Raj having sexy fun with friend of girlfriend

Raj having sexy fun with friend of girlfriend

I m raj 32,working as an electrical Engg, fun loving by nature, 66 kgs of weight and stands 5’8″ tall.I love traveling a lot and keep moving to almost all major cities of India. I have been a regular reader of sex adventures over here and at last thought to pen down my real experiences. My life has been very colorful and now I have decided to share my real life experiences with wonderful readers at this site.

I am not a descriptive writer so Please forgive me for my mistakes. In my previous submission, I had described my encounter with a friend/ distant relative of my gf which occurred after a ball party. Now coming back to the second incident with the same girl rachna.

After having a wonderful time at her quarter in Pune, we were in regular touch and it never came to the knowledge of my gf ani. Neither rachna had ever mentioned about our adventures nor did I. Me and ani(my gf ) were going on quite well and meeting regularly in Pune. I have had numerous bed and off bed adventures with her which I will share in my coming stories.

As ani was an aspiring air hostess(which she is now) at that time and her training at frankfinn institute was going on so she was bit occupied too. During this time I use to have frequent chats and dates with rachna. after the first encounter with her she was totally fallen for me.

Since she was older to me at that time ( at least by 6-7 years) and that was the reason she valued my mannerism and articulate nature in a better way. She was very much impressed by my suave and decent nature and the way I was giving importance to her,so we both were hitting off quite well.

After few months of chatting,dating and phone talks I got a golden chance to invite her for a night function at my working place. It was also going to be a dance night with moderately large and posh crowd and I wasted no time in inviting rachna for that function. At that time ani was in Delhi on an on job training so there was no chance that she will come to know about it.

Again this function was on a weekend so rachna accepted it and promised me that she will surely come to give me company. I have invited her few weeks in advance and told her to get her friends too,if she is willing. She told me that she will discuss it with one of her colleagues who was also unmarried (but engaged) at that time.

I really don’t remember the name of her friend now but she was lean and very good looking. Slowly slowly days have passed and D-day has arrived when I was suppose to pick up two hot and active chiks and get them to our campus.I had already booked separate guest rooms for both the hotties as my plan was there to stay with rachna after the dance night.

Both of them arrived at the location and I went to receive them along with one of my friend who was single then (it was a lottery for him). As and when they arrived, we went to CCD for coffee and there we got introduced to her friend. I told my friend to engage new guest and I moved out with rachna to tell her about the plan of night.

She understood the situation and gave her nod to stay with me post completion of dance night. Now we all moved to the guest house and told both of my lady guest to feel comfortable and relax for some time. Meanwhile they can prepare their dresses and makeups too. After that we went to our place to get ready. Both of us male got ready in an hour or so and it was 8-9 pm by then.

My friend was so excited and was unable to hide it. I told him to b easy and take a chance with the friend of rachna and if things go well then move ahead. We reached at the guest house and knocked at the respective gates of their rooms. From now on I will just write about the incident which happened between me and rachna.

As and when she opened the door, I was stunned to c an angle in a blood red one piece. She was wearing matching ear rings with heels and I was just lost in my thoughts. It’s beyond my words to explain about my feeling of that time. She was looking damn hot and sexy. I complemented her in all possible ways and she was blushing at the door itself.

It really took few minutes for me to come to my senses and ask her permission to get in. She was also lost in her thoughts and asked sorry. when I asked her why, her reply was that she left me waiting at the door and dint ask me to get in that’s why she feel sorry. I said, never mind and came in and immediately shut the door.

I was speechless even then and without wasting a single second, I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me. Her feminine body odour mixed with the smell of her perfume was just intoxicating. She blushed and just asked me to b gentle so as not to destroy her makeups. I agreed to it and kissed her softly and complimented her choice of dress and colour many a times.

Her hair style was also different that day. Few curly lines were falling on her face and she tired her hairs in a thick bun. Overall she was really looking like a diva for me at that time. After few smooches and light love making, I asked her to move towards the venue and he agreed to it. As a perfect gentleman, I hold her few fingers and guided her the way.

Within no time, we two cpls (mine and her friend) reached the venue. There were few gorgeous pairs already there and loud music was playing but the main event (live performance by Abhijit sawant) had not started. We took our seats and started gossiping. Meanwhile we ordered for couple of drinks and small eats.

With that our conversation stated and topic kept on moving from politics to sports to general social antiques etc etc. After sometime we both moved to the dance floor and begin with slow ball dance. I was holding her by her waist and her hand and gyrating to the tune of music. We were having lots of fun as she was also bit acquainted with the rhythm of the ball dance.

Slowly I was increasing pressure of my hand and pulling her closer to me and she was reciprocating in totally positive manner. In between we had smooched quite a few times and I was really loosing my control over my emotions. We were talking to each other as and when music was taking a pause in between.

Rachna thanked me many a times for teaching basic steps of dance and inviting her to such a wonderful party. My extreme formal behavior with lots of mannerism had already impressed her in our first meeting. After 2-4 hours of dancing and booze with food, we were totally drenched in our sweats and finally moved out of the venue.

I took rachna for a small walk through other root leading to the guest room. In about 20 min of walk in cool atmosphere, we reached guest room and she took no time in opening up d doors. As we both entered the room, both were completely aware of the fact that what’s going to happen next. I just pulled her hand and brought her near to me and placed my lips on top of hers.

After having 3-4 pegs of vodka,she was also in total horny mood. I have started sucking her juicy lips slowly with mixing of our saliva and tasting it. It was so divine. I never ever hurry up in making love and she was aware of my long lasting capabilities therefore she was also going slow. After 10-15 min of smooching, I had started biting her ear lobes and caressing her hairs.

She was liking it to the core and I started pushing my tongue in her ears. It was just having an amazing effect on her and she started hissing and asking for more. She was moaning slowly and murmering aaahhhhh, ummmmmmm, raaajjjjjjj, you rrrrr aaawwwwsoooommmmeeeee. She was encouraging me to go for more and more.

Slowly I started biting and nibbling her neck since it was the weakest point of her. Meanwhile my hands were busy in removing her red hot dress and as I opened up the back zip, it literally fall down on the ground. Now she was just in her red bra and lacy matching thong. It was really awesome to watch her flashy thighs, milky bellies,chubby ass and big melons.

I immediately buried my face in between her mountains and started pressing her milks on top of her bra. I was pressing it slowly and making circles with my fingers. Since my legs were paining so I guided her to the bedroom and we both fallen on the bed like a lifeless body. In no time I just freed her two milky jugs and believe me guys, they were just awesome(34D as she told).

I was losing my control and started possessing them bit harder. She was also helping me by making erotic sounds. I have requested her to speak in Hindi while making love because those erotic Hindi words, do magic to me in love making. As I started pressing boobs and pinching her deep brown nipples, she just removed my trouser and jockey in no time and I removed my shirt.

Now I was totally nude and she was only in her lacy thong. After this, I had started going bit hard by pinching her nipples and slowly biting them. She was loosing her control and shouting raaajjj, plllllzzzz press themmm hard, harderrrr, goooo wiiilllldddd, just crush them, make me your whore, meri. Chuchi ko aur Dabao,aur jor se. Poora doodh nikaaaallllll do inka. Unko aur jor se dabaao etc etc.

Now she was totally going wild and I was behaving like a beast. I was so rude on her boobs by that time that she had many red marks on them but she was also enjoying my rough treatment. Suddenly she had started arching her body and shouting yeeeeeeee, àaaaaaahhhhh. Ooooohhhhhooooooo.

I could understand that she is on the verge of her first orgasm and she gushed out lots of fluid immediately. I wasted no time and went town on my knees to reach her pussy area and started gulping her salty nectar fluid. It was so yummmmyyyy. After 2-3 minutes she got her senses back and told me to come up and gave me a tight hug.

Her face was so satisfied and glowing. She had shown me her marks on milk jugs but said that its really awesome to have this pain too while making love. We were in complete silence for almost 20-25 min and hugging each other. Slowly my manhood started rising and she sensed it immediately. She told me that its her time to satisfy me now.

She just took my hot rod in her hand and started shaking it slowly. It was really nice to watch her doing so. I then requested her to taste my rod to which her reply was that it will be her pleasure to do so my prince. I was really on top of the world after hearing such lovely words. She just took my complete grown rod in her mouth and started giving a nice blow job.

She was sucking it like a pro and in between she was gagging too as the length of my rod was much more than the capability of her mouth. She had made sure that my dick was well lubricated by her flowing saliva and she was now playing with my balls too. It was tickling for me but the feeling and excitement was beyond explanation. My pressure was building inside.

I was telling her to stop in between coz I dint want to come so soon. As she was playing with my rod and balls,I asked her to come to 69 so that I can suck her nectar too. As she was on bit heavier side so we changed our position and I came on top of her in 69. Now her clean shaven pussy was being eaten and played by me and she was busy working with my genitals.

I was putting my tongue on top of her outer labia and tickling her using my teeth. She was just making horny sound and using abusive words like, u fucking bastard, make me your whore today, eat my pussy, put your tongue deeper and deeper inside my chut.I m just dying for getting something hot inside me, make me your slut today, treat me like a roadside randi.

Such words were just encouraging me but I dint want to loose my control as I was willing to see her volcanic orgasm and taste her juice. I just started putting my teeth and tongue deeper inside her pussy. She was again on verge of explosion and her voice was on its peak. I just took out my dick from her mouth and put my hands to reduce her noise.

I started biting her inner walls of pussy and she was moving like a fish without water. She was abusing me like hell, her wording were, ooooo mother fuccker, fuck me now, plllllzzzz don’t tease me more, you asshole tear my chut, far do isko, now I can’t take it any long etc etc. Within no time she again gushed lots of liquid on my face and I was again busy in tasting that salty liquid.

I was so passionate about love making that there were so many black marks on her thighs and surrounding areas of her vertical lip. I thought that it will be really painful for her but she told me that she really liked the way I treated her on bed. The game was still left but I just wanted to give a break for few minutes. It was around 2 am and we had a plan to have fun whole night.

Now we were busy in our chats and I literally confessed her that I enjoyed listening such vulgar and so called filthy words from her mouth. She was bit ashamed first but when I said that I really liked it then her tension eased out. I just liked her facial expressions and her open behavior. She was a real tigress and was ready to give me a tough time in bed.

When I told her that I would love to try multiple positions with her in the same night, she readily agreed. She just winked at me and her slutty facial expressions gas ignited my passion. Within no time we were in lip lock state and I was busy in sucking her thick lower lips. My both hands were busy on her mountains and this time I had decided to be real cruel guy on her body and she also gave her consent for that.

After few minutes of skin and mouth play, I just took her both legs on my shoulder and sat on bed keeping my mouth on her wet Pussy. I had decided to teach a lesson to this tigress this time so from beginning itself I went hard on her vertical lips. I was just slurping and spitting on her pussy to make her aroused and in no time she was also in complete mood.

She reciprocating well and shaking her hips with every move of my mouth. I was stretching walls of her pussy and putting my tongue deeper and deeper. It was really awesome to watch the pinkish walls if her inner labia and it was driving me crazy. I had started tickling her more by blowing air into her pussy and she was in full mood again.

Now she requested me to feed my rod in her cunt in the same position. I just gone by her words and pushed my boner in complete wet cunt. It took no time for her pussy to gulp my entire length. She was just lifting her waist with each of my thirst and the tip of my boner was reaching till the entrance of her womb. Initially my movement as slow and rhythmic but after some time I went bit faster and harder.

Now I was holding her waist and shaking it as per my comfort of ramming. The sound of fucchh fuccch fucchh with my every move and her moaning was filling entire room. Fortunately it was not much loud so I was not worried much. My dick was ramming her so hard that with every thirst there was air bleeding out of her love pot and making a hissing sound.

After so much of ramming, now pressure was building inside me and I told her that I am on verge of coming. She told that she will also come soon and requested me to shower my seed inside her. She had an i-pill with her which she planned well before. It was really surprising for me that she also had planned everything from her side.

Within few minutes she just started shaking her head violently and biting pillow and simultaneously I just ejaculated immediately inside her.. I was so tired that I just lied on her body for next half an hour or so and then we moved to wash yourself. Meanwhile our love juices had already fallen on the bedsheets and there were stain marks all around.

We came out of the loo and it was around 4.30 am by then.we just slept in each other arms like small kids and woke up after 11am. In the evening we both friends went to see off our ladies with the amazing memories in our mind.

Friends,with this I will end narration of my real life incident with the hope to get feedback from the fabulous readers of this site specially from ladies/girls and aunties. Your encouragements will surely boost my confidence to to further write my next encounter.

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Raj having sexy fun with friend of girlfriend