in and was being flat-out selfish, trying to make this fucking last!

Kaylee smiled at me deviously, knowing she had me on the edge. She’s the one bent over and still I’m weak for her… I saw her run her tongue across her teeth as she closed her eyes in an exaggerated expression of passion. It looked like she was going to say something else… but then things got really fucked up.

We heard the doorknob turn, then felt a whoosh of cold air as the bathroom door swung open. Both of us froze in place, my heart stopping for a second. Then I felt it pounding, curiously almost all my senses focused on my dick, still pulsing in Kaylee’s pussy.

“Hey, how you feeling?” my girlfriend called out.

Kaylee’s eyes shot wide open and her mouth made an ‘O’ before she closed it, biting her lower lip and staring at me expectantly. “Uhh… Okay…” I tried not to sound nervous. I’m dead.

“You’ve been in here since I’ve been up!” Melissa called out.

“Oh, um… Sorry… I was- uh…” I caught my groan in my throat. Kaylee had silently pulled her ass forward and slid it back, sending a jolt along my dick and into my stomach. “Just soaking up the… steam… Um, trying to clear my head…” I groped for an excuse.

“Still feeling a little sick?” she asked concerned.

“Uh- yeah… Some…” Kaylee started to pull away from me again, but I held onto her and pulled her back into me. Oh god… I was trying to limit the pleasure, but that only heightened it. How the hell am I still turned on…? “I uh, made you coffee…” Go away!

“Mm, yeah I smelled it. Thanks!”

I listened intensively and realized she was getting ready to brush her teeth. Fuck! Why the hell does she always do that before she eats!?

“So uh,” her voice came out a little garbled now that the toothbrush was in her mouth, “Do you think you can say ‘goodbye’ to Kaylee this morning before you go?”

Kaylee looked back at me again and gave me a deliberate pout face. The sheer inSepency of the situation made my dick swell even bigger.

“Um- yeah,” I stated abruptly.

“Good. Try to be nice… I’m afraid she was getting the feeling that you don’t like her,” she warned.

I had to swallow back ragged gasps as Kaylee wiggled her ass and coaxed my hips into gently humping her again. She jutted out her lower lip as she did it and pretended to be sad at Melissa’s comment. Next she took one hand off the wall and quietly slipped it between her legs, then tickled me where the hilt met my sack.

“Oh… Uh- No, that’s not good…” I muttered, desperate to sound normal. Stop talking and *leave!* Kaylee’s touch was driving me wild. The whole scenario was so twisted that I couldn’t even wrap my head around it. The longer it went on, the more fucked up it was… The hotter I got. Am I actually going to…?

“She wasn’t so bad to have around, was she?” Melissa inquired.

Kaylee gave me a devilish smile and seductively nodded. She deftly jerked her hips in a quick rhythm, raked her nails lightly across my thigh, and silently blew me a kiss. This isn’t happening…

“Yeah she’s- she’s fine…” A lump formed in my throat as I said it. This is so wrong… I felt a flood of energy rush up my legs and pool down from my stomach. I furrowed my brow and let my mouth hang open in anguished pleasure. Oh shit, she’s her fucking sister, her little goddamn sister…! I dragged my eyes up along the length of her perfect tight body one last time and then shut them, biting my tongue as I came into her.

For a moment, there was nothing but the water hitting my back and come overflowing out of me. Dimly I was impressed at how hard I was climaxing, considering the amount of times I had already jerked off to her… The buildup was worse than I thought. I’m *so* dead… Opening my eyes, I saw Kaylee’s hand over her mouth, stifling any noise from coming out as her eyes twinkled in delight.

I think my girlfriend said something to the effect of her meeting me out in the kitchen. “Don’t use up all the hot water,” she cautioned, “There has to be enough for Kaylee after me.”

Kaylee’s face lit up, almost as if she was going to laugh. My body only just then finally calmed down from my orgasm. Really, I’m not sure how I didn’t just pass out from it all.


My senses returned to me after that and I was utterly mortified. I had no idea how I got away with that… And all I could picture was Melissa seeing me come out of the bathroom naked with her little sister. I left the water running and, and as imperceptibly as I could, got out of the shower and peeked out the door into the bedroom. She wasn’t there.

I turned off the water and motioned for Kaylee to get out. The girl could not stop smiling. I resented her for it, but there was no point in worrying about it now. She did it. She fucked me. I caved in. Even then, my dick still stirred a little bit at watching her young, nude form step out of the shower.

“I can’t believe she didn’t catch us!” she whispered.

I wrapped my hand over her mouth. “Shut it!” I hissed. “I’m gonna go out to the kitchen and get a drink… When you hear me talking, get the fuck into your room and pretend like you’re asleep.

“Ooh, so bossy…”

I glared at her, grabbed a towel and shoved it into her chest, forcing her to take it. I wrapped myself in a towel and went out first. To my quaking relief, we managed to sneak her out of the bathroom without Melissa ever the wiser.

I could barely say two words otherwise to my girlfriend for the rest of the morning. My mind was in a perpetual fog of conflicting emotion. I got dressed and was ready to leave soon after, and as I went out to the kitchen, I saw both sisters sitting at the table having breakfast. Melissa gave me ‘the eye’ and I knew I had to stay for a minute.

“Well, it was nice having you around, Kaylee,” I forced out as naturally as I could.

She smiled sweetly at me, “Oh, thanks for like, suffering my company.”

My girlfriend interjected, “We were thinking maybe she could come back again during summer break. Just for a week or two, then she could go back to our mom and dad’s.”

I tried to hide my jaw clenching.

“We were just talking though,” Kaylee piped in. “I don’t want to, um, make things… hard for you again.” She had an imperceptible smile.

“Don’t be silly,” Melissa added. “He won’t mind. Right?” She looked at me, expecting the ‘correct’ answer.

I swallowed and softened my features into as easy a smile as I could muster. “Of course not. She’s welcome any time.”

“Good, so we’re in agreement! Maybe we can even go on a little trip or something!” Melissa smiled satisfactorily.

Kaylee’s eyebrows rose and she looked at me, closed lips hiding a grin. “Mmm!” she agreed happily.

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Quarrelling with Kaylee – Sex Stories

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