Rainy Night With My Ex, Emma

Rainy Night With My Ex, Emma

Hi everyone. This is Mathew again, hope everyone is doing well. Today I want to make you all go back to your time with your Ex. That’s right, today I am going to tell you all about what happened between me and my Ex Emma meeting after 4 years of our break up.

It’s been a while since we had broken up and we both had moved on with our ways. One day I suddenly got a friend request notification in Insta. When I checked it was from Emma. Damn all those lovely lovemaking sessions flashed in my mind.

I decided to accept her request and straight away went to check her profile. Boy, hasn’t she grown into a sex-bomb. I still remember licking her 28 size boobs the last time we had made out. But right now from her photos, I was sure that it had to be at least 34.

Few days went by just liking each other pics in Insta. I had me masturbating to her sexy boob pics in Insta. Man those boobs would just give you instant boners. And on top of that, she looked more beautiful than what she was when we had last met. So I finally decided to make the move. I dropped her a message.

Me: Hey Emma, long time, how you been?

And to my surprise, I had an instant reply from her,

Emma: Hey Mathew, I am good. Where have you been, no news from you?

Man, even her texts were making me feel horny. So after talking about what we were doing and the usual stuff, I decided to make a move.

Me: So Emma, have you been to our college recently?

Emma: No man, don’t have time these days, have been helping dad with his business. Have you been to college anytime recently?

Me: Yes, I went their last week for the sports day and did have a look around the whole college. I felt so nostalgic, especially seeing our secret spots.

Emma: Hehe, you still remember those, huh?

Me: Of course, how can I forget all the fun that we had? Those memories help me often.

Emma: Oh my god, don’t tell me you are imagining me in the washroom now also.

Damn, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. My dick was starting to rise to its size.

Me: What’s wrong with that? It’s a harmless thing to do. And boy, you have become more beautiful now.

Emma: Beautiful or sexier huh?

Me: Damn, you have become so hot and sexy. I wish I had an opportunity to have you like the last time we did. (My dick was in full size now).

There was no reply from her, which made me feel that it has taken too fast. I waited for another 10-15 minutes and texted her again.

Me: Hey there? OK?

Emma: Hey ya, sorry was on a call from the office. Haha, how can that happen again Mathew, even though it was a lot of fun with you?

Me: Well, that can still happen if we just decide to make it happen.

Emma: No way, I can’t commit now and be in a relationship and all.

Me: Well, the same is my case. But since we are friends now, we can share some benefits that can make us both happy.

Emma: Haha, you horny little boy, you will never change. It’s bedtime. I’ll talk to you tomorrow?

Me: Come on Emma, you have made me all horny and you are leaving just like that?

Emma: Hehe, don’t worry; I will surely give it a thought. Give me some time you horny boy.

Damn, she was making me hornier by teasing me with her texts.

Me: Sure, Goodnight. I think I’ll have to do some workout before I sleep.

Emma: Hahaha, Good night.

Good lord, I was horny like never before and I masturbated thrice seeing her pics before I slept. Since it was Sunday the next day, I woke up late as usual. I was surprised to see Emma’s text.

Emma: Good morning H Boy. I hope you had a good sleep last night. Listen, I was thinking if we could meet at cafe19 in the evening if you are free? It’s been long since we have met.

Do you guys think I’ll think twice? I typed saying a big ‘yes’ and she replied saying at 4. Damn, my heart started to beat faster when it was around 3. All our make-out sessions in cafes and theaters were in my mind. I was praying to make it happen again.

I had taken a cab since my car was in the workshop. I reached there by 3:45, and by 4:10 Emma was there. God, she was looking like the most beautiful woman in the world. She was wearing a light blue frock that was around till her knees. It was giving me a clear view of her assets.

I was starstruck for a few minutes after seeing her. She came and gave me a friendly hug, which was more than enough for my dick to stand and salute here. We had a few chit chat and talked about our mutual friend and stuff.

It was already 6. Man, time just flies when you are in the right company. So I decided to make the first move and asked her:

Me: So Emma, did you give a thought about what we spoke last night?

She had a smile on her face which was giving me the hope that God would finally hear my prayers.

Emma: You know I haven’t said ‘No’ to you till now, but let’s take things slow. I want to be very clear with you that I do not want to enter into an emotional relationship and lose our friendship again. Let’s be good friends with some benefits as you said.

Oh Boy! That is the moment; you people had to see the smile on my face. I straight away held her hand and kissed them.

Emma: Come on Mathew, not now.

We decided to leave the café as it was getting crowded. As soon as we got out it was raining. Emma came in her car and she told me that she will drop me back. A good rain, a good car and the girl you want to make out with. What more could have I asked for.

We started at the café. Since we had some more time with us Emma suggested that we could go for a drive so that she can show me her driving skills. I was more than happy so that I could check her out more.

After driving a little, I noticed that there was very less crowd on the road since it was raining heavily and it was getting dark. Since she was driving an automatic car, I held her left hand and placed a kiss. She had a smile on her face as a response. I told her how much I missed holding and kissing her hands.

I slowly started to make her hands feel my chest from inside my shirt. I was feeling all horny as her hands were touching my body and my dick was trying to get out of my Jeans. I am sure she would have noticed it. I told her that, I need to make my boy free. Saying that I unzipped my jeans and took out by 6-inch horny dick.

Emma: What are you doing Mathew on the road?

Me: I cannot wait any longer, sweetie.

I made her hand touch my dick and made her give me a handjob. That was a magical feel, to get a handjob in a running car. Emma slowly started to increase the pace which made it clear that she was also in the mood. Since there will be no workers in Chennai after 6, we decided to park the car near a construction site.

I couldn’t wait. I went straight for her lips and we smooched like no tomorrow. God, I had missed those lips for years. We smooched for almost 15 minutes between which my shirt was off from my body. I removed her frock to her waist.

Those 34 size boobs were waiting to be out from those black polka dots bra. I removed them with one go. And there it is my Emma doll’s naked white boobs. I started squeezing and kissing her boobs. The aroma of her perfume was making me even hornier.

I started to lick and suck her nipples and whenever she left a moan. My dick was poking at her pussy lips. I pushed my side seat a little back and Emma went straight down to my dick. She started to lick my suck my dick. God, she was an expert in it. She started to suck my dick and I kept squeezing her boobs.

After about 5 minutes, I couldn’t hold back. I told her am going to cum. But she never stopped and I ended up cuming inside her mouth, just like how I used to do all the time. She took my entire cum in her mouth. We hugged for some time and then decided to move out from that place as it was getting darker.

She dropped me at my place and we smooched again before she left. She texted me once she reached home saying that she had missed me a lot and it was finally nice catching up after so long. I replied by saying “You are the best, Emma.” She replied with a nude pic of hers and a good night text. Boy, my dick surely had more work that night.

Later that week Emma had to travel to Delhi for a meeting. Since she was traveling alone, she asked me to accompany her. Your hot sexy ex and an unknown city, what a combination to get laid!

I will explain all that in detail in my next story. Please share your feedback in my email id: [email protected] And also, any ladies interested to have fun, do drop a mail.

Rainy Night With My Ex, Emma