Rahul enjoying tuition sex with mother and daughter

After my PG in Physics, I was waiting for an opening in a bank as a prob officer. I am Balu, 23, quite handsome with good physique. My parents were both working and I used to stay alone, watching TV and brosing the net. My mother’s friend told her that her daughter, Radha is wrting her 12th standard exam and wanted some coaching to herlp her revision.

Without consulting me, my mother agreed and she told me in the evening she told me that Radha may come from next day for some help in her revision. I objected and told her no, Amma, dont allow any girls to come in the absence of you or her mother. Ok, she said, I will ask my friend, Radha’s mother also to come and sit in the drawing room when you teach Radha.

Next day both Radha and her mother came. Her mother sat in the drawing room and I asked Radha to come to the dining room and we sat on either side of the table facing each other. Radha was just 18, slim but with big boobs and ass. She came in a maxi and a T shirt with a bunch of books.

One by one subjects I asked her questions and found that she had fair idea of all subjects. She said she is revising and I did not understand why me then. My open lap top was there playing some of my favorite porn scenes, which she cannot see. I gave her some exercise and asked her to continue.

In the meanwhile Radha’s mother got a telephone call and she said she is leaving and she told Radha to come as soon as the studies are over. Radha asked me what you are looking in the laptop. I said it is some porn scenes which is of no interest to you, you study.

Radha got up and came around and stood behind me and was glancing the scene from the laptop, very hot port scenes. She went back and brought her chair and told me that we both may watch the porn scene, it is very nice and I have never seen such scenes. Within five minutes she was very much aroused and was breathing heavily.

I just extended my hand and pulled her closer. I inserted my hand from underneath her t shirt and bra and touched her boob. She placed her hand on my cock. She asked me to show her my cock since she has not seen one so far. Her both boobs were very hard and apparently untouched. I lifted her maxi and inserted my hand inside her panty.

Her pussy was without any hair, all hair removed with proper creaming. In the meantime Radha squatted on the floor and took my cock in her mouth and was keeping her eyes on the laptop. Her tender rosy lips were around my erect cock. I brought the laptop to the edge of the table and we both indulged in our own sexual pursuits and we both reached our orgasm within minutes.

It was the first time for her and for me also. I called her to my bedroom so that we may do it in the proper way. WoW, fucking her was a great experience. She was horny and was taking all initiatives. Making her fully nude, made her to lie in the bed, I jumped on her and sucked her nipples, with sssss sound coming from her mouth she seemed to enjoy her first sex Act.

She opened her legs wides and asked me to insert my cock inside. I kissed her on her cheeks, on her boobs, on her stomack, and then on her pussy, I with the tip of my tongue located her tiny pink clitoris. I just rubbed her clitoris with my tongue. Radha was turning and twisting with pleasure. No, no, no, insert your coock inside me,she cried.

It was very difficult to make the cock enter her body. She kept her cunt lips open with the fingers and was crying of pain and tears rolled down her cheeks. I just banged and my whole cock was inside her cunt. Slowly I fucked her and her pain subsided and she was enjoying the fuck. I did her a fast fuck and rammed my cock every time inside her. She was asking for more.

But I threw my cum outside. I asked her to calculate safe days and come for future fucking. We both got up went to the bath room and washed ourselves and came back. Her mother called her to come and she took her boobs and rushed back, kissing me on my cheeks and she said she will come later. In the afternoon, Radha’s mother came as if to search for something.

I asked her to sit in the sofa. She looked into my eyes and asked me to show her the hot scenes from my laptop. She said she was watcihing them erlier and because her daughter was there she did not ask. Now she had sent her daughter to some other place, it is safe for two hours and wanted to see the porn.

She told me not to tell my mother about what she asked for and she came and sat close to me and with wide eyes looked at the hop porn scenes. She was clad in a elaborate kancheepuram saree which she removed and stood in her petty coat. She removed her blouse and stood with the bra only. I asked her what is the matter aunty.

Balu, my boy, I dont have to conceal anything from you. I am sex starved for a long time and my husband does not give me any sex at all. He has lost all interest. How long I can go on with the help of a finger. Let us go to your bed room and start. I took her to my bed room. She lied in my bed and removed all her clothes. She must be 37 or 38 and was maintaining good figure.

She showed great greediness to take my cock in her mouth and suck to her heart’s content. There was som hair in her pussy and I just opened her cunt lips, I found her big clitoris, I leaned forward and took it in my mouth and licked and sucked it. The lady was moaning and was in a hurry to have the fuck done.

OK I said and made her to lie at the edge of the bed and put my cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushed. Her fuckhole was tight and gave me immense pleasure. Squeezing her boobs and sucking her tongues I gave a very rough fuck. Finally she reached orgasm and told me so. I rushed through fucking and I too shot my cum inside her hole.

She hugged me and kissed me on both of my cheeks and Slowly got up and we both went to the bathroom and washed herself. She said it is first time she has satisfying sex. Her husband never gave so much of sex. I was lucky to fuck the daughter in the morning and the mother in the afternoon in my bed. Mother said she wanted more, but will come later and dressed up and departed.

Daughter and mother came of different occasions for sex. I fucked them and gave them great pleasure. Mother never bothered whether daughter came or daughter never cared whether her mother gets fucked from me. But this was for a short time, My appointment was cleared and I had to rush to take up my assignment.

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Rahul enjoying tuition sex with mother and daughter

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