Rahul having hot sex with client Shabana

Hi all, Rahul is back again to share one more sex experience. Mallika and I, used to have phone sex whenever we get free time. On Thursday evening, Mallika informed to meet at manthri mall. As we were known well to each other, we spoke freely. I asked Mallika, “what is the purpose of meeting?” She said to wait some time. After 20 minutes, one more lady joined us.

Mallika introduced her as Shabhana, working as manager in a private firm. Shabana was wearing formals white shirt and a mini skirt just below knee. Shabana is aged around 40, whitish skin tone, cute round face, glossy lips, 36-32-36 structure. Her boobs were trying to come out of the shirt and her buttocks were well shaped just like a round matka(pot).

While having pizza, shabana started to touch my lap. When a women keeps her hand on men’s lap, the sleeping lion will definitely become hungry lion. My dick became hard. Shabana winked her eye to mallika. Mallika informed to follow her towards rest room. When I reached, she said shabana likes and wants to make love with you. I agreed and said when and where.

She replied in shabana’s apartment to night. She said don’t worry; she is amazing companion in bed. Mallika informed to wait in the parking lot. Shabana came and picked me in her super luxury car. While driving, she shared her personal life. Her husband is working in Saudi and comes once in a year.

She is desperate to have sex, but couldn’t have with any one as she is working as manager and her reputation may get spoiled in the society if someone came to know about illegal Air-with-an-irresistible-married-lady/">Affair. While speaking with mallika on phone, she shared her personal experience with me. That day, she felt very horny and fingered her pussy to get satisfied.

Next day she called mallika and informed her to fix up the meeting. Meanwhile we reached her apartment which is located in one of the prestigious areas of Bangalore. She asked me get fresh up. I got ready and came back. Shabana took bath and was drying her hair with the towel wearing a semi transparent nighty without any inner. I asked shabana, “shall I dry your hair.”

She said ok and sat between my laps pressing her buttocks to my dick. I slowly started rubbing her hair and smelt her hair. I slowly started to kiss on her neck and ear lobes. Her breathing was getting faster and started to shake her buttocks while I was kissing her neck. Slowly I unzipped her nighty and she pushed her nighty down. I started to give massage to her boobs.

I was circling my fingers around her erected nipples and was pinching them now and then. Boobs were hand full and her moans got increased while massaging. She was playing with my hair. Later she asked me to remove my inner. I removed mine and she removed her nighty completely. I saw her completely nude from the front side.

Her boobs were big, round with dark brown nipples and she had trimmed her armpits and pussy clean. Shabana made me sit on sofa and started to feel my dick. She pushed my foreskin back and started to give hand job. Later she kept my dick inside her mouth and began to suck. She was spitting saliva on my dick and was enjoying to the maximum. She kissed my balls.

I was in seventh heaven. I was feeling her desperateness to have sex and her eyes were filled with lust to get satisfied. I couldn’t control anymore and squirted my cum in her mouth. She drank my cum completely and we both drank water and took rest for some time. We were not speaking with mouth and were speaking with eyes, that who will start the next step.

I made her legs wide open and began to kiss her pussy lips. Her pussy smelt amazing. I started to insert my tongue in her hot wet pussy and started to feel her inner pink walls. I used to blow air once in a while. Her pussy was hot and wet. When I blew cold air, it sent vibrations to her entire body. She was pressing my head harder and harder.

She was pressing her boobs with the other hand. I stopped mouth fucking and started to tease her. She said “Rahul please don’t me wait. Please fuck me hard, satisfy me. I beg you.” I made shabana to sit in doggy position and started pushing my dick inside her pussy. Due to wetness, it started going smoothly.

I increased my phase and started fucking her faster and harder holding her waist. Shabana was moaning, screaming. Oh my god, oh my god, Rahul fuck me harder. Tear my pussy. After 20 minutes, I couldn’t control anymore and released my cum inside her pussy. Next day we both took bath together inside bathroom. Shabana was kissing me like a hungry tigress.

I was pressing her buttocks harder. She kept her boobs inside my mouth and made me suck her nipples. She came down, washed my dick and sucked it. Later we had breakfast to get some energy. We slept for some time nudely in each other arms. At noon, we both had sex once again. Shabana’s urge for hot sex was maximum. We both lip locked.

She was pushing her tongue inside mine and we both exchanged our saliva. I sucked her boobs and fucked her pussy. I kissed her buttocks and smelt her asshole. I spitted my saliva in her asshole and pushed my dick inside.

We both were feeling pain, because hole was small, some how I managed to get in completely. I fucked her ass for some time and cummed. We slept on the bed and were sucking each other lips and rubbing back.

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Rahul having hot sex with client Shabana

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