Rekindling my relationship, I explore my dominant side

Rekindling my relationship, I explore my dominant side

My big meaty hands moved to her delicate throat and I squeezed gently as I looked down into her beautiful hazel/green eyes. The head of my cock danced at the entrance of her tight drooling cunt and a playful grin spread across my lips.

I squeezed harder and her eyes widened. She and I had discovered our affinity for the BDSM lifestyle years earlier when we were in the midst of a torrid long distance affair. We’d both been married back then but we both knew that we were destined to be together. She was the yin to my yang and we completed and complimented each other to perfection but after nearly a year together our relationship had crumbled under the strain of expectation and the stress caused by the distance between us.

“You like that don’t you Princess?” I asked as I placed my thumbs against her windpipe and pressed them together, restricting but not stopping the flow of air into her lungs.

“Yes Sir,” she croaked. She nodded slowly and held my gaze with her sparkling eyes. Her eyes had been the first thing that I’d noticed about her the day we met and while I had surely noticed her beautiful smile and big natural tits I’d been drawn to her because of her eyes. They were not just beautiful they glimmered with intelligence and they spoke to me, letting me know what a kind giving soul she had.

She writhed beneath me silently begging me to enter her and the sweet aroma of her arousal wafted over me making my pulse quicken and my dick throb. The chemistry between us had always been intense and her scent reminded me of how much I had missed her when we were apart.

“Are you thirsty?” I teased. I inched my dick closer to her frothy cunt. Her eyes lit up and she nodded slowly. Her mouth opened wide like a hungry baby bird and I drooled saliva into it. I’d first done that our first night together. It had been spontaneous and whimsical and she had reacted to it with wanton desire.

“Thank you Sir,’ she panted excitedly. She licked her full, supple lips and slid her hands up my strong muscular arms. I was ten years older than when we’d first met but I’d worked hard to stay in shape and my body was the equivalent or better than it had been our first time together.

“Did you like that Sunshine?” I asked. My cock head brushed against her silky wet labia and she moaned softly. I eased my hardness into her creamy center making her shudder wantonly. We had only reconciled a few weeks earlier but it had been immediately apparent that the connection we’d once shared had remained intact during our eight year hiatus. We had always worked well together sexually and that hadn’t changed at all in the time we were apart and he body molded perfectly with mine despite the one foot difference in our height. She was a petite 5’3″ with a slender yet still curvy figure highlighted by a terrific round ass and perfect natural d cup beasts. She’d been slightly heavier and curvier when we first met and her breasts had been even bigger but either way, she was, without question, the sexiest, most beautiful woman I’d even known.

“Yes Sir,” she groaned as I eased my hips forward and sank my cock balls deep inside her. She was exceptionally wet and the silky walls of her tight shaved pussy clutched and squeezed my cock as she maoned and whimpered wantonly. Her hips writhed and our bodies moved together as one. Her chest heaved and her upper lip quivered betraying the depths of her excitement.

I released her throat and grabbed hold of her small, delicate wrists pinning her arms over her head as I thrust hard and fast into her creamy cunt. The room filled with the raw animalistic sounds of sex. Our moans and grunts danced in the air and the sound of slapping flesh echoed off the walls of our bedroom. I remembered the first time I’d been inside her and I had to fight back the rising tide of my excitement.

“I’m close Master. May I cum?” She panted in an urgent lust filled voice. Her pretty eyes fluttered and her body trembled. Her eyes looked soft and pleading and I couldn’t resist her plea. I’d never been able to resist her charms and she could top me from the bottom with just a look.

“Cum for me Sunshine,” I said loudly. I thrust my cock into her depths and her big natural tits shook rhythmically like waves in the ocean. Her legs trembled and a string of unintelligible sounds spilled from her quivering lips.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned. “I’m cumming.” She cried out in a high pitched squeal and her body tensed and released as a tremendous flood of her juices soaked my cock and balls.

I continued to fuck her hard until her orgasmic spasms ceased and then I released her hands and pulled my dripping cock from her frothy hole. I kissed my way down her beautiful curvaceous body pausing at her tits to nibble and chew on her hard swollen nipples. She cooed softly and twitched several times as aftershocks from her intense climax teased her still ravenous body.

Her excitement continued to rise and her hands clutched at my broad muscular back. Her fingers curled and her manicured nails dug hard into my flesh puncturing it and drawing blood as I slipped lower. I traced my tongue along the tattoo surrounding her belly button and her eyes lit up. I could hear her heartbeat faster as I settled between her splayed thighs.

I kissed the smooth skin of her inner thigh and I looked up at her with warm hungry eyes. My fingers parted her engorged labia and I ran the tips of them along the slick wet folds of her needy cunt feeling the abundance of wetness pouring from her eager cunt.

“Do you want more?” I teased with a devilish grin. I pulled the hood of her clit back and brushed my finger over it making her body twitch as if she was jolted by an electric current.

“Yes please,” she hissed. There was a raging fire in her eyes and she squirmed with obvious need. Her bottom lip curled into her mouth and she chewed excitedly on it as she silently pleaded for another release.

“Beg for it,” I said playfully. I touched the pad of my index finger to her clit and moved it in feather light circles against her. A long low moan rose up from her heaving chest and her eyes widened.

“Please Sir,” she groaned. “Please may I cum again. I promise to be good and do anything you ask.” She flashed a sassy smile and I succumbed to her charms. I eased two fingers inside her soaking wet pussy and curled them up towards her pelvis, stroking her spongy g spot as I lowered my hungry lips to her hard, swollen clit.

She inhaled sharply and I flicked the rough surface of my tongue across her clit several times in rapid succession bringing her closer to the zenith of her excitement as I continued to rub my fingers across her g spot.

“Oh god Baby,” she panted in a high pitched squeak, “So good.” Her legs tensed and her eyes closed. She was close and I closed my lips over her clit and flicked my tongue over it with a fast rapid burst until she released a deep guttural cry that filled the room. Her juices sprayed against my face soaking me as an incredibly intense orgasm rocked her into oblivion.

I moved away from her hypersensitive clit and rolled her onto her stomach beside the wets spot in the sheets from her copious juices. Her gorgeous round ass continued to squirm and I pulled her firm cheeks apart and ran my tongue across her sensitive sphincter eliciting a low growl from her supple lips.

She whimpered like an excited puppy and I pushed the tip of my tongue into her tight puckered asshole. We had talked about having anal before we’d broken up years earlier but we’d never managed to get my fat cock inside her. I continued to tease her sphincter with my tongue as I grabbed a tube of wet lube from the nightstand.

I sat up and slathered lube onto my cock and then poured it into the crack of her ass. My fingers toyed with her asshole before I slid two inside of her warm tight hole making her pant urgently. The warm slick cavern enveloped my fingers and I pumped them slowly into her stretching her sphincter. I added a third finger and she mewed softly like a content kitten.

“Are you ready?” I asked softly. I didn’t want to hurt her so I taking it slow and being as gentle as possible. She’d had anal numerous times during our hiatus and she knew her body well enough to tell me when she was ready to take my cock into her ass.

“Yes Sir,” she replied in a lust filled raspy voice. She glanced back at me over her shoulder and beamed brightly.

I rubbed the smooth slippery head of my dick across her tight sphincter and she reached back to pull her round cheeks apart granting me easier access to her nether regions. My hips eased forward and I slipped inside her with a subtle pop.

“Oh,” she gasped and I paused with just the tip inside her. I lovingly stroked her lower back to relax her as she adjusted having to my fat dick inside her tight asshole. Her breathing slowed and her grip on my cock lessened.

I eased my cock deeper and grabbed hold of her gently curved hips. I fed several inches of hard throbbing cock into the depths of her ass and paused again when she clenched before I reached bottom.

“Relax Sunshine,” I said in a soft soothing tone. I rubbed her ass and I felt her loosen her grip again so I pushed the final few inches inside of her.

My balls touched her pussy and I paused for a moment savoring the feel of her tight sphincter around the base of my cock. It felt magnificent and I wondered why it had taken me so long to try it. I backed my cock out until just the tip was inside her and grabbed the lube, adding a generous squirt onto my cock and down her ass crack before tossing the lube aside and gripping her hips tight.

She sighed deeply and I felt her relax completely. I pushed my cock deep and she moaned softly. She clearly liked the feel of my dick in her ass as much as I liked being inside her.

“Harder Master,” she groaned as I backed my dick out again. I curled my fingers around her hip bone and thrust hard making her grunt and flinch before pulling back again.

“Like that Sunshine?” I teased. I knew what she wanted but I was savoring the feel of her tight ass. I was surprised at how different her ass was than a pussy. Her sphincter gripped my shaft but inside her was warm and looser than her pussy.

“Harder, please.” She said urgently. I knew I’d teased her long enough and I began to thrust hard and fast. My balls slapped against her swollen labia and she grunted and groaned with each powerful thrust of my pulsating cock.

“Work your clit Sunshine,” I ordered and she quickly moved her hands under her and frantically rubbed her clit while I fucked her ass harder and faster.

I felt my pulse quicken and I knew I was close to cumming. My balls tensed and my toes curled as I fought hard to delay the inevitable. I heard her soft cry and her legs quivered as she came with my cock in her tight ass. Her climax pushed me past the point of no return and I grunted deep and low as I erupted into her ass like an active volcano spewing my hot cum into her bowels.

Her body continued to spasm and I continued to thrust until the final drops of cum had emptied from my balls. I collapsed in a sweat soaked heap on top of her and then rolled to her side. I pulled her soft lips to mine and dragged my tongue along her upper lip making her shudder with desire. It was something I’d done countless times to her and only to her and I loved the way she reacted to it.

We kissed deeply and passionately as we recovered from the ferocity of our respective orgasms and as her heart synchronized with mine I knew that there was no place I ever wanted to be.

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Rekindling my relationship, I explore my dominant side